The Legend of Futian
458 Within The Battlefield
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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458 Within The Battlefield

The entrance to the Martial Arts Battlefield was a door. In front of the door, there was an extremely wide bridge, and the disciples of the Top Three Schools all made their way across it.

From within the door of the Martial Arts Battlefield, an intimidating aura spread out; the pressuring aura dispersing throughout the entire area. At both sides of the bridge, there were experts from the Top Three Schools standing guard. In the air above, Sage Plane experts from the Top Three Schools appeared, a horrifying aura emitting from them. This caused a strong Sage intent to envelop everyone, resisting the might from the Martial Arts Battlefield, allowing them to enter the battlefield.

The huge army entered in a steady flow, and it took a long while for all of them to enter the battlefield. The space in front of the battlefield became empty again, but the people surrounding it continued to stare at the Martial Arts Battlefield, anticipating the results of the disciples of the Top Three Schools.

Who would be able to go the furthest?

"Seniors, I would like to try to enter the Martial Arts Battlefield. Would that be okay?" From within the crowd, a person walked out and saluted the experts from the Top Three Schools.

"You may if you are able to. However, you bear the consequences," one of the elders from the Top Three Schools replied nonchalantly, not caring in the least. Every year when the Martial Arts Battlefield opened, there would be people who would want to try their luck but would eventually reap their just deserts.

Ye Futian's gaze lit up. It was exactly as Loulan Xue had investigated: the Top Three Schools would not interfere with others trying to enter. They would usually fail, and moreover, even if they had the capability to enter the Martial Arts Battlefield, could they affect the outcome?

The Martial Arts Battlefield was after all the training ground for the disciples of the Top Three Schools. With the agreement from the Top Three Schools, there were people who walked towards the Martial Arts Battlefield's bridge. However, the moment they stepped foot within, they felt a terrifying might crushing down upon them. The person who was at the forefront let out a muffled sigh. The next thing he knew, he was vomiting blood and his body flew backward.

The experts from the Top Three Schools looked disdainfully at the sight. They had seen the same thing happen far too many times. Normal people did not stand a chance at all, unless they were disciples from elite factions who were able to withstand the Sage might using special sage ritual implements. However, those from elite factions usually joined the Top Three Schools and would have protection from Sage Plane experts.

Just then, a group of people emerged from the crowd, causing many people to stare at them.

"Big brother Futian." Long Ling'er was astonished, looking at the figure that had walked out. Big brother Futian wanted to enter the Martial Arts Battlefield? But he wasn't willing to enter the Top Three Schools; how was he going to enter the Martial Arts Battlefield?

"Mother, why don't you help big brother Futian think of an idea?" Long Ling'er asked Madame Long who was beside her.

Madame Long also looked at Ye Futian in astonishment. From her interaction, he did not seem like someone who was blindly arrogant. Maybe he just wanted to feel the Sage might and not enter the Martial Arts Battlefield. Of course, even if he really wanted to try, it was not a problem. As to helping Ye Futian, the Starry School's people were also around. If she were to step in, it would reflect well on the Starry School's reputation.

Currently, several people from the Starry School had noticed Ye Futian. A few of them laughed mockingly, some of the younger generation were arrogant because of their outstanding potential and lacked respect. However, after they had experienced a setback, they would learn humility.

At this time, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Loulan Xue and a Black Wind Condor had reached the edge of the bridge. They heard Ye Futian say, "I'll go try first, you guys wait."

As he finished, Ye Futian stepped forward and onto the bridge.

Crash. In an instant, an overbearing intent entered his head. He could see an overwhelming figure that was god-like and had intimidating might.

Sage intent. Ye Futian closed his eyes, and that god-like figure entered his brain, destroying everything within; the formless figure attempting to crush his will. When the difference in level was great enough, one look was enough to kill, even if it was the destruction of one's Spiritual Will.

Within Ye Futian's head, a holy light shone, the golden light protecting his will from destruction and keeping the Sage might out.

"He's still not backing off, is he asking for trouble?" in the air, an elder from the Starry School said. The more a person resisted, the worse they would end up. Trying to combat the Sage intent was tantamount to suicide.

Not even Noble Plane experts dared to stand up against it, not to mention those in the Arcana Plane. At this time, shades of brilliance started to shine from Ye Futian's body. In that instant, he appeared to be covered in seven colors of radiance, causing many to have shocked looks.

This was Noble intent, every one of them elite. Moreover, these were noble wills of all elements. Was he using this to resist the Sage intent?

"All elements!" Many gazes locked on Ye Futian. It turned out that he was not just a Musical Sorcerer, but also a Full Attribute Sorcerer with fearsome potential.

Madame Long also looked shocked. It looked like she had again underestimated Ye Futian's potential. It was no wonder that he was prideful in everything that he did, no matter how low-profile he might look.

At that moment, under everyone's dumbfounded stares, Ye Futian took a step forward. Everyone was completely engaged in his actions. Was he actually going to try to forcefully enter the Martial Arts Battlefield?

Presently, Ye Futian tried to weaken his will of the emperor and tried to use his Noble will to repel the Sage intent. His Noble will was repeatedly crushed, and he took step after step until his Noble Will was no longer able to resist the Sage intent. He had already walked half the distance by then.

This distance made many people's gazes freeze. A Noble Plane cultivator actually managed to forcefully walk half the distance using his Noble will. Could he continue to walk forward?

Just then, Ye Futian's body moved back to where he first started, his footsteps unsteady, as though he had been struck by an invisible force.

"Did he fail in the end?" The crowd's gazes lit up. Furthermore, he was not injured, this was already an extremely rare case.

In the air, the people from the Top Three Schools had renewed looks. Nobody had mocking faces anymore, being able to reach this step was already an achievement in itself.

"With such potential, it's no wonder that he's this arrogant. However, this is also a flaw that will cause him to delay his progress." One of the Starry School's elders sighed and felt pity. He had to admit that Ye Futian's potential was indeed outstanding.

After Ye Futian had returned to where he started, he did not care about what others thought. Instead, he looked towards Yu Sheng and the rest and said, "Using our Noble will supported by ritual implements to withstand the Sage intent, we have a chance to enter. It's worth a try."

"Then let's try it." Ye Wuchen nodded his head.

"Yes," replied the rest.

Although they might reveal some of their treasures, the Martial Arts Battlefield was an extraordinary place, it was still worth it to enter. As the Celestial Pavilion's owner, he was already extremely rich, so it would not be much even if he revealed a sage ritual implement.

"Let's go," Ye Futian announced. Immediately, the rest of the people followed suit and an even stronger Noble will burst out from within them, and they walked forward in tandem.

Many people had bizarre looks, was Ye Futian actually going to continue trying? Was his previous retreat just testing the limits of the Sage intent?

At that moment, Ye Wuchen's body was shrouded by an invisible Sword Will, which transformed into an imposing sword might. His whole body became like a sword and he continued to walk forward step by step.

Loulan Xue's Life Spirit bloomed, and within her Life Spirit, the Sage Treasure Book appeared, releasing beams of brilliant light and enveloping her body within.

Yu Sheng's footsteps were heavy but steady, landing loudly every step. With his Noble will around his body, he looked like he was possessed by a demon.

The Black Wind Condor's eyes were completely black, similarly walking forward. The Black Wind Condor had blended into Ye Futian's will of the emperor and its Demon Bird will.

"Wuchen, Loulan," Ye Futian shouted and Ye Wuchen drew his sword. There were two swords on his back, one of them was the famous sword Alkaid. It had once been the sword that the Fuyun Sword Clan's Clan Leader had shot to fame with, but when he had been killed by Ye Futian at the Sky Mountain, the sword had naturally fallen into Ye Futian's possession and given to Ye Wuchen to use.

When the sword was drawn, a sword veil formed in the surroundings, encompassing all of them. Loulan Xue's Treasure Book similarly let out a bright glow, protecting everyone within it.

The four of them stepped onto the Black Wind Condor's back like they were forming a miniature matrix. At this time, Ye Futian's Noble will was also absorbed into the light veil. The Black Wind Condor's body broke into a flight, a demonic glow shining in its eyes, tearing through the air like lightning.

Originally, the distance was already short. With the acceleration by the Black Wind Condor, they transformed into a ray of light, rushing straight for the entrance. When the horrifying Sage might culminated onto them, the light around them became even more dazzling, and in the next moment, the Black Wind Condor's body dashed straight through the door and disappeared.

The people outside who saw this happen had dazed looks on their faces, and many others were stunned. What was happening? In the end, it was that simple? Was it because of that Sage ritual implement?

Madame Long had a bewildered look on her face. Ye Futian did not enter the Top Three Schools but was able to step into the Martial Arts Battlefield nonetheless.

Presently, within the Martial Arts Battlefield, Ye Futian and his friends appeared within. In actuality, they could have entered very easily. But the reason why they did not was to hide some treasures they possessed and only revealed their Sage ritual implement.

Choosing not to think about all of this, Ye Futian's gaze looked forwards. Many of the disciples of the Top Three Schools were already walking forward with great vigor.

The Martial Arts Battlefield looked like a heavenly palace and had levels leading upwards. At the furthest direction, it was a blur, but he had a faint vision of a heavenly palace located among the heavens like it was connected with the sky.

That should be the highlight of the Martial Arts Battlefield, the fabled Ninth level.

The place where they were at currently was the outskirts of the Martial Arts Battlefield's first level. There seemed to be an invisible force floating in the air, yet it would flow out between one's hands when they tried to grab hold of it. Some of the people at the front turned back and were dumbfounded when they saw Ye Futian.

Wang Yuqing was walking in the back, and she saw Ye Futian, and her gaze froze. How did he get in? Could it be that Ye Futian had given in in the end and joined one of the Top Three Schools? If that was the case, which school did he enter?
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    《The Legend of Futian》