The Legend of Futian
525 Doing Their Dirty Work
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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525 Doing Their Dirty Work

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. In this month, many things had happened on the Dawn Road. The experts from the elite factions occupied a city each. The Flaming Prison City's giant relic had been opened by Ye Futian, so the city belonged to Ye Futian.

The people from the other elite factions were imitating Ye Futian's methods and ordered their citizens to hand over their holy badges. As Ye Futian had set the precedent and fulfilled his promise, there were many people who were willing to give it a try. Many people handed over their holy badges and formed alliances with the people from elite factions.

In the wilderness outside the cities, Xiao Junyi had killed many people and robbed them of their holy badges and had gotten into a conflict with Sage Duantian's disciple Gu Feiyang over plundering the holy badges. Xiao Junyi had commanded an army of dead spirits into the city where Gu Feiyang was and a massive war had broken out. Cultivators were dying constantly, causing the dead spirit army to expand and become stronger while Gu Feiyang's command was weakened, putting him in a disastrous state.

At the same time, apart from persuading the crowd into handing over their holy badges, the people from the other cities also used hard-handed means, like Ning Huang from Jinxiao City. He used domineering methods to sweep the entire city. Now, the entire Jinxiao City did not have ten thousand people, but the entire city all took orders from Ning Huang and was perfectly under Ning Huang's control. The entire city was his army, with Mo Jun as the commander.

Many people had guessed that before the Holy Road's trial ended, Ning Huang would definitely gather enough holy badges to open a giant relic. The only thing that was uncertain would be how much benefits his followers would be given. Moreover, some people hypothesized that Ning Huang had ambitions to attack other cities.

Presently, in Jinxiao City, in a glorious golden temple, Ning Huang sat high up and many people gathered to report to him.

"All the cities are frantically gathering holy badges. Now, it is highly likely that Xiao Junyi has the most badges in his possession. His methods are the most ruthless, and he is currently at war with Gu Feiyang. If one party is able to kill the other, they would have gathered enough holy badges to open a giant relic," someone reported. Xiao Junyi and Gu Feiyang would definitely already have many holy badges.

"In Flaming Prison City, Ye Futian is still cultivating in the relic and helping others to decipher it. Now, there are people gradually breaking through their cultivation levels and leaving the giant relic."

Ning Huang's expression hardened. Being tricked by Ye Futian and allowing him to successfully open the giant relic was a humiliation to him.

"Perhaps, Ye Futian is not going to leave the relic," someone else said. Ye Futian had offended many elite factions this time, he was probably not going to easily leave the relic.

"Young master Ning, I have a suggestion." Just then, a person walked out from the group. It was Chen Wang from the Blazing Sun School and the Divine Sky City's Chen Clan. He had seen everything that had happened in the relic.

"Say it," Ning Huang said emotionlessly.

"From my knowledge, Ye Futian is from Divine Sky City and has many friends around him. Young master Ning can order some people to hold them captive. If that is so, Ye Futian will automatically come to Jinxiao City to kneel and beg for young master Ning's forgiveness," Chen Wang said.

Ning Huang frowned, this method was too underhanded. If he wanted to kill someone, he could just kill Ye Futian directly. With his identity, he would not stoop to such a level.

Chen Wang saw Ning Huang frowning and understood that Ning Huang was prideful and as a person from an elite faction, cared about his reputation and felt that such a method was beneath him. He continued, "Young master Ning is a genius and would not use such methods. However, to deal with despicable people, we naturally do not need to care about being upright to them. Young master Ning does not need to personally get involved in this matter, just give the command and Ye Futian is dead. We will naturally settle the matter and bring Ye Futian's head to you."

At the side, Li Xun looked at Chen Wang. It looked like someone wanted Ye Futian dead, but he did not know the identity of that person.

Remembering his enmity with Ye Futian, if Ye Futian did not die, he would definitely be killed in the future. Li Xun also stepped forward and said, "Young master Ning, this person has a point. A despicable person like Ye Futian dared to trick young master Ning and use underhanded means like a speed ritual implement to escape. Otherwise, the relic would have been young master Ning's. Now that Ye Futian has opened the relic, the people following him are all grateful to him and in the Flaming Prison City, many people are claiming that if Ye Futian's cultivation level can reach the Noble Plane, he does not need to fear the other geniuses and can sweep the entire Holy Road."

Ning Huang raised his eyebrows, a fierce glint appearing in his eyes.

"That's right, those people following Ye Futian must be intentionally exaggerating to make it sound like Ye Futian's potential is unmatched in the Holy Road," Chen Wang chimed in as well. Since Ning Wang was prideful, hearing all these would probably make him very unhappy. He was clear that someone like Ning Huang who had impressive potential would be sweet-talked by many and view himself highly. He would definitely feel that he was the person who was unmatched in the Holy Road. Now, an Arcana Plane cultivator that had tricked him before was exalted by others. He would definitely be dissatisfied.

"There are sure to be many holy badges in the Flaming Prison City. Our Jinxiao City already has no more holy badges, we need to plunder them from others. Why don't we let the people of the Flaming Prison City understand who is the real king of the Holy Road?" Li Xun continued to suggest.

Ning Huang's gaze casually swept across Li Xun and Chen Wang. He naturally understood that these two people wanted him to give the order to kill Ye Futian, it looked like they had a grudge against Ye Futian. He mockingly looked at the two of them, wanting to make him do their dirty work?

Li Xun and Chen Wang were apprehensive when they saw Ning Huang's sneer. They lowered their heads, not daring to look Ning Huang in the eye.

"Mo Jun, you handle this matter," Ning Huang nonchalantly said. Li Xun and Chen Wang were elated and raised their heads to look at Ning Huang, but saw Ning Huang coldly look at them and say, "The two of you will support Mo Jun. If Ye Futian is not dead by the time the Holy Road opens, you two die."

After saying that, Ning Huang stood up and left. The only reason why he was doing this was because Ye Futian deserved to be killed.

The two that were trying to make him do their dirty work?

No problem. If they could not do it, then they would pay with their lives.

Li Xun and Chen Wang were perturbed and felt chills down their spine. If Ye Futian did not die, they would.

How ruthless.

The two of them clenched their fists with determined expressions. They would have to kill Ye Futian no matter the cost.

Li Xun also left and returned to the White Sovereign City's crowd. He saw Li Qingyi staring coldly at him and she said, "How could you be this despicable."

Now, her brother had completely revealed the darkness within his heart.

Li Xun looked at Li Qingyi, then broke into a cruel smile.

"Your relationship with Ye Futian appears to be quite good. I wonder if he cares about you," Li Xun said with a sneer. Li Qingyi felt chills down her spine.

Back then, Li Xun had already used her and nearly killed Ye Futian in one strike. Now, was he going to do it again?

Ye Futian naturally did not know the conversation that had taken place in the Jinxiao City, but he knew that many people in the Holy Road wanted him dead. Therefore, he did not hurriedly step out of the giant relic, not because he wanted to avoid them, but because he wanted to continue raising his cultivation level.

In this period of time, his sorcery and martial arts had both risen to the pinnacle of the eighth level of the Arcana Plane. There was a chance for him to break through his current level in the relic and raise his cultivation to the ninth level of the Arcana Plane. Moreover, he had already comprehended his own Noble Will. If his cultivation level continued to go up, he would really be one step away from the Noble Plane.

Apart from that, he had helped others to decipher the Will that the Sages had left behind and allowed Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen to use the relic's flame to train their physique. Like him, Yu Sheng had also stepped into the eighth level of the Arcana Plane while Ye Wuchen had stepped into the ninth level of the Arcana Plane. However, they had not comprehended the Noble Will yet, so Ye Futian asked them to start trying.

Ye Futian also paid extra attention to Qin Yin, Xie Wuji, Xuanyuan Bashan and the disciples of the Starry School, so their cultivation levels were improving gradually.

"The relic has a limited effect on my growth now. I'm preparing to go out and cultivate, what about you all?" Qin Yin asked Xie Wuji, Xuanyuan Bashan and the rest a few days later.

"Agreed. I have had a deep understanding in the time that Ye Futian has helped us in our cultivation, I feel as though I am about to break through my current plane. I hope there are a few battles for me," Xuanyuan Bashan laughed and said.

Although they all had their own enlightenment, their improvement was not as massive as Ye Futian's. After all, Ye Futian was the person who had inherited the entire relic, and his cultivation level was much lower than theirs. Moreover, he specialized in flame abilities. Cultivators who specialized in flame abilities benefited the most from the giant relic.

"Let's go," Xie Wuji said. The few of them looked at Ye Futian and did not disturb him as they saw that he was still cultivating. They nodded towards Loulan Xue and she returned their holy badges to them before they stepped out of the relic. Now, the holy badges in their hands had already lost the shine it once had and could not be used to open another relic, but it was still an essential item for crossing the Holy Road.

After leaving the relic, they realized that Flaming Prison City was in chaos. There were people fighting everywhere for the holy badges.

"What happened?" Qin Yin asked a nearby cultivator.

"There have been a group of people in the Flaming Prison City who have formed an alliance recently and have been going around plundering other people's holy badges. This caused those who had lost their badges to target other people's badges," the person replied, staying far away from Qin Yin's group. He was evidently very apprehensive.

Qin Yin's expression changed. The Holy Road's trial would become more crazed the later it went.

At that moment, a group of experts appeared in front of them and soon surrounded Qin Yin's group. They frowned and said, "Our holy badges are of no use anymore."

"We know that," the expert in the air replied cruelly, then waved his arm and started the fight immediately. Qin Yin's group had grim expressions and they knew that they had no other choice but to battle.

In the distance, there were people who were successively gathering. Some people who had cultivated with Qin Yin's group even came up to help, but the other party's people were also increasing in numbers. It was only when Li Xun appeared that Qin Yin understood and coldly said, "All of you are Ning Huang's men."

"Li Xun, do you even have morals?" Xuanyuan Bashan's expression was steely.

"You all have chosen to follow Ye Futian while I am following young master Ning, it's all for the sake of our cultivation. I'm very curious whether Ye Futian will choose to save you all." Li Xun continued emotionlessly, "Keep these few people alive and kill the rest."

Those who had cultivated in the giant relic were stunned and Qin Yin berated, "Li Xun, their holy badges have no purpose whatsoever, what's the point of killing them?"

"They can only blame themselves for following the wrong person," Li Xun said callously. He wanted to enrage Ye Futian, only when Ye Futian was angry would he disregard the repercussions and step out of the giant relic.

Now, his life was linked with Ye Futian's. If Ye Futian did not step out of the giant relic, they would not be able to kill him, and if Ye Futian did not die, Ning Huang would have his life.

For his own life, he could only slaughter.

He looked heartlessly at Qin Yin. He wanted to see, who it was that had chosen the wrong path!
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    《The Legend of Futian》