The Legend of Futian
492 Killing One’s Son
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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492 Killing One’s Son

In the Fairy Pool of the Celestial Pavilion, Wang Yurou was getting drunk. The wine and food of the Celestial Pavilion weren't regular items. Even a cultivator would get drunk.

Ye Futian drank with her. He could see that the princess of the Yunyue City was in a bad mood. As a pampered girl who kept hitting dead ends in the Divine Sky City, she was obviously frustrated. However, people all had to get used to this process. If one wanted to get to a higher place, one must become accustomed to these trials.

During this, Gu Yunxi also came to the Fairy Pool. When Ye Futian saw her, he ordered Shen Yu to come. Smiling, he said, "Yunxi, what a coincidence."

"I thought you would be busy with cultivating. How come you have time to relax?" Gu Yunxi said, smiling. Shen Yu smiled at the side. She didn't know if Ye Futian was pretending or was really that dumb. How was it a coincidence? The princess of the Gu Family liked Ye Futian and would often come to the Celestial Pavilion.

The utterly beautiful girl did suit Ye Futian, but sadly, he apparently liked someone else. She was also very talented, but Shen Yu didn't know how she was like.

"We all entered a new plane recently so we came out to relax. Otherwise, we would go crazy," Ye Futian said, chuckling. There was a limit to cultivating too. If they couldn't have a clear mind, the cultivation effect would be bad too.

"Yes, you're already so excellent but you still work so hard. What do you make of the other Sons of the city?" Gu Yunxi's eyes were clear as water.

"There is no end to cultivating," Ye Futian said. "I'm still too weak." He still had many things to do. He wasn't satisfied with just the title of Son from the Starry School.

Gu Yunxi rolled her eyes. The action was actually a bit flirty.

A bit drunk, Wang Yurou looked at Gu Yunxi. Girls all had some sort of gut instinct. She could naturally feel the admiration from Gu Yunxi. Smiling, she wanted to get rid of some thoughts. She should be content to be friends with people like this. If not for the trip to Yunyue City, they probably would never meet.

Thud. Just then, there was a huge sound. Then a woman said, "Tell the person in charge to come."

"Miss, the Celestial Pavilion's food will never have filth in it," the servant nearby said.

"I said to tell the person in charge to come." The woman's voice was sharp.

"I'll go check," Shen Yu said from the tower.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. He looked outside and saw two figures—a man and a woman—sitting at a table beside the Fairy Pool. They wore a bamboo hat and their hair seemed messy. They seemed to be a couple trying to make a name for themselves.

"What's wrong?" Shen Yu walked to them and the servant retreated. The woman looked up at Shen Yu and pointed at the table. There was an insect wriggling.

"This is impossible." Shen Yu shook her head. "The Celestial Pavilion would never have filth like that."

"So you're saying that I did this on purpose?" the woman said coldly.

"Perhaps it climbed in while you two were eating but we will take responsibility. I can treat you to this meal and have them cook it again," Shen Yu said. She could feel that the woman was in the Noble Plane. The Celestial Pavilion wasn't scared, but this was still a business. She would try to keep things calm if possible.

"I'm already in a bad mood and you want me to keep eating here?" The woman was being harsh. Pointing at the filth, she said, "Eat it."

"Miss, that's a bit too much." Shen Yu's expression changed.

"I told you to eat it." The woman's voice was cold. Many people looked over curiously at the couple. Did they not know who this place belonged to?

Even if it was the Celestial Pavilion's fault, it was still shameful to make Shen Yu eat it. At this time, Ye Futian and Gu Yunxi had walked out too. Many people were behind them.

"The Celestial Pavilion has already apologized and is willing to compensate you two," Ye Futian said. "Please do not push it."

The woman glanced at Ye Futian and the people behind him. "What, the Celestial Pavilion will use its power to bully people?"

"The Celestial Pavilion doesn't want to cause trouble, but it isn't afraid either." Ye Futian's voice was cool. The couple was purposely looking for trouble.

"Are you threatening us?" the man on the side said. His aura seeped out. Looking up, his eyes gazed straight at Ye Futian. His eyes were filled with fire and scary Noble Will.

Behind Ye Futian, Wang Yurou felt that those eyes were a bit familiar. However, the man had some lines on his face that looked like special markings and were unfamiliar to her. He seemed to be purposely hiding his features.

At this time, her heart skipped a beat. Finally thinking of someone, she couldn't help but call out, "Be careful, it's Shang Zhan!" As soon as she spoke, the bamboo hat that the man held burned to nothing. His eyes instantly became terrifying and he released strong Noble Will. It rushed into Ye Futian's mind, trying to destroy his will.

Ye Futian instantly closed his eyes, feeling a burst of pain. Almost at the same time, horrible Ice Will surged from the woman. It was about to freeze the world. The spell landed on Ye Futian, sealing him instantly. Their target was clear—they came to kill Ye Futian.

The man stepped out, crossing through the space. He was too fast. He was at the upper Noble Plane and was so horrible. Just as the people behind Ye Futian and Gu Yunxi rushed out, the man's fiery palm had already landed. It carried such murderous intent and was fatal.

The people eating at the Fairy Pool were terrified. How could someone try to kill the legendary Son of the city? Did they want to die? An upper-level Noble could definitely kill with one strike. But how could these people be so willing to die and exchange their lives for Ye Futian?

The stronger one was, the less likely they would give up their lives. Therefore, it was rare for people of high cultivation to be suicidal fighters. Barely anyone was willing to do it. But these two? They were crazy—too crazy.

The people behind Ye Futian didn't have time to react. The people beside him had the chance to block the attack, but Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Gu Yunxi weren't stronger than Ye Futian. How could they block it? Even so, these people attacked without hesitation, almost simultaneously.

Because of the sudden change, everyone's potential was forced out. Yu Sheng roared and turned into a huge demon. Holding the Demonic Tripod, he stood before Ye Futian. Ye Wuchen turned into a dazzling and sharp sword. The Sage ritual implement shot out. Horrible Sword Will swept out. Loulan Xue released her book, sealing everything in ice, trying to block the opponent's move. Even Gu Yunxi and Wang Yurou acted.

Gu Yunxi took out her guqin and started playing. Sage Will was released from the instrument. Wang Yurou's ritual implement was the weakest. It was only a Noble sword.

Everyone attacked at once in the chaos. The surrounding people were all shocked. These people had attacked without caring for their own safety…

Boom! There was a huge explosion. No matter how powerful these ritual implements were, they were only at the Arcana Plane in cultivation. None of them were in the Noble Plane, so they couldn't block the Noble at all.

Wang Yurou and Gu Yunxi were thrown into the air. Ye Wuchen's sword warped and was then forced back by the palm. Yu Sheng's Demonic Tripod boomed and he was forced back too. He crashed into Ye Futian and they both spat out blood. Even the ice around Ye Futian was shattered.

The woman's spell landed again. This time, everyone was covered in frost. They were about to be sealed in ice. The man didn't stop at all. He continued forward, slapping down a palm at Yu Sheng and Ye Futian.

Using the Thunder Step, Ye Futian stepped out, not letting Yu Sheng block him. Light flashed from his hands. Stars dazzled while the Polearm of Divine Destruction appeared. It instantly became miles long, forcing him and Yu Sheng back as it expanded.

The horrible palm was blocked. It landed squarely on the Polearm of Divine Destruction. The thousand-feet-long polearm hit Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It forced them into the air and they spat out blood.

When the man saw that both attacks had failed, his expression changed. The Noble aura descended. He continued walking, murderous intent surging. He didn't retreat at all. But then, another might fell from the sky. This undefeatable power pressed down on him. He was an upper-level Noble, but he was still immobilized, almost getting crushed.

"How can this be?" He raised his head with difficulty to see an old man walk down from the sky. He seemed to be stepping directly on the man's body. The elder's hair flew and his eyes were murderous.

"Sage." The people at the Fairy Pool looked up at the strong cultivator, eyes dancing. A Sagely figure was protecting Ye Futian in the background. The Starry School really treated the Son so well. Even so, Ye Futian had almost gotten killed.

It was honestly terrifying for an upper-level Noble to suddenly attack at such a close distance. A Sage was strong, but they couldn't be on guard at all times. Ye Futian could have been killed instantly.

The elder descended and stepped down. The couple couldn't withstand the force and collapsed onto the ground. They raised their heads with difficulty, staring coldly at Ye Futian. They were extremely angry to see Ye Futian get up. How was he still alive?

"Who are you?" the elder asked coldly. Naturally, he wouldn't kill them directly.

The couple raised their heads and stared at the elder with red eyes.

"They're from the Business Alliance," Wang Yurou said weakly. She lay on the ground, dyeing the ground red with blood.

"Laughable. An Arcana Plane has a Sage as a guard. It is hateful that I can't take revenge," Shang Zhan gritted out.

"What revenge makes you give up your life?" the elder asked coldly.

"Taking revenge for my son cannot be topped by anything else," the woman said sharply. "My poor son was also a pride and cultivated in the Top Three Schools. But he died in the wilderness and no one cares. It breaks my heart."

"No need to speak anymore." The man held the woman's hand and looked up at the elder. "We are taking revenge for our son. Since we failed, we will pay with our lives. Will you kill us, or should we commit suicide?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》