The Legend of Futian
512 Another Figh
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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512 Another Figh

Hearing Jin Yunlang's words, countless eyes looked toward Ye Futian.

The Saint's heritage?

At this moment, people from the Nantian House also turned in the same direction. Two youths among them both narrowed their eyes at the sight of Ye Futian. One shook slightly, and his eyes looked very cold with murderous intent.

"Ye Futian!" Nan Yu would never forget about being humiliated on the Sky Mountain where he was tied on the cliffs by Ye Futian's spell of vines.

"Who is he?" a youth asked. This was a very handsome man who was one of the most talented among Nantian House's young generation. His name was Nan Hao. Even Nan Feng who had been to the Eastern Barren Territory couldn't be compared with him.

"He is the one who got the two Emperors' Ukiyo in the Eastern Barren Territory," said Nan Feng beside Nan Hao. When in the Eastern Barren Territory, Nan Feng had already entered Arcana Plane. Now he had entered the eighth level of Noble Plane.

"He is Zhuge Mingyue's junior brother and Hua Jieyu's boyfriend?" Nan Hao looked surprised. Ye Futian's name immediately reminded him of Zhuge Mingyue and Hua Jieyu who were far more famous in the Barren State than Ye Futian. Though he hadn't been to the Eastern Barren State before, Nan Hao heard about Ye Futian who solved the mystery left by the two Emperors.

"Yes," said Nan Feng.

"I am going to kill him," Nan Yu said coldly.

"Then go," Nan Hao said nonchalantly. Nan Yu was embarrassed. He was not Ye Futian's opponent at all now. How could he win this time?

He turned to Nan Hao. Nan Hao looked to the distance and said indifferently, "You are taught to improve both your skills and temper, but how did you do these years? Moreover, he is both Zhuge Mingyue's junior brother and Hua Jieyu's boyfriend. He can't be killed by Nantian House."

Zhuge Mingyue and Hua Jieyu both had a more elevated status than he did. The Zhuge Family would play a more and more important role in the future and Zhuge Mingyue was the secret successor, while Hua Jieyu had many influential suitors. Therefore, if they killed Ye Futian to feel better now, the consequences wouldn't be worth it.

"He came for the Holy Road. If he manages to pass through the Holy Road and arrive in the Holy Zhi Palace, he might meet Zhuge Mingyue's group," Nan Yu said to Nan Hao.

"But you said he was from a low clan, didn't you? Why have scruples?" Nan Hao laughed contemptuously. Nan Feng and Nan Yu became speechless. They did regard Ye Futian as some unknown guy from low clans, but they were really shocked by Ye Futian's strength in the battle on the Sky Mountain.

Seeing their expression, Nan Hao laughed and said, "Rest assured. I actually hope he won't disappoint me. If he goes out of the Holy Road and meets with Zhuge Mingyue's group, that will be much more interesting. Don't forget Gu Dongliu from the Eastern Barren Territory who challenged that young city lord and failed. He is Ye Futian's senior brother, isn't he?"

"Yes." Nan Feng nodded. When going to the Eastern Barren Territory, they called them low clans but were humiliated by Gu Dongliu. That scholarly youth was a madman. He had just entered into the Sage Plane but dared to challenge that young city lord. Wasn't he crazy?

That city lord was on the top ten of the Barren State's list.

"Therefore, just let nature take its course." Nan Hao smiled. He would like to see how those from the Eastern Barren Territory would stir the Barren State.

Nan Yu clenched his fists with a strong murderous intent. He couldn't refute Nan Hao's words and just nodded.

Hearing Jin Yunlang's words, Ye Futian didn't react immediately. He slowly narrowed his eyes and looked at Jin Yunlang coldly. He thought that Jin Yunlang would directly fight and didn't expect that Jin Yunlang would play tricks on him.

Seeing many people heading toward him, Ye Futian laughed. "I did defeat you before, but you are in Noble Plane now. Why do you still play such tricks? Why are you so afraid of me?"

The surrounding people all stopped and looked at Jin Yunlang. Ye Futian might be right. Perhaps Jin Yunlang just wanted to kill him through others' hands. It wasn't so easy to get the heritage of Saints.

Sharp gold light shot out from Jin Yunlang's eyes. Strong cultivators from the Jin Family warned people around Ye Futian, "This is just between us. Are you sure you want to join this battle?"

These people weren't from the Starry School.

Ye Futian looked around. Many people doubted Jin Yunlang's words, but that didn't mean they would let Ye Futian go.

Qin Yin frowned. Ye Futian said that his enemy was coming, and he was right.

"He is our companion," Li Qingyi claimed hurriedly. Her words attracted people's attention. Zui Qianchou laughed. These days, Li Qingyi got along well with Ye Futian, so she was trying to protect Ye Futian by saying that. She was afraid that the others would give up Ye Futian.

"Yes, he is," Qin Yin also claimed after hearing Li Qingyi.

"Mr. Ye, leave now!" Li Qingyi signaled Ye Futian.

"We met by chance. You don't need to worry about me. Anyway, thanks," said Ye Futian loudly. Then he responded to Li Qingyi secretly, "If it doesn't work, you people just go. Don't get hurt because of me!" Then he walked away, not because he was heartless but because Jin Yunlang's words attracted too many people's attention. Even the Nantian House noticed him, which would threaten the people from Mount Jiuxian. If he left, people would pay attention to him.

Ye Futian was right. When he, Yu Sheng, and the others retreated, many people walked toward them.

With a flash, Ye Futian took out a flying boat. Everyone stepped on and then the flying boat set out at an amazing speed.

"Chase them!" someone from the Nine Cloud Palace ordered immediately.

But Qin Yin said, "Stay!" A war soon broke out between the two parties.

In the crowd, a girl in white rode her ritual implement, heading toward Ye Futian's direction like lightning.

Ye Futian moved very quickly. People constantly came behind him, but what confused Ye Futian was Nantian House's reaction. He saw Nan Feng and Nan Yu. Didn't they want to take revenge?

"That is a Sage ritual implement!" Seeing the ritual implement Ye Futian used to escape, people behind him looked a little greedy. They wouldn't see Ye Futian's sneer. Ye Futian didn't go in full speed on purpose.

Soon, they reached a mountain and he went up through the mountain road. Many people continued to chase him. After a while, Ye Futian stopped on a giant stone, staring at people coming behind coldly.

Suddenly, an explosion was heard from behind. Ye Futian was shocked and looked up at the sky behind him. He saw starry lights descend. Strong cultivators screamed constantly. They were crushed toward the cliffs.

"Who is it?" a cultivator in Noble Planed roared. A thunder spell swept out. He could only see giant stars crashing down very fast. It crashed into him, forcing him down. He spat out blood.

A beautiful figure appeared before Ye Futian. The starry lights around her made her look brilliant. Behind the figure was some golden blazing light. It was a powerful Noble from the Nine Cloud Palace. The woman turned back and glanced at the Noble indifferently. Suddenly, that Noble slowed as if he was moving in a marsh. He could only feel that both his body and will were deterred by horrible pressure as if he was in a starry space.

Meteorites pressed down like shooting stars. That Noble roared angrily like a giant golden roc. Rumbles were heard constantly and then the golden roc's wings were broken. That Noble spat out blood continually and was smashed down.

"You are from the Zhaixing House." The Noble looked up at the beautiful woman and then blacked out.

The woman turned back. There seemed to be stars in her eyes. Though in very simple clothes, she still looked beautiful like a goddess. Even Gu Yunxi had a high opinion of this woman.

"Violent!" Yu Sheng blinked his eyes.

Ye Futian rubbed his brow and nodded. "She is violent indeed." In the blink of an eye, this woman cleared the place for him.

"And beautiful." Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian and said, "Have any thoughts?"'

Ye Futian was speechless. He blinked and stared at Yu Sheng. "What are you thinking about?"

"I mean she could be your maid." Yu Sheng stared back at Ye Futian. Who thought too much?

"Chief Chen said that the Zhaixing House once promised that they would protect the inheritor of the Divine Path. She is from the Zhaixing House. Of course, she would help you," said Yu Sheng, looking at Mu Zhiqiu. Ye Futian was astonished. Yu Sheng thought much more than him and what he said actually sounded reasonable. Moreover, Mu Zhiqiu's strength was really extraordinary. No wonder she was known as the most talented woman of the Zhaixing House.

Mu Zhiqiu stood in the sky and stared at Ye Futian's group indifferently. She didn't show any emotion in reaction to Yu Sheng's words. That was her personality.

"Where is the Polearm of Divine Destruction?" asked Mu Zhiqiu.

"Is the Zhaixing House like this?" Ye Futian said, "The Polearm of Divine Destruction is ours now and you still want to take it back?"

"The Polearm Divine Destruction means a lot to us. How about another fight? If I defeat you, I won't hurt you, but just take it back," Mu Zhiqiu suggested. In addition to wanting the Polearm of Divine Destruction, she also wanted to fight Ye Futian again.

"You have entered Noble Plane and made a breakthrough in the great realm. Isn't it unfair for you to fight with me?" said Ye Futian.

"You can use the Divine Destruction." Mu Zhiqiu looked at Ye Futian, thinking that this guy was really hypocritical. He once fought with her brother with the Divine Destruction. Though he was defeated, his strength was still impressive. He definitely could be her opponent.

"What if you lose again?" Ye Futian asked.

"I won't mention the Divine Destruction again," replied Mu Zhiqiu.

"That's all?" Ye Futian asked. But Mu Zhiqiu already started. She stepped out and there seemed to be a starry world in her eyes. All of a sudden, the sky turned into a night sky filled with stars.

"And you can be the ruler of the Divine Path," Mu Zhiqiu added indifferently. She had started, not allowing Ye Futian to refuse.

Ye Futian reached out his hands. The Polearm of Divine Destruction appeared in his hands with blazing light. The ritual implement weighed forty-five thousand kilograms. It projected horrible starry light which enveloped Ye Futian's body and formed a shapeless star storm. "Both are mine," said Ye Futian. His temperament suddenly changed.
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    《The Legend of Futian》