The Legend of Futian
503 Learning in Secre
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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503 Learning in Secre

The ancient tree shook slightly, shedding its sacred green light on every corner of the room. Enveloped in the tree, Ye Futian's body was like a jade. Endless verdant glow poured into his body. It seemed to transform into life aura and spread through his veins to rejuvenate his badly hurt insides.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and felt everything happening in his body. His organs were hurt badly. Veins were severed and bones fractured. He had become a totally disabled man who was at his last gasp. His enemy didn't want him to die directly in the Blazing Sun School but chose to mutilate him. Otherwise, demolishing his spirit with Sage Intent was the most straightforward way. It could eliminate a person more effectively than simply attacking the flesh. Perhaps his enemy had some qualms, so Ye Futian could still be alive. But for many people, it would be better to die than to live with such a body.

At this moment, however, Ye Futian's heavily injured body was recovering little by little. The ancient tree, as his natal spirit, possessed strong power to embrace and restore everything in the world.

As the verdant light reached every part of the body, some color returned to Ye Futian's pale face. After suffering all these fractures, being simply restored was not enough for him to alleviate all the pain. When the insides were recovered, those green lights further permeated in those broken veins to help them grow.

At the same time, other life spirits like Ape, Dragon and Golden Roc appeared in the tree one by one. The dragon coiled around the tree. The ape stood in and the roc perched on the tree. Then they entered into his body with that verdant glow.

He thought and a beam of blazing light appeared around him. The sacred light flowed around his body like a sea of stars. It followed the green light through his body. Every inch it flowed by, broken veins were restored and new bones grew.

It was said that once one cultivated to a certain high level, he could be immortal. In that case, fractured bones being repaired was a small matter. But Ye Futian was just in Arcana Plane. What was happening was totally a miracle.

His veins and bones were restored gradually. That green light together with other magical powers of different attributes entered into his body, giving him dragon-like veins and a golden roc's hard bones. His body glowed with starry lights and became invincible.

"I really did it." Ye Futian was shocked. He just wanted to have a try. Thinking that the natal spirit had the power to embrace everything, he released his own spirit into it to restore his injured body. He succeeded. His new veins and bones were very difficult to hurt now.

Knowing that he wouldn't die anymore, Ye Futian closed his eyes and immersed himself into the restoration totally.

It caused a sensation in the Starry School.

People constantly came to visit the Son's Palace. Gu Yunxi came too. She looked very anxious, but Yu Sheng stopped her at the door. Yu Sheng was worried too, but Ye Futian had told him to guard the door.

Yu Sheng knew Ye Futian. Ye Futian may be doing something extremely important. He must be trying to recover his body; he couldn't be interrupted no matter who came.

Long Ling'er also came after hearing the news, but she was stopped outside of the door too. Gu Yunxi and Long Ling'er came because they worried about Ye Futian while many other people came to see how Ye Futian would die.

Ye Futian was so outstanding that there were many people jealous of him. As long as Ye Futian was in the Starry School, others couldn't have the chance to be favored by the chief. Even those very talented would not have the chance.

No one expected that the peerless talent who had been canonized as the Son a few months ago suddenly became so pathetic. And the fact that the big figures from the Blazing Sun School were the ones responsible made Ye Futian seem more tragic The stronger one was, the easier it was for him to be hated. Moreover, he had the heritage that both colleges longed for.

Very soon, the news broke throughout the whole Divine Sky City, causing an uproar.

When the Starry School's strong cultivators headed for the Nine Cloud Palace, the Blazing Sun School took the opportunity to take the Son away. It wasn't glamorous, but it ended with Ye Futian close to death. The Blazing Sun School lost a powerful sage and the entire college was turned into ruins.

Besides, the Bright Moon School also forced Ye Futian to hand out the beam of holy light inherited from the Saints. Many people sighed for Ye Futian's miserable fate.

After what had happened, the Top Three Schools would not be as harmonious as before. A war could possibly break out. If Yang Ding didn't hold back, he might have already declared war on the Starry School.

Half a month later in the palace, Ye Futian's veins and bones had recovered a lot, but he still didn't walk out of his room. Everyone was waiting for him and Yu Sheng was extremely worried. He could sense the strong spirit in the room. Apparently, Ye Futian was fine, so Yu Sheng could only keep waiting.

Chen Yuan came asking frequently, but no one knew the specifics. Gu Yunxi and Long Ling'er came most frequently. Wang Yurou and Shen Yu also came here often.

A month later, Ye Futian's body generally recovered. He stretched his arms and heard the bones crack, but he still didn't walk out.

The entire Divine Sky City, including the two major schools, was also waiting.

Time continued to pass. The relationship of the three Major Colleges kept fraying. Conflicts among their disciples broke out often. Many other events happened too, which made people gradually forget Ye Futian's name. Fewer and fewer people mentioned him.

News was heard from the Starry School that Ye Futian's cultivation was totally demolished. Even Chen Yuan the chief couldn't save him. It was also said that the Son's Palace was sealed. Ye Futian the Son might have already died or would be disabled forever. Some guessed that the Starry School might have taken Ye Futian's Starry Holy Light away and imprisoned Ye Futian in the palace for the rest of his life.

The Starry School's Son was once so brilliant but dimmed so quickly like a shooting star.

People lamented and sighed. They were amazed by the Blazing Sun School's acuteness and cruelty.

After getting the holy light, Yang Ding, the chief of the Blazing Sun School, and Gong Kui, the chief of the Bright Moon School, often released the light and tried to understand the Saints' methods contained in the light whenever they were cultivating.

By now, the Blazing Sun School had been built again. Yang Ding crossed his legs and sat in the Sun Palace, bathing in the sunlight falling from the sky. The beams of lights seemed to be substantial. Frightening flame Spiritual Qi gathered around him, making him look like a Fire God.

The holy light boomed over his head again and looked extremely brilliant under the sun. Behind him condensed a divine sun furnace which could absorb all flame power in the world and burn everything. This power was recorded in the Sun Scripture which was passed down from the ancient times. There were many other strong methods and powers in the Scripture. People with the sun as the life spirit could cultivate it the best.

Even people like Yang Ding mainly cultivated with it. With the help of the power of the light, he made some progress in comprehending the abilities in the Scripture.

Yang Ding didn't know that in a palace of the Starry School far from the Blazing Sun School, there was a figure who was sitting like him. The sun hung high above the figure and the sun's flames kept descending behind him, gradually gathered into a dreadful divine sun furnace. It gathered endless flames from the world like the sun.

This handsome figure with long hair closed his eyes and cultivated silently. After a long while, he managed to condense three furnaces. He stopped. When he opened his eyes, the sun's light disappeared all of a sudden.

That youth was Ye Futian.

"How many furnaces can be condensed?" asked Yu Sheng after Ye Futian stopped.

"According to the Sun Scripture, once nine furnaces are condensed, everything can be refined," replied Ye Futian.

"You really could see the Blazing Sun School's chief cultivating?" Ye Wuchen doubted. Ye Futian said that once Yang Ding opened the Sun Scriptures, he could see what he was doing.

"Sure, I could even see how he cultivates. But it's a pity that I can't get his comprehension." Ye Futian looked a little disappointed. Hearing Ye Futian's complaint, Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng were totally speechless.

If Yang Ding of the Blazing Sun School and Gong Kui of the Bright Moon School knew that Ye Futian could secretly learn their ways when they were cultivating through the holy light, they might come to kill Ye Futian at any cost.

"Futian." At this time, Chen Yuan appeared. Besides Yu Sheng's group, Chen Yuan was the only one that could enter the Son's Palace. This place was sealed. Besides Chen Yuan, no one could enter without permission.

"When will you finish your cultivation?" asked Chen Yuan.

"Chief Chen, once I learn all the means of Yang Ding and Gong Kui, I will destroy the two beams of holy light and tell you their abilities. In the future, the Starry School will make the heritage of the Top Three Schools into one and own the complete Saint's methods," said Ye Futian. Chen Yuan looked at Ye Futian meaningfully. This guy must be very revengeful!
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    《The Legend of Futian》