The Legend of Futian
524 Acquisition
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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524 Acquisition

Ning Huang looked at Ye Futian with hostility, but he also found it impossible to kill Ye Futian who had the relic in hand.

"Let's go." Ning Huang turned away, ready to go back to the city he had occupied. People like them seldom hesitated. He was upset to fail with Ye Futian, but he couldn't stay here anymore. He decided to give up. He would continue collecting other holy badges for opening the big relic in their city.

After all of this, their desire to open the big relic became so strong that even uncommon means might be used if necessary. After all, Ye Futian had opened one. They inferred that Xiao Junyi must be the Dark Saint's successor. Everyone had seen him control the dead spirits. Killing others for the holy badges seemed possible to him too. With Xiao Junyi's strength, collecting the holy badges was still easy for him. Then, Ye Futian and Xiao Junyi would open the relic. How would others think if they didn't succeed?

At this time, no one in the Dawn Road knew that bloody chaos was awaiting them.

After Ning Huang left, Mo Jun would naturally follow him. Li Xun glanced at Ye Futian's direction. He saw Qin Yin, Xuanyuan Bashan, and Xie Wuji. These people followed Ye Futian and they must have benefited a lot this time.

Li Xun could have been one of them, but he chose to follow Ning Huang. He'd gone down a totally different path. But he didn't regret it. Li Xun knew that Ning Huang was extremely talented and this was just a temporary failure. Ning Huang would definitely open the relic in his city. Then Li Xun would take back what he had lost. He believed that Ning Huang was a far better choice than Nine Saint Mountain.

Ning Huang would enter the Holy Zhi Palace and become the personal disciple of powerful figures.

Turning around, Li Xun became more determined. He glanced at Li Qingyi, who was being guarded, and said, "Take her with us!"

"I can go on my own." Li Qingyi followed Li Xun and asked, "Do you regret it?"

"Why would I regret following Mr. Ning?"

Li Qingyi sneered. "You thought that Ye Futian would fail and die, but what happened? It sounds nice that you follow Ning Hung for cultivation, but can't you see the gap between you and him? Has he talked about anything with you? Sure, he has a promising future. But is there anything to do with you? You are just one of his many followers. Maybe tomorrow he won't even remember who you are."

"Shut up!" Li Xun was irritated. Of course he knew that Ning Huang did think too highly of him, especially after this failure. But he didn't want to think about it. Following Ning Huang was the only thing he had to comfort himself now.

"Am I right?" Li Qingyi laughed. "Brother, you used to be a successful gentleman. Our father was proud of you. People in White Sovereign City all praised you. You always knew how to make the best choice. You are so clever that you only make the best choice for yourself, so you would rather betray Ye Futian and follow Ning Huang. But what do you get now?"

Crack! A crisp sound was heard and a handprint appeared on Li Qingyi's face. Li Xun had slapped her directly and said coldly, "Li Qingyi, remember your identity. If you dare to talk to me with such an attitude again, I won't let you go. Don't blame me for not considering you as my sister then."

"Sister?" Li Qingyi looked at Li Xun ironically. Some blood oozed on the corner of her mouth. Did Li Xun finally expose his nature?

Li Qingyi and Li Xun shared the same father but had different mothers. Li Xun, as the eldest son, was especially favored while Li Qingyi only existed to help him. This was why she entered the Holy Road. This was her destiny. Therefore, she had never asked for anything for herself. She didn't dare hope that she could enter the Holy Zhi Palace too. Standing outside of the Holy Zhi Palace to see how strong those top talents of the Barren State were was all she wanted. She knew those talents must be far stronger than Li Xun.

But now, she was not sure whether her wish could come true anymore.

Those top talents who stood far from the relic left gradually, but there were still countless figures around the relic. Most of them were local cultivators. Disciples from the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School were also among them. They exclaimed at Ye Futian's victory.

They had known the Son's talent while in Divine Sky City. Now on the Holy Road, Ye Futian caused another sensation. The Starry School's disciples would benefit a lot by following him too.

Leaders of both the Blazing Sun School and the Bright Moon School had no idea that Ye Futian was still alive at this time. What would happen if they knew? And what would be the outcome if Ye Futian really entered the Holy Zhi Palace in the end? It was especially impossible for the Blazing Sun School to forget what a loss Ye Futian had brought to them.

Anyway, Ye Futian had no time to think about them. Seeing those top talents departing, he claimed, "As I said before, I will open the relic and share with anyone that has handed over holy badges. Now that the relic is open, I will keep my promise. Anyone that has given me the holy badges before can enter the relic to cultivate. I will teach you how to understand the relic's spirit and also return your holy badges."

Hearing Ye Futian's words, many people were reassured and smiled. More than ten thousand people handed their holy badges this time. They finally reaped from their sowing. Ye Futian didn't let them down. As he had promised before, he opened the relic successfully under the noses of so many top talents. Now that he would meet his word, they were naturally happy.

"Of course, those who didn't give me holy badges shall not enter the relic or you'll bear the consequences," said Ye Futian coldly. He had helped so many people to understand the relic last time, but few people felt grateful to him.

Now he wouldn't let those freeloaders benefit.

After the warning, Ye Futian closed his eyes and felt it silently. Instantly, blazing light from the enormous relic shrouded Ye Futian's body. The shadow in the light seemed to contain an extremely strong will. It entered Ye Futian's brain little by little.

Ye Futian felt a sacred and dignified god appear in his brain. Inferring from the Holy Road's history, he knew this might very possibly be an ancient Saint from the Holy Zhi Palace.

This relic was different from others on the Holy Road. Others only had very little of ancient Saints' spirit, but this relic had the complete heritage of the Saint's spiritual will.

Such a strong heritage could not have been left impulsively. Ye Futian guessed the relic must have originated from the ancient Saint's remains. He must have sat there until he died to pass down to the future.

Ye Futian was moved by such dedication. He felt like he was trapped in a blazing hell full of destructive flames. His spiritual will was imprisoned in it and burnt into ashes little by little. In this blazing hell, endless dreadful flames fell down. Every bit of the flames seemed able to destroy a world.

Ye Futian knew that this fire came from the saint's comprehension. This was some power beyond Noble Will. With his present level, he might be able to use a small part of this fire if he could get the heritage directly just like before. But to comprehend it was totally beyond his cultivation level.

Right at this time, some spiritual changes happened in his brain. Something strange occurred. There seemed to be strands of flame Spiritual Qi floating in the world which then turned into other powers. The powers became so strong that the blazing hell in his brain seemly became real.

Ye Futian was shocked. The ancient Saint left not only his spirit but also his method of how to cultivate and improve for future generations.

He was immersed in it.

Eyes closed, he seemed to completely enter the spiritual world. The heritage left by this Saint fit cultivators of fire attribute the most. Ye Futian was also good at fire, especially after he inherited the last heritage and got the Sun Scripture from Yang Ding, the chief of Blazing Sun School. If he took advantage of what he had gotten, he would gain a lot.

In the relic, endless flames fell down. One strand of the flame entered and reached every part of Ye Futian's body. It tempered his spiritual will, flesh, and bones, strengthening him. Bathing in the firelight, Ye Futian was completely immersed in his cultivation. Countless days later, his body shone. Strands of fire flowed through his skin. He looked holy like a god of fire.

There were thunderous cracks from Ye Futian's bones and muscles. His blood rumbled and his skin glowed. He seemed to be evolving.

"He's breaking through the barrier." Some people heard the sound from Ye Futian's body and looked up at him. Ye Futian was understanding it more in a spiritual way. That was what a sorcerer would do during cultivation. His body was tempered unconsciously by the relic, which helped him break into the eighth level of the Arcana Plane.

Those who cultivated in the relic were waiting for Ye Futian to help them understand the relic, but Ye Futian was immersed in his cultivation at this moment. No one would like to bother him. They just waited silently.

The next day, the flames around Ye Futian's body flew faster. His spiritual will was as if transformed and entered into a new level too. Ye Futian was officially in the eighth level of Arcana Plane at this time. However, he didn't stop cultivating. The breakthrough in levels was not what he wanted by opening the relic. He wanted to comprehend it and he could still improve his cultivation.

After a few more days, horrible flames gathered behind Ye Futian. There seemed to be a divine sun furnace emitting blazing lights that lit up the sky. With the flames rolling, Spiritual Qi spread over the world as if there was a horrible spiritual will controlling everything.

"What kind of power is that?" Someone looked up at Ye Futian.

"It's Noble Will," someone answered and trembled. Though having made a breakthrough a few days ago, Ye Futian was only in the eighth level of Arcana Plane. How could he acquire his own Noble Will?

The Noble Will could help one's own spiritual will melt into the world and transform into an invisible horrible deterrent force. Compared to the Arcana Plane, acquiring the Noble Will was a huge change.

A weak Noble could only acquire Noble Will of the easiest attribute like Flaming Noble Will, Icing Noble Will or Gravity Noble Will. But those with greater talents could make full use of their previous cultivation and acquire an exclusive Noble Will.

What Ye Futian had acquired was obviously the latter!
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    《The Legend of Futian》