The Legend of Futian
476 A Crushing Defea
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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476 A Crushing Defea

The Starry School's disciples stepped back, leaving the space around Ye Futian, Long Mu, and Jin Yunxiao empty.

Today, Ye Futian would be crowned as the Son, and the College Chief had claimed that if anyone from the Top Three Schools or Divine Sky City who doubted Ye Futian could prove that he was unsuitable for the role, he would publicly admit that he was wrong. This was how confident he was in Ye Futian.

This meant that the moment someone in the same Plane who could defeat Ye Futian appeared, today's ceremony would become a joke. It was not only the Son Ye Futian's reputation that was at stake, but the College Chief and the entire Starry School's reputation was also on the line.

Evidently, the College Chief believed that Ye Futian had the ability to stand above his entire generation.

All members of the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School stared at Ye Futian, be it the disciples or the elders. They had all guessed that Ye Futian was the mysterious person who had caused the Martial Arts Battlefield's collapse. Why else would the College Chief be that confident to hold a coronation ceremony for Ye Futian, who was not even a member of his school previously? Only exceptional talent could make a Sage Plane expert go to this extent for him.

There was no question. It had to be the mysterious person clothed in silver.

They even wondered if Ye Futian was someone that the College Chief had secretly scouted, but kept a secret until he was able to officially announce it to the masses today. Regardless of what they thought, what was important was what Ye Futian had obtained from the Martial Arts Battlefield, and his current level potential and ability.

Perhaps it would all be revealed soon.

Countless gazes stared at the three figures in the middle. Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao glared at Ye Futian coldly. They had both had extremely domineering auras when they had met Ye Futian in the past. They were arrogant and did not pay any attention to Ye Futian, so their aura would naturally be headstrong. However, in front of Ye Futian who was clothed in the holy robes, there was no trace of the aura they used to have, and they could faintly feel Ye Futian's oppressive aura. This was not just because of his change in identity, but also because they had been defeated by him in the Martial Arts Battlefield.

Undeniably, the martial arts fate in the Martial Arts Battlefield had a boosting effect on their strength, and they were unable to release their Spiritual Qi, so it was not an accurate representation of their actual battle ability. That was why even though they had once suffered defeat at his hands, they wanted to try again in a fair battle.

For Long Mu, he was battling for honor; for Jin Yunxiao, to restore his sullied reputation.

Ye Futian's gaze landed on Long Mu and he said, "I know you haven't been treating me as an equal, but that is just you in your own fantasy and I have not grudged you for that. You should know now that you cannot possibly defeat me if you choose to battle, are you ready to bear the consequences?"

Everyone who heard his words was dumbfounded. How confident was he, to say such a thing? Was he afraid that Long Mu would be unable to accept the result of their battle?

Long Mu's expression became even colder, his fists clenched up. He knew what Ye Futian meant, if he chose to silently accept the coronation, everything would fade away with time. However, if he lost the challenge, he would be remembered by all.

"What about you, can you handle defeat?" Long Mu retorted frostily.

Ye Futian did not reply. He only tried to persuade Long Mu out of respect for Madame Long. Since the other party insisted on doing so, it was his choice.

"Let's start," Ye Futian declared.

A beast-like aura burst forth from Long Mu, and the visage of a divine golden dragon appeared on his back, accompanied by a pure-blooded dragon's roar. It was a five-taloned golden dragon. There was a unique aura brooding in Long Mu's body, the members of the West Mountain Dragon Clan had their ancestor's dragon blood and inherited the dragon's strength.

At the same time, dazzling flashes of purple lightning burst out from Ye Futian's body. In an instant, the surroundings had turned into a lightning dimension, encompassing the entire area. A streak of lightning landed on Long Mu, but it was as though he did not feel anything. He launched off the ground with a bang and flew into the air, his arm grabbing at Ye Futian.

The five-taloned golden dragon roared and rushed towards Ye Futian, tearing through the air with its gargantuan body. At that moment, Ye Futian looked minuscule.

Ye Futian did not unleash his Life Spirit, he merely raised his arm, and all the streaks of lightning merged into one, forming a fearsome thunderstorm. The thunderstorm was reminiscent of the Thunder God's shield, and as the golden dragon rushed towards it, it was sucked into the eye of the storm and torn to pieces by the lightning, its cry sounding out.

It was him indeed. Chen Wang from the Blazing Sun Academy saw the scene and confirmed his suspicions. Ye Futian was indeed the mysterious person.

Ye Futian had become like a Thunder God, shield in hand. This was the ability that the first Sage Plane expert in the ninth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield had used that day.

Long Mu hovered in the air, his hands shaking. He appeared to have been possessed by a divine dragon and assimilated with it. He did not use any flashy moves and dived straight down towards Ye Futian. The giant divine golden dragon charged at Ye Futian with overwhelming might, like a claw threatening to tear Ye Futian to shreds.

Ye Futian's arm quivered and he looked into the air. The tremendous might of the lightning remained in the air and the Thunder God's shield changed into rays of purple thunder with streaks of gold, surrounding the giant golden dragon. In an instant, lightning flooded the heavens and repeatedly struck the divine golden dragon. The dragon let out roars of agony as the Punishment of the Thunder God did not just have an exceptional offense, it also had a terrifying spiritual assault. However, on the dragon, Long Mu's expression was focused and continued diving down. Ye Futian raised his arm and swishing sounds could be heard as countless vines appeared and entangled the giant dragon.

Following which, Ye Futian shook his arms and multiple golden palm prints appeared around him. These palm prints spun rapidly and eventually combined into one terrifying palm print. Ye Futian raised his hand towards the air and the giant palm print descended from the heavens and gripped the true-blooded dragon by its throat.

The giant dragon struggled under the two-pronged attack. Everyone could see Long Mu struggling and countless people were shocked. As expected, Long Yitian's son Long Mu, prideful as he was, could not withstand a single blow from Ye Futian.

The giant palm print did not move an inch and continued its path downwards. The dragon's body was driven into the ground with a giant crash, and the dragon's shadow disappeared, causing Long Mu's body to reappear.

It was a massacre.

Long Mu's expression was pale. As he thought, the difference was the same as in the Martial Arts Battlefield. His ending was equally pitiful and his pride before this amounted to nothing.

Madame Long looked at Long Mu and sighed internally. Ye Futian would probably become a major turning point in Long Mu's life. Hopefully Long Mu would be able to withstand it. If he did, his will would become even stronger.

Ye Futian did not look at Long Mu, his gaze moving towards Jin Yunxiao. Jin Yunxiao's expression had already turned somber; Ye Futian had crushed Long Mu. Naturally, he would also not be a match for him.

Ye Futian's battle ability was actually this strong. Would he be forever unable to get his revenge?

Bam. Just as he thought that Ye Futian's body moved towards him and a formidable aura oozed from him. Roc wings immediately appeared behind Jin Yunxiao's back and he retreated backward at breakneck speed. However, Ye Futian launched off the ground with the Thundering Illusion Step and after-images were left as he chased Jin Yunxiao.

Jin Yunxiao roared and his wings vibrated, shooting out countless sharp golden swords towards Ye Futian.

Bang. A group of meteorites' light appeared around Ye Futian, revolving wildly. They contained tremendous destructive power, and the golden swords flying towards him were all shattered.

Seeing Ye Futian getting closer, Jin Yunxiao's wings flapped once again, trying to escape. Ye Futian walked in the air, booming thunder sounding with each step he took. His body traversed the air, landing in front of Jin Yunxiao, the two of them looking as if they were going to collide. Jin Yunxiao's expression darkened and his wings sharpened to their limit and tore through the air towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his arms and the revolving meteorites' light circulated around his arms, warding off the wings' attack. His palm stretched outwards and gripped Jin Yunxiao's neck. With a jerk of his hand, his Thundering Illusion Step once again blasted off and the two of them headed downwards.

Crash! The sound of a huge collision could be heard as the floor shattered and Jin Yunxiao's body was smashed into the ground by Ye Futian. Ye Futian looked mockingly at Jin Yunxiao, then released his grip and turned around to leave. In the Martial Arts Battlefield, Jin Yunxiao had slashed a light blade at him and he had remembered it. Since he wanted to be humiliated, Ye Futian would grant him that wish again.

Jin Yunxiao saw the scorn in Ye Futian's eyes and his expression became especially grim. He was reminded of that scene in the Martial Arts Battlefield where he was forced to kneel on the ground. His eyes became red with anger and insanity.

Bam. His body bounced off the ground and a razor-sharp Roc blade appeared in his hand. It was like a Roc had appeared from the heavens and was headed straight for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's footsteps stopped and he frowned.

"How dare you!" an elder from the Starry School Academy berated. The Jin Clan's elders were also frowning, did Jin Yunxiao know what he was doing?

Humm. Before Ye Futian had moved, a figure rushed out from the crowd like a blade and passed by him. It was a figure with only one arm, he drew his blade and slashed towards Jin Yunxiao's sword strike. In an instant, tens of thousands of light blades appeared in the air and culminated in one point, striking the Roc's shadow and shattering it.

The sword continued forward and the light blades merged into one at the tip of the Alkaid and stabbed the Roc blade. Waves of intimidating sword Qi flowed down the Roc blade onto Jin Yunxiao's body.

At that moment, Jin Yunxiao felt as though there were tens of thousands of sword wills circulating around his body. His expression turned pale and he dropped his sword, only to be greeted with an icy blade pointed at his throat. If the blade had gone a millimeter further, it could have taken his life.

"Doubting him? Do you even have the right to?" A cold voice sounded from the lone-armed figure, piercing Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao's hearts like blades.
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    《The Legend of Futian》