The Legend of Futian
538 Nothing Good
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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538 Nothing Good

The Holy Road's exit was similar to the connection between the Ancient Barren World and the Eastern Barren Territory. When Ye Futian walked out of the Dawn Road, they were on a mountain. Many people looked over. They seemed to know that they were coming and waited there. They seemed to be filled with curiosity.

These people all had different cultivations. A group of strong cultivators guarded on the side and said, "The Holy Road will be open for three days. During these three days, you cannot leave this island city. Remember, no fighting is allowed. If you have disagreements, find the island leader to resolve it. Those who break the rules will be killed. Three days later, you will know what to do."

"Yes." Everyone nodded. These three days were probably for buffering. If those on the Holy Road had a chance to get a holy badge, they would come out in three days. However, Ye Futian guessed that three days weren't needed. If one couldn't get the holy badge on the first day, they probably would never get it. Those that got it would come straight out.

Furthermore, this seemed to be an island city. Fighting wasn't allowed and those who broke the rules would be killed. The rules were extremely strict.

Now, they were in the world of the Holy Zhi Palace. Naturally, they had to follow the Holy Zhi Palace's rules.

"You can go now," the strong cultivator said.

Ye Futian turned towards the mass walking behind him. He put his hands together. "We are now in the Holy Zhi Palace's world and it's safe. We should bid farewell now."

"Master Ye, take care." Many people bowed to Ye Futian gratefully. They were safe now. Fighting wasn't allowed in the island city.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded and then his body flickered away. People were watching from afar, but they didn't know the people walking out. The people of the island city were subsidiaries of the Holy Zhi Palace. They were under the Holy Zhi Palace's authority.

"Mu Zhiqiu, where are we?" Ye Futian's body shone. He discovered this was a true city. There were restaurants and inns. It was flourishing.

Other than Mu Zhiqiu's group, there were also people from the Starry School and Mount Jiuxian beside him.

"Don't you know about the Thousand Holy Islands?" Beside him, an air warship appeared. Bing Yi, Chu Shang and those from the Mortal World were on the airship. The speaker was Bing Yi. Her beautiful features had a cold aura. She gazed at Ye Futian with curiosity in her pretty eyes.

She really wanted to know how Ning Huang had died.

Had Yu Sheng really killed him in his demonic state? And why did Yuan Zhan join them?

Yuan Zhan was still there in Ye Futian's group. They seemed to be traveling together. He wouldn't do this if it was just simple cooperation on the Dawn Road, right?

"I'm ignorant. How can I be compared to the goddess of the Mortal World?" Ye Futian smiled faintly at Bing Yi.

Bing Yi furrowed her brows. Ye Futian seemed not to take her seriously. His eyes wandered across her body as if judging her. This gaze made her upset. It was practically blasphemy.

The top figures of the Barren State wouldn't have such impolite gazes and regular people wouldn't even dare to look at her. Ye Futian was an anomaly.

Bing Yi huffed coldly. She looked away and her clothing fluttered. "If you don't know, then you can look in the sky," she said coolly. "You'll see what kind of place it is."

With that, the air warship moved past them, hurrying high into the sky. Ye Futian glanced at Mu Zhiqiu and Yuan Zhan. They nodded. "It's my first time here too," Yuan Zhan said. "Let's take a look."

"Okay," Ye Futian answered. The group roared upward, getting higher and higher.

As their bodies rose up, the city and buildings below them grew smaller in their vision, becoming a bunch of speckles. As they continued rising, Ye Futian's heart quivered. When he was high enough, the scene before him shocked him slightly.

The city below was actually built atop a mountain. It was thickly dotted. The mountain was tall and rose into the clouds, making the city seem to be floating in the sky.

What truly impressed Ye Futian was that, when standing in the sky, he didn't only see the floating city below. He saw the boundless sea and countless mountains of varying heights standing in the sea. Every mountain had a city atop it. Looking over, they were like thousands of islands. The scene was impressive and magnificent.

This was a huge sea area. All the mountains rose up from the sea. However, the seawater was strange too. Instead of angry waves, it was calm. In fact, the blue sea reflected the blue sky, white clouds, and the various mountains.

"The Thousand Holy Islands." Ye Futian's heart trembled. The air warship wasn't too far away.

Bing Yi glanced at Ye Futian and said coolly, "This is the Holy River. The Thousand Holy Islands on the river all belong to the Holy Zhi Palace. All the island leaders come from the Holy Zhi Palace. At first, they were the family of the Holy Zhi Palace disciples. As the generations passed, more and more family members lived here, forming the Thousand Holy Islands of the present day. All disciples who complete their cultivation and wish to remain here will receive an island and become the leader. That island would belong to him."

Ye Futian nodded slightly. After countless years, the Holy Zhi Palace was no longer just a simple palace. Everything on this Holy River belonged to the Holy Zhi Palace. There were innumerable strong cultivators.

He scanned the Thousand Holy Islands. His gaze landed on the floating mountain range in the center. It was extremely magnificent and a majestic palace stood atop the peak.

"That's where we're going three days later—the Holy Zhi Palace. Are you ready?" Bing Yi asked. Then she steered her air warship away. During these three days, they had to prepare for what was next. Now, all the prides of the nine Holy Roads had come out and were in different islands.

Ye Futian stood in the sky for a long while before descending. "Let's go," he said.

Everyone nodded and entered the island city. After the Holy Road opened and the many prides arrived, the island became lively. All the restaurants and inns were busy. People would often ask about what had happened on the Holy Road. They would even communicate with other island cities to learn about other roads.

Two days later, someone was discussing the Holy Road in the island's biggest restaurant.

"Apparently, Ning Huang, the descendant of Elder Ning, was killed by Yu Sheng, a demonic figure. He's still not a Noble, but he can enter the demonic state and become a horrible murderous god. He beheaded Ning Huang. He's like the god of death."

"On the Dawn Road, it was rumored that Xiao Junyi's the inheritor of the Dark Saint. He's a horribly frightening existence and may be the strongest of the Dawn Road."

"What about Yan Jiu from the Sword Saint Villa?"

"Yan Jiu was hurt by Ye Futian and Yuan Zhan working together. Even his holy badges were stolen. He probably will never forget this humiliation."

"Who are Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and his group? They came out of nowhere and are so powerful. The enrollment will be very interesting this time. The Dawn Road alone has so many talents."

"Indeed. This is only the Dawn Road. The strongest three Holy Roads of the nine are usually the Barren Road in the center, the Nether Road of the north, and the Heaven Road of the west. I'm sure shocking figures have appeared from these roads too."

"The Barren Road gathers the prides from the central region. It's always the Holy Road with the most monstrously talented figures. Their average skill level is the highest too. There's nothing more to be said," someone said, chuckling. Eight of the Holy Roads crossed through the Zhongzhou City Region to the central region. The ninth road was right inside Zhongzhou City. It was where the strong cultivators in Zhongzhou City gathered.

Zhongzhou City was the biggest main city of Barren State. One could imagine how bustling it was.

The Zhuge Family wasn't within Zhongzhou City. Instead, they were outside in what was called the Zhongzhou lands. The Mortal World, Nantian House, Sword Saint Villa, and many other forces were in this area. Going east, it was the eastern region of the Barren State where the Zhaixing House and Divine Sky City were.

"I heard that a young lord came from White Cloud City. He's extremely talented and young. He's only around 20 years old, but he's already in the Noble Plane and has frightening combat ability. He's comparable to how the young city lord of White Cloud City had been."

"Didn't someone crazy from the Zhuge Family come too? If you add that woman, then there are two, but the woman's plane is slightly lower."

"Some people came from the Demon God Clan too. Tomorrow, we'll be able to see all the monsters of the nine Holy Roads. Just wait and see."

Everyone discussed animatedly. At that time, someone stood up and left the restaurant. Many people followed him.

Ye Futian arrived at the edge of the island city. There was an abyss before him. He gazed at the city in the distance. He wondered which island Jieyu was in. They would meet tomorrow.

At that time, Hua Jieyu was cultivating in an inn on another island. Footsteps sounded. Hua Jieyu opened her pretty eyes. She was too beautiful to be from this world.

"Senior Sister." Hua Jieyu smiled.

"Cultivating again?" Zhuge Mingyue grinned. This island was part of the Holy Zhi Palace and outsiders shouldn't be able to step foot inside. Zhuge Mingyu wasn't really an outsider though. Her father and brother had all cultivated here before, so she was an exception.

"Yes." Hua Jieyu nodded. "Senior Sister, will he come?"

"Who knows?" Zhuge Mingyue smiled. "Oh, that annoying guy brought a handsome youth here. Apparently, he's some powerful figure from White Cloud City here for a visit. Would you like to see him?"

Hua Jieyu naturally knew that the "annoying guy" was the young city lord of White Cloud City.

"Senior Sister, you know me." Hua Jieyu smiled gently.

"Yes, so I rejected him for you." Zhuge Mingyue chuckled at Hua Jieyu. "Don't know where that kid got his luck so that you only think about him. Jieyu, what's so good about him?"

"Him?" Hua Jieyu thought of that bad boy and smiled brilliantly. "Nothing's good!"

"But you still like him?" Zhuge Mingyue giggled.

"I just do." Hua Jieyu's smile was very bright. Looking at that beautiful girl, Zhuge Mingyue shook her head. This girl was in too deep. There was no hope for her!
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    《The Legend of Futian》