The Legend of Futian
541 Expectations
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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541 Expectations

At that moment, under the Holy Zhi Palace, countless people's attention gathered towards where Ye Futian was. This was especially true for the disciples of elite clans and factions. Now, Hua Jieyu, who was extremely famous among the younger generation, had a boyfriend?

"This is too much," Zhuge Mingyue smiled faintly and said.

Beixing Tang'er did a double take and asked softly, "Second sister, will younger brother be in trouble now?"

"I don't know." Zhuge Mingyue smiled. Beside her, Zhuge Xing's gaze landed on Ye Futian, a strange expression appearing on his face. As a younger generation of the Zhuge Clan, he naturally knew that Ye Futian had a boyfriend who was one of the disciples of the Eastern Barren State's Cottage. However, this was the first time he had seen Ye Futian and he was indeed handsome. But if Hua Jieyu only focused on appearances, she would be too shallow.

Among the Dawn Road's crowd, Chief Chen had a weird look on his face. It seemed like he had underestimated Ye Futian's potential. Impressive.

Mu Zhifan's expression was extremely somber. What a slap to his face. He should have been happy that Ye Futian had a girlfriend. However, when he saw that the girl was Hua Jieyu, he was unable to do so. Not because he was interested in Hua Jieyu, but because when Ye Futian first took the Polearm of Divine Destruction away, he had been arrogant in front of Ye Futian. He was a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace and would take back the Polearm sooner or later. However, now that Ye Futian had crossed the Divine Road to get here, was on good terms with Yuan Zhan of the Golden Ape Clan and had Hua Jieyu as his girlfriend, this made him extremely dissatisfied.

Mu Zhiqiu, Gu Yunxi, Qin Yin and the other girls looked towards them. It was as though they had never really seen Ye Futian's true colors.

"Mu Chuan, do you want to consider my offer? Since your favorite granddaughter is already by Ye Futian's side, why don't you join me in supporting the successor of the Saint path?" Chen Yuan asked the Zhaixing House Chief. Mu Chuan glared at him and replied, "In your dreams."

"How stubborn, you can't even see as clearly as your descendants. Ye Futian was only in the Arcana Plane when he entered the Dawn Road. Look at the people who have gathered around him, your granddaughter, the younger generation of Mount Taixing, can't you see who is at the core of the group?" Chen Yuan said nonchalantly. "After a few years, you might not even have the chance to get close."

"You think I care?" The Zhaixing House Chief scoffed. With who he was, so what if Ye Futian would become strong?

"You may not cherish it, but when the time comes, the Saint path will crush your Zhaixing House," Chen Yuan said disdainfully.

"You can try," Chuan Mu stared at Chen Yuan and said.

"You think I dare not?" Both of them glared at each other.

At that moment, Ye Futian was being stared at by countless people, sending shivers down his spine. Seeing the charming beauty in front of him look at him wistfully, Ye Futian felt a conspiracy being plotted.

"Jieyu, these are all my friends. I'll ask them to explain to you later, don't misunderstand." Ye Futian was apprehensive.

"If you like them, just tell me. I don't have any objections," Hua Jieyu said gently, acting extremely feminine.

"Ah…" Ye Futian blinked and saw Hua Jieyu grinning at him. He had the chills, so he smiled and said, "Definitely not." Feeling as though his answer wasn't sincere enough, Ye Futian added, "I swear." Hua Jieyu smiled ravishingly and was pleased.

Looks like I've passed the test. Ye Futian saw Hua Jieyu's pleased smile and heaved a sigh of relief. As expected of the fox, she was hard to deal with, it took both brains and brawn to placate her.

"Jieyu, why are there so many people looking at us speak?" Ye Futian glanced at the surroundings and asked.

"I don't know." Hua Jieyu shook her head.

"Is it because I'm too handsome?" Ye Futian asked in a hushed voice.

"Yes, it must be." Hua Jieyu smiled and nodded. The two of them held hands like nobody was watching, and walked towards Zhuge Mingyue. It was not that they were high-profile, it was just that they could not control themselves after meeting for so long. Even though they had already spoken softly, they were unable to help that so many people had noticed them.

"Second sister, sister Xing'er, I've missed the two of you," Ye Futian looked at Zhuge Mingyue and said.

"Really?" Zhuge Mingyue replied, smiling at Ye Futian. Why did she feel that his words were hypocritical? He probably only missed Jieyu.

"It's absolutely true. Ever since sister left the Cottage, I've often missed the days when you were at the Cottage and felt as though something was missing. Soon, I left the Eastern Barren State to look for you. Now that I've seen that second sister has gotten more beautiful, I'm at ease now," Ye Futian said earnestly.

"Your words are so sweet that I almost believed them," Zhuge Mingyue replied, looking at Ye Futian. This fellow was still such a sweet-talker, even after two years. Nothing had changed.

Beitang Xing'er stood at the side, smiling gently. She was naturally happy to see Ye Futian, back then in the Cottage, the senior brothers and sisters all doted on him the most.

"Shameless." Many of the Zhuge Clan members and Nether Road geniuses looked at Ye Futian with contempt. Was that how this b*stard managed to win Hua Jieyu over?

Such a glib mouth, how could a cultivator be this shameless? If it was only Hua Jieyu, it would be fine, but even Zhuge Mingyue fell for that?

Sigh. Women.

"Little Shi, did you take good care of your little brother?" Zhuge Mingyue saw Yi Xiaoshi walking over and asked, smiling.

"I…" Yi Xiaoshi saw the difference between Ye Futian and his treatment and was infuriated, but when he met his second sister's gaze, he lowered his head and continued, "Naturally took good care of him."

"Little brother, is that the truth?" Zhuge Mingyue looked at Ye Futian and asked.

"Seventh brother's performance was indeed passable," Ye Futian smiled and replied, causing Zhuge Mingyue to nod her head in satisfaction. The fatty sighed in his heart, who is the big brother here?

"Sister, what about fourth and fifth brother?" Ye Futian asked. Previously, Xue Ye and Luo Fan had come to the Barren State alongside Yi Xiaoshi, claiming that they wanted to find second sister. Now that Yi Xiaoshi was here, where had the two of them gone?

"The two of them were lazing around, so I found something for them to do," Zhuge Mingyue replied. Yi Xiaoshi shrunk back, thinking of his two seniors, he felt that his treatment was still alright.

Seeing Yi Xiaoshi's response, Ye Futian knew that his two seniors were probably in a sorry state. Looking for second sister for no good reason, they were just looking for trouble. Did they think that they were him?

"What about third brother, have you seen him, second sister?" Ye Futian also thought about Gu Dongliu.

The smile on Zhuge Mingyue's face faded, and she replied, "Don't mention him, trying to show off after he had just broken through his cultivation level. He was defeated by Bai Luli, I don't know where he's gone off to cultivate after that."

Ye Futian looked at his second sister's expression, it looked like she was worried for his third brother. His gaze turned towards another direction and Ye Futian looked at the outstanding figure by the Holy Zhi Palace's sky stairwell, the White Cloud City's young city lord Bai Luli. Being able to enter the Barren Sky Ranking's top ten at such a young age, how could he be defeated easily.

Knowing third brother's personality, he was probably off somewhere cultivating hard.

At that moment, in the direction of the sky stairwell, there were important figures descending from the Holy Zhi Palace. Their gazes swept across the vast area and wherever they looked, there were people. It was a sight to behold. Moreover, this was the group that had already passed the Holy Road's selection, or there would be a terrifying amount of people.

This was the Holy Zhi Palace's triennial disciple selection, a spectacle of the Barren State. Apart from a few stubborn fellows from the Alchemy City and the Barren State Northern Continent's holy temple region, the vast majority of the Barren State's factions would participate. This was the influence that the Holy Zhi Palace had built up over the years; even the Demon God Clan experts were willing to come forth.

At that moment, numerous gazes looked towards the direction of the sky stairwell. They heard an expert from the Holy Zhi Palace say, "The Holy Zhi Palace will be selecting its disciples now. Those who are not involved, step out from the central region."

Once his voice landed, many figures retreated, even the influential figures from all areas retreated out of the central region.

"Those from the nine Holy Roads, assume your positions," the expert on the sky stairwell continued.

Ye Futian held Hua Jieyu's hand and said, "I'll go over first."

"Okay." Hua Jieyu nodded gently. Ye Futian and Yi Xiaoshi left, walking in the direction of the Dawn Road.

In the Holy Zhi Palace's triennial admission, they would open up nine Holy Roads, namely the Barren Road, Dawn Road, Travel Road, Nether Road, State Road, Arid Road, Separation Road, Frost Road, and Decay Road. Out of the nine roads, only the Barren Road corresponded with Zhongzhou City. The other eight roads corresponded with the eight major bearings of the Barren State.

At that moment, in the extensive area, there were nine words inscribed in the nine major bearings. Ye Futian and the people from the Dawn Road stood in the region where the Dawn word was. They looked like a huge army.

Even after the elimination from the Holy Road, there were still countless figures standing. The disorganized area became much more orderly and distinct. Among the nine Holy Roads, it was the most evident that the Dawn Road had the most people.

This caused many people to think, looks like the competition in the Dawn Road this time wasn't that fierce. The fiercer the competition over the holy badges in the Holy Road, the fewer people could stay until the end. However, the crowd was unaware that what had happened in the Dawn Road was unlike the other Holy Roads.

When Ye Futian returned, Mu Zhiqiu, Gu Yunxi and the rest continued to stand by his side. Li Qingyi looked at the geniuses from the nine Holy Roads, then looked towards the sky stairwell and the Holy Zhi Palace's prodigies. She knew that her journey was coming to an end, she did not have expectations to enter the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate. Simply being able to see such a scene was enough to make her satisfied.

All the most outstanding figures of the generation from the Barren State had gathered here. At that moment, Zhuge Mingyue walked towards a place at the side of the sky stairwell. Over there, countless figures had appeared and one of them had a prominent aura. Ye Futian had seen him before in the Cottage, it was Zhuge Canyang, who had been to the Cottage to receive his second sister. He was also an extremely famous figure in the Barren State and the successor to the Zhuge Clan.

"Has he come?" Zhuge Canyang asked Zhuge Mingyue.

"Yes." Zhuge Mingyue nodded lightly.

"In these two years, you have protected Hua Jieyu so well, just to wait for him. Now that he has chosen to step through the Holy Road and appear on this stage, I hope that he lives up to your expectations," Zhuge Canyang said softly.
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    《The Legend of Futian》