The Legend of Futian
456 The Martial Fortune Battleground
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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456 The Martial Fortune Battleground

Leng Sha and Yu Sheng leaped into the air, appearing in the space above the Fairy Pool. Cultivators in the Arcana Plane could resonate with the heavens.

A dark golden glow formed around Leng Sha's body and transformed into an enormous darkness Roc. There was formidable purple lightning flowing around it, causing it to give off a scary feel. The imposing aura enveloped Yu Sheng and the pressure was exceedingly scary, as though what was attacking Yu Sheng was not a human, but a colossal Roc. One strike could tear through everything and cut through space and time.

Yu Sheng's body did not dodge in the slightest. He charged straight towards the enemy, and at that moment, an intimidating dark golden current surged throughout his body and demon-like wings spread open from his back, as though a demon's shadow was behind him. His aura became overwhelming, like a devil, fearing nothing.

Both their speeds were overwhelmingly quick and they clashed in the air. Streaks of lightning and dark energy flow exploded recklessly, extending towards all directions. After an explosion, the crowd saw dark lightning flying back, and with a crash, it smashed into one of the chambers on the covered bridge, causing the chamber to be smashed into smithereens.

In the air of destruction, a burly figure stood pridefully, watching the crowd indifferently. The demon-like wings on it were flapping, like an unrivaled demon. Countless people looked towards the figure in the air, awestruck by his outrageous strength.

Some of the Starry School disciples who did not witness the examinations had felt that the rumors were slightly exaggerated. But now, they understood with this strike that there was definitely no exaggeration involved. The person that could fight off Jin Yunxiao had explosive power.

If Ye Futian had not told him to stop that day, god knows how the fight between him and Jin Yunxiao would have turned out. The person who had been unmatched in the Lower Arcana Plane, Leng Sha, had been decimated with just one punch.

Ye Futian looked at Yu Sheng gloomily. He knew it would turn out this way…. Looking at the chamber in pieces made his heart ache. This was his business. What happened to going easy?

At this moment, from the smashed chamber, a group of people walked out. At the helm was a beautiful lady. She was cold and arrogant, her beauty different from that of Gu Yunxi's. Even though her looks were slightly inferior, she could still be considered a stunning beauty. This was the Zhen Clan's young missus, Zhen Rong. The noble aura around her created a sense of distance from other people.

"Thank you for the ritual implement," Ye Futian said looking at Zhen Rong.

Zhen Rong took a look at Ye Futian and did not say anything. It was merely a ritual implement, it did not mean much to her. She raised her head and looked at Yu Sheng. Nobody knew Leng Sha's strength better than her, ever since she had taken him in as her battle servant, she had used ways and means to increase his battle ability and consumed many resources in the process. Compared to when he was in the battlefield, Leng Sha's battle ability had gone up a few grades and was definitely among the genius level. However, he was decimated with no hesitation by one of Yu Sheng's punches. From this, she could imagine Yu Sheng's battle ability.

Raising her head, Zhen Rong stared at Yu Sheng, who was in mid-air, and said, "Are you willing to become my battle servant? Feel free to state your conditions, I can definitely give you more than the Dragon Clan can."

Zhen Rong was the young missus of the Zhen Clan and liked cultivating, causing her to be superior to men around her. Her coming to the Celestial Pavilion was not out of boredom, she merely wanted to see what level the person who was valued by the Dragon Clan was on. If that person's reputation was undeserved, she would just treat it as a wasted visit. If the person was really strong, she would try to obtain the person under her wing to work for her.

Evidently, Yu Sheng had demonstrated strong enough battle ability to move Zhen Rong.

Battle servant? Ye Futian gave out a cruel aura. This woman wanted Yu Sheng to be her servant?

Yu Sheng coldly swept Zhen Rong, while Ye Futian said, "My brother is lacking a maid, are you willing to take up the role? If you're willing, you will definitely have more than what you own now in the future."

Ye Futian's words astounded the crowd, and the people around Zhen Rong glared at Ye Futian. One of them said ruthlessly, "You impudent fellow." Asking the Zhen Clan's young missus to be a maid? Was this supposed to be an insult to Zhen Rong?

The crowd also had weird looks. Ye Futian's words were indeed presumptuous. Ye Futian looked coldly at the Zhen Clan's members. Zhen Rong's suggestion of Yu Sheng becoming her battle servant was natural to them? But for her to become a maid was an insult? What was the difference between the two?

"Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. If the Zhen Clan's members are merely of such character, then please go ahead." Ye Futian's look was calm, and his voice emotionless. He was driving them out.

The members of the Zhen Clan were speechless. Reasonably speaking, both of their actions were the same. However, every action had to consider the identity of the person. What was the status of the Zhen Clan's young missus Zhen Rong compared to Yu Sheng's? How could the two of them even be mentioned in the same breath?

"Interesting." Chen Liu smiled. This was probably the first time someone in the Divine Sky City proposed to take in Zhen Rong as a maid. In the future, this would probably become the joke of the town.

Zhen Rong did not pay too much attention to Ye Futian's words. Her expression was frosty as always and she hushed the people behind her with the motion of her hand. She looked towards Ye Futian and said, "This world has its fair share of strong cultivators. However, apart from potential, opportunity can also change a cultivator's destiny. I have seen many people with formidable potential who all had their own pride. However, people who are able to put down this pride usually go even further. They do not care about the attitudes and looks of the common people and only pursue stronger cultivation and follow their heart. Although he may not have a good reputation as my battle servant, he can make use of the Zhen Clan's resources, and have access to the same opportunities as me while I am growing. If he can soar to greater heights in the future, can he still be tied down by just the title of a battle servant?"

Chen Liu's expression changed upon hearing Zhen Rong's words. As expected of the prideful freezing beauty who loved to cultivate, her method of drawing people over to her side was straightforward.

"What you said is correct," Ye Futian nodded and replied. "The reverse is also true. So it's also suitable for you to be my brother's maid, does Miss Zhen want to consider?"

Zhen Rong's gaze fixed on Ye Futian. She knew that nothing she said today would have any effect. This handsome teen was way too prideful and had lost himself in his pride.

Of course, she understood how Ye Futian felt. Before someone with exceptional potential faced a real setback, they all stubbornly believed that they had the right to be proud. This illusion would cause them to be blinded and unable to recognize their true value.

"We're less than one month away from the opening of the Martial Fortune Battleground. In this time, you can take your time to consider. If you're done considering, you can come and look for me. You and your brother can both become my battle servants, and I will make arrangements for you to join the Bright Moon School to step foot into the Battleground with me. If you miss this opportunity, it'll be gone for good." After she had finished saying that, she turned around and left. The people around her followed her, including her battle servant Leng Sha. Even though he had been defeated, he was still calm and took a glance at Yu Sheng.

Many people looked at Zhen Rong leaving and realized that the Zhen Clan's young missus really valued Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. As expected, those with outstanding potential were likely to obtain beneficial treatment. As of date, the Dragon Clan had given them the Celestial Pavilion, and the Zhen Clan's young lady had come to invite them under her wing.

"I don't need the two of you to be my battle servants, and I can send you into the Blazing Sun School to cultivate. Are the two of you willing?" Suddenly, the Chen Clan's Chen Liu started talking, and many people looked towards Chen Liu. Were the Top Three Clans going to compete for talents?

It seems that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were indeed awe-inspiring. The Chen Clan also wanted to take them in, albeit not as battle servants. However, if Ye Futian agreed to their request, they would be considered members of the Chen Clan in the future and have to follow the lead of the Chen Clan.

"Thanks," Ye Futian smiled and looked at Chen Liu, "but no thanks."

"You offended the Starry School on the day of the examinations. Even though you have potential, they probably will not accept you. However, the Blazing Sun School and the Bright Moon School have no problems with it. Not long later, the Martial Fortune Battleground will be opening to the disciples of the Top Three Schools. Are you really going to miss this opportunity to increase your strength?" Chen Liu smiled and continued, "Consider properly, if you're done considering you can look for me as well." After saying that, Chen Liu also brought his men and left.

In the Fairy Pool, the disciples of the Top Three Schools looked at Ye Futian. Sure enough, the strong did not lack opportunity. It was up to Ye Futian to grasp it now. Was he going to enter the Dragon Clan, the Zhen Clan or the Chen Clan?

If it was when Long Yitian was still alive, the Dragon Clan would be the best choice. But things had changed, Long Yitian's death had left the Dragon Clan weak and the clan had fallen into a power struggle for a period of time afterward. This had affected their foundation and they were unable to solidify their position as an elite clan afterward.

However, after one battle, the rest of the people no longer expressed any intention to spar. One higher noble implement was not something normal people could afford. And even if they could afford it, how much confidence did they have to win? They had all seen Yu Sheng's battle ability, he could defeat Zhen Rong's battle servant, Leng Sha in one punch.

"Mister Ye, are you really not going to consider entering the Top Three Schools?" Just then, a charming figure walked to Ye Futian's side. Many people had jealous expressions and envied Ye Futian.

Gu Yunxi appeared to be giving Ye Futian preferential treatment.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. "What is the Martial Fortune Battleground?"

"One of the places of opportunity in the Divine Sky City. Rumour has it that it is related to the founders of the Top Three Schools, so it is controlled by the Top Three Schools. Every year, one month after the Top Three Schools' entrance examinations, is the opening day of the Martial Fortune Battleground. It opens once a year, and only disciples of the Top Three Schools can enter. Moreover, the Top Three Schools are holding on to many other resources. If Mister Ye wishes to enter the Starry School, I will do my best to help to obtain a place," Gu Yunxi replied gently, unlike Zhen Rong and Chen Liu. It was easy for others to have a good impression of her.

The clan Gu Yunxi was from had some influence in the Starry School. If she was willing to use her clan's strength, she had a chance to help Ye Futian obtain a place.

"Thank you, Miss Gu." Ye Futian smiled while nodding, and said, "Shen Yu, waive all charges for Miss Gu when she visits the Celestial Pavilion in the future."

He did not answer, so it naturally counted as a rejection. Gu Yunxi nodded and smiled, but did not continue to persuade him. She thanked him, "Thank you Mister Ye, looks like I'll have to come to the Celestial Pavilion more often in the future." Naturally, it was a joke. At her level, she was not lacking these resources.

"Then I'll be leaving first." Gu Yunxi had a faint smile.

"Alright, please be careful on your way out, Miss Gu." Ye Futian nodded his head. Gu Yunxi's methods were pleasing, and she showed considerable control.
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    《The Legend of Futian》