The Legend of Futian
452 Gu Yunxi’s Words
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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452 Gu Yunxi’s Words

"So strong." Countless people watched the white figure on the battle platform in awe. He stood in the middle of the platform, gently playing his guqin. In the air above the platform, a thunderstorm started to form, and streaks of purple lightning struck down from the heavens, as though the gods were raging. The melody of the guqin rampaged unforgivingly, the sound imagery, caused many people to hallucinate and feel his razor-sharp intent.

Outside the Starry School, the myriad of onlookers were awestruck. At the last moment of the Starry School admission examination, such an exciting event had happened. A musical attendant from the West Mountain Dragon Clan was annihilating the Starry School disciples. And the origin of his fury was because that little girl was being bullied.

This incident did not reflect well on the reputation of the Starry School. The school did not understand. Why did Ye Futian not participate in the examination if he had such strength?

Now, outstanding Musical Sorcerers were successively coming forward and walking towards the platform. However, at the same level, Ye Futian's musical spell was unmatched. Every person who stepped up fell to his spell, and not one of them remained unscathed.

In a short while, there were over 20 disciples from the Starry School Musical Spell department who had collapsed from the shock of Ye Futian's musical spell, coughing up blood.

Even one of the elders from the Musical Spell Department looked gloomy. There were many people looking at him, and he himself was affected; the musical piece had caused a stir in his heart. The piece could be described as splendid, and it was especially perfect under Ye Futian's playing. It had brilliantly delivered the imagery of the piece, causing the spell to be exceptionally strong. Even in his department, he would be hard-pressed to find someone with so much talent.

"Yunxi." His gaze turned towards an exceptional Arcana Plane talent in the Musical Spell Department, Gu Yunxi.

In the Middle Arcana Plane, her musical spell attainment was definitely among the cream of the crop. Gu Yunxi had a look of confliction in her eyes, looking at the chaotic situation in the arena, she moved and glided onto the platform.

In that instant, countless looks fell onto her alluring figure. Was the pride of the Gu Clan, going to take part?

"Mister Ye, why do you do this?" Gu Yunxi quietly said. Ye Futian raised his head and looked at her, replying, "Are you going to take part too, Miss Gu?"

Gu Yunxi softly shook her head, saying, "If we're comparing our musical attainment, I naturally cannot match up to Mister Ye, I beseech you to stop."

Upon hearing Gu Yunxi's words, many people looked shocked. She just admitted that she could not match up to Ye Futian?

This was…. The daughter of the Gu Clan, the genius of the Starry School Musical Spell Department. She seemed to have had some interactions with Ye Futian, to admit her loss before they even battled. Evidently, Ye Futian's identity was not just a simple musical attendant. How could a musical attendant's talent surpass the pride of the Gu Clan?

Among the watching Starry School disciples, Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing's expressions became especially grim.

Gu Yunxi addressed Ye Futian as Mister Ye. Moreover, she personally acknowledged that her musical attainment was lower than Ye Futian's. What did this mean?

It meant that they knew each other. That day in the Celestial Pavilion's Fairy Pool, it was not Ye Futian that went to play up to Gu Yunxi, but rather, the both of them were already acquainted.

Ye Futian and Gun Yunxi were friends… To them, Gu Yunxi stood high up above the masses, someone they could only look up to and revere. Thinking back to all the times they had insulted Ye Futian, could it all have been their own misunderstanding?

"How could he possibly know Gu Yunxi." Jiang Nan had also noticed it, but he refused to admit it. His expression was especially flustered, and he said to himself, "What methods did he use?"

He had just seen Ye Futian's strength, but he still refused to accept the reality. He had mocked and insulted Ye Futian multiple times in front of Wang Yuqing. Admitting the truth would mean that he was of despicable character. He was unable to accept this reversal.

Ye Futian naturally did not know what Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing were thinking. Ever since he had felt their self-assertive attitudes, he had only treated them as strangers. It was only the two of them who liked to show off their supposed superiority in front of him to validate themselves. Ye Futian did not even care the slightest about them.

Hearing Gun Yunxi's words, the rampaging melody gradually calmed down. At the end of the piece, Ye Futian sat there silently, his Guqin Spirit disappearing. He raised his head and looked at Gu Yunxi, saying, "There's no need to be so modest, Miss Gu."

"It's merely the truth," Gu Yunxi replied, smiling. She looked towards the elders in the Starry School, her gentle voice saying, "Teachers, although Mister Ye claims to be a musical attendant, the truth is he's just being humble. A few days back, when I was at Qingyun Street, I had the honor of hearing one of the pieces Mister Ye composed himself. That was the same piece that he played just now, named Fenghua. That was when I knew my musical attainment was far lower than his. Because of that, I had gone to the Celestial Pavilion to consult him. That's why, even if our Musical Spell Department disciples have lost to Mister Ye, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I hope our esteemed teachers do not take it to heart."

The Starry School elders were unwilling to accept the loss. They felt that the Starry School's reputation was tarnished. So many of their disciples could not even match up to a single musical attendant. What would others think of the Starry School?

If Ye Futian had an innate talent that even Gu Yunxi felt she could not compare with, then their loss would not come as a surprise.

"He composed his own Guqin piece?" One of the Musical Department elders looked shocked. If what Gu Yunxi said was true, the level of musical attainment Ye Futian had was at the level of a prodigy.

"That's right." Gu Yunxi nodded and continued, "At the end of last year, when Mister Ye celebrated young missus Ling'er's birthday, he stunned the Dragon Clan with that piece. Madame Long held him in high regard, and gifted the Celestial Pavilion to Mister Ye."

That day, when Ye Futian went to return the Celestial Pavilion Token, she only knew afterward that the Madame and Long Ling'er had been to the Pavilion. Ye Futian continued to stay there, so she naturally understood that the Madame had returned the Pavilion Token to Ye Futian. She could see the potential Ye Futian had, so she had also wanted to give him a villa, but he had refused to accept her offer.

Gu Yunxi's words stunned the crowd even more. They knew that the West Mountain Dragon Clan had bought the Celestial Pavilion not long ago, and not many had known the reason why. Numerous people had even guessed that it was a gift to the princess of the clan, Long Ling'er. However, they found out today that it was actually given to this young man clad in white!

Although the Celestial Pavilion may not amount to much in the Dragon Clan's eyes, but to the vast majority of cultivators, it was something they could never attain. Even to many Starry School disciples, lodging at the Celestial Pavilion or even having a meal there was a luxury. They could not even imagine what it would be like to own the Pavilion.

Madame Long was willing to give the Celestial Pavilion to Ye Futian. Was this the treatment a musical attendant deserved? Even the direct descendants of the Dragon Clan did not deserve such attention. If they still thought that Ye Futian was simply a musical attendant from the Dragon Clan, they would definitely be idiots.

"Celestial Pavilion's new owner." Wang Yuqing turned pale, thinking about the news that had been the topic of much discussion, the changing of Celestial Pavilion's owner. The new owner had been rumored to be from the Dragon Clan.

Today, she finally knew who the new owner was. She recalled the day when they had gone to the Celestial Pavilion to celebrate and met Ye Futian there. Ye Futian had claimed that he was staying at the Celestial Pavilion for a few days, and they had criticized and mocked him for indulging in pleasure.

She recalled the second time they met Ye Futian, they had treated him with the same mockery and torment. She had even told her younger sister Wang Yurou about these, and regardless of what her sister had told her about Ye Futian not being that kind of person, she continued to believe that what they had seen was the truth.

Now, she finally understood what Ye Futian's intention was when he returned her the spirit stones at the Starry School. She understood that Ye Futian's silence at the Celestial Pavilion was not because he had lost face, but rather, he could not be bothered.

Everything was encompassed in that one sentence of his. Do we know each other very well?

Ye Futian owed her no explanation.

She looked towards Jiang Nan who was standing beside her. She had always looked up to him, but when she remembered all the things that Jiang Nan had told her, she suddenly felt that his words were jarring. He always liked to show off and belittle Ye Futian. He would be pleased with himself for being able to speak in the presence of someone more superior, but Ye Futian was able to maintain his composure even in front of the pride of the Gu Clan.

This should be what confidence was like. This confidence did not have to care about their cynicism, it disregarded the difference in status. This was an inborn pride. He did not feel that he was inferior to anyone, and even if he had to face the entire Starry School alone, he was unnerved. If they wanted to battle, he would leave it up to them.

As she thought about it, her gaze moved towards Wang Yurou, and their gazes met. Wang Yurou looked at her with a look of accusation, the reason their grandfather had asked Wang Yuqing to take care of Ye Futian, was to establish good relations between the two of them. However, it had gotten into such a deadlock, and Ye Futian was even more outstanding than their grandfather had expected.

Even in a place like the Divine Sky City, the elites of every faction wanted to befriend Ye Futian. Even the Starry School was no different from the four clans of Yunyue City in wanting to establish ties with him.

Wang Yuqing lowered her head slightly. She had initially thought that her grandfather and Wang Yurou were shortsighted and overestimated Ye Futian. She thought that she had seen the world, and as a Starry School disciple, she was stuck-up. However, she just realized that not only was she full of herself, but she also could not judge herself clearly, not to mention others.

"Jiang Nan, Wang Yuqing, what Gu Yunxi is saying appears to be different from what the two of you have said. Wasn't he simply a musical attendant that only knew how to suck up?" Li Man laughed energetically, with a hint of mockery. Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing were speechless while everyone's gazes turned onto them. What Jiang Nan had said previously had played down Ye Futian's strengths, but Gu Yunxi conversely claimed that she was inferior to Ye Futian. This was …. such a slap in the face.

Feeling all the gazes on her, Wang Yuqing wished that she could crawl into a hole, while Jiang Nan looked exceptionally somber. His character and his reputation were all ruined.
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    《The Legend of Futian》