The Legend of Futian
472 Can You Do It?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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472 Can You Do It?

It was not a secret that Madame Long had brought Ye Futian to visit Gu Clan. Although it was not a big deal, it still managed to attract the attention of some people. Many people were curious as it seemed to be really unusual.

In the Starry School, there were many disciples, most of which were geniuses. At the moment, Jin Yunxiao was standing with Long Mu which attracted the eyes of many. The two were enemies and had been fighting against each other all along. Now, Jin Yunxiao stopped Long Mu. Was another conflict going to erupt?

"Long Mu, did you hear about the event in Gu Clan? Madame Long brought Ye Futian to Gu Clan instead of you. Is the young chief of Dragon Clan you or that outsider?" Jin Yunxiao was wearing a gorgeous shirt and his golden eyes were filled with ridicule. After hearing the news, Jin clan started to suspect certain things.

Long Mu frowned gently and some coldness flashed across his handsome face. He had heard about the incident, but he did not know the purpose of Madame Long. Hearing Jin Yunxiao's words, many disciples of Starry School seemed very surprised. Clearly, they did not know this yet.

"Since when do you have the rights to talk about the internal issues of Dragon Clan?" Long Mu said, glancing at Jin Yunxiao.

"Indeed it's none of my business. However, since I have met you here, I still sympathize you." Jin Yunxiao's eyes were filled with pity as he continued, "The little princess of Dragon Clan is closer to Ye Futian than you. You know how she keeps calling him Brother Futian. You also saw the scene on the assessment day yourself. Now, the person whom Madame Long brings outside is also Ye Futian. I even heard that Madame Long discussed with Gu Clan about Gu Yunxi's marriage this time. I believe that Gu Yunxi also admires Ye Futian very much." After speaking, Jin Yunxiao stared at Long Mu. Indeed, even though Long Mu was good-tempered, he still had some emotions flashing across his face.

"That time when your father was alive, your family was so grand. It was said that the Dragon Clan also had the intention to ally with Gu Clan through marriage. Unfortunately, the relationship deteriorated after he passed away. After all, you were not born by the madame," Jin Yunxiao continued. Immediately, Long Mu's face turned extremely gloomy and a violent aura started spreading from his body. Then, he said coldly, "Shut up."

A strange expression appeared on everyone's face. Jin Yunxiao was maliciously attempting to worsen the relationship between Long Mu and the Dragon Clan.

"Did I just say the thing on your mind?" Jin Yunxiao said, smiling.

"Scram," Long Mu said coldly. He would naturally not doubt his aunt. He knew well how his aunt and uncle had been treating him and their relationship was not something Jin Yunxiao could destroy with a few sentences.

As for bringing Ye Futian to Gu Clan, perhaps it was just a coincidence as Madame Long would always bring someone with her whenever she went outside. Long Mu did not know whether Jin Yunxiao's words regarding Gu Yunxi's marriage were true, but even if they were, Ye Futian had no chance to be involved in the discussion.

"Madame Long just brought Ye Futian into Starry School." Suddenly, they heard someone's voice. There were many people discussing it so the message slowly passed to Long Mu's side. Many people seemed to be puzzled. They had heard Jin Yunxiao's words just now. Now, Madame Long also brought Ye Futian into the college. What did this mean? Moreover, on the assessment day, Ye Futian was unwilling to enter the college and even create a disturbance. At the moment, why did he still dare to enter Starry School?

"Long Mu, see for yourself," Jin Yunxiao sneered. However, he was also very confused at the moment. Was Madame Long's behavior recently related to the martial arts battlefield? Thinking about the person in the martial arts battlefield who made him kneel down, Jin Yunxiao's mind was filled with intense murderous intent.

"When Ye Futian just arrived in Divine Sky City, he was already the musical attendant of Ling'er. What's so strange about him following the madame?" Long Mu glanced at Jin Yunxiao emotionlessly, but he could not really remain calm inside. Clearly, he also felt that the entire issue was not that simple.

However, the people around them felt that Long Mu's words were reasonable. Ye Futian had received Celestial Pavilion from Madame Long and was naturally her subordinate. Perhaps he was following Madame Long at the moment because she wanted to nurture him.

Many people wondered if Madame Long brought Ye Futian to Starry School so that he could join the college to cultivate.

Madame Long obviously did not know what was happening there. At the moment, she had already brought Ye Futian into the deeper regions of Starry School. The place was already somewhere ordinary disciples could not normally enter. There were many ethereal palaces standing around them. Lead by one of the seniors of Starry School, they arrived in front of a magnificent and ancient palace at the deepest part of the college.

The palace stood before them, towering into the clouds. Madame Long landed on the ground and brought Ye Futian up the stairs. Step by step, they walked to the courtyard in front of the palace.

Beside them, a few figures appeared who were all unfathomable. Standing there, they seemed to have fused with the earth naturally. Ye Futain realized that they were all looking at him, their looks seemed to be penetrating him.

None of these people appeared on the assessment day.

Madame Long nodded at them. Then, she looked at the ancient palace and bowed gently. Clearly, the person inside the palace was even more respected and senior than Madame Long. Accordingly, she had to salute the person.

"Come in," someone inside the palace said.

Madame Long nodded gently, after which she looked at Ye Futian and said, "Go in." Ye Futian nodded. Then, he walked towards the mysterious palace slowly.

Madame Long had told him that he was about to meet a respected elder. As long as the elder agreed to the plan, everything would be settled for sure.

Ye Futian walked into the ancient palace, but it was as if he walked into a world of stars, where countless stars hung high in the sky. The scene was quite similar to the one contained in the beam of divine light he had obtained.

Under the starlight, an elder was sitting quietly in front with his back away from Ye Futian.

"Senior, my name is Ye Futian." Ye Futian bowed.

"I heard that you were from the Eastern Barren Territory and once obtained the willpower of the two emperors on Sky Mountain," the elder said slowly, still facing away from Ye Futian. His voice seemed to be ethereal and illusory.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded.

"No wonder you could enter the divine palace on the martial arts battlefield." The elder raised his head and looked before him as he continued, "What Yitian had done before has finally been surpassed by others. The generations will only move forward."

"Since you have inherited the possessions of the saint and effectively become his disciple, I don't need to test your talents," the elder continued. "Dragon Clan and Gu Clan want you to become the Son. Do you know what it means?"

"Senior, I do not," Ye Futian replied.

"Long Yitian also used to cultivate in Starry School. In fact, he was my disciple. Later, he became even more powerful than me and was indeed the strongest person in Divine Sky City. He could easily defeat those in his generation across the Barren State and even entered the Barren Sky Ranking. Despite this, however, he still died outside," the elder said solemnly. "On the other hand, you did what he did not manage to do; you obtained the inheritance from the saint. Dragon Clan and Gu Clan recommended you to be the Son of the college. However, whether it is them or Starry School, what we really want to see is not really a Son."

Ye Futian nodded. A Son was meaningless to Starry School. The school might as well take away whatever he owned. He was recommended as the Son not only because he had obtained the inheritance of the saint. More importantly, it was really the talents that he had in order to obtain the inheritance. The Starry School could take away whatever he had, but not his talents.

"The person who obtains the inheritance of the saint is effectively his disciple. As the Son, you would need to stand at the very top of this era." The elder said solemnly, after which he slowly turned around. Looking at Ye Futian with his mysterious star-like eyes, he asked, "Can you do it?"

The elder did not talk about what Ye Futian did in the past. In his eyes, those things were insignificant. He would not be bothered with them at all. As for Ye Futian's talents, there was also no need for any tests. The martial arts battlefield and the inheritance was proof in itself.

It had been a long time since anyone became the Son. If Ye Futian was to become one, he needed to be the strongest person in his generation. The elder only asked him if he could do it.

Under the stare of the elder, Ye Futian felt that even his body was somewhat shaky, like rootless duckweed. However, he still nodded and replied without hesitation, "Yes."

"Alright." The elder nodded. Then, in the ancient palace, an endless amount of power charged towards the sky. An ancient starry bell seemed to form among the billions of stars.

Dong! A ring was heard as if it was the sound of rules. It shook the sky and swept out in an instant, causing even the cultivators outside the palace to be slightly shocked. Then, an invisible sound wave swept out towards the entire Starry School. The sound of the bell erupted beside the ears of everyone.

Inside many palaces, countless powerful cultivators opened their eyes and stood up immediately, astonished.

The Starry Bell had just been rung. What had happened in the College?

They all walked out of their palaces.

In the college, many disciples were having friendly fights with each other. When the bell rang, they stopped right away and many were bewildered. Starry Bell would only ring when there was a major event. Did something bad happen?

The disciples walking in the school also stopped and walked towards a certain direction. Some new disciples were puzzled and asked, "What's that sound?"

"It's the Starry Bell," a disciple replied. "I heard that the bell last rang when Long Yitian passed away. Now it rang again. What's happening?"

"Let's go to the Starry Square. It seems like something very important will be announced." Countless people walked towards a certain direction, including both the seniors and juniors of Starry School.
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    《The Legend of Futian》