The Legend of Futian
455 Go Easy on Him
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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455 Go Easy on Him

Many people started to create a ruckus in the Fairy Pool, claiming to want to meet Ye Futian. This gave the maids a hard time. Miss Shen Yu had said not to disturb the Pavilion owner unless it was for important matters.

Bang…. At that moment, a huge noise sounded out, and many people turned towards one of the chambers on the covered bridge, which was where the sound had come from.

"Can the food here even be eaten?" a furious voice sounded from within. Following the voice, a few figures walked out and demanded with a relentless expression, "service."

One of the maids walked forward timidly and asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?" She understood clearly that anyone who could dine in the chambers was of a considerable statute, and not someone maids like them could offend.

"This food is inedible. After the Celestial Pavilion changed hands, the taste has become so awful. Ask your Pavilion owner to come over." The person was furious.

"This…" The maid's expression was ashen, and she naturally understood that the other party was intentionally using it as an excuse to meet the Pavilion owner.

"What do you mean 'this'? Hurry up and go!" the expert howled, intentionally releasing some of his aura.

The maid bowed and replied, "I'll go and report this." She then took her leave. She had no choice but to go and report it.

In the yard, Ye Futian heard Shen Yu's report and frowned, asking, "Who is so daring as to cause trouble in the Celestial Pavilion?" Although he was the owner, the Celestial Pavilion was bought by the West Mountain Dragon Clan. There were still many Dragon Clan members residing in the Celestial Pavilion. Even if they did not care about him, they should at least give the Dragon Clan some face.

Creating trouble in the Celestial Pavilion was not a wise choice.

"The Zhen Clan of the Divine Sky City," Shen Yu replied. She had already investigated who it was that was causing trouble before she had come to make her report.

Ye Futian nodded after hearing Shen Yu's report. At current, he had an understanding of the elite clans in the Divine Sky City. The Zhen Clan was also among the elite clans, with a long heritage and their roots spread deep in the Divine Sky City.

The Zhen Clan's power gathered in one of the Top Three Schools, the Bright Moon School. The Zhen Clan members usually cultivated in the school. Since they were a clan that could rival the Dragon Clan, causing a little trouble in the Celestial Pavilion was naturally not surprising. There was nothing the Celestial Pavilion could do about it.

"Let's go have a look." Ye Futian stood up and walked outside, Yu Sheng following closely behind him.

At the moment, even the elite clans had come to the Celestial Pavilion. It was not possible for Ye Futian to not show himself. They would use other means to force him out otherwise. He was merely a little depressed about it. Even though he had some fame within the Divine Sky City, but to the Top Three Schools and the elite clans, he did not stand out too much. Was there really a need to go to this extent?

When Ye Futian brought Shen You and Yu Sheng to the Fairy Pool, he immediately attracted everyone's attention. Of those that were at the Celestial Pavilion dining, the majority of them wanted to see who the person who dared to face the Starry School single-handedly was. It was rumored that no one in the Musical Spell Department was a match for him; even Gu Yunxi had admitted she was inferior to him.

Finally, was this person willing to show himself? And that burly teenager beside him, was he the martial arts cultivator who fought off Jin Yunxiao?

As expected, after Ye Futian had arrived, the area became much quieter.

"You all wanted to see me?" Ye Futian said, looking at the crowd.

"I've heard that you excel in the guqin, having exceptional battle ability to crush all those in the same level as you in the Starry School. I've come to experience it for myself." One person smiled while answering. He was someone with outstanding potential from the Blazing Sun School. The people around him were disciples from the Blazing Sun School, so if he was able to defeat Ye Futian, it would be akin to giving the Starry School a slap in the face.

"Me too," another person chipped in. He was straightforward and ignored all the formalities.

"So should I be sitting here and waiting for you to come forward one by one to challenge me?" Ye Futian asked the surrounding crowd. He did not have this kind of leisurely time or mood to do so.

"Maybe after one or two matches, there won't be a need to anymore," someone replied emotionlessly.

"That's true. Since that is so, within my Celestial Pavilion, there are many people cultivating. I'm sure that there are many at the same cultivation level as everyone here. If anyone wishes to challenge me, why not let my people challenge you one by one? If you defeat them all, you can come look for me," Ye Futian suggested.

"Are you joking?" Another person frowned. Asking them to battle the cultivators in the Celestial Pavilion? Moreover, to challenge them one by one? They did not have that much free time to waste.

"So you all do know that you are joking." Ye Futian's gaze swept across the room, and he calmly said, "If those at the same level want to challenge me, sure. First, prepare one superior noble ritual implement. If you lose, leave it behind. If you win, you can bring two away. How does that sound?"

After hearing Ye Futian's words, many people frowned. One superior noble implement was not something that a normal Arcana Plane cultivator could afford unless they had the backing of a strong clan.

This fellow was obviously doing a gambling showdown.

"Sure." At that moment, in the chamber above the covered bridge, a voice sounded out, and Ye Futian raised his head. The maid beside him said, "That's the group that complained."

From the chamber, a group of people walked out. Their leader was a teen who looked a little dreary, yet gave people a feeling of stability. The teen gave Ye Futian and his friends a cold stare. However, the voice that had spoken was not his, but a female's. She had evidently not walked out from the chamber. Moreover, they were no longer using the cuisine's taste as an excuse. Evidently, their aim was to force Ye Futian out, and they were making no efforts to hide the fact.

"He's in the fifth level of the Arcana Plane, can he battle too?" the female voice sounded from the chamber again.

"Mister Ye, be careful. This person has been granted the name Leng Sha, and he comes from the Divine Sky City's battlefield. When he was still in the lower Arcana Plane, he defeated everyone, becoming the lower Arcana Plane's champion in the battlefield. Now, he's the battle servant of Miss Zhen Rong, from the Zhen Clan." From another chamber, a gentle voice sounded out. Ye Futian knew who was hinting him from the voice, the Gu Clan's daughter Gu Yunxi. She was here today too.

Zhen Rong's battle servant. The crowd looked at the chamber, was the Zhen Clan's Zhen Rong here today?

The Divine Sky City battlefield was a reputable place. Naturally, everyone knew what it was. It was a place prepared for the wealthy families and elite clans of the Divine Sky City. There were many strong individuals there, and the younger generation of these families and clans would each select a battle servant to grow alongside them.

Some of the stronger battle servants had the strength that was no weaker than the geniuses of the Top Three Schools, but as to why they chose to be battle servants and not enter the Top Three Schools, it was up to their own decision. Strong battle servants had the right to choose their masters. They could reject others' offers, therefore their status was not low, but their reputation was still affected. These powerful individuals would enter the elite clans and grow alongside the geniuses of these clans. In the Divine Sky City, these battle servants from the battlefield could even assume influential positions in these clans.

"What an honor for both the Gu Clan and Zhen Clan's young ladies to be here today," a person said, smiling. From another chamber, a teen walked out. He had an extraordinary aura, the sunlight falling upon him made him look exceptionally brilliant. His eyes had a scorching look, as though there were flames within.

"Chen Liu," a person in the crowd exclaimed. Many people were also stunned, Chen Liu from the Chen Clan was also here. What was going on today? The members of the Top Three Clans were all here today.

They could understand Gu Yunxi being here since she had claimed to know Ye Futian at the Starry School examinations. But this continued to baffle people. Could it be that the Gu Clan's young lady was interested in the Celestial Pavilion's owner?

The Chen Clan's power was in the Blazing Sun School, while the Zhen Clan's power was in the Bright Moon School. What were their intentions for coming here? At that moment, members from the Top Three Schools were all present in the Celestial Pavilion.

"I heard that you did not give face to Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao at all during the Starry School examinations," Chen Liu said questioningly to Ye Futian. Long Mu and Jun Yunxiao were his peers, and as members of elite clans, they naturally belonged on the same level.

That was why Chen Liu was interested in Ye Futian. He had once been on the losing end against Long Mu. Long Mu was an arrogant fellow, just like his deceased father. However, his strength was still a far cry from his father.

When Long Yitian was still alive, he had the title of the Eastern Barren Territory's number one; being among the top few on the Barren Sky Ranking. When he was younger, he was unrivaled. Even though Long Mu was very strong now, he was still a distance away from Long Yitian. Wanting to catch up to his father's footsteps would be a daunting task.

Ye Futian took a look at Chen Liu. From the murmuring in the Fairy Pool, he knew the identity of the person before him, a member of the Divine Sky City's Chen Clan.

"Will you or will you not accept the challenge?" From the Zhen Clan's chamber, a prideful female voice sounded again. It was Zhen Rong.

"The ritual implement," Ye Futian replied, looking at the chamber. Maintaining the Celestial Pavilion at the state it was in was not a solution, he could probably not escape having to battle once or twice.

Very soon, a maid walked out from the chamber, holding a staff ritual implement in her hands, an arctic aura emanating from it. She walked to Ye Futian, saying, "My young lady says that you can hold on to it temporarily."

"Loulan, keep it," Ye Futian ordered.

"Understood." Loulan Xue stepped forward, receiving the ritual implement and keeping it in her possession. This caused the crowd to watch astonishingly. He was this confident?

They had heard that Ye Futian was in the fourth level of the Arcana Plane while Zhen Rong's battle servant Leng Sha's battle ability was definitely strong. He was on the level of the geniuses of the Top Three Schools.

"Yu Sheng, go easy on him," Ye Futian told Yu Sheng, who was standing beside him.

"..." The crowd heard Ye Futian's words and were dumbfounded. Go easy on him? These were big words to say!

Yu Sheng stepped forward and Leng Sha frowned. Ye Futian's attitude made him very displeased.

Crash… A horrifying aura started to radiate from Leng Sha. It actually formed a dark current around his body, and the dark current gave off a razor-sharp feel. Moreover, the aura started to spread and caused a dark tornado to start brewing. Zhen Rong was a sorcerer who did not cultivate in the martial arts, but her battle servant was an extremely powerful martial arts cultivator with high battle ability.

Leng Sha stepped forward, shrouded in a dark glow, making his way towards Yu Sheng. At the same time, Yu Sheng stepped forward, an exceedingly violent aura bursting out, a dark golden glow spreading from his body.
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    《The Legend of Futian》