The Legend of Futian
515 Master Ye
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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515 Master Ye

In the Flaming Prison City, a group of people started to move rapidly, all moving in the same direction. These people were secretly whispering, as though sharing a secret.

There were other people who saw the commotion and was puzzled. What had happened? Could it be that something major was happening within the city? As they thought about this, the people walking on the road also started to move towards that direction. Along the way, they heard the people rushing there say, "Is it really true that someone has consecutively solved 18 relics?"

"Indeed, the rumors say that. Within one day, he has consecutively solved 18 relics. Not just that, after he had solved it, he allowed those in the relic to stay and decipher it together. All those cultivating in the relics have received help to decipher the relics' power and increase their strength."

These voices spread like wildfire, but there were some who had mocking expressions, as though sneering. Where would there be such an idiot to consecutively solve 18 relics and share it with others?

Cultivators were mostly selfish. Martial Arts cultivation was the basis for one's survival, why would there be someone who would teach others to cultivate? If this wasn't stupidity, what was? It was probably someone who exaggerated the truth and created these rumors.

However, even if they suspected it, they continued in the direction, just to watch the commotion. The place where the crowd gathered was a palace. In the palace, there was a mountain, even though the mountain was not tall, there were many stone plates on it. There were inscriptions and drawings on these stone plates, and there was an enormous crowd here, all closing their eyes, cultivating and feeling the aura.

On a giant stone, there was a handsome figure sitting quietly on a stone plate, as though deciphering it. On the stones around him, there were many figures standing. They were Yu Sheng, Qin Yin, and the rest of them. Mu Zhiqiu was also standing not far behind Ye Futian.

At this time, Qin Yin, Xuanyuan Bashan of the Xuanyuan City, or even Xie Wuji of the Heavenly City were all extremely astounded. They had followed Ye Futian all the way and witnessed him solving 18 relics. The feeling was indescribable. Previously, they had only allowed Ye Futian to follow by their side, but only because he was Li Xun's follower.

Moreover, when Ye Futian had escaped during the battle with the Nine Cloud Palace and come back afterward, they were extremely unhappy and thought that Ye Futian was just using them for protection. However, this Arcana Plane cultivator had solved 18 relics in one day and guided many people in their cultivation, including all of them. They had all benefited from his guidance.

Such potential was unheard of. This led them to suspect if what the Nine Cloud Palace had said about the divine teachings was actually real.

Among them, Zhuo Jun's expression was the most ghastly. Ye Futian's cultivation level was even lower than him, he had humiliated Ye Futian before and looked down on him. Now, Ye Futian had become the focus of everyone's attention. Not just from them, but also the many geniuses from the Barren State.

Presently, in the area, over a thousand people had gathered. On top of that, they had all decided to continue following Ye Futian. With him around, what relic could not be solved? If he could solve 18 relics in one day, how much could his strength go up in three months?

More and more people started to gather. When they heard about Ye Futian's achievements, they were equally stunned. There was actually someone with such terrifying perception? Or could it be that he had some unique methods?

Currently, Ye Futian was quietly cultivating and deciphering. This relic resonated with the Celestial Way that he cultivated in, so he had some insights.

"Master Ye, when will you be moving to the next relic?" someone asked Ye Futian. Even though Ye Futian was only in the Arcana Plane, they still addressed him as Master Ye, and many people felt that it was an appropriate way to address him.

Ye Futian's eyes opened and he said, "I have had some enlightenment and will need some time to cultivate, so I will not be going to the next relic for some time. You can go ahead if you want."

"It's only natural that Master Ye wishes to cultivate. I am not in a hurry, so I will wait here for Master Ye," the Noble Plane cultivator saluted him and said. He had already been following Ye Futian for over ten relics and had received a lot of benefits, so he was respectful towards Ye Futian. After all, he was receiving a favor from him.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and continued cultivating, yet at that moment, he heard a voice say, "Since you have such potential, why do you need to waste time here? Isn't it the same to go straight to the next relic and decipher it?"

The message was jarring, yet there were others who agreed with it and said, "That's right, if you wait until you've deciphered more relics to cultivate, maybe it might be more helpful.

Behind Ye Futian, Mu Zhiqiu, Yu Sheng and the rest frowned. Even Xuanyuan Bashan and those who were not that close to Ye Futian found it jarring, and he coldly said, "Why can't Ye Futian cultivate if he has some insight?"

The other party's gaze swept towards Xuanyuan Bashan and replied cruelly, "Can't you see that there are so many people waiting for him? If he cultivates for a month or two, won't all the people here be wasting our time?"

The voice was inciting, and even though it was an extremely selfish thought, the person dragged other people into it, causing many people to look at Ye Futian, evidently with the same thoughts.

"You can get lost." A cold glare appeared in Mu Zhiqiu's beautiful eyes. Ye Futian was helping them with their cultivation, but he was now being taken for granted and had an obligation to help them solve the relics? Wasting their time? Who asked them to stay?

"How arrogant. Everyone, since this person is able to decipher the relics, he must have some secret method. Why don't we capture him and force him to tell us and we won't have to be afraid that he will not continue to solve the relics," the person continued to incite the crowd.

At that moment, Ye Futian's eyes opened again and he stared emotionlessly at the other party. Any person would have a selfish side, he helped them to decipher the relics without asking for anything in return, but some people would not be appreciative and only think of how to obtain more benefits.

"Is that how everyone feels?" Ye Futian looked extremely disappointed. As he looked at the crowd, many of them fell silent. Why would anyone not want to increase their strength quickly?

"I could have solved and deciphered the relics by myself, silently increasing my cultivation level. Nobody would have been any the wiser. However, I did not do that, but instead let everyone cultivate together." Ye Futian's voice was sullen as he continued, "Despite that, there are some people among you that would misuse my kindness to try and obtain their own benefits and even incite others to deal with me. I am very disappointed.

"If what I do will cause despicable people to plot against me, is there even a need to continue?" Ye Futian questioned them.

The air suddenly fell silent, following which a silent broadsword light erupted from within the crowd, cutting down like a streak of lightning. One of the instigators' expression became ghastly, and with a squish, the broadsword light cleaved downwards, cutting him into two.

The person holding the broadsword had a frigid expression, a horrifying broadsword will surrounding his body. At that moment, another person struck out, casting spells towards the other two people inciting the crowd.

"What are you doing?" The other two people's expressions turned pale as well, but they realized that the surrounding people had already struck. The spells and attacks landed at the same time, drowning their bodies within. In an instant, one of them had their brain crushed, and the other had countless blades pierced into his body, his eyes filled with tears.

In the blink of an eye, the three of them had fallen and died.

"Biting the hand that feeds you, despicable. They should be killed." The person holding the broadsword said coldly. Previously, there had been a relic that had contained a strong broadsword technique and he had benefited greatly. He had used the broadsword technique that he had learned to kill the person.

"The purpose of coming to the Holy Road is for our own cultivation. Since Master Ye has some insights, you should naturally stop and cultivate. If everyone else has other matters to attend to, go ahead. If you are willing to wait here, then do so. Master Ye does not owe us anything," another person spoke up for Ye Futian.

Many people nodded as well. Even though there were still many people who had similar thoughts as those who had just died, they maintained their silence and suppressed their selfishness.

The disturbance ended just like that.

"Thank you for your understanding." Ye Futian nodded towards the crowd and continued, "Coming to the Holy Road is all for our cultivation. I'm not a martyr, so I will naturally value my own cultivation. If I can help you all when I'm solving the relics, I will do my best to help you decipher them."

Ye Futian was clear that what he did would naturally cause a disturbance. This was only the start, there was sure to be more crises waiting for him. Now that there was a commotion, he would rise to fame quickly. However, the elites would also notice him, but as Mu Zhiqiu had said, the majority of people entering the Holy Road would only serve as supporting characters. He did not want to become a backdrop for others.

Ye Futian cultivated for three days, testing many people's patience. There were some who lost their patience and left for more challenges, but more people stayed on.

Three days later, Ye Futian continued to solve the relics. Using three days, he consecutively solved 49 relics, causing the entire Flaming Prison City to go into an uproar. His name started to spread throughout the entire Flaming Prison City. More and more people started to follow him in their cultivation, culminating into an impressive force.

What was supposed to be a slaughter-filled Flaming Prison City, ended up becoming exceptionally peaceful because of this unique entity. Everyone would decipher the relics and cultivate together.

One day, within the city, a group of people was hurrying by. They were the Starry School's disciples. When they got here, they had heard of Ye Futian's name.

Gu Yunxi was also within the crowd, a stunning smile on her face. Her father had not lied to her, Ye Futian was indeed still alive and had come to the Holy Road. Now, he had risen to fame in the Holy Road.

On the other hand, Long Mu had mixed feelings. All these days in the Holy Road, he had felt his own lack of presence. If it was not for the Starry School and Dragon Clan's experts, he would probably not be able to last long in here.

The Holy Road's trial was not as simple as he expected.

However, that person who was in the same generation as him had shot to fame in the Holy Road. This made him feel helpless, was his potential really that weak?

In the Flaming Prison City, there was a fatty who was also hurrying along, his eyeballs rolling around in their sockets like he was thinking of something, at the same time revealing a strange expression.

"Sigh…" The hurrying fatty sighed, as though he had thought of something. He had already reached the Zhongzhou City Region's Zhuge Clan and was supposed to enter the Holy Road through the Nether Road. However, when second sister had heard that little brother was in Divine City, she claimed that if little brother was to enter the Holy Road, it would be by the Dawn Road. Just like that, he was sent off to the Dawn Road.

Simply because little brother might enter the Holy Road. Now, her conjecture had been proven real and their little brother did enter the Holy Road and was making a name for himself. As a result of that, he had become despondent. Did he make a wasted trip?

Who could understand a fatty's grievance?

Master Ye, what the f**k?
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    《The Legend of Futian》