The Legend of Futian
535 Invasion
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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535 Invasion

Senior Snow Ape was the Snow Ape Emperor!

Ye Futian felt rather restless now. Senior Snow Ape had never demonstrated any pressure befitting his identity of the Emperor of Apes before him until the very last battle.

Come to think of it, if Senior Snow Ape had been one of those great demons who had followed Emperor Ye Qing, he would have been a nobody, would he?

"Who am I then?" Ye Futian asked himself silently. When the Snow Ape Emperor first laid eyes on him, he could not have helped but shed tears and knelt as the ape knew who he was.

Whose descendant am I exactly?

Ye Futian felt rather overwhelmed. While he had often lauded himself to be a king of some kind when he was young, it was him being young and stupid. After having experienced so many things throughout the years, he had matured considerably and there were things he became rather reluctant to think about. At the moment, he actually had little idea what kings and emperors were actually like.

At the moment, Yuan Zhan's eyes were still fixed on him. He found Ye Futian's expression looked difficult and complex. He was unable to tell what was going on in Ye Futian's head as the man's expression kept changing. However, as Yuan Zhan had elaborated on the history of the apes, it was Ye Futian's turn to tell him where he learned his way of the staff.

A formless pressure was clad on Ye Futian. Yuan Zhan said coldly, "Your turn to talk."

"Would you like to learn that?" Ye Futian looked at Yuan Zhan and asked all of a sudden.

Yuan Zhan blinked his big eyes in confusion. "Learn what?" He felt dazed for the moment.

"My art of the staff. The attacks were called Nine Heavenly Attacks," Ye Futian said.

Yuan Zhan let out a great breath, which spawned quite a gust. The staff techniques of the apes were 81 Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques, and Ye Futian's, the Nine Heavenly Attacks.

"You're willing to teach me?" Yuan Zhan asked.

"Indeed." Ye Futian nodded and went on to sit with his legs crossed on a rock. His Guqin Spirit manifested, and Ye Futian looked up at Yuan Zhan. "The attacks have no specific formulas, and I have only learned the first five of the nine. I will first send the will of the Nine Heavenly Attacks into your mind, and you will need to figure out the rest yourself."

"Very well." Yuan Zhan looked at Ye Futian puzzled. He was confused as to why Ye Futian had been so frank with him.

Ye Futian strummed the chords and a tune was heard, carrying formless will with it. Musical spells were something Spirit Elemental-based sorcerers used to deliver will and concepts. Images rose within Yuan Zhan's mind shortly after. It was somewhere in the mountains, and the place was encased in coldness. An incredibly regal silhouette was seen on it, proud and gracious.

"The Snow Ape Emperor." Yuan Zhan's massive body trembled violently and gasped for breath. He then saw the Snow Ape Emperor begin to whip his staff about, which he closed his eyes to silent feel. The images were sent into his mind in waves of strong will, as if they were to be imprinted on his mind until the very last stroke of the art was finished. Yuan Zhan flinched, yet he kept his eyes close, feeling it all in silence.

The Guqin Spirit disappeared, and Ye Futian sat waiting in silence as well. The Nine Heavenly Attacks were something taught to him by the Snow Ape Emperor. Now that he met someone of Senior Snow Ape's race, and the Nine Heavenly Attacks were offensive techniques evolved from the 81 Strikes of the Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques, it was only natural for him to pass the techniques onto one of those apes, who happened to be right before him.

Yuan Zhan opened his eyes after a while and looked at Ye Futian, with a very a very restless look face. He had been training in the 81 Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques since young and developed immense comprehension of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. Those nine new attacks were condensed and enhanced forms of the 81 strikes, stronger and bearing more power in every move.

Yuan Zhan stood up and looked at Ye Futian, who remained sitting on the rock, and bowed in gratitude. "Thank you." The Nine Heavenly Attacks originated from the Snow Ape Emperor, and Ye Futian had done him a great service for willing to pass those techniques down to him.

Ye Futian nodded and smiled. "It is an obligation on my part."

"Where did you find the Snow Ape Emperor?" Yuan Zhan asked.

"My hometown, a very remote corner of the Eastern Barren Territory." Ye Futian continued, "The day before Senior Snow Ape passed, he passed the techniques onto me, and now I passed it onto you, back to the apes. I suppose this is what they'd call the circle of life."

"The Snow Ape Emperor perished?" Yuan Zhan was still rather reluctant to believe it. It was, after all, the Emperor of Apes who had been their leader.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. He still felt a tinge of sorrow whenever Senior Snow Ape came to mind. Yuan Zhan stood where he was silently and felt sad as well. If any of the elders came to know this, they would probably be as sad.

"When we get out of here, I'll take you to see my grandpa in Mount Taixing. He had wanted to see our emperor for a long time," Yuan Zhan spoke again after a while.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. "Very well."

"While I have never opened up any ruins in this trip on the Holy Road of mine, I met you, and that in itself was the greatest reward for me," Yuan Zhan said to Ye Futian. He saw the Snow Ape Emperor, and he inherited the Nine Heavenly Attacks that originated from the emperor.

"Let's head back." Ye Futian stood up and started walking, while Yuan Zhan followed behind him.

"Yuan Zhan, what was it like outside when you came to Jinxiao City?" Ye Futian asked Yuan Zhan.

"Xiao Junyi killed Gu Feiyang, took his city, and opened up the great ruins within. I heard that Yan Jiu had also gathered enough holy badges to do the same," Yuan Zhan said.

"Yan Jiu, where is he?" Ye Futian asked.

"Flying Sword City," Yuan Zhan answered.

"As I expected," Ye Futian murmured to himself. The Flaming Prison City was a fire one.

The Jinxiao City, a metal one. The great ruins of Flying Sword City must have been one to impart a swordsmanship lineage. All nine cities on the Holy Road bore deep meanings within them.

"Yuan Zhan, would you mind heading to Flying Sword City with me?" Ye Futian asked Yuan Zhan. The ape nodded without inquiring further. It was a no-brainer for him, even if it meant waging a war with Flying Sword City.

When everyone saw a demon and a man walked side by side in the ruins, they were flabbergasted. Just what is going on here?

Mu Zhiqiu looked rather amused as well. So, something did happen then?

Ye Futian cast his gaze at the mighty ones at the ruins and said, "I need swordsmen to come with me on my next trip, anyone?" As soon as he finished, one figure after another stepped forward to answer his call, with Xie Wuji from Heavenly City and Zui Qianchou taking the lead. Mighty ones in the hundreds stepped out of the ruins; all of them swordsmen. Everyone came forward without asking any questions, a testament to the powerful charisma possessed by Ye Futian.

"Elder brother, do you have any time to spare?" Ye Futian grinned at Yi Xiaoshi.

The plump fellow glared at him, knowing that he was up to no good.

"Wuchen, come with me." Ye Futian looked at Ye Wuchen, and then called to everyone, "Let's go." He turned around and took to the sky as soon as he finished, with Ye Wuchen right behind him.

"I'll go have a look too." Mu Zhiqiu followed suit.

Yuan Zhan stomped hard on the ground and rumbles were heard as the ground shook. Yuan Zhan ran following Ye Futian. Yi Xiaoshi flashed and rested on Yuan Zhan's shoulder. "Hey, brother Yuan. Do you mind letting me sit here? Fat people get tired easy."

Yuan Zhan glared at the fat person sitting on his shoulder with razor-sharp eyes and ignored him altogether. The ape ran, and the rumbling continued.

"That fatso..." Many people looked at Yi Xiaoshi and felt speechless. So Yuan Zhan is going to let him stay there? Since when did Yuan Zhan become so friendly with people?

"Brother Yuan, what did you talk about to our little brother?" Yi Xiaoshi asked out of curiosity.

Yuan Zhan continued to ignore him.

"You guys talked about staffs?" Yi Xiaoshi continued to ask, and Yuan Zhan slapped at his shoulder. Yi Xiaoshi leaped out of the way before landing on the same spot. "Alright, I'll stop asking."

Dust was kicked up as the group went further and further away. Countless sent them off from the ruins. Students of Starry School stood up and someone asked, "So, is Yuan Zhan now a pet of the Son or something?"

"Maybe." They felt restless inside. They were at the Holy Road, yet Ye Futian continued going around kicking up trouble.

"Are they going to take a city?" someone asked. With the entourage consisting of Yi Xiaoshi, Yuan Zhan, and hundreds of swordsmen, it was not hard to guess what they were up to.

"Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were his best friends, and the three were always seen together. Now, he got his own place, and Yu Sheng got a piece of the ruins too. All there was left was Ye Wuchen, the swordsman, and all he gathered were swordsmen," Gu Yunxi elaborated.

Everyone was stunned before someone murmured, "Looks like they're heading to Flying Sword City then." They were envious of Ye Wuchen, who had Ye Futian taking him to take a city personally.

It was a pity that they did not share such amicable relationship with Ye Futian.

The headmaster had asked the students back in Starry School who would be willing to guard the Son on his divine path. No one answered the call, as most did not like him back then. Most simply sat on the fence. Now, Ye Futian had no need for them to be around even if they were willing to follow him.

Many looked at Long Mu, as he was probably the closest among them to Ye Futian. It was such a pity.


The Flying Sword City was a palace itself. Many mighty ones gathered while Yan Jiu remained in the air. His body remained upright and his bearing excellent. He looked at everyone and said, "Everyone, with me." With the holy badges being collected in ample numbers, they became able to open the great ruins in Flying Sword City, and he felt rather excited about it.

Many made their way to the ruins, which was not far where they were.

Loud noises were heard from afar and the ground shook. Yan Jiu asked, "What is that?"

They stopped and looked behind them. The rumbling grew closer and closer, and they were able to make out that a group of people was heading their way.

"Someone intruded Flying Sword City." A voice was heard somewhere. Yan Jiu frowned. Does someone dare to come take my place?

The group looked more and more fearsome. Intense sword aura was sensed in the sky above, as a group came through the air. A giant golden monster was seen landing from above. With another rumble, the giant figure was seen in the air again, making its way forward.

"Yuan Zhan." Yan Jiu glared at that giant figure with sharp eyes. Rumbles continued as Yuan Zhan took several more steps, and the ground shook violently in response. A fat person was also seen on Yuan Zhan's shoulder. Ye Futian was also seen in the air, casting his gaze at Yan Jiu.

"Ye Futian." Yan Jiu recognized him in an instant. When Ye Futian threw out that ring that day, he played more than just Ning Huang, as Yan Jiu was also one of them who went for that ring.

"How dare you?" Mighty ones from the Sword Saint Villa spread out, and every one of them looked cold. Ye Futian dares to attack this place, and now is allied with Yuan Zhan as well?

"Ye Futian, why have you come to my Flying Sword City instead of staying back to train in Jinxiao City?" Yan Jiu's expression was as sharp as a sword as he cast his razor-like gaze at Ye Futian.

"Just like how you went to Flaming Prison City instead of staying back to train in Flying Sword City." Ye Futian spoke plainly. "Just hand over the holy badges."

The mighty ones around were stunned by what they just heard. So Ye Futian is here to rob Yan Jiu by invading Flying Sword City then. This is just too crazy. He dares move against a genius like Yan Jiu.

"Are you being serious?" Yan Jiu asked as he clad himself with a will of sharpness. A formless sword intent seemed to have been conjured, and his body seemed to have become like a sword itself, which threatened to lash out at any moment, emanating a very dangerous aura.

Ye Futian chose to intrude at the very moment he was about to open the ruins after all.

"What do you think?" Ye Futian looked at Yan Jiu before casting his gaze down at the others below. He said, "Anyone who doesn't have anything to do with this, you best leave immediately. When the fighting starts, there will be no mercy."

The mighty ones around were all Yan Jiu's followers, and they looked particularly severe at the moment. Yu Sheng and Ye Futian killed Ning Huang in Jinxiao City, and it was said that Yi Xiaoshi was too someone capable of fighting toe-to-toe with Mo Jun. Worse still, they had Yuan Zhan added to their ranks. The group was as fearsome as possible at the moment.

Yan Jiu stayed in the sky, clad in sword aura, and addressed Yuan Zhan, "Yuan Zhan, are you sure you want in on this?"

Yuan Zhan gazed at Yan Jiu severely and said, "He told you to hand over the holy badge, so just hand it over already."

Yan Jiu looked especially embarrassed hearing those words.

Ye Futian took a step forward and added, "When all mighty one ganged up on me back in Flaming Prison City, the scene was simply magnificent. You all dared not rob each other and moved against only me instead. So today will be payback time. Yan Jiu, I'll have you hand over the holy badges whether you like it or not."
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    《The Legend of Futian》