The Legend of Futian
457 The Top Three Schools Gather
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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457 The Top Three Schools Gather

After the situation with Zhen Rong, the Celestial Pavilion gradually reverted to its usual tranquility, and no one created trouble anymore.

Ye Futian cultivated quietly in the Pavilion, improving his Spiritual Energy, practicing his guqin spell and honing his martial arts. Loulan Xue would enter the city once in a while to obtain some resources to aid her cultivation. Even though it was unable to achieve transformational change for her, but she was gradually improving.

This was also Ye Futian's objective for coming to the Divine Sky City. In this Eastern Barren Territory, he would raise his cultivation level and step into the Noble Plane. All other matters could be temporarily shelved for this. After he entered the Noble Plane, he would have much more choices. He could either stay in the Divine Sky City to cultivate or adventure further beyond. An Arcana Plane was far too weak to travel around the Barren State.

These days, Long Ling'er would often come and visit him, and Ye Futian would occasionally guide Long Ling'er in her practicing of the guqin spell. Currently, Long Ling'er was in the Celestial Pavilion in Ye Futian's yard.

The melodious guqin melody slowly came to a halt. Long Ling'er sat quietly by the side, and as she saw Ye Futian stop playing, smiled brightly and said, "Big brother Futian, every time I hear you play, it's like I fall into the imagery created by your guqin melody and live in it. When will I ever be able to achieve this level?"

"Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the clearer it will be. When I started learning the guqin, I was one year older than you are now," Ye Futian replied, smiling.

"You're lying to me again." Long Ling'er cackled while replying. If practice could make up the difference, why would there be any need for potential?

Ye Futian glared at her. This little girl was simply too astute.

"Big brother Futian, my mother has set a target for me. If I'm not able to achieve it in one year, I still have to enter the Starry School to cultivate next year," Long Ling'er complained.

"Looks like you better start working hard then." Ye Futian smiled, and continued, "If you can't achieve it, then you only have yourself to blame. Then just listen to your mother's words and enter the school to cultivate."

"Alright…" Long Ling'er mumbled. She did not seem willing.

"You've been out for so long, it's time for you to go back," Ye Futian rubbed her head and said.

Long Ling'er scowled at Ye Futian, then stood up and said grudgingly, "I knew it, we aren't related." Afterward, she gloomily walked out of the yard.

Ye Futian smiled bitterly and shook his head, and after she had left, turned around and called out, "Loulan." Loulan Xue walked to Ye Futian's side and heard him say, "If I remember correctly, tomorrow is the day that the Martial Arts Battlefield opens?"

"That's right." Loulan Xue nodded her head gently.

"The things that I asked you to investigate, have they been investigated clearly?" Ye Futian inquired.

"Yes, they have." Loulan Xue nodded her head and elaborated, "The Martial Arts Battlefield is located in the center of the Divine Sky City. Rumour has it that the Divine Sky City started to expand with the battlefield at its core, up until today. The wide expanse of the Divine Sky City, the Martial Arts Battlefield in dead center, guarded by the experts from the Top Three Schools."

"If we want to enter the Martial Arts Battlefield, we need experts from the Sage Plane to escort us in. The exterior of the battlefield has the might of Sage Plane experts left by the ancestors that the younger generation cannot withstand. Their wills may be destroyed by the Sage might if they cannot withstand it." Loulan Xue continued her explanation of the battlefield, "Apart from this, the battlefield has nine levels, named the Nine Levels of martial arts fate. Each level deeper, there are more benefits to be obtained. In the past hundreds of years, there has only been one person in the Divine Sky City that has stepped foot into the ninth level of the martial arts battlefield. That person was named the top genius of a thousand years back then."

"Who was it?" Ye Futian asked.

"Long Yitian, Long Ling'er's uncle," Loulan Xue answered.

Ye Futian was in dismay. How did such a talent die? he thought to himself.

"So, apart from the disciples of the Top Three Schools, there are no other means of entering the Martial Arts Battlefield?" Ye Futian asked. This was what his real concern was.

"There is. To enter the Martial Arts Battlefield requires the protection of a Sage Plane expert. Non-disciples of the Top Three Schools will not be stopped if they attempt to enter. To the Top Three Schools, this kind of suicidal behavior is not worth their attention," Loulan Xue replied.

"Understood. Make preparations, we leave tomorrow," Ye Futian instructed. Loulan Xue nodded lightly and did not ask any more questions. She would do whatever Ye Futian asked, and not go past her limits. She could also feel that as time passed, both her and Ye Futian were gradually getting used to each other's roles. She still remembered when they were in the Cottage, Ye Futian was not used to instructing her to do things, and would often feel awkward. However, this awkwardness had since disappeared.

She naturally understood that as Ye Futian grew, he was also changing. His playfulness was slowly decreasing, and the confidence that radiated from within him was stronger by the day. His aura was also slowly changing. He was still in the Arcana Plane. What would he be like in the Noble Plane? What about the Sage Plane or an even higher level? She wanted to see what Ye Futian would be like in the future, and she truly had a chance to do so.

At daybreak of the second day, the Divine Sky City was filled with chatter. Every year, there would be groundbreaking things happening in succession. The Top Three Schools' admission examinations were the first, and the second was the opening of the Martial Arts Battlefield.

Every year, when the Martial Arts Battlefield was opened, it could be said to be a test of the Top Three Schools disciples' potential. Based on how many levels they reached in the Martial Arts Battlefield, their future potential would be determined. Similarly, it was also a competition between the Top Three Schools, to see which school's disciples were more outstanding.

Of course, what the citizens of the Divine Sky City wanted to see was who could step foot into the eighth and ninth level of the battlefield and exhibit their formidable talent.

In the history of the Divine Sky City, those who could step foot into the eighth and ninth level of the battlefield would definitely become influential people in the Divine Sky City or leave after developing absolute power, provided they did not die before this happened.

How could the citizens of the Divine Sky City not look forward to such a moment? The Top Three Schools encompassed the most outstanding talents in the Divine Sky City, and it was now time to see who was the cream of the crop.

At this moment, in the center of the Divine Sky City, at the outskirts of the Martial Arts Battlefield, countless people gathered. However, the space in front of the battlefield was exceptionally empty. That space was naturally left for the disciples of the Top Three Schools.

In the air, a huge gang of experts made their landing. The Blazing Sun School had arrived. Apart from the disciples of the Blazing Sun School, there were many seniors and members from elite clans. They all wanted to witness the performance of their younger generation.

Following the Blazing Sun School, the Bright Moon School and Starry School's experts all arrived. In the blink of an eye, the empty space was filled with thousands of young teens, all in the Arcana Plane.

The Martial Arts Battlefield was a training grounds for cultivators of Arcana Plane and weaker.

Many strong demonic beasts appeared in the air. In one direction, there was a demonic dragon. On the dragon sat a beautiful lady, her gaze fixed on the space below. Many people looked up towards her, the Madame of the West Mountain Dragon Clan. She had personally come to watch Long Mu enter the Martial Arts Battlefield.

Many people understood why she had come. Many years ago, Long Yitian's accomplishment in the Martial Arts Battlefield caused his reputation to skyrocket within the Divine Sky City, becoming a legend. The West Mountain Dragon Clan had high hopes for Long Mu, and the Madame wanted to personally witness if Long Mu could inherit his father's legacy and step into the ninth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield.

Of course, with Long Mu's current strength at the Middle Arcana Plane, he did not have much hope. It was more likely next year when he had reached the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane.

Apart from Madame Long, many important figures from the various clans were here, watching the battlefield from the air. They also had their expectations.

"Madame, long time no see. You still look as beautiful as always." In the air, a figure looked at Madame Long. It was an elder from the Jin Clan, his aura was strong and contained a sharp feeling.

Madame Long's gaze swept across him indifferently and she did not reply.

"This time, of the Dragon Clan members that enter the Martial Arts Battlefield, Long Mu should be the one to go the furthest. With his current level, he can probably enter the sixth level. However, my Jin Clan's Jin Yunlang, Jin Yunxiao from the Starry School, will not perform worse than Long Mu, especially Jin Yunlang. He has already entered the sixth level last year. This year, he will challenge the eighth level," the Jin Clan expert declared confidently.

Jin Yunlang was a genius Upper Arcana Plane member of the Jin Clan, who was cultivating in the Starry School.

"You had better let Jin Yunlang compete with the elite clan members from the other two schools," Madame Long coolly replied.

This time, the Top Three Schools had obtained too many elite talents. The citizens of the Divine Sky City were unable to predict who could go the furthest.

The Starry School had Jin Yunlang, Gu Ming, Long Mu, Jin Yunxiao, as well as the school's Arcana Plane prodigy, Bai Qiong.

The Blazing Sun School, the Bright Moon School, the Chen Clan, the Zhen Clan as well as other geniuses from the other two Top Schools were also extremely outstanding. This time, there would be too many geniuses entering the Martial Arts Battlefield. Nobody knew who would go the furthest until the end.

This time's trial was crucial. It was not only to examine their potential, but it was also an opportunity for fortune. The further they went, the better the opportunity was.

Nobody wanted to miss such a chance.

"Big brother Futian." At this moment, beside Madame Long, a crisp voice sounded out. It was Long Ling'er, her gaze moved towards the crowd and landed on Ye Futian and his group among the crowd.

As her voice landed, countless gazes looked towards Ye Futian. One month ago, Ye Futian also shot to fame, so many people still remembered him. However, many people only coldly looked at him. In the past month, there was not much news about Ye Futian since he had been cultivating in the Celestial Pavilion, and did not look for Zhen Rong and Chen Liu. Evidently, he had rejected them. But how was he here now? What was the purpose of his being here?

"This is your last chance, have you thought over it clearly?" From the Bright Moon School's crowd, an alluring figure looked at Ye Futian. It was Zhen Rong, she was still willing to give Ye Futian a final chance.

"I made my choice clear a month ago," Ye Futian replied coolly. Zhen Rong's gaze turned away and she did not look at him again. Ye Futian was no longer worth her attention.

From within the crowd, Wang Yuqing saw Ye Futian, and she felt a sense of pity. Ye Futian should have entered the Top Three Schools, if he could enter the Martial Arts Battlefield this time around, he might be able to grasp the opportunity.

"Let's go." A voice sounded out, and the people from the Top Three Schools nodded in agreement. The huge crowd started to make their way to the Martial Arts Battlefield.
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    《The Legend of Futian》