The Legend of Futian
478 Battling the Pinnacle of the Arcana Plane
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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478 Battling the Pinnacle of the Arcana Plane

Everyone stared at the prideful figure standing there in dismay. He was too strong, just a single spell could cause all those experts to become injured. The spell's destructive force was appalling.

Boom. At that moment, a figure descended like a flash of lightning. The figure stepped forward and the heavens rumbled, like a mountain crashing down upon Ye Futian who had just finished casting his spell. His brilliant eyes glancing at the other person, Ye Futian's palm stretched out, his Spiritual Qi culminating into the form of a rod.

Golden rays of light shot out suddenly and the crowd saw Ye Futian's body quiver. On his back, a pair of giant Roc wings appeared, like a Roc king attached to him. His wings shuddered and a golden storm started to erupt. Ye Futian's body slowly rose into the air, the golden rod in his hand striking out. The golden light pierced the heavens and with a deafening bang, the mountain was split in two and the rod collided with the figure, sweeping it back.

"Do it." Multiple figures appeared simultaneously and headed towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stepped into the air and flashes of lightning appeared. The speed of the Thundering Illusion Step combined with the Roc wings was breakneck. It was as though he teleported in front of a person and his rod struck out with no hesitation. Another resounding crack and another person crashed into the ground.

Bang, bang, bang…. Following that, the crowd could only see Ye Futian's phantom, and few in the Arcana Plane could track his movements. They could only see people continuing to be pummeled into the ground and the sound of them hitting the ground.

In an instant, there were already over ten people in the ground. The dazzling figure flew upwards and appeared in the air, its golden wings flapping gently, perfectly fitting into its aura. Compared to him, Jin Yunxiao would probably feel inferior.

The members of the Jin Clan had extremely piercing gazes. Ye Futian actually had the Roc Life Spirit as well.

Tchh… A brilliant light slashed towards him and the crowd looked towards the air. They saw Chen Liu leading a group of Chen Clan geniuses in slashing the Sun Sword. The glows from the Sun Swords intersected and formed a fearsome sword spectrum which slashed towards Ye Futian like domineering sun rays.

Hissssss… When the Sun Swords collided with Ye Futian, his body ignited and the hungry flames turned into a brilliant light veil, circulating around his body. The flames on his body were blazing like a sun and his body the vessel for the sun. The flames threatened to burn everything to ashes and the Sun Swords actually assimilated within the flames' energy.

In that instant, a sun appeared behind Ye Futian, hanging high up in the sky, its rays blinding.

"A second Life Spirit," the crowd murmured to themselves, with the Sun Spirit, he would be impervious to the flames. His body was like the sun's vessel, able to burn everything. At the same time, within the sun, a symbol of flames appeared. Ye Futian was like the Fire God, he took a step forward and the flame symbol shot out multiple light beams towards all directions.

Chen Liu and his clan members felt an extremely strong flame energy, and they all released their Life Spirit Dharmas to combat it.

In the air, the unparalleled figure swung the rod like the visage of a Divine Ape. The rod in Ye Futian's hands continued to grow bigger and turned into a giant golden rod. The rod continued its rampage, and the skies stormed.

Fwoosh. The golden wings flickered and Ye Futian stormed forward with the rage of the heavens. Chen Liu and his clan members could feel the impending pressure and their faces paled. They saw Ye Futian swing out with his rod, and the shadow of the rod grew at an alarming rate. A golden rod that could rival the skies in length appeared, and with an ear-splitting bang, the air itself appeared to be shaking. Chen Liu and his clan members started to vomit blood, and their bodies fell to the ground.

The group was swept to the ground. Ye Futian continued to step forward towards the direction where most of the crowd was, continuing to wield his rod. From the heavens, colossal shadows appeared and hammered down.

"Spread out!" someone shouted, and many people started to scatter in different directions, yet the rod continued to beat many people into the ground with irresistible force.

People from both sides of Ye Futian assaulted him and the sound of people clashing sounded out as Ye Futian's Fatal Entanglement swathed them and threw them back.

Invincible. This was the thought of the onlookers outside the Starry School at that moment. Under the attack of that many experts, none of them could even withstand a single strike of Ye Futian's rod. He was strong beyond belief.

Today Ye Futian was crowned the Son of the Top Three Schools and bestowed with the holy robes. This meant that he would stand at the peak of his generation with no rival. Zhen Rong was also among those participating in the battle. She was swept to the ground with one strike, blood streaming from her mouth. However, what made her really feel humiliation was that Ye Futian did not even look her in the eye when he injured her with his strike. It was as though to him, the young lady of the Zhen Clan was just a passerby and not deserving of his attention.

Not just her, but there was no shortage of famed geniuses that took part in the battle of the Top Three Schools, yet no matter who it was, no matter how famous they were usually, how strong they were, they were all decimated.

From the start of the battle, not much time had gone by, yet the hundreds of experts that had joined in the battle had all been defeated. In the air, the battle came to a halt. Donned in holy robes and wearing the holy crown, Ye Futian hovered in the air, his wings shining brilliantly, his gaze sharp, looking down upon the crowd.

"Is there anyone else who wishes to challenge me?" Ye Futian's gaze swept across the massive crowd. There was an ample amount of experts, yet not one of them could stand up to Ye Futian. In fact, none of them could even face him in battle; they were all brushed off.

Within the crowd, Wang Yurou stared intently at the figure with a sense of helplessness. He had been like this in Yunyue City as well, even now, when he was facing the geniuses of the Divine Sky City, nobody could mar his brilliance.

In another location, three figures squeezed within the crowd. The skinny teen smiled, blinking and said, "Little brother is still so suave."

"Looks like his days have gotten even more enriching without us seniors to watch over him." Another handsome teen nodded his head and smiled.

The fat teen stood at the back, watching the outstanding figure and thought back to his own days. There was no comparison, his life was simply too pitiful.

"Since the founding of the Top Three Schools, this is the first time they've crowned a Son. Since the Starry School is the first to start off this tradition, the Son that they've crowned should dominate the entire plane in order to receive such preferential treatment. Why should the fights be limited to only the Middle Arcana Plane? Moreover, I've heard that you revealed the strength of an Upper Arcana Plane cultivator at the Evil Dragon Zone," an expert from the Blazing Sun School said. Ye Futian sweeping his entire generation and none of the disciples of the Top Three Schools being a match for him was nothing to the Starry School, but the Blazing Sun School and the Bright Moon School would lose face.

Many people had stunned expressions. Geniuses were plentiful in the Top Three Schools. For an Upper Arcana Plane to challenge the fifth level of the Arcana Plane was a bit of a bully. However, many people were unfamiliar with what happened at the Evil Dragon Zone, but they knew that one's cultivation level could not be forged. Ye Futian was indeed in the fifth level of the Arcana Plane.

"Shameless," Long Ling'er said disdainfully.

Ye Futian's gaze shifted in the direction of the Blazing Sun School and replied, "If the Blazing Sun School wishes to challenge me with an Upper Arcana Plane disciple, go ahead."

Bam. They saw a figure stand up and step forward. Many people's expressions became dumbfounded when they saw the person who had stepped out.

"Shameless!" Long Ling'er's face turned red in anger as she repeated herself. The person who had stepped forward from Chen Wang from the Chen Clan, a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane. He himself was also a prodigy, the difference between the two of them was too great.

Chen Wang stared cruelly at Ye Futian. In the ninth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield, he was defeated in one blow by Ye Futian. At that time, Ye Futian had martial arts fate surrounding him, but not this time.

In an instant, the sun's flames enveloped Chen Wang's body, causing it to become extremely dazzling. He released his Life Spirit Dharma and a sun appeared. Within the sun, there was the statue of a Divine Sun Bird, the Three-legged Golden Raven.

An awe-inspiring aura circulated around Chen Wang's body and wings of flames appeared on his back, firing beams of light towards Ye Futian. In the air, flames from the sun descended from the skies and gathered around his body, causing the flames around his body to burn even brighter, as though he was one with the sun.

He stretched out his arm and the flames turned into an intimidating sun god sword, the flames that it was giving off was strong enough to burn any Middle Arcana Plane expert to ashes. Many people felt worried for Ye Futian. He was easily taunted into accepting the Blazing Sun's challenge, they felt it was a rash decision on his part. The Blazing Sun School did not pull their punches and sent out Chen Wang to battle him.

Ye Futian's body continued to hover in the air, thunder, and lightning at his feet. At that moment, Chen Wang leaped forward and the sun shined down on him, merging with his body and blazing Ye Futian's body with a piercing glow. He struck at Ye Futian with the sun god sword in a straightforward manner.

Bang! Ye Futian kicked off the ground and his Thundering Illusion Step allowed him to rapidly change places. The blade of light slashed towards the Starry School in the distance, where an expert stepped in and an invisible barrier stopped the blade of light from progressing.

Chen Wang let out a grunt and moved at an equally speedy pace, heading straight for Ye Futian. He slashed out yet again and the blade of light appeared to transform into the sun's rays, reaching in an instant. However, Ye Futian had already predicted the lightspeed attack and he avoided it yet again with his Thundering Illusion Step, leaving the destruction of the sun's rays to the experts to stop.

Chen Wang frowned. He had not expected Ye Futian's reaction to be that quick. He stepped foot into the air once again, countless rays spilling off his body. In the air, he slashed out with his sword, this time multiple blades of sun rays were released, leaving Ye Futian with nowhere to dodge.

Ye Futian stared at the oncoming attack, his Freedom Meditation at work. He had obtained the sage legacy and had three divine lights. These three divine lights mirrored the Top Three Schools' abilities. Chen Wang was the genius of the Chen Clan and cultivated in the Blazing Sun School. His expertise was the sun's flames, so he naturally mastered the Blazing Sun's abilities. Ye Futian wanted to observe Chen Wang's cultivation methods.

Just then, blades of sun rays shot towards him, encircling the entire area he was in. Every blade of sun ray contained immense destructive power. In his body, an equally fearsome light was circulating. In an instant, many meteorites appeared and gathered around his body, circulating frantically. Each one of these meteorites appeared to have a dazzling light that glowed and faded, just like a star, like constellations circulating around Ye Futian's body!
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    《The Legend of Futian》