The Legend of Futian
501 A Sudden Deadly Attack
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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501 A Sudden Deadly Attack

Ye Futian had been forcefully taken to the Blazing Sun School, though he had not put up a fight. His cooperation made him seem sincere and genuine, and there was a chance that everything he had said about the inheritance was true. But the human heart was complicated, and it was implausible that Ye Futian would willingly give up the divine light.

It was obvious that Ye Futian was aware of his circumstances and adapting to it in a bid to save his own life. Yang Ding, the college chief of the Blazing Sun School, could tell this as well. But in truth, he wasn't intending to kill Ye Futian. Doing that would be as good as declaring war.

"Let me feel the divine light of the sun that the saint passed down." Yang Ding's face was radiant as the sun, and a hush fell over the place. All eyes were on Ye Futian.

"Yes, senior," Ye Futian nodded, and a streak of the sun's dazzling divine light was sent towards Yang Ding.

"I have already severed my ties to this divine light, you may…" The words had barely left Ye Futian's mouth before Yang Ding had already integrated his own will into the divine light. The dazzling radiance of the sun shone above him, seeming to bathe him in the very light of the saint himself. Furthermore, with Yang Ding's immense will, the divine light shone even brighter than it had with Ye Futian. The blazing rays of the sun that were shining down from above were like divine flames.

"The Divine Path," Yang Ding declared, his gaze sharp. He then retracted his will from the divine light. Smiling at Ye Futian, he said, "You'll train with me from now on."

Yang Ding did not force Ye Futian to give up the other two streaks of divine light he had. Those did not belong to the Blazing Sun School. He knew very well that if he were to take them by force, the other two schools would not leave it at that.

"Yang Ding," a frosty voice called out from the sky above the Blazing Sun School. Following after, a line of figures descended from the misty sky. At the front of the party was Chen Yuan.

They had been confronting those from the Nine Cloud Palace when they had gotten the news. Upon hearing that Ye Futian had been taken away by the Blazing Sun School, they had abandoned the confrontation and rushed over immediately.

Yang Ding looked towards the sky. The flames of the chair behind him shone brighter than ever. He said calmly, "Chen Yuan, what brings you to the Blazing Sun School?"

"Yang Ding, you're the college chief of the Blazing Sun School. Don't you feel that it's beneath someone of your status to be taking advantage of the situation and bringing Ye Futian to your school?" Chen Yuan's tone was chilly, and frightening energy pressed down from the sky as he spoke.

"Chen Yuan, Ye Futian possesses the divine teachings of the saint of the Top Three Schools. What's wrong with me inviting him over to experience the Divine Path left behind by the ancient saint?" Yang Ding gazed at the figure in the sky as he spoke.

"Let him go," Chen Yuan demanded coldly.

Yang Ding turned his gaze towards Ye Futian, and Ye Futian bowed in Chen Yuan's direction as he said, "College Chief Chen, the Blazing Sun School really just invited me over to demonstrate the divine teachings of the ancient saint." He turned to bow at Yang Ding as well, "Senior, let me explain to the college chief."

After he spoke, Ye Futian moved towards the sky. In that instant, all eyes were on him. Ye Futian had spoken pleasant words just now, but those were only niceties. Going up to Chen Yuan now would put him on a path of no return depending on what he did.

"Stop." Mighty energy landed on Ye Futian. It was Sage Intent which could kill him in a heartbeat. Chen Yuan may have arrived here, but he dared not to make any hasty moves. This was also why he had not brought Ye Futian to the Nine Cloud Palace. If Jin Chengfeng were to begin attacking in a surge of savagery, things would get troublesome.

Ye Futian stopped mid-air and chuckled. "What do you ask of me, senior?"

Many gazes turned towards Yang Ding, as though waiting for him to indicate something.

Before capturing Ye Futian, the Blazing Sun School's aim was the divine teachings that Ye Futian had obtained in the martial arts battlefield. Ye Futian had been very cooperative in handing it over, all the while stalling for time. By the time Chen Yuan arrived, the Blazing Sun School had yet to decide what they were going to do with Ye Futian. Ye Futian had promised to stay here and train, but looking at things now, it didn't seem like things were going to turn out that way.

If they were to let Ye Futian go, he would not pose a threat to the Blazing Sun School for now. This was because they had already taken away one of the divine teachings he possessed. But Ye Futian would still be like a ticking time bomb to them.

The atmosphere turned tense almost immediately. The disciples of the Blazing Sun School lifted their heads to look at the sight before them. They felt the immense pressure and tense atmosphere even from afar.

"Yang Ding," Chen Yuan's gaze landed on Yang Ding. An immense pressure emanated from the heavens and a starry dimension appeared in the sky. The skies above the Blazing Sun School turned dark as night.

It was as if Chen Yuan would launch an attack immediately if Yang Ding were to do anything to Ye Futian.

Yang Ding glanced at Ye Futian before laughing. "What are you doing, Chen Yuan? We were having a good chat. I'd like for him to stay at the Blazing Sun School and train with me, I could instruct him. But of course, all this is up to Ye Futian to decide himself."

Chen Yuan's expression relaxed a little. He had predicted that Yang Ding would not do anything to Ye Futian. His aim was probably to obtain the divine teachings, so he would not be as bold as to just kill Ye Futian just yet.

Ye Futian had made the same judgment as Chen Yuan, which was why he had resorted to remaining civil and saying niceties. He had done his best to avoid a verbal conflict and create an illusion of harmony. Both parties were aware of each other's underlying intentions, but in this situation, Yang Ding had a way out without embarrassing himself.

At this moment, Ye Futian's top priority was to get out of this place. Upon hearing Yang Ding's words, Ye Futian mentally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Futian, come here," Chen Yuan ordered. At the same time, a streak of energy headed straight for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian began to move forward. However, the instant he took a step, he suddenly felt an immense threat and his expression changed. Then, a frightening light of intent pierced through Ye Futian's body like a sharp blade.

A grunt was heard, then Ye Futian's body shuddered in the sky before he felt a sharp blade rip through his insides, shredding his veins and breaking his bones. Ye Futian's face turned deathly pale, and despair flooded his mind.

He had been on guard the moment he was taken to the Blazing Sun School, saying niceties and trying to talk his way out of danger by lying. His only aim was to stall for time and make it out alive.

While he had anticipated that the college chief of the Blazing Sun School would not kill him, he had not dared to relax. Even then, he had not expected that someone would launch a sudden attack on him all of a sudden in a bid to take his life.

Chen Yuan's expression changed. Darkness spread all across the sky and an immense pressure emanated from it. Everyone in the party he brought along with him wore incredibly chilly expressions as well. Madame Long and Gu Hanshan were shocked as well. They had not the Blazing Sun School to actually take action.

Even people from the Blazing Sun School—Yang Ding the college chief and many other sages who were present—were taken aback as well. It was apparent that the current situation had occurred outside of their control.

Chen Yuan clenched a fist in the sky. Since the other party had made a move, he had no more reservations left. In an instant, Ye Futian's body was surrounded by the glow of starlight and was brought to Chen Yuan's side in the sky.

Ye Futian was pale as a sheet and in immense pain. His veins and bones seem to have all been destroyed, and he had sustained immense internal injuries.

Chen Yuan's expression was dark. In the starry night sky, countless meteorites appeared out of nowhere and hung over the Blazing Sun School. The disciples of the Blazing Sun School were stunned at the sight. Should those meteorites be sent plummeting down, it would surely be a disaster.

"Chen Yuan," Yang Ding's expression changed as well. Looking at the person who had attacked Ye Futian, he demanded, "Who told you to take action?"

"Shang Yunfeng was a disciple of our school," the person coldly responded. "Is Ye Futian to be let off for killing a disciple of the Blazing Sun School just because he is the Son of the Starry School? He should pay for his crimes and be deposed of his cultivations." He then exhorted, "College chief, this child is crafty and talented. If we don't get rid of him now, he'll definitely cause us a lot of trouble in the future."

Chen Yuan stuck out his palm at the direction of that person. In an instant, a frightening rumble sounded and a wind storm emerged from the broken earth, taking on the dazzling light of the stars. The endless wind storm rushed towards the person and surrounded him, and as Chen Yuan clenched his first, the person was buried within the meteorites with a loud crash, no longer able to move.

They were both sages, but their exact planes were different, and the disparity in their abilities was great as well.

"Chen Yuan, don't be rash." Long Ding appeared before that person in an instant and lay a hand on him. Instantly, flames appeared and seeped into the meteorite formation. With a bang, the meteorites that covered the sage were burned to ashes, and the space was transformed into a flaming hell.

A scary rumbling rang out and meteorites began to plummet towards the Blazing Sun School from the starry dimension like shooting stars.

The Blazing Sun School was in chaos. Everyone was trying to escape, their faces deathly pale.

This was crazy; an elder of their school had dared to launch a deadly attack on Ye Futian and triggered a battle of this immensity. This was all so crazy.

The rumbling noise continued endlessly as the buildings of the Blazing Sun School were destroyed and turned into giant debris floating in the sky. The earth was cracking open as well at an incredible rate, with lines spreading across the ground. It was as if the entire world was going to be destroyed. It really seemed like the apocalypse.

"Chen Yuan, the Top Three Schools may be in contention with each other, but all three schools share the same origins. You've gone mad!" Long Ding roared upon seeing the destruction before him. Chen Yuan was trained in the Starry Divine Path. It was based upon the earth-elemental power of the earth itself and could turn apocalyptically destructive in an instant. It had the power to turn the vast Blazing Sun School into a pile of rubble in no time.

"So, you're still aware that the Top Three Schools share the same origins." Chen Yuan's face was contorted in anger. He had pinned great hopes upon Ye Futian, who had inherited the divine teachings. He could understand if the Blazing Sun School sought Ye Futian out for the divine teachings he possessed. But to make an attempt on Ye Futian's life was unforgivable.

Madame Long was taken aback by the scene of destruction before her eyes. College Chief Chen had not been moved to this level of anger in many years. It seemed that the peace in Divine Sky City was no more. She looked at the person who had attacked Ye Futian. This person probably had ulterior motives in provoking this fight.

Indeed, there was someone behind this entire fiasco fanning the flames. Though Jin Yunxiao had carried out the assassination attempt, there was someone backing him who wanted the see the world burn. It seemed as though something larger was about to happen.

"The Top Three Schools share the same origins," Yang Ding told Chen Yuan gravely. "Now that things have come to this and his cultivations have been destroyed, the Divine Path has lost its hope. He had taken the divine teachings of the Top Three Schools away from the martial arts battlefield after all. Take the divine light with the power of the stars with you and let this incident come to an end. If not, the consequences will be too much for you and me to bear."
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    《The Legend of Futian》