The Legend of Futian
526 Come and Get I
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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526 Come and Get I

In the Flaming Prison City's giant relic, Ye Futian closed his eyes, deep in cultivation. Around his body, there was starlight circulating around his body, forming an invisible might around him and enveloping the surrounding area.

The power of starlight was an extension of the earth element. Presently, above the giant relic, starlight gleamed and the people below could all feel a horrendous pressure. The revolving starlight contained an invisible might which engulfed the entire area.

"A second Noble Will." Many people raised their heads and looked towards Ye Futian. After cultivating for a few days in the relic, Ye Futian had already deciphered the flame Noble Will. Now, an earth element Noble Will had also formed and they could feel that it was an extremely strong Noble Will from the might crushing down upon them.

The Noble Will was the symbol of a Noble Plane expert. It was a force created by the cultivator's Spiritual Energy resonating with the heavens, and cultivators could use it to exert the might of their Spiritual Will on others' Spiritual Wills. At the same time, it could also be used to empower their attacking abilities, thus the gap between a Noble Plane and an Arcana Plane cultivator was nearly impossible to bridge. If an Arcana Plane cultivator did not use an extremely strong ritual implement, it would be extremely hard to challenge a Noble Plane cultivator. As long as they had not deciphered the Noble Will, even a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane would be a lot weaker.

However, there were some geniuses who had already formed their Noble Will while in the Arcana Plane. They would be able to bridge the gap in strength, and moreover, it would even benefit their cultivation level and cause their cultivation speed to increase.

The Noble Will relied on the enlightenment level of one's Spiritual Will and Spiritual Energy control. The better a cultivator was able to control their Spiritual Will and Energy, the easier it was for their Spiritual Energy to increase. Therefore, the crowd predicted that Ye Futian would not need long to break through from his current level to the Noble Plane.

This was the difference in potential. A person with weak potential, even as their Spiritual Energy continued to grow and approach the Noble Plane, would be limited by their enlightenment and spiritual control. This would cause them to be unable to break through, or more commonly termed a bottleneck. For Ye Futian, however, there was no such thing as a bottleneck standing between him and the Noble Plane.

At that moment, the crowd felt a formidable aura in the air and their expressions changed. They looked towards the direction it was coming from and they saw Yu Sheng's body being surrounded by a fearsome demonic might. His body was clad in dark golden armor, as though a demon's shadow had appeared on him.

A terrifying image appeared in the crowd's heads. It was as though a demon stood in front of them, trying to overwhelm their wills and make them worship it.

He has also formed his Noble Will. The crowd saw the image and were astounded. Moreover, it was as though the Noble Will had been formed from his innate potential. This caused their expressions to become weird. Could it be that this burly teen also had remarkable potential?

Since he had always stood beside Ye Futian, Yu Sheng had never been that outstanding.

After a long while, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng finally ended their cultivation. Ye Futian turned to Yu Sheng, smiling and asking, "You've been enlightened?"

"It seems like it," Yu Sheng scratched his head and replied.

"Seems like?" Ye Futian was dumbstruck and thought to himself, this fellow is too sloppy.

"You told me the crux of the Noble Will, so I tried to decipher it and the Noble Will's might just formed uncontrollably." Yu Sheng continued, "It seemed quite easy."

"I…" Ye Futian glared at Yu Sheng, then turned around gloomily. He really wanted to hit him!

"Let's continue cultivating then and raise our cultivation level to the ninth level of the Arcana Plane. That way, we'll be only one step away from the Noble Plane," Ye Futian said, smiling. The Noble Plane that he had been anticipating for such a long time was finally within his reach and he was quite happy about it. Back then, a huge obstacle of his was the Noble Plane Emperor Luo, to him, Emperor Luo had been like a god, impossible to surpass.

Now, he was finally reaching that level too.

At that moment, he was interrupted by a few figures rushing towards him. At the entrance of the relic, they looked towards Ye Futian and said, "Master Ye, we have trouble."

Ye Futian looked at them, confused. He asked them, "What's the problem?"

"The past few days, there have been people murdering cultivators in the Flaming Prison City. Many people have died and had their holy badges taken. Previously, the people of the Flaming Prison City thought it was a group of strong cultivators who had formed an alliance to plunder the badges. We only just found out that they were from the Jinxiao City, the Jinxiao City is currently under Ning Huang's control and they have orders from Ning Huang to come to our city to plunder."

The person who had rushed here continued to say, "Not long ago, a few of Master Ye's friends were brought away by Ning Huang's men. There were also others who were killed on the spot."

Ye Futian's expression turned grim. It should have been Qin Yin's group that had been taken away.

"The other party had left word," the person continued.

"What did they say?" Ye Futian asked.

"The person's name appears to be Li Xun. He said that if Master Ye wanted them alive, you could go to the Jinxiao City to get them back. He can release Qin Yin's group and even Li Qingyi," the person replied.

Ye Futian's expression became even more steely. Li Xun had brought up Li Qingyi on purpose, he was actually using his own sister to threaten him. A frosty killing intent appeared in Ye Futian's eyes. This was not Li Xun's first time. He had to be killed.

"Ning Huang is going overboard," someone among the crowd said furiously. "Master Ye, Ning Huang is doing this on purpose. If you go to Jinxiao City, Ning Huang will definitely not let you go easily."

"Master Ye, you cannot go to Jinxiao City," another person tried to persuade him.

Around the giant relic, the experts had all stopped their cultivation and looked towards Ye Futian. There were many among them that were furious, back then, Ning Huang had come to seize the holy badges in a domineering fashion, taking advantage of Ye Futian's low cultivation level. Now, Ye Futian had already obtained the giant relic, but Ning Huang still refused to let it go. He wanted to kill Ye Futian.

"Have Ning Huang's men left the Flaming Prison City?" Ye Futian asked.

"They are still in the Flaming Prison City killing people in an extremely arrogant fashion."

"Previously, Li Xun gave the order and killed many of our people, claiming that it was only because they had followed Master Ye in their cultivation." Ye Futian heard these two replies from the crowd.

"Let's go." Ye Futian said, stepping out of the giant relic. The moment he stepped out of the relic, the glow around his body faded. Soon, the flame around the giant relic had been extinguished.

The giant relic faded to nothingness in the blink of an eye. The thousands of cultivators stared blankly at the scene, afterward following Ye Futian who was walking in the air with astonishment.

Ye Futian actually left the relic with no hesitation. This meant that if the people from the elite factions came now, they would face no resistance.

Ye Futian moved forward in the air and said, "Let's go."

"Master Ye." Many people gathered around and attempted to persuade Ye Futian, saying, "Please don't be impulsive."

Ye Futian did not say anything and continued to walk forward. Yi Xiaoshi, Yu Sheng, Mu Zhiqiu and the rest followed closely behind him. The huge crowd of experts saw Ye Futian and many of them followed him.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Futian had arrived at a location and there were many corpses lying on the ground.

"B*stards." Behind Ye Futian, many people clenched their fists. The holy badges on these people already had no use, but Ning Huang still ordered them to be killed. This caused them to have chills running down their spine.

Was the killing simply to vent his anger? Genocide? Just because they chose to cultivate with Ye Futian?

However, Ning Huang and Mo Jun were elite prodigies. Even if they joined forces, they probably could still not win. If they went to Jinxiao City, they would definitely die before they could get their revenge.

"Where are Ning Huang's men?" Ye Futian asked.

Just as he spoke, a group of people flew towards them from afar. The group was completely made up of Noble Plane cultivators with strong auras. They looked mercilessly at Ye Futian. They were followers of Ning Huang from Jinxiao City. If they were able to bring Ye Futian's head to Jinxiao City, they would definitely be valued by Ning Huang.

Thinking about that, they stepped forward and looked towards Ye Futian, asking, "You actually dared to walk out of the relic?" Just now, they had heard that Ye Futian had stepped out of the relic and they all gathered here. They had previously been cultivating in Jinxiao City and heard that he had dared to trick young master Ning. Now, he dared to step out of the relic. How reckless.

"Yes." Ye Futian looked at the group standing before him and replied calmly.

"Young master Ning wants your head, why don't you lend it to us?" they laughed and said. Their gazes then turned to the huge crowd standing behind Ye Futian and emotionlessly said, "We're acting on young master Ning's orders. Those who are not involved, take your leave."

The crowd's expression turned cold and looked indignantly at those who spoke. Could they be so unscrupulous simply because they were Ning Huang's men?

At that moment, the group had already stepped forward and surrounded Ye Futian, the terrifying Noble aura surrounding the area.

Behind Ye Futian, many people stepped forward one by one, shielding him and looking emotionlessly at the group. Although not many people stepped forward, it took courage to oppose Ning Huang.

"You all want to die as well?" Ning Huang's men sneered.

"Thank you, everyone." Ye Futian looked towards the crowd and asked, "Who else is willing to join me in battle?"

"Since I've received a favor from brother Ye, I will naturally do my part." A person stepped out.

"I have broken through my cultivation level in the relic, now is the time for me to test it. I've heard that Ning Huang was hunting those who cultivated in the relic previously. If that's the case, what else is there to be afraid of." Another person stepped forward, laughing. In an instant, more Noble Plane cultivators stepped forward and an invisible force was formed, causing the opposing group to be on edge.

"Since you all want to die, I will naturally report that to young master Ning," one of the opponents said, already preparing to retreat. As they prepared to step back and retreat, Yi Xiaoshi moved in a flash to their rear.

"Surround them," Ye Futian said. Immediately, the crowd stepped forward, surrounding the opponents. Since they wanted to fight, he would let this place be their final resting place.

Ye Futian stepped forward, the Polearm of Divine Destruction in his hand. In a flash, starlight glittered and an overbearing Noble Will enveloped the area. His gaze swept across the group and said, "Whoever wants to borrow my head, come and get it."
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    《The Legend of Futian》