The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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Madame Long said that it was good for Long Mu to learn a lesson, meaning that she would not blame Ye Futian for the incident. However, she also mentioned how she and the father of Ling'er viewed Long Mu. It was a hint for Ye Futian and he knew what he should not do. Although he did not like Long Mu, he would not be too serious with Long Mu because of Madame Long and Long Ling'er... At most he would punch Long Mu when he was unhappy.

"You should tell me what you got there right?" Madame Long smiled and looked at Ye Futian.

"Yup," Ye Futian nodded. Then, three beams of divine light erupted from his body. At once, the color of the sky changed. Sunlight and moonlight bloomed and many stars appeared.

Standing up, Madame Long stared at the three illusory figures and was very shocked.

After just an instant, Ye Futian withdrew them and stood calmly at his spot. Since Madame Long already knew that he had entered that place, it would not make a difference whether he attempted to hide the secret or not should she want to harm him. Moreover, according to his observation of Madame Long, she was wise and gentle and he had a good impression of her. She did not seem to be a cruel person at all.

"What's that?" Madame Long asked.

"In the pavilion in the martial arts battlefield, there were three beams of divine light. Their owner is the founder of the Top Three Schools," Ye Futian replied. Blazing Sun, Bright Moon, Billion Stars.

The Top Three Schools were originally a single entity. Madame Long knew this well. Madame Long kept staring at Ye Futian, her eyes filled with thoughts. Clearly, she was thinking.

The courtyard was extremely quiet. Ye Futian also waited patiently. After a long while, Madame Long returned to reality. Looking at Ye Futian, she asked, "Why are you not willing to join the Top Three Schools?"

"Madame, you know where I was from. In the Cottage, my master and seniors have been very nice to me. Therefore, on emotional grounds, I don't want to join another school or college and become a disciple of someone else," Ye Futian replied. "Furthermore, if I enter the Top Three Schools, I'll be bound by their rules and lose my freedom. I may not be staying in Divine Sky City for that long."

Madame Long nodded gently, after which she said, "Since you have inherited belongings of the saint, there will be an unbreakable relationship between you and the Top Three Schools. There are also people who are investigating you at the moment. If they find out who you are, your situation will be very passive. There are two paths before you now. The first one is to leave this place and go as far as you can. If you choose this and someone finds out the truth in the future, the Top Three Schools will try to capture you at all costs."

Ye Futian was speechless. He had already tried to carry out his plan as secretly as he could. For safety, he even gave up on many other treasures. However, there was nothing in the world that would leave no trace behind. Once someone found out his real identity, many things could be deduced naturally. They could also find other evidence, for example, the legend of the Demon Bird on Sky Mountain of the Eastern Barren Territory.

"What's the second path?" Ye Futian asked.

"Enter Starry School," Madame Long said.

"Become a disciple of Starry School?" Ye Futian seemed to be very surprised. "Will they not blame me for what I did?"

"What's there to blame you?" Madame Long replied. "Although Dragon Grass was important, it was only attractive to people below the Sage Plane. As for the disturbance on the assessment day, it was only a trivial matter to Starry School. You have to know that in the events that you have faced, no sages have ever shown up. Therefore all these are insignificant.

"Since you have obtained the possessions of the saint which have extraordinary meanings, if you enter Starry School, you will certainly not become an ordinary disciple."

A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian's face. People standing at different viewpoints would see the same problem differently. Because Ye Futian was in the Arcana Plane, his view and the view of Madame Long were naturally different.

He thought that Dragon Grass and the disturbance on the assessment day were both major issues, but Madame Long felt that they were all unimportant. To the whole school and the sages, they were of course also trivial. Sages would not even bother to handle these things. However, that Ye Futian had obtained the items of the saint was actually a major issue. Therefore, after Madame Long finished speaking, Ye Futian immediately understood her meaning. Comparing the two, the problems that he was worried about were indeed non-existent.

That second path Madame Long was talking about was to let him join Starry School.

"Even though these matters are not important, Starry School has more than just one option," Ye Futian said. Because he had inherited items from the saint, Starry School had another option: to take away whatever he had. This was a very risky choice.

"Therefore, in the Top Three Schools, you can only join Starry School. After all, West Mountain Dragon Clan could only influence Starry School," Madame Long said. "Maybe you don't know this yet. At the moment there are four factions in Starry School and they are the College Faction, West Mountain Dragon Clan, Gu Clan, and Jin Clan."

"You have offended many people from Jin Clan. In addition, because of the relationship between the Dragon Clan and Jin Clan, if I recommend you to Starry School, they'll definitely want to eliminate the threat and obtain what you have. Therefore, these two factions effectively cancel each other. The thing that will really determine the outcome is the attitude of the College Faction and Gu Clan. When Ling'er uncle was alive, the relationship between the Dragon Clan and Gu Clan was very good. Long Mu and Gu Yunxi even had the chance to be together. Later, the relationship faded slightly. However, Yunxi really admires you. In this case, as long as the Gu Clan supports you, Dragon Clan together with Gu Clan will be able to influence the College Faction."

Madame Long analyzed, "Hence, it's very likely that we'll succeed. Now I need to know your choice. The first or the second?"

Madame Long had organized everything very clearly. After hearing her words, Ye Futian thought for a while, after which he asked, "What will be my position when I join Starry School?"

"Rumors say that in the past, there was only one divine school instead of the Top Three Schools. Among the disciples, the person with the highest status was the disciple of the saint and was known as the Son. Later, the saint was gone, and the school slowly turned into the Top Three Schools today. Since then, there were no more Sons. As you have obtained the inheritance from the saint, your position should not be low. It will be most appropriate for you to enter Starry School as the Son," Madame Long replied.

"Furthermore, if you join Starry School, Blazing Sun School, and Bright Moon School will certainly be very unhappy after they find out what has happened. If you succeed, you will be effectively combined with Starry School. You don't have to worry about your position."

"What if we fail?" Ye Futian asked.

"If we fail, give everything you have obtained. I'll keep you safe," Madame Long said.

"Alright," Ye Futian nodded. Then, he bowed slightly and said, "Madame, I'll let you handle everything." Clearly, he chose the second path. The first one was too dangerous. Even if he left, he might still be sought after in the future. In comparison, although the second path was also somewhat risky, many issues would be solved once he succeeded. In the Eastern Barren Territory, he had also offended some people, but they were all juniors from their respective clans. If he could become the Son of Starry School, he would no longer be threatened by them anymore. His position would not be so low that he could not even offend the juniors from other clans.

As for the conflicts, just like what Madame Long had said, they were all trivial. If Starry School could forgive him for what he had done, he could obviously do the same.

"Great," Madame Long nodded. "Go back and wait for my news. Before this issue is settled, I'll send some people to guard Celestial Pavilion."

"Thank you, madame," Ye Futian nodded, after which he left the place. Long Ling'er pestered him for a while. Then, he returned to Celestial Pavilion to cultivate in peace.

With his level, he clearly could not participate in this directly. Therefore, he could only allow Madame Long to handle everything. Becoming the Son of Starry School was already something that would involve all the top forces. At the moment, he could only wait patiently.

However, this did not cause any disturbance in Divine Sky City at all. It was obviously being carried out in secret. Furthermore, Madame Long would not let too many people know about it. Only an undercurrent was surging in the city.

After a few days, the people from the Dragon Clan brought Ye Futian to West Court. After that, he actually boarded Madame Long's carriage with her and came to another place. It was an extremely grand house. After arriving, Ye Futian found out that he was at Gu Clan, a top clan in Divine Sky City, which was precisely Gu Yunxi's family.

When Madame Long appeared, the leader of Gu Clan and his wife welcomed her themselves, along with Gu Ming and Gu Yunxi whom Ye Futian had met before.

"Mr. Ye, why are you here?" On the banquet, Gu Yunxi was very surprised that Ye Futian had come here with Madame Long. Her father had told her that Madame Long would come today and asked her to follow. However, she did not expect Ye Futian to be here as well.

"Do you not welcome me?" Ye Futian shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

"No, I am delighted," Gu Yunxi said, smiling. "Mr. Ye, in Gu Clan, don't feel restricted. Just behave like you're in your own house."

"Own house?" someone suddenly said. Gu Yunxi turned her head. The person who spoke was an elegant and handsome middle-aged man of dignified bearing. It was Gu Yunxi's father.

"Yunxi, is there any further meaning behind these words?" the leader of Gu Clan asked, smiling.

Gu Yunxi blinked her eyes, after which her cheeks blushed slightly. Staring at her father in embarrassment, she said, "Dad, what you are talking about?"

"Mr. Ye, my dad likes to speak nonsense. Don't mind him," Gu Yunxi explained to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian smiled and nodded. Then, he bowed to the leader of Gu Clan and said, "I am Ye Futian. Nice to meet you, senior."

"Since you and Yunxi know each other, just call me uncle," the leader said, smiling.

Ye Futian glanced at the leader of Gu Clan, after which he saluted again, "Uncle."

"Good." Gu Hanshan had been looking at Ye Futian since the start, as if he was trying to analyze him completely. It was not easy for Ye Futian to be so frank and confident before him. Furthermore, Ye Futian was good-looking and talented. Indeed, he was almost perfect. It was no wonder that Madame Long was willing to help him.

He had asked Ye Futian to be here to see if he was worth giving support for.

"Please sit." Gu Hanshan turned around. Looking at Madame Long, he said, "Madame, let's start eating."

Then, everyone started to have their meal, during which Gu Hanshan had a few short conversations with Ye Futian. Then, Madame Long brought Ye Futian and left. Nobody knew what the meaning of this meet-up was.

"Father, why did Mr. Ye come here?" Gu Yunxi asked curiously. Although the relationship between Ye Futian and Long Ling'er was very good, Madame Long should not have brought Ye Futian with her outside. Moreover, her father also seemed to be observing Ye Futian today.

"Yunxi, how do you feel about him?" Gu Hanshan asked.

"Mr. Ye's musical skills are extraordinary and he can create pieces himself. He is frank, modest, and does not overvalue his status. Generally, he's an excellent person," Gu Yunxi replied. "Father, why are you asking this?"

Gu Hanshan looked at his daughter. She probably did not know that Ye Futian was way more outstanding than she thought. After all, he was a young man whose talents were even better than Long Yitian.

"Since you praise him so much, how about I ask him to be my son-in-law?" Gu Hanshan said jokingly.

Gu Yunxi's face blushed at once. Then, she turned her eyes away and said, "What nonsense are you saying? I am going back to college now."

Looking at her back, Gu Hanshan smiled, but he was thinking about some other things.
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    《The Legend of Futian》