The Legend of Futian
473 Sanctification
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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473 Sanctification

The bell rang and the entire school was shocked. At the moment, all the people in Starry School, including both juniors and seniors, headed for the same place.

Jin Yunxiao walked on the road and he was in a bad mood. Soon after Madame Long's arrival, the Starry Bell rang, so it was definitely related to her. The question was if it was related to Ye Futian. He knew more things than everyone else, including the fact that Madame Long had brought Ye Futian to Gu Clan. Jin Clan was also guessing certain things. Hence, he was more sensitive than the rest. Thinking of a certain possibility, his face turned extremely gloomy. He hoped that the truth was not what he was thinking about.

Gu Yunxi was also on her way. Beside her, there were other female cultivators.

"Yunxi, do you know what happened?" someone asked Gu Yunxi. After all, Gu Yunxi's family had a huge influence on Starry School so perhaps she would know some details.

"No, I don't." Gu Yunxi shook her head gently, also very puzzled. She had just come out from cultivation and did not even know that Madame Long and Ye Futian had come to Starry School. Her family also deliberately did not mention this to her.

"This is the first time I hear the Starry Bell, but I don't think anything big happened in the college recently." The people around were all confused.

Jiang Nan, Wang Yuqing, and many others were similarly baffled as they walked to the Starry Square, which was a symbolic place of Starry School. On the stairs in front, there were already many elders standing and discussing softly among themselves. Many of them were very perplexed too and did not know what was happening. There were also many noble-level disciples at the front of the Starry Square, including Tan Zhong.

"Senior Tan, do you know what has happened?" someone asked. Tan Zhong was at the peak of the Noble Plane and one of the disciples with the highest status. He should know something.

Tan Zhong, however, shook his head. He also did not know why they were summoned; nobody had told him anything.

At the moment, a group of people walked towards the square from the distance. Every single one of them had a mysterious temperament on them. As they walked, they gave people the feeling that they had completely fused with nature and were totally unfathomable.

"The sages in the school are here as well." Many disciples were astonished. It was extremely difficult to meet the sages in Starry School. Occasionally, they would give public lectures which provided the only chances to see them. At the moment, many sages were walking towards the square, displaying how important the issue was. The cultivators of Starry School would probably only be all present on such a day.

"Uncle." Jin Yunlang and Jin Yunxiao were standing together and they both looked at an elder. The elder glanced at them and shook his head gently. Even the sage who was from Jin Clan did not receive any news. It was obvious that the bell was rung without their knowledge. The members of Starry School were summoned here directly.

Everyone was curious and started guessing.

From the distance, a few more people walked towards the square. The leader of the group looked very extraordinary. He was the Chief Elder of the school.

"Elder Nie." A cultivator from Jin Clan walked up and asked, "What's happening?"

"The College Chief has something to announce," Elder Nie replied.

"What is it? Why are all of us summoned?" the cultivator from Jin Clan asked further.

"Later the chief will come here himself. Just wait for him to announce it," Elder Nie replied. The people around were all shocked. The College Chief very rarely appeared over these years. He actually had to announce the news this time.

There were still many people who were just reaching the Starry Square. Those who had just returned and received the news were also heading towards here.

Some people even discovered that Madame Long and some others who did not belong to Starry School were here as well. Ye Futian stood quietly behind her and was not conspicuous at all. Long Mu glanced in that direction. Nobody knew what he was thinking about. However, the people in Starry School also did not really pay much attention to Madame Long and Ye Futian. Such a major event happened in the college so they clearly did not have any other thoughts.

Sunlight poured onto the square and onto everyone's face. Countless people were gathered here.

Suddenly, a person walked slowly toward the square. He seemed to be ethereal and unfathomable, giving everyone the feeling that he was the only person in the place. He was the College Chief of Starry School, Starry Sage. Of course, it was only his title. Many sages had their own titles and people would respectfully address them as so.

The name of the College Chief was Chen Yuan. His title, Starry Sage, was taken after the name of the school.

Starry Sage walked to the top of the stairs. Many disciples bowed at him to show their respect.

Then, countless people stared at Starry Sage, waiting for him to announce the message.

Chen Yuan scanned all the disciples and said, "Today, I summoned all of you here to announce something. In Divine Sky City very long ago, a saint established a divine school to teach his disciples. Among the disciples, the most outstanding person was his follower and known as the Son. He would be the leader of all the disciples. Later, the divine school turned into the Top Three Schools today. The ancient saint vanished and some of what he had left behind were also gradually lost.

"Today, I wish to imitate the ancient saint. I will grant someone in Starry School the position of the Son who would be the leader of all the other disciples." After the chief said so, all the disciples in Starry School were astonished. Chief Chen was actually granting someone the position of the Son and he would be their leader.

In the college, there were symbolic figures every batch who would become the role models for the rest. For example, at the moment, the outstanding role models in the Noble Plane included Tan Zhong, Li Wangchen, Mo Xiaoyao, while in the Arcana Plane there were Jin Yunlang, Long Mu, Jin Yunxiao, and a few others. However, because of their different levels, it was hard to tell which one of them was more favored by the school.

On the other hand, the position of the Son would be set up in Starry School. What did this mean? Anyone who could become the Son would have much more power than the rest and be their leader. He would be the single most eye-catching figure in the school.

Outside, the Son would represent the entire school.

Countless people were attracted by such a glorious position. However, they knew that they could only think about it. Only a handful would really stand a chance.

Who would Chief Chen confer as the Son? Many elders in the school also seemed to be surprised. Some people already knew it, but many others did not.

They were all bewildered as they did not hear anything about such a major change earlier. Was this decision made up all of a sudden?

"I have already chosen the person to be the Son. I will order the school to make holy crown and holy robes for the person, implying that we are anticipating the birth of a saint in the future. Three days later, we'll conduct the Coronation Ceremony for the Son in Starry School. We'll be inviting all the people in Divine Sky City to come here and watch this grand occasion," Starry Sage announced. "From this moment on, you can start to prepare for this historic event and announce it to the city."

Hearing his words, everyone was astounded. According to the College Chief, he was not only treating the occasion as one in Starry School, but also announcing it to the whole Divine Sky City. Furthermore, he would conduct a Coronation Ceremony for the Son and allow everyone else to witness the event.

Err… From the words of the chief, it was obvious how much importance he attached to the event.

The bell which would never ring easily sounded off just to announce the ceremony to be held three days later.

Was Starry School trying to create a saint? However, which disciple in Starry School could enjoy such a glory?

"Right. You can start the preparation." After saying that, Chief Chen turned around and left without announcing the candidate. Elder Nie followed closely behind him. A sage from Jin Clan walked up and asked, "Elder Nie, who's the person to be conferred?"

"Three days later, the chief will announce it. I also don't know who the person is now," Elder Nie replied. The sage from Jin Clan stopped and his eyes sparkled. He had a bad feeling about it.

After Chief Chen left, there was a huge uproar among the disciples on Starry Square. This was too crazy. Chief Chen was surely going to recommend an unparalleled figure who would attract everyone's attention.

"Who will it be?" Everyone guessing.

Many people looked at Tan Zhong, Li Wangchen, and the like. There were even people who asked them if it was them, but they only shook their heads. They were also unsure as they did not hear anything beforehand. Nevertheless, they also turned very emotional because of the announcement.

Who would not want such glory?

"Will it be Long Mu?" Many people looked at Long Mu. That year, Long Mu's father, Long Yitian, was Chief Chen's disciple. Later, Long Yitian died and the College Chief must have been very sad. Long Yitian was an outstanding genius he had taught, after all. He was easily the strongest person in the Eastern Region of the Barren State and nobody could be compared to him. Long Mu was Long Yitian's son, so the College Chief would certainly have a special feeling towards him. It was said that among all the people in the Arcana Plane, only Long Mu had been taught personally by the chief.

Now, would the College Chief place his hopes towards Long Yitian on Long Mu? After all, this time, Long Mu also entered the ninth level of the martial arts battlefield.

"Long Mu, will it be you?" someone asked directly.

Long Mu seemed to be very confused. Shaking his head, he replied, "I don't know." He raised his head and looked at Madame Long's direction. Without anyone realizing it, Madame Long had actually already left.

At the moment, outside Starry School, Madame Long, Ye Futian, and his friends were riding on a dragon. A strange expression flashed across Madame Long's face. Looking at Ye Futian beside her, she said, "When you went in, I thought that the chief would not agree so quickly. However, the Starry Bell rang directly. Then, I thought that the chief would announce this, but he actually wanted to tell the whole city and hold a ceremony for you."

"Why would he do that?" Ye Futian asked in bewilderment. He also did not expect this. He thought that he would face some obstacles before being able to join Starry School, but the College Chief was actually so quick in his decision.

"I thought wrongly about it." Madame Long smiled and shook her head. "The College Chief must have been so sad about Long Yitian's death that year. Now, the College Chief wants there to be another Long Yitian, or even someone better than him, in Starry School more than anyone else does. He wants to create a saint."

Ye Futian was slightly shocked. He knew that what Madame Long had said was not wrong. The College Chief asked the rest to announce the news to the whole city, create holy crown and holy robes just like in the ancient times, and would hold a Coronation Ceremony for everyone to witness. He wanted to create an unparalleled, invincible figure.

At this instant, Ye Futian recalled what the College Chief said to him in the palace.

The person who obtains the inheritance of the saint is effectively his disciple. As the Son, you would need to stand at the very top of this era! Can you do it?
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    《The Legend of Futian》