The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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495 Arres

In the Celestial Pavilion, Wang Yurou found Ye Futian.

Ye Futian saw her flustered and said, "Your injury has just gotten better, what is it that is so urgent?"

"Just now my sister came over and asked me to tell you something," Wang Yurou replied.

"What is it?" Ye Futian expression was curious; something was off.

"My sister said that Jiang Nan is a sly person. To people of higher status than him, he will always maintain his manners and will not break out of character. That day in the Celestial Pavilion, when Jiang Nan insulted me and Shen Yu and ignored the background of the Celestial Pavilion, it was abnormal." Wang Yurou looked at Ye Futian and continued, "It was just at the right time that we ran into you coming back. Not long later, the Yunyue Business Alliance's Shang Zhan couple came to the Celestial Pavilion."

Ye Futian's expression tensed up as Wang Yurou continued, "Also, Jiang Nan has wanted to establish a connection with Jin Yunxiao since a long time ago, but Jin Yunxiao has never given him any face or even looked him in the eye. However, not long ago, Jiang Nan was seen following beside Jin Yunxiao."

Ye Futian closed his eyes, deep in thought. Wang Yuqing would not ask Wang Yurou to tell him this for nothing. Moreover, this involved Jiang Nan and Jin Yunxiao. Although these few incidents may look separate, if they were thought about together, there was much to be suspicious about.

The day when the assassination had failed, the two of them had committed suicide on the spot. Because they were Shang Yunfeng's parents, it was perfectly justified for them to want to seek revenge for their son. Nobody would think that someone else would instigate them to take revenge for their son.

That was why there was no mastermind for this matter. It was an obvious revenge attempt. However, from the way things looked now, they had all overlooked some things because of the couple seeking revenge for their son.

He had been cultivating in the Starry School all along. Why would the Shang Zhan couple know which day he would be at the Celestial Pavilion? They were evidently very sure that he was at the Celestial Pavilion before they made a ruckus to force him out. If the matter had been blown up, they would have had no chance to enter the Celestial Pavilion in the future.

Of course, there was also the possibility that they had been keeping watch on the Celestial Pavilion. If they wanted revenge, it was only natural to do that, so this could not be considered a major oversight.

The peculiarity lied in what Wang Yuqing said. That day, why would Jiang Nan do something so unlike him and cause trouble in the Celestial Pavilion, and why did the Shang Zhan couple appear not long after?

In his conversation with the Wang Clan leader that day, it appeared that Yunyue City was not updated on what had happened in the Divine Sky City. The Shang Zhan couple had returned to the Yunyue City, how did they know of his identity and return to the Divine Sky City? However, this could not be considered an oversight. Perhaps the Shang Zhan couple had been keeping tabs on what was happening within the Divine Sky City, however, Jiang Nan was exactly the person who knew this the best.

They would not need instigating to take revenge for their son. However, giving them information and helping them arrange a time was something that he could help them with without leaving any trace or taking any risk.

Ye Futian's eyes opened, a cold glint in the corner of his eyes that even he himself did not notice.

"Does sister mean that Jiang Nan is involved in this time's assassination?" Wang Yurou had hurriedly come to look for Ye Futian after hearing what her sister had to say. Evidently, she had understood the meaning behind those words.

"I don't know," Ye Futian replied, smiling. "Let the elders from the Starry School investigate." The matter involved disciples from the Starry School, so it was not fair to take only his side of the story, especially when it could potentially involve the Jin Clan's young master Jin Yunxiao.

"Shen Yu," Ye Futian summoned her.

"Pavilion owner," Shen Yu, who was standing at one side, replied.

"Ask the members of the Dragon Clan to go to the West Court and tell the Madame what Yurou just said. You will go to the Gu Clan and bring the word to them," Ye Futian gave his orders as he left to find the experts from the Starry School.

In the Starry School, in the yard where Jin Yunxiao was, a few figures descended from the sky. Seeing these people, Jin Yunxiao's expression changed and he asked, "Uncle, why have you come?"

"Follow me back to the Nine Cloud Palace," the person replied coldly.

"Is something the matter?" Jin Yunxiao looked puzzled.

"We'll talk when we get back, the clan leader wishes to speak to you." The person nodded, and so did Jin Yunxiao. He turned to Jiang Nan and said, "You can take your leave."

"Yes, senior." Jiang Nan bowed and took his leave. In front of others, he continued to address Jin Yunxiao as senior.

Jin Yunxiao and the Jin Clan members took flight and left. Jiang Nan was bewildered as he did not know why the Jin Clan members suddenly appeared to bring Jin Yunxiao away. He walked out of the yard feeling uneasy. Could it be that something had happened?

It wasn't possible. The matter had been flawless, there would definitely be no repercussions. Moreover, the Shang Zhan couple who had tried to assassinate Ye Futian had died then and there.

Walking out of the yard and strolling on the pavement, a group of people walked towards him. The group of people all had exceptional auras and cold demeanors, stopping in front of Jiang Nan. The people around looked at them and many disciples quietly stepped back, evidently knowing the identities of these people.

It was the people from the Starry School Punishment Institution. They were in charge of giving out penalties. Jiang Nan saw them stop in front of him and his heart sank. His footsteps continued normally, but his legs were already shaking lightly.

"Jiang Nan pays his respects to elders and seniors," said Jiang Nan, suppressing the fear in his heart and bowing.

"Jiang Nan, follow us," the person said emotionlessly.

Jiang Nan's face paled and he asked, "Elders and seniors, may I know, what for?"

"We'll talk at the trial court." The person stared at Jiang Nan with a deadpan look, as though he was a statue. Although Jiang Nan had tried his best to suppress the fear rising from his heart, his voice still jittered as he replied, "Okay, elders and seniors, please lead the way."

"Let's go." The group turned around and started to walk, with Jiang Nan within the group. The disciples who saw this scene started to debate. The Punishment Institution rarely ever took action. After all, the Top Three Schools was a place of cultivation and the rules were not strict. If it was not particularly important, the Punishment Institution would not step in. Once they did, it was likely a huge issue.

What trouble had Jiang Nan caused?

In the trial court, an imposing figure sat on the main seat. Many people were at both sides with emotionless faces, a frigid feeling spreading across the entire court. When Jiang Nan saw the elderly person sitting on the main seat, he was stunned and the color drained from his face.

It was the Punishment Institution's Grand Trial Elder, Elder Lu. He was just an Arcana Plane cultivator, a normal disciple. What huge matter would require a strong Sage Plane elder to personally oversee his trial?

The entire court was deadly silent, to the point where it was actually scary. In such a circumstance, Jiang Nan could almost hear his own heartbeat.

"Own up," Elder Lu stared at Jiang Nan for a long time, then said this one sentence. There was a mysterious might in his voice.

Jiang Nan's head was extremely low, and he bowed and replied, "Elder Lu, I do not understand what you mean."

"Before the College Chief crowned the Son, he once summoned all of the School's elders for a discussion. The College Chief is bent on the restoration of the Divine Path, thus he broke all the rules and crowned the Son, even creating the holy robes and holy crown for him and ignoring all objection. Although the Jin Clan may not agree with it, they did not say anything afterward, because they saw the College Chief's determination."

Elder Lu appeared to have said something irrelevant, yet he continued, "Since you've done it, don't try to hide it. You are very clear of the means a cultivator can go to, if you come clean and admit your wrongdoings, I can give you the lightest punishment."

Jiang Nan's expression was ashen. Even though he had been afraid along the way, he held on to a glimmer of hope. Yet what Elder Lu just said had smashed his last vestige of hope. He was very clear that when the Punishment Institution believed something, they would investigate to the very end. It was one thing if he did not do it, but once he had done it, there would be no escape.

Bringing him directly to the trial court was evidently not just simple suspicion on their part. The experts from the Punishment Institution had too many methods to make him speak up. In front of Sage Plane experts, all attempts to conceal the truth were futile.

Cold stares landed on him and Jiang Nan's limbs started to shiver. Cultivation was not easy, and he was born in a small clan in the Divine Sky City. His achievements, being able to cultivate in the Starry School and a soon-to-be Noble Plane expert all did not come easy.

What Elder Lu had said about the College Chief's determination, he had seen it too. That was why he was all the more certain that the crime of attempting to harm the Son was not something that he could bear.

With a thud, Jiang Nan kneeled on the ground, his head planted to the floor and said, "Elder Lu, I was just jealous of the Son's potential and the kindness he received from the College Chief. That was why I told senior Jin Yunxiao about the death of the Yunyue Business Alliance's Yunfeng. Everything after that was all planned by Jin Yunxiao, I was only following his orders."

Elder Lu looked at Jiang Nan who had his face planted into the ground and asked unfeelingly, "So the person was invited by Jin Yunxiao from the Yunyue Business Alliance to the Divine Sky City and brought to the Celestial Pavilion for the assassination?"

"Yes." Jiang Nan maintained his position and continued, "I know that I have brought shame to the name of a Starry School disciple, and I am willing to be expelled. I hope elder can grant my request."

"Since you've come to the Starry School to cultivate, you are a disciple of the school. After harming the Son and assisting in the planning, now you want to drop out of the school and call it quits? What a joke." Elder Lu continued, "Your cultivation was from the Starry School. Since I've agreed to give you a lighter punishment, I will spare your life and only permanently destroy your powers and expel you from the school."

"Elder Lu." Jiang Nan raised his head with terror in his eyes. Permanently destroying his powers and expelling him from the Starry School?

"No, Elder Lu, I know my mistake now, I know my mistake now…" Jiang Nan was filled with terror and shouted.

A disciple stepped forward and grabbed Jiang Nan.

"No, noooooo…" Jiang Nan shouted wildly, but that did not stop him from being dragged out of the court. Soon, screams of agony could be heard and he was dragged out of the Starry School and thrown outside the gates.

The Starry School was bustling, and later, someone saw the Punishment Institution flying out of the school towards the Jin Clan's Nine Cloud Palace. After a period of time, a groundbreaking piece of news spread through the Starry School. The assassination of the Son, Ye Futian had the involvement of Starry School disciples, one of them being Jiang Nan, who had had his powers destroyed and expelled from the School.

The other person was the pride of the Jin Clan, a genius of the Starry School, Jin Yunxiao.

The entire Starry School was in an uproar over this. Was the school really going to arrest Jin Yunxiao?
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    《The Legend of Futian》