The Legend of Futian
454 Becoming Famous
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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454 Becoming Famous

"Are you going to just leave?" As the crowd watched Ye Futian take his leave from the battle platform, a voice sounded out. When they looked towards the person that was speaking, everyone's focus gathered once again, and they had curious looks.

As it turned out, the person who had spoken was the Nine Cloud Palace Jin Clan's Jin Yunxiao. What a surprise, Jin Yunxiao and Long Mu who were usually enemies, were ganging up on Ye Futian together.

This made people feel sorry for Ye Futian. Not only was he not recognized by Long Mu, but Jin Yunxiao was also stopping him from leaving too.

Ye Futian did not take any notice and continued to walk down the battle platform. His interference today was simply to obtain redress for Long Ling'er. Since Long Ling'er asked for his opinion, he would just reply to her. As for Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao, they were merely his peers. If they respected him, he would treat them with courtesy, but Long Mu did not show him any respect twice. Why then, should he give him any face?

Long Mu was merely a younger member of the Dragon Clan, even though he had a reputation as the successor, but at the current moment, he did not have the final say while Long Ling'er's parents were still around.

Jin Yunxiao raised his eyebrows when Ye Futian ignored him, and a stinging aura appeared in his eyes. He smiled and said, "I've heard that your guqin spell is extraordinary, and have defeated many of my peers. I would like to spar with you."

As his voice landed, Jin Yunxiao transformed into a streak of golden lightning, brilliant Roc wings appearing on his back. With a slight tremor, he flew towards Ye Futian at an incredible speed.

Jin Yunxiao naturally had a reason to step in. Although Gu Yunxi's words helped to salvage the Starry School's reputation, it was the truth that Ye Futian had crushed many of their disciples and caused them to lose face. If he was able to defeat Ye Futian convincingly, it would reflect well on the Starry School, and gain the favor of the Starry School elders. Apart from that, some of the reason lied with Gu Yunxi. When that legend from the Dragon Clan was still alive, the Gu Clan and the West Mountain Dragon Clan had thoughts of a union through marriage. The target of that marriage was Long Mu, and even until today, the Dragon Clan still had those thoughts.

If the Gu Clan and the Dragon Clan formed an alliance through marriage, the one facing the most pressure would be the Jin Clan. Therefore, the Jin Clan hoped that Jin Yunxiao would be able to win Gu Yunxi's hand in marriage. Faced with such an alluring beauty, he was very willing.

Now, Gu Yunxi had voiced her adoration towards Ye Futian. So, if he crushed Ye Futian in front of Gu Yunxi, her fantasies would naturally be shattered.

"So fast." The crowd's views looked towards the platform, where the streak of golden lightning was striking across the air. In an instant, it had landed behind Ye Futian, with the visage of a Roc, his hand gripped into a claw that was sharper than knives, and clawed towards Ye Futian.

"Still not resisting?" Ye Futian was still walking down the platform, and the crowd saw him acting as though nothing was happening and had no intention to turn his head. Their expressions turned ghastly. Was he looking for trouble? However, they did not notice that someone in front of Ye Futian had already moved. Since he moved, Ye Futian naturally did not need to.

Bang! The floor shook violently and cracks appeared on that platform. As Jin Yunxiao's claw was aiming towards Ye Futian's brain, a powerful fist appeared in his path and punched towards the razor-sharp claw.

Bam! As a huge sound erupted, just as the crowd thought that the fist was going to be shredded by the golden claw, they saw a brilliant roc figure flying backward onto the battle platform. Its body was floating in the air, its long golden robe swaying and its glowing golden eyes fixated on the burly figure that had just appeared in front of it.

A horrifying strength materialized from that person's arm. The feeling that it gave him was similar to when he was battling with Long Mu.

The crowd stared at the figure that had clashed with Jin Yunxiao with puzzled looks. This person had come together with Ye Futian and had a faint existence. However, he was able to have the upper hand over Jin Yunxiao?

At that moment, he gave people a feeling of having explosive power merely by standing there. Who were these people?

Hummmmm. On Jun Yunxiao's body, rays of golden light started to sprinkle down dazzlingly. The Roc appeared and its wings gently flapped. Suddenly, his wings tremored and the entire sky was flooded with golden light, and dozens of Roc shades and golden blades flew towards Yu Sheng with killing intent.

A wild wind started blowing and similarly, a pair of giant dark wings appeared on Yu Sheng's back, much like the wings of a demon. The giant demonic wings closed up in a shield in front of him, creating a defense that the attacks could not penetrate. A jarring sound sounded out, and many people's expressions got even more interesting.

Someone following Ye Futian had the ability to rival Jin Yunxiao. This was a horrifying fact. In the Starry School, Jun Yunxiao was already considered a top-notch talent.

Wang Yuqing's emotions took a giant nosedive. At this moment, she witnessed the difference between them. The burly teenager that had always been standing quietly beside Ye Futian never had a strong existence, but his battle ability was so strong that it could rival Jin Yunxiao. It turns out that she had been like an idiot, mocking Ye Futian without knowing that any none of them had ever paid her any attention. They were really beyond her.

Bang. The floor started trembling again, and even the crowd started to quiver. Yu Sheng's wings spread open and he stepped forward onto the battle platform, walking towards Jin Yunxiao. When he started attacking, the feeling the gave people was that of unbridled wildness and dominance, completely different from when he was silent.

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian shouted. Ye Sheng's movements came to a halt, and he stood still there. "We should be going," Ye Futian turned and said. Yu Sheng's merciless gaze swept across Jin Yunxiao, as he turned around and stepped off the battle platform.

Ye Futian no longer looked at Jin Yunxiao, and he turned in the Starry School's direction and said, "Sorry for the interruption today, I hope that the elders won't take it to heart. Goodbye."

After saying that, he turned around and left. Yu Sheng following quietly by his side. When he reached Long Ling'er's side, Ye Futian told her, "Ling'er, you can make your own decision. If you don't want to, go back and ask the Madame for her opinion."

"Okay." Long Ling'er nodded while smiling. "Big brother Futian, let's go." She then hugged Ye Futian's arm and the both of them walked out. Many people looked towards Long Mu, only to see him standing silently there. He did not say anything but watched the two of them leave.

Nobody knew what he was thinking. Ye Futian did not know either, but he did not care. From a certain perspective, he was definitely not qualified to interfere in this matter, as it was the Dragon Clan's matter. However, he treated Long Ling'er as a younger sister, so he would not interfere with the Dragon Clan's matters, but since Long Ling'er did not want to enter the School, he would definitely support her.

If the Madame insisted on Long Ling'er entering the School, he would relent because she was Long Ling'er's mother. But Long Mu was merely Long Ling'er's elder brother, he did not have the right to make decisions for Long Ling'er.

Jin Yunxiao was also forgotten on the battle platform, looking a little awkward. He initially wanted to crush Ye Futian in a domineering manner, but he was fought off by someone beside Ye Futian. Although he did not want to admit that he could not defeat that person, it was definitely impossible to crush him. Thus, he could only watch them leave.

Gu Yunxi looked at Jin Yunxiao, then towards Ye Futian's gang. She was curious, what were these people? Ye Futian had exceptional guqin mastery, his martial arts level that he revealed to the Dragon Clan was also not weak. The person following him, Yu Sheng, also had explosive power.

Under the gaze of many, Ye Futian and his friends walked out of the Starry School. The outside of the school was surrounded with people, and they all created a path for him to walk through. In today's battle, this supposed musical attendant had shot to fame.

He had such strength, yet he claimed to be a musical attendant who was not worthy of the Top Three Schools.

After Ye Futian and his friends left, the Starry School's examination officially came to an end. However, many people were unable to keep their cool. Many disciples took the examination today, but not one of them stood out as much as a person who did not enter the School.

The people from the Starry School started to disperse. The Starry School's reputation had been affected today, but they were not as petty as to engulf Ye Futian in their rage. However, they did not invite Ye Futian to enter the school, even if he had the qualifications for them to specially recruit him. What he had done today had left many of the higher management unhappy.

The Divine Sky City's Top Three Schools, did not need to beg anyone to enter their school.

After the crowd had left, Wang Yurou still did not leave. She sighed internally, and her sister Wang Yuqing walked to her side, the both of them silently staring at each other.

"I'll go apologize to him?" Wang Yuqing broke the silence.

"Someone as proud as him, do you really think an apology will work?" Wang Yurou asked. Wang Yuqing lowered her head. She knew that what Wang Yurou was saying was not wrong, Ye Futian had never cared about her. If she was to apologize, he might not even look her in the eye. As someone who did not even have Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao on his mind, would she even matter? Even if she was a beauty, how could she match up to Gu Yunxi?

Everything had turned out like what Jiang Nan had said when they first reached the Divine Sky City. Their lives were destined to be parallel lines, never having any contact points.

The Divine Sky City's Top Three Schools' examinations progressively ended, and there were many individuals with extraordinary potential that appeared, witnessed by many.

The Blazing Sun School and the Bright Moon School both garnered talented geniuses, yet for the Starry School, the person who had been in the limelight in the examination did not enter the school, causing much debate. Moreover, he was the owner of the Celestial Pavilion. Last year, the Dragon Clan buying the Pavilion was a gift to him. Hence, the Celestial Pavilion became extremely popular, with many people coming to pay the rumored Celestial Pavilion owner a visit. Majority of these visitors were from the Top Three Schools.

Many people wanted to see how outstanding of a person he was, the Celestial Pavilion owner that had risen to fame in the Starry School examinations. This included many Starry School disciples who had not been present on that day.

Currently, there were many people in the Celestial Pavilion's Fairy Pool.

One person asked, "Is it really so hard to meet the Pavilion owner?"

"The Pavilion owner is busy cultivating and not meeting guests. Please don't mind it," the maid smiled while replying.

"Such a huge reputation. So many of us here want to meet him, is that not enough for him?" at another table, someone else mockingly said.

The maid smiled bitterly. These few days, there had been many people who had wanted to meet the Pavilion owner, including many who wanted to spar with him.
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    《The Legend of Futian》