The Legend of Futian
514 Relic Killer
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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514 Relic Killer

Ye Futian went back. Because he was worried that the Nantian House would try to kill him, which would affect Li Qingyi and the others, he left alone. However, the Nantian House hadn't chased after him for some reason, so he naturally had to go check on Li Qingyi's group. When he went back to the original place, he didn't see them. Ye Futian's group continued traveling and caught up midway.

"Miss Qin," Ye Futian said to Qin Yin and the others, "thank you. Are you all alright?"

Qin Yin's group turned towards Ye Futian. Many people around him frowned, not very happy. After all, Ye Futian was a stranger and only in the Arcana Plane. They'd done enough to help Ye Futian with that battle. However, Li Qingyi was overjoyed. Earlier, she'd worried if Ye Futian could escape and had wanted to check, but Qin Yin and the others didn't want to go look for him. She couldn't do anything.

"It's fine." Qin Yin shook her head. Her gaze fell beside Ye Futian to Mu Zhiqiu. For people like her, even if she wore something plain, people would still notice her immediately. She was too pretty. Her plain clothes couldn't hide her beauty.

The others noticed her too. In the blink of an eye, such a beauty had appeared beside Ye Futian. She was even prettier than Qin Yin.

"This is my friend, Mu Zhiqiu," Ye Futian introduced, noticing everyone's gazes.

Qin Yin nodded and looked away. "Since you're back, let's go together," she said to Ye Futian. With that, she continued walking. The people of the three main cities stared deeply at Ye Futian.

"Let's go," Li Xun said, smiling and nodding at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian started walking with them, but he felt something odd. He'd always been sensitive. Qin Yin's group was fine from the earlier battle, but they must have some thoughts now, especially since Ye Futian came back to find them. They must've thought he was looking for protection.

Smiling, he shook his head. He didn't mind. After all, it was normal. If Qin Yin became colder, they might just split right now. There was no need to have Ye Futian keep following them. This little princess was being nice enough.

"You run pretty fast and come back fast too." Zhuo Jun, standing behind Li Xun with his arms across his chest, glanced at Ye Futian in mockery. As the top Arcana Plane figure of the White Sovereign City's City Lord Office, he didn't think much of Ye Futian, especially the fact that he even had the nerve to come back today.

"Zhuo Jun." Li Qingyi glanced at Zhuo Jun before he finally looked away and continued walking.

"Mr. Ye, don't mind him," Li Qingyi said, smiling. "Earlier, people said that you have the Saint's inheritance. You left to protect us."

"Maybe I really did fear dying," Ye Futian joked. He didn't mind and didn't explain.

"One's music expresses one's mind. You're not like that." Li Qingyi shook her head.

"Thank you," Ye Futian said. "Qingyi, you can just call me Futian."

"Okay." Li Qingyi smiled and nodded. In the front, Zhuo Jun pursed his lips. Ye Futian really knew how to get closer with people. Li Qingyi's status in the White Imperial City was comparable to Li Xun. She was the city lord's daughter after all. Didn't Ye Futian think he was reaching too far?

Mu Zhiqiu just watched quietly in the back. She had an odd feeling. Ye Futian was different from the other talents she'd seen before, but she couldn't pinpoint exactly what she was feeling.

The countless groups spread throughout the Holy Road. Battles erupted everywhere. Most people were hurrying towards the nine cities while the top forces were doing everything to get the holy badges. According to rumors, eight cities had been taken over already. Those top figures stayed there, ruling the city.

Only a city named Flaming Prison City remained. Everyone competed for it so countless people surged into it. It became the most populated city. Of course, there were still many people in the wilderness. They trained, fought, and tried to find the right timing.

Ye Futian's group entered the Flaming Prison City. It was already bustling and it was rumored that people were buying holy badges at a high cost. Since people were buying it, others would try stealing them. Some coldblooded killers appeared, hunting the weak for their treasures and holy badges. It was bloody.

On the Holy Road, Ye Futian felt deeply that it was too dangerous to be here alone. He could get killed if he didn't pay attention. His group gave off a powerful feeling but was still watched by others. No wonder Qin Yin of Mount Jiuxian would invite strong cultivators from the top three cities to travel together.

"Where are we going?" Xie Wuji, young city lord of the Heavenly City, asked Qin Yin.

"Go find a relic," Ye Futian said. Everyone turned towards him.

"It's not your place to speak." The people of the Heavenly City gazed at him coldly. They didn't have anything to do with Ye Futian. Their city lord had asked Qin Yin, not Ye Futian.

But Qin Yin gazed at Ye Futian, so he said, "I heard that there are many relics on the Holy Road. I can decode them."

"Those are big words." Xuan Yuanba scanned Ye Futian.

Qin Yin also had an odd expression. Ye Futian's words were indeed a bit too much. How could someone in the Arcana Plane say that he could decode many relics?

"Let him try," Li Xun said. "We came to the Holy Road to cultivate. Relics are a must."

"Yes." Qin Yin nodded in agreement. "Go check."

There were many relics in Flaming Prison City, so it was easy to find. They came to some ruins. There was a huge stone wall standing above the rubble. Many cultivators were gathered around it. Looking at the stone wall, one could see 36 words in one line. The words were like snakes or dragons. Each word contained so much power and vitality that it seemed to come to life.

"A sword technique," Xiao Wuji said. He was a swordsman-in-training and was obviously sensitive to these. "The 36 words form a sword technique and contain sword art. A Sage must have left it behind."

Many of the relics on the Holy Road were from people in the Sage Plane. They were extremely valuable to most.

Many people sat cross-legged before the stone wall as they tried to comprehend it. Xie Wuji's eyes were also glued to it. In addition to him, Zui Qianqiu walked up too, expression serious.

Ye Wuchen naturally felt it too, but he didn't look at the wall. Instead, he looked to Ye Futian. He knew from their time in the Ancient Barren World that Ye Futian was practically a relic killer.

Using Freedom Meditation, everything became clear to Ye Futian. The words seemed to come alive, showing someone practicing sword techniques. Ye Futian wasn't a swordsman, but he could still feel the sword art.

"Wuchen," Ye Futian said.

Ye Wuchen immediately understood. He sat down and then Ye Futian pulled out his guqin. Music rang out with an artistic conception melded into it. He passed what he saw to Ye Wuchen through the music. The image was extremely clear. It was as if Ye Wuchen had comprehended it himself. He was submerged in the swordsmanship.

Many people looked coldly at Ye Futian. This guy was disturbing their cultivation. But there seemed to be some special artistic conception in the song, like someone practicing swordsmanship…

Zhuo Jun stared coldly at him. "What are you doing? Stop!" he roared. Did Ye Futian want everyone to get angry?

"Shut up." Yu Sheng glanced at him. At this time, the song's artistic conception was getting stronger. Everyone present could feel it. They saw someone practicing swordsmanship before them. When they looked back at the stone wall, it became more comprehensible. The stone wall seemed to come to life.

Zhuo Jun walked over, but Zui Qianqiu stopped him. "Don't interrupt him."

Zhuo Jun froze. Then he realized that many of the swordsman-in-training present all had strands of Sword Intent coming out of them. They seemed to be cultivating.

Li Xun and Qin Yin weren't swordsmen, but they were Nobles. As the artistic conception grew clearer, they could feel it and both stared at Ye Futian in shock. He'd really decoded the relic in such a short time.

But this guy told everyone instead of comprehending it alone to cultivate. What was he thinking?

Mu Zhiqiu looked at Ye Futian, thinking back to what Ye Futian had said. He wanted a city, but he was still too far away with his current plane. Did he want to get a city in this way?

A long while later, the music stopped, but no one stopped comprehending. Sword Intent was sharp on everyone. The entire sky was filled with Sword Intent. As for how much one could comprehend depended on themselves.

Ye Futian had just opened the door.

Finally, someone stopped and looked over at Ye Futian. He put his hands together politely. "Thank you."

Ye Futian nodded, smiling.

Others stopped as well and bowed to Ye Futian. "Thank you, sir."

"Can I know your name?"

Many people thanked Ye Futian since he'd helped them comprehend the relic.

Xie Wuji and the others from the Heavenly City stared hard at Ye Futian, but they also felt unhappy. Since Ye Futian could comprehend the relic, why did he give it to everyone instead of just them?

"I am Ye Futian. This is nothing, no need to thank me." Ye Futian rose with a smile. "The Holy Road has opened and many talents from the Barren State have come for the adventure but died here. You are all famous figures from all over, but how many can truly enter the Holy Zhi Palace? It's more worth it to raise your cultivation plane with the Holy Road."

Many people nodded. He made sense.

"Farewell," Ye Futian said. Then he turned to leave.

Qin Yin's group looked at him with slightly different expressions. Zhuo Jun's expression was more uncomfortable. Was it a coincidence that Ye Futian could do this?

Li Qingyi was impressed. She caught up to Ye Futian. "Where are we going?"

"The next relic," Ye Futian said. The others' hearts trembled. What was he planning?

"Interesting." Zui Qianqiu smiled. He was curious. Ye Futian clearly wasn't doing it for his own cultivation, so what was his goal?
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    《The Legend of Futian》