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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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494 Hin

Many days had passed since the assassination attempt at the Celestial Pavilion. The people of the Divine Sky City had started to forget it. The uproar over something was limited, after all. The Divine Sky City was a main city in the eastern Barren Territory. All sorts of things happened every day and people would forget. Of course, the people involved wouldn't forget so easily.

The one sent to investigate the Yunyue Business Alliance returned to the Starry School. The business alliance really hadn't participated. Shang Yunfeng's parents had come alone to take revenge for their son. When the Starry School arrived there, the entire business alliance had been terrified. They couldn't imagine that the talented youth who'd shone at the battle of the top four would become the Son of the Starry School. He now had high status and the assassination had brought the entire alliance under a storm. After all, they had suffered the most losses. Shang Zhan was an extremely powerful figure and had died just like that. But what could they say?

No one even dared to mention it afterward to avoid getting involved. The Starry School wouldn't just warn them in the future.

After the Starry School returned, the Wang Family of the Yunyue City also went to the Divine Sky City to visit the Celestial Pavilion. Ye Futian went to welcome them and saw that the family leader had come personally.

"Senior Wang, how come you're here?" Ye Futian asked politely.

"After we learned of what had happened, we started paying attention. Back when you'd left, I had thought you would reach a higher level. But I didn't think this…" the family leader said emotionally. No one thought that someone so ordinary would reach this extent.

Wang Linfeng had also come with his family. He was also full of thoughts.

"I'm just lucky," Ye Futian said, chuckling. "Senior, let's have some wine."

"Sure." The family leader nodded. "Futian, I heard about Yuqing too. That girl is a bit arrogant. Please don't take offense. It's my fault for not teaching her well. If you don't wish to see her in the future, you don't have to." He naturally wouldn't try to persuade Ye Futian. That would make things worse. Wang Yuqing's attitude had been so bad. It was better if they acted as if they'd never met.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded with a smile. "Senior, would you mind if I keep Yurou here to work?"

"She's not as talented. I'm more than grateful that she can train with you. Of course, I don't mind." The family leader smiled.

Wang Yurou stood by quietly. Her injuries had mostly recovered now. After what had happened, she could clearly feel that Ye Futian was nicer to her.

"Great." Ye Futian nodded. "After what happened with the Yunyue Business Alliance, do you think more things would follow?"

"I don't think so. Shang Zhan and his wife were aloof and spoiled their only son. They placed great hope on him and Shang Yunfeng never disappointed them. He was always successful and cultivated at the Blazing Sun School. They must have been hit hard to take this risk and come assassinate you," the family leader said. "I remember when Shang Yunfeng died, the two practically went crazy. They went to the Evil Dragon Zone and even ran to the Divine Sky City, but they didn't find anything and were forced to leave. I didn't think that they didn't give up. They must have come again after realizing it was you."

"It's normal to keep looking for the killer of one's son." Ye Futian nodded. He didn't hate them.

The group continued chatting in the Fairy Pool. At the same time, there were two figures in a courtyard of the Blazing Sun School on the other side of the city. Both elder and youth looked extraordinary.

"So is everything investigated?" the elder asked.

"Yes." The youth nodded. "When Ye Futian became the Son, someone in the school mentioned Shang Yunfeng's death. But Ye Futian had just become Son and everyone saw how Chief Chen treated him. It would be useless even if someone went to find him. We weren't as skilled as him before and were too ashamed to ask him for the man. Thus, we decided to notify Shang Yunfeng's parents who had come to the school before."

"And then?"

"After, we saw people meet Shang Yunfeng's parents secretly in the Yunyue City. Then the two came to the Divine Sky City. They didn't tell the Yunyue Business Alliance and did everything alone, probably to avoid involving them."

"Who were the ones who met them?" the elder asked.

"After Shang Zhan and his wife came to the Divine Sky City, we kept watch over them and finally figured out who called them here. Uncle, guess." The youth chuckled.

"I remember you said that Ye Futian was very arrogant on the martial arts battlefield. But he must have feared revealing his identity, so he didn't cross the line and kill anyone from a clan. Only one person was greatly humiliated." The elder smiled. "He was forced to kneel as if worshipping a god. For someone from a proud clan, it's unacceptable."

"Uncle, you are so wise. You're right on," the youth said, smiling.

"This junior of the Jin Clan has always been arrogant. He wanted to compete with Long Mu from the same school and was humiliated like this. He obviously can't stand it. It just so happened that Ye Futian became the Starry School's Son and treated as a gem. He couldn't harm Ye Futian, which made things worse.

"He's smart though. He didn't send his own men, in case someone found out. Instead, he chose to take advantage of Shang Yunfeng's parents' hatred of Ye Futian. It's impossible to find the connection. No matter what, it has nothing to do with him.

"But I'm curious," the elder continued, a bit confused. "How does Jin Yunxiao know about the death of an ordinary disciple of the Blazing Sun School and think to take advantage of him?"

"This might have something to do with a disciple from the Starry School," the youth said. "His name is Jiang Nan. He's a descendant of the lesser Jiang Clan and is quite well-known in the Starry School. Coincidentally, he'd insulted Ye Futian and had some conflicts. This person happened to be at the Evil Dragon Zone and witnessed Shang Yunfeng's death. He also wants to get on Jin Yunxiao's good side. I'm afraid he told Jin Yunxiao. Our men also found out that Jiang Nan had caused trouble at the Celestial Pavilion before the assassination. It must have been to make Ye Futian go back. He must not have expected to get forced out with a staff. The assassination happened afterward."

"I see," the elder said, smiling. "It is indeed a great plan. Unfortunately, things are always so coincidental. We just happened to have gone to Yunyue City. Did the Jin Clan participate in this?"

"There are no signs. It's likely Jin Yunxiao did this alone," the youth said.

"He thought himself clever. The Jin Clan is one of the Starry School's major clans. The Celestial Pavilion technically belongs to the Dragon Clan and Gu Yunxi of the Gu Clan was hurt badly. This event involved the schools, the Dragon Clan, and the Gu Clan. It won't be so easy for the Jin Clan to be spared."

Smiling, the elder continued, "Jin Yunxiao gave us a good start. Think of a way to alert Ye Futian or the Starry School. Of course, don't make it obvious. Do just enough."

"Understood," the youth said, smirking.

At the Starry School, the disciples were still busy cultivating. Wang Yuqing walked down the street, feeling a bit down. She'd been depressed these past days. Her grandfather had never been angry at her, but after coming to the Divine Sky City, he'd yelled at her.

"It's Senior Brother Jin," someone beside her said. She looked up. Even though Jin Yunxiao wasn't much compared to Ye Futian, but the Starry School was big. There were many disciples. To the regular disciples, Jin Yunxiao was from a powerful clan and he was still an esteemed figure.

Wang Yuqing looked over and saw a familiar figure beside Jin Yunxiao. It was Jiang Nan. She frowned. When did Jiang Nan get close to Jin Yunxiao?

"Senior Brother," many people called. Jin Yunxiao's duo walked over. When they passed Wang Yuqing, Jiang Nan scanned her coolly and ignored her as if they were strangers.

Seeing Jiang Nan's eyes, Wang Yuqing thought of the humiliating words he'd said to Ye Futian. He'd said sarcastically that Ye Futian was skilled at kissing up to other people. Thinking back now, it was laughable. Wasn't he talking about himself?

"Since when was Senior Brother Jiang with Senior Brother Jin?" a youth near Wang Yuqing mumbled. Turning around, he saw Wang Yuqing and couldn't help but smile. "Hello, Senior Sister Wang."

"You know me?" Wang Yuqing looked at him. She wasn't famous and she didn't know the other either.

"I've seen you with Senior Brother Jiang." The youth smiled.

"Don't mention him." Wang Yuqing was upset.

The man bowed slightly, seeming polite. "I thought you two matched each other before," he said softly. "You are beautiful while Senior Brother Jiang is talented. Now that he's close to Senior Brother Jin, he must be extremely smart. But it's a pity that someone so smart made a mistake because of you and was almost killed, making you two have conflicts."

"Because of me?" Wang Yuqing scoffed.

"Yes. If not for you, why would someone as smart as Senior Brother Jiang go cause trouble at the Celestial Pavilion? Doesn't he know that it belongs to the Son and is backed by the Dragon Clan? He'd almost died because of it too. But it's strange that the Son almost died as well." The youth shook his head and sighed. "Thankfully, it's all over and Senior Brother Jiang is with Senior Brother Jin now. I hope you two will make up soon. I'll leave now." With that, he took his leave.

Wang Yuqing's brows furrowed tightly, seeming to ponder the man's words. Her heart skipped a beat. Thinking back to her interactions with Jiang Nan, he didn't seem to be a brash person. Instead, he was very calculative!
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    《The Legend of Futian》