The Legend of Futian
462 Fishing in Troubled Waters
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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462 Fishing in Troubled Waters

Zhen Rong clearly also noticed Ye Futian. She glanced at Gu Yunxi who was beside him and some surprise flashed across her proud eyes.

So it turned out that Ye Futian liked beautiful ladies. In terms of just appearance, Zhen Rong also had to admit that Gu Yunxi looked better. However, in terms of martial arts, she was obviously more outstanding than Gu Yunxi. At the moment, Ye Futian was walking with Gu Yunxi, but he had ignored her invitation. She would, therefore, think that Ye Futian was only fond of beauties. Nevertheless, it was normal; nobody would ever dislike a pretty lady.

At this place, many people were in fact interested in Gu Yunxi. She was after all a popular beauty in Divine Sky City. Most people from the Top Three Schools who had managed to reach here knew each other as they were either famous in their respective colleges or descendants of major clans.

Suddenly, someone said, "I have a suggestion. Do you want to hear it?"

Many people looked at the young man who just spoke. It was Chen Wang from Chen Clan. He was at the peak of the Arcana Plane and was very strong. Indeed, he was the elder brother of Chen Liu whom Ye Futian had seen before. Chen Liu was right beside him at the moment.

"Speak," Jin Yunlang said, looking at Chen Wang.

"In the past when the martial arts battlefield opened, disciples of the Top Three Schools would compete to obtain martial arts fate for themselves or even fight against each other to obtain more. This was especially true for the Top Three Schools as people were clearly divided into their factions. Therefore, apart from Long Yitian, the others only managed to enter at most the eighth level of the battlefield and no further," Chen Wang said. "This being the case, why can't we change this for once? The Top Three Schools shall join hands this time and disregard our differences. We will ignore all our conflicts from the past and advance forward together."

"There were people in the past who tried this. What happened in the end?" someone said coldly. Over the years, countless people had entered the martial arts battlefield and tried various methods. Some people in the past had also tried to team up like what Chen Wang suggested. However, those who allied would always go into a conflict because of the uneven distribution of martial arts fate. Familiar with the martial arts battlefield, they understood well what the martial arts fate in the last three levels meant. Who would not want more opportunities? Who should get the last hit and obtain the martial arts fate?

In the past, there were even occasions when people dug pits for each other at the last moment, resulting in some descendants of major clans being killed. It caused great disturbance and conflicts even broke out among the different clans. Hence, very few people would mention about teaming up since then. Nobody could control their greed and nobody would believe in the rest easily.

"If you think in this way, just ignore what I said. We'll rely on ourselves. However, based on past experience, if we don't team up, maybe we can pass the seventh level but the eighth level will still be the limit," Chen Wang said emotionlessly. Everyone knew that Chen Wang was speaking the truth. Although they all believed that they were extraordinary and wanted to create the miracle that Long Yitian once did, they knew in their hearts that it was highly unlikely.

Among so many geniuses in the past, only Long Yitian managed to do it. What did they have in addition?

"Why not listen to him?" a lady suddenly said. Everyone turned their heads and looked at a person in the crowd. It was a very charming lady and her looks could even be compared to Gu Yunxi. Her skin was like jade and the aroma of orchids surrounded her body. An emerald green dress was on her body, turning her into a fairy. She was Liu Suqing, the top beauty of Blazing Sun School.

Many people glanced at her. Realizing that she had spoken, many people looked at Chen Wang again. Then, someone said, "What then?"

"I'm not sure how many types of martial arts fate there are in the battlefield. In the last three levels, there is certainly much sage-like fate. If someone manages to get that, we'll agree that nobody will contest for it. Furthermore, we are also not allowed to leave the rest and enter the eighth level alone. On the other hand, we'll continue to obtain other types of sage-level fate. As long as someone contributes during the process, we'll help him to get at least one type of martial arts fate. In the end, we'll enter the next level together. We will only have the chance to enter the ninth level in this way. What do you think?" Chen Wang suggested.

Many people were persuaded by his plan. If they could really do what Chen Wang had said, it would theoretically work. However, it was still unclear if the situation in the past would occur again.

"Great, I agree," Zhen Rong said. "If someone gets the martial arts fate required and enters the eighth level alone, we'll kill him together."

"If nobody objects this, I'll join as well," Bai Qiong, a top genius from Starry School, nodded lightly. Then, everyone nodded one after another, agreeing to Chen Wang's suggestion. As for whether they had any other plans in their minds, nobody would know.

"Alright, let's go then," Chen Wang said. Immediately, everyone turned around and walked towards the door, stepping into the seventh level of the martial arts battlefield.

"Mr. Ye, let's go together," Gu Yunxi said to Ye Futian who was beside her.

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled, but Gu Ming also nodded at him. "Please."

Just now, he saw how Ye Futian helped Gu Yunxi to kill that powerful martial arts spirit. He knew that apart from musical spells, Ye Futian's combat ability was very outstanding as well.

"Okay." Ye Futian also stopped being too polite.

The seventh level of the martial arts battlefield was also vast and boundless. The group walked forward and soon many cultivators appeared before them, all of whom were martial arts spirits.

This time, it was no longer an army. There were not many spirits, only hundred of them in an array. However, they all seemed to be terribly powerful. As they stared at the intruders, everyone could feel that each spirit was as powerful as the strongest one in the sixth level. They all contained an incredible amount of martial arts fate.

The spirit which was furthest away from everyone was standing quietly on a high platform and staring at them calmly. From him, Ye Futian felt some danger.

"The seventh level is different from the previous ones. I have not been here before. However, according to what I heard, there is indeed sage-level martial arts fate here, as if sages are actually controlling spirits at the peak of the Arcana Plane. Despite so, they can still unleash imaginably strong powers," Gu Yunxi said softly to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had felt previously that the spirits in the first six levels all had noble-level martial arts fate, although their levels were in the Arcana Plane. It was somewhat similar to his experience in the Ancient Barren World, where there was noble fate.

Boom! Just as Gu Yunxi was speaking, a violent aura had already erupted wildly. Everyone was releasing their powers. The people from top clans even took out the sage ritual implements they had brought. Indeed, everyone looked extremely serious.

In the seventh level of the martial arts battlefield, any carelessness might result in death. Even though many people present were the best in their generation, nobody dared to be even slightly careless in this level.

The hundred spirits released brilliant beams of light simultaneously. Then, they extended their arms and clenched their fists in the air. At once, everyone felt an extremely terrifying gravity acting on their bodies, attempting to pull them downwards.

"Slay them all!" Chen Wang shouted. His Sun Sword appeared in his hand which he used to strike down like a divine sword, crushing everything before him.

Jin Yunlang reached out his palm. Immediately, a golden spear flew past everyone and pierced towards the enemies below him. Postured like a dragon, Long Mu gave a fierce roar and many dragons appeared, charging out.

All the people launched their attacks almost at the same time. Right away, the space around them became extremely violent and destructive. Below them, many spirits exploded one after another. Suddenly, however, the sage-like figure clenched his fist in the air. An appalling power appeared immediately and even space itself was hardening. Many people felt their bodies petrify directly as they were covered with rocks.

The martial arts spirits below them ascended and started attacking the cultivators from the Top Three Schools. Accompanying a few loud bangs, a few people were hit and blown backward. As they landed on the ground, the rocks broke and they spat up blood.

Ye Futian and his friends were standing at the back and their bodies were similarly petrified. At this moment, he could feel a power that was everywhere around him. It was the martial arts fate left behind by a sage.

Following a loud bang, the rocks around him broke apart. Ye Futian looked at the battlefield before him, after which he dashed forward and shouted, "Attack." Then, they also joined the battlefield.

An enormous figure walked towards them, trying to crush their bodies under its feet. With a splashing sound, a large amount of martial arts fate Ye Futian had turned into vines which swept out and bound the body of the spirit. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen ascended into the air simultaneously. Yu Sheng punched out in the air, while Ye Wuchen struck out with his sword. Immediately, the figure burst into pieces. However, at the same time, a stronger might enveloped them. Ye Futian only felt an invisible force engulfing him as his body became ever heavier. Then, the sage-level spirit walked towards the intruders. At once, everyone felt an extremely powerful pressure.

He stopped above everyone, after which he stomped his feet. In this instant, a few people gave a muffled humph each and their faces turned pale. Ye Futian felt an invisible foot stepping onto him, shaking his body in an overpowering manner.

The figure walked down from the sky. Many people were forced down from the sky as they were enduring a terrifying amount of pressure.

"Attack!" Chen Wang held the sword with both of his hands and sunlight tore everything apart. The power within his body and that of martial arts fate erupted together. Even the sky seemed to be cut into two pieces as a beam of light struck down from the middle. Meanwhile, a frightening storm appeared, which was released from an ancient bell in Jin Yunlang's hand. The vast golden storm turned into thousands of lines and enveloped the sage-like figure.

Various cultivators attacked at the same instant not only just to kill their enemy, but also to obtain the martial arts fate. Although everyone would get their share according to the plan, they still hoped that they would obtain it first as it was safer.

They knew clearly that many people here had the ability to pass the seventh level by themselves. After all, they had sage ritual implements. However, it was much more difficult to fight alone and they would never pass the eighth level. Hence, when such people teamed up, the seventh level could not stop them at all.

Bang, bang, bang... Many attacks landed on the powerful martial arts spirit simultaneously and his body started cracking apart. Immediately, many people charged out wildly, including Ye Futian and his friends.

Suddenly, a brilliant beam of light struck down. Ye Futian seemed to see a real Roc diving towards him. He struck out the rod in his hand, after which the martial arts fate was crushed. The dazzling Roc-like sword tore apart everything and even cleaved space open. Ye Futian and his friends flew backward quickly. Then, they saw a figure floating in the sky. It was Jin Yunxiao who had battled with Yu Sheng before.

"What are you doing?" Gu Yunxi questioned angrily, walking forward. At the moment, Jin Yunxiao was holding an extremely terrifying Roc-like sword which was a sage ritual implement. If Ye Futian was not careful just now, he could have died from the attack directly.

Jin Yunxiao stood there proudly and flapped his wings. He glanced at Ye Futian and his friends with much contempt and ridicule. Then, he looked at Gu Yunxi. Smiling, he said, "Gu Yunxi, they are not entitled to touch sage-level martial arts fate. The alliance this time does not include them, but they actually tried to fish in troubled waters. How ridiculous!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》