The Legend of Futian
485 Indomitable
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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485 Indomitable

Everyone's gazes fell upon Ye Futian as he spoke.

These were powerful individuals of the Arcana plane from all over the land. For all Ye Futian's outstanding abilities and status as the Son, was he really that confident in taking away the Polearm of Divine Destruction?

As a ritual implement, the Polearm of Divine Destruction itself had incredible powers. If Ye Futian was unable to take it with him, was he really going to leave behind everything he had attained so far?

Naturally, no one else was concerned about Ye Futian's situation. After Master Yun and Ye Futian's arrogance, everyone wanted to see just what someone who claimed to be the unparalleled best in the Barren State Eastern Domain was made of. Especially since the chief himself had given the word for all of the Arcana plane to challenge him, everyone was raring to find out just how good Ye Futian was that he dared to declare himself indomitable.

"As you've just heard, all those of the Arcana plane are welcome to enter the Sky Dome and experience the dimension created by the Polearm of Divine Destruction. Since the Son of the Starry School has declared himself to be the unparalleled best of the Barren State Eastern Domain, now's an opportunity to see for yourself if this is true," the chief said lightly. Even without the chief's words, everyone was already raring for a shot at Ye Futian. They knew without question what should be done.

"Please proceed." the chief's cool gaze swept across Ye Futian and present company. He was absolutely confident that Ye Futian would not be able to take away the Polearm of Divine Destruction. Ye Futian was young and talented, but he was probably overconfident from not having experienced many setbacks.

"All the best, Big Brother Futian." Long Ling'er raised her dainty hand as Ye Futian walked by.

"Yeah." Ye Futian turned to grin and her and saw that Gu Yunxi was also nodding at him with a smile.

Master Yun felt a twinge of worry. It was true that Ye Futian had achieved things that Long Yitian never did at the martial arts battlefield, but this was Zhai Xing House. Many things about their situation right now were uncertain. While Chief Chen had sent Ye Futian to come to collect the ritual implement, Master Yun knew that this was no easy feat. His thoughts trailed off at what could happen to Ye Futian should he really be defeated.

At this very moment, everyone was advancing towards the starry dimension within the Sky Dome. Many challenging stares were sent in Ye Futian's direction.

But Ye Futian didn't seem to notice at all. His gaze was locked on the ritual implement at the top of the dome. As he approached the center, an immense invisible weight pressed down upon him. Once Ye Futian was right under the stormy sky of the starry dimension, the gravitational force was so great he felt like he was about to be crushed in this frightening dimension.

Ye Futian took one final step forward into the center of the dome. An invisible storm surrounded him, and the immense gravity made him feel as though he was Atlas holding up the world. It was so heavy.

Almost at the same time, the other challengers stepped into this starry dimension as well. For a moment, the challengers floated motionless within the starry dimension. The dimension's pressure weighed equally heavy on them, and the immense discomfort they felt showed in the slightly pained expressions many wore.

Shi Yanfeng and Shi Qinglan had stepped into the starry dimension as well. Looking at the ritual implement within the sky, their expressions were solemn. The thought crossed their minds that it would be highly beneficial if they were able to train here every day. Their gazes then turned to Ye Futian, who stood nearby. They were curious as to just how long Ye Futian could stay in this dimension.

Ye Futian began to make the journey upwards. It was clear that he really intended to take the ritual implement away.

"I, Mo Yao from the School of the Heavenly Arts, will challenge you." A figure shrouded in blinding rays of light made his way towards Ye Futian. His intent to battle was apparent. With a quiver, Mo Yao transformed into numerous shadow figures that struck out instantaneously at Ye Futian. The unforgiving energy surrounding Ye Futian grew wilder with the incoming attack.

Ye Futian waved a hand, and immediately meteorites rose around him to deflect the attacks. Several explosions saw the attacks and the shadow figures blown apart. Throwing a glance at Mo Yao, Ye Futian struck out at him, the attack whistling through the air.

With a loud boom, Ye Futian's attack blew through Mo Yao's defense and landed directly on him. The impact made him cough up blood and he was sent flying. He was then pushed down by the dimension's immense gravity.

Nearby, the eyes of Shi Yanfeng and Shi Qinglan sparkled. It was just as they had expected. One who had been declared the Son was indeed outstanding in ability. Even Mo Yao, one of the more powerful figures within the School of Heavenly Arts, had been defeated in no time.

"I, Mu Qing of Mount Xuanyuan, will challenge you." Yet another challenger of the Upper Arcana plane charged at Ye Futian, his body glowing with green rays of light. He struck at Ye Futian with a gigantic battle-ax. The force of the attack split even meteorites apart. The consequences would be disastrous if it landed on Ye Futian.

Lightning flashed around Ye Futian, and he lifted his hand to reveal a shield of thunder. Once released, the shield morphed into gold and purple streaks of divine lightning, which rushed towards Mu Qing like an endless Thunder Raid. Mu Qing's body was instantly covered by the lightning, which even struck all the way into his mind. He trembled violently as the lightning passed through his body. His hair stood on end, and a burnt smell hung in the air.

"Don't bother introducing yourselves, I can't remember your names anyway," Ye Futian called out coldly, continuing his ascent. Everyone's faces darkened. He was obviously insinuating that they were but small fry that he couldn't even be bothered to get acquainted with.

A challenger from the Red Phoenix Clan came rushing at Ye Futian in a flurry of fiery energy, bathed in phoenix flames. A phoenix shadow was created, and it charged straight at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced carelessly in her direction. The brilliant radiance of the sun emanated from him, morphing into a powerful flame matrix that flared straight at her. The challenger was halted in her tracks immediately. She struggled in the sky, seemingly about to be turned to ashes by the powerful flames.

"Urgh..." Spitting out a mouthful of blood, she plummeted down as well.

All eyes were on Ye Futian. The Son of the Starry School did live up to his title after all.

The chief watched quietly at the side, completely unfazed. He had already expected that a Son chosen by Chen Yuan would be this powerful at least. It was apparent that Ye Futian had yet to reveal the full extent of his power, but the chief was not worried. Mu Zhiqiu silently observed the starry dimension by his side. Her expression was calm as usual, as though nothing could ever shake her composure.

In the dimension, Ye Tianfu was making the journey upwards while enduring the immense gravitational force and warding off attacks from challengers. The challengers had been provoked to anger. Now everyone was encircling Ye Futian, and he was attacked by many different techniques all at once. But it seemed as though Ye Futian was surrounded by a smaller starry dimension of his own, with the meteorites that had been shattered revolving around him still in an impenetrable cloud.

A buzzing sound came from above Ye Futian, right before a gigantic battle ax came rushing down towards him like a shooting star plummeting from the heavens. A blinding gold light appeared with the ax as if a new world was being forged within the starry dimension.

"He's finally making a move."

The eyes of many challengers sparkled at the mention of Ta Kaishan. Hailing from Mount Xuanyuan, he was freakishly powerful. He was also said to have mastered one of the truths of the Xuanyuan Axe. This ax was powerful beyond measure.

Ye Futian glanced at the sky. It seemed to him that this light the ax was emitting belied a mysterious power. Anything that came before the ax would be destroyed.

The large meteorites within the meteorite storm that surrounded Ye Futian were split in two by the ax. There were no loud explosions unlike before. the ax cut through the meteorites cleanly and soundlessly. It was stopped only by the meteorites that glowed with a mystical light, right before it reached Ye Tianfu.

These dazzling meteorites seemed to form an imaginary starry sky of their own around Ye Tianfu, shielding and protecting him. He was currently using Immortal Celestial Bodies, a defensive technique that was so strong it was indestructible.

Ye Tianfu's eyes shone with the radiance of stars in the night sky. Looking at the many who had come after him in the dimension, a flash of coldness shot through his gaze.

"Since all of you are so eager for a challenge, I'll make your wish come true." As he stared coldly at the crowd, the stars surrounding him slowly grew sharp and pointed. Ye Futian was now bathed in starlight, an unimaginably brilliant sight to behold. All of a sudden, he charged towards them, like a shooting star streaking through the sky.

At the sight of Ye Futian charging towards them, one of the challengers attempted to quickly retreat. Yet Ye Futian was just as fast as a shooting star, and the radiant figure shot across the horizon at breakneck speed towards the challenger.

With a loud boom, the challenger was sent plummeting down like a fallen star, leaving behind a streak of blood as they fell. There was not even a moment for the crowd to react before they saw Ye Futian moving through the starry sky. Despite the immense gravity, he was still horrifyingly fast.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of people were hit by Ye Futian and felled with a resounding "thud." They were completely defenseless in the face of this shooting star. In fact, everything happened so fast that the challengers were taken down one after the other. To the onlooker, it seemed as though it was raining bodies inside the starry dimension. A magnificent sight it truly was.

Just then, the shooting star came to a halt. However, endless streams of starlight then began to shoot outwards in all directions, hitting yet more challengers in the starry dimension.

"Meteorites," the chief observed, conceding that Chen Yuan had chosen quite well this time; Ye Futian was commendably proficient in these techniques.

"Zhiqiu," the chief called out.

"Yes, grandfather?" Mu Zhiqiu, who had been by his side, answered quietly. The startling beauty remained facing forward still, while strands of hair fluttered against her forehead with the wind.

"Go ahead into the dimension," the chief ordered.

Mu Zhiqiu nodded lightly and stepped forward, her clothes fluttering lightly. She was incomparably gorgeous. In that instant, all eyes were on her. The jewel of the Zhai Xing House—an unrivaled beauty who had once set foot in the Holy Zhi Palace—was about to step in personally!
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    《The Legend of Futian》