The Legend of Futian
450 A Familiar Scene
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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450 A Familiar Scene

After Ye Futian finished speaking, everyone immediately stared at him, their faces filled with a strange expression.

Is he from West Mountain Dragon Clan? they thought. Ye Futian was speaking for Long Ling'er.

On the other hand, Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing who knew Ye Futian seemed to be puzzled. If it was someone from Dragon Clan, perhaps it would be alright for him to say so at this place. However, why did Ye Futian dare to speak like this? Did he really think that he was a member of Dragon Clan?

However, very soon Jiang Nan's expression changed. Then, he sneered, "Such a crafty person."

Wang Yuqing looked at Jiang Nan, when he explained, "He wants to join Dragon Clan completely. If he offends many people because he speaks up for the little princess of Dragon Clan, he will become a core member of Dragon Clan in the future."

"Such a clever method." Jiang Nan even felt that he was starting to admire Ye Futian.

"Are you humiliating Starry School?" Just then, an elder who had belittled Long Ling'er earlier stared at Ye Futian with a sharp look. In just one sentence, he argued that Ye Futian was humiliating the whole college.

"I do not dare," Ye Futian replied. "Starry School is a holy place of cultivation in Divine Sky City and perhaps even the whole Barren State. Many people have longed joining this place. The assessment here has attracted the attention of the entire city and is clearly fair. However, I do not understand why a few seniors in particular are targeting a little girl. Is this not a shaming thing?"

Hearing Ye Futian's words, everyone seemed to be interested in what was going in. Ye Futian's meaning was obvious: he believed that Starry School was fair and he was only scolding the few seniors in particular.

"How dare you!" the elder shouted coldly. "We are only speaking fairly. When did we target her? We did not say anything that would defame Long Ling'er. In this battle, she indeed did not manage to prove herself. Should we open the gates of Starry School for her just because she is from Dragon Clan?"

After he finished speaking, Ye Futian wanted to say something, but he continued, "Who are you to speak during the assessment? If you dare to question the college further, we'll chase you out at once!"

Clearly, the elder understood that if he spoke any more, he would lose. After all, he was only finding an excuse to accuse Long Ling'er, but his final target was not Long Ling'er, but rather West Mountain Dragon Clan. In such a circumstance, he would naturally not want to speak too much with Ye Futian.

"Master Yun, I actually know this person. Last year, he befriended Wang Yuqing's family and asked me and Wang Yuqing to bring him to Divine Sky City. Now I think that I have made a mistake. He is only a crafty guy who tries to seek connections everywhere," Jiang Nan suddenly said. He had been disliking Ye Futian all along. At the moment, Ye Futian was actually using this chance to become a core member of Dragon Clan, so Jiang Nan would clearly try to stop him.

"No wonder. So you're a servant from Dragon Clan. I can understand why you spoke up for your master and I will not blame you for it. As for whether Long Ling'er can pass the assessment, Starry School will make the decision. You have no place here to speak," the elder said coldly.

Ye Futain glanced at Jiang Nan, and then at the elder. Giving a bitter smile, he shook his head.

Words from a man with low position carried little weight.

Ye Futian still remembered what his brother in the College had told him. In the world of cultivation, one's reasons were never stronger than one's fists.

If one tried to speak reasons, the rest would only crush one with their powers.

Therefore, the more efficient way to solve a problem was still to use one's fists.

Long Ling'er was still standing in front of Ye Futian. Lifting her head, she said in a low tone, "Brother Futian, let's go. Ignore these people. I am no longer sad."

"Silly girl." Ye Futian helped Long Ling'er to fix her messy hair. Then, he smiled and walked past her, marching towards the battle platform. A strange expression appeared on the faces of many.

"What are you doing?" the elder yelled. "Someone, come and settle him!"

A person just wanted to go forward. However, Ye Futian bowed at the people from Starry School and said, "I am a lowly educated, background-less, weak musical attendant of Dragon Clan who knows a bit of music. Although I know that I do not have the rights to stand here, I still do not want to see my lady sad. Therefore, I want to see for myself if Starry School disciples are really so outstanding that Long Ling'er cannot even enter with her talents."

"He's really using everything that he can." Jiang Nan's face turned cold. Just now, he actually saw Ye Futian stroking Long Ling'er hair. The relationship between the two was clearly better than what he had thought. However, he was not surprised by the fact that Ye Futian walked out and spoke for Long Ling'er. Ye Futian was trying to protect his master even though he might be humiliated.

A musical attendant from Dragon Clan wanted to test the powers of Starry School disciples.

Was he humiliating the college?

"What a ridicule. Who are you to do that?" the elder said coldly. "Chase him out!"

"Wait," someone said, "since you firmly believe that Long Ling'er is not qualified to enter the college, when someone questions you, why don't you allow him to use actions to prove your claim? Instead, you're chasing him away. Perhaps, you have been so irritable precisely because you are in fact deliberately targeting Long Ling'er?"

The person who spoke was clearly someone from Dragon Clan. Many people seemed to be very surprised as there was actually some internal conflict during the assessment in Starry School. They knew well that such conflicts would surely occur in the college regularly. However, they managed to witness it themselves because of the special occasion today.

"Since you both stand firmly on your grounds and there is no result, why don't we just let him try?" an elder from the college suddenly said. Of course, he knew that the people who were arguing were from Jin Clan and Dragon Clan.

Hearing his words, the elder from Jin Clan said, "Alright. Then we'll let those people who have just entered the college today chase him out. Your level?"

"Arcana Plane, fourth level," Ye Futian replied.

"Those disciples who have just joined us today and are in this level. Who wants to go?" the elder asked, scanning the crowd.

The people who were watching the assessment, including those outside the college, all seemed to be curious about the sudden conflict. They did not expect such a situation to happen after the assessment had already ended. It looked really interesting and they hoped that Ye Futian was at least not too weak.

"I'm also a Musical Sorcerer, I'll go." Suddenly, a person walked out, his eyes filled with shrewdness. It was unquestionably a very good chance for him to perform so that he would be more easily remembers by the important people of the college.

"Alright, you can go," the elder said emotionlessly. Immediately, the person walked in front of Ye Futian and the two stood opposite each other.

"Please," the person said, smiling.

"Please," Ye Futian replied, after which he sat down cross-legged. His Guqin Spirit appeared, floating before him.

The actions of the two were very similar and they both touched the strings of their guqin with their fingers. The person opposite Ye Futian smiled, after which he stroked on the strings. A trace of music spread slowly.

"When he had his assessment just now, he performed quite well," someone commented.

Could the Dragon Clan musical attendant fight him?

Suddenly, Ye Futian's fingers moved. The strings of his guqin danced wildly and an ear-piercing noise erupted. A terrifying wave of Musical Will bloomed and charged into the mind of his opponent with a shocking penetrating power.

The person's head trembled and his expression changed drastically. However, Ye Futian started playing his guqin at once and loud music was released.

Clang! A frightening bang was heard from the violent music. Ye Futian's opponent gave a muffled humph and his face turned pale.

Ye Futian's fingers danced and another deafening note attacked his opponent, ignoring all his defence. The person spitted out a mouthful of blood directly which colored his guqin, after which the music came to an abrupt stop.


Seeing the scene on the battle platform, many people had a weird expression on their faces.

Ye Futian actually instantly defeated his opponent.

Ye Futian's opponent could enter Starry School precisely because even official Starry School disciples could not defeat him instantly. This meant that Ye Futian was also strong enough to join Starry School.

Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing also seemed to be surprised. But then Jiang Nan said, "Your grandfather respects him so much so he is clearly not weak. Furthermore, his attack was unexpected, so it is normal for him to win."

Wang Yuqing nodded. Beside them, many people looked at them. They were the people who had gone to the Evil Dragon Zone with Wang Yuqing. Some of them had seen Ye Futian before but did not really note his existence.

Raising his head, Ye Futian looked at the elder and asked, "Why are you questioning Long Ling'er alone?"

His meaning was clear. Ye Futian's opponent was so weak and yet the elder did not say anything when he joined Starry School. However, he only tried to prevent Long Ling'er from entering the college at the moment.

"Musical spells are supposed to develop slowly, but you used a surprise attack at the start. Not bad." The elder would clearly not admit anything and only said coldly, "This can't prove anything."

"I would like to try the powers of Starry School disciples again," Ye Futian added.

The elder looked at one of the Starry School disciples and said, "Lin Yan, go."

"Alright." A person walked out from the many Starry School disciples. He was one of the people in charge of assessing the applicants. As a Musical Sorcerer from the Musical Spell Department, his musical spells were quite extraordinary.

"Please," Lin Yan said.

"Let's begin," Ye Futian said. Lin Yan nodded and started playing but in a very defensive way. Ye Futian's music just now was very penetrating and defeated his opponent right at the start. Therefore, Lin Yan decided to be more passive in the fight.

Ye Futian lowered his head and his fingers stroked across the strings again. The music was very rapid, as if it reached the climax at the start. Immediately, the wind and clouds moved and lightnings flashed.

The ear-piercing music charged towards Lin Yan. At the same time, many bolts of lightning glittered in the sky and enveloped him from above.

The expressions of many Starry School disciples changed. Lin Yan sped up his playing speed. However, the resounding music pierced into his ears wildly and the roars of lightning engulfed his senses, as if it was the end of the world. Following a loud bang, the musical spell fused with the spell and landed on Lin Yan's body. He trembled fiercely and spitted out much blood, his face turning as white as a sheet.

"How can this be?"

Many people were very surprised. The people witnessing the fight felt that it was brilliant as the musical attendant from Dragon Clan was actually so strong.

Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing also seemed to be astonished. On the other hand, Wang Yurou glanced at them from the distance. The scene at the moment seemed so familiar.

The same thing happened in the battle between the four factions in Yunyue City. Now the stage had changed to Starry School. However, Ye Futian was still ignoring everyone else.

Wang Yurou realized that she really underestimated Ye Futian.

So what if they were Starry School disciples? Ye Futian could defeat them just as easily.

Ye Futian raised his head again and looked at the elder. "Senior, you claimed that Long Ling'er didn't prove herself and is not qualified to enter Starry School. I do not intend to offend anyone. However, according to your logic, how did the two people who lost to me enter the college?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》