The Legend of Futian
556 The Weakest?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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556 The Weakest?

The Roc extended its wings and danced with the wind. Just now, Ye Futian's series of movements looked precisely like a Roc. Ye Futian moved with the wind, as if he had merged into the air. Then, he made a beautiful arc in the sky.

When everyone else realized what had happened, Ye Futian had already appeared above Zhuge Ling's real body. Immediately, all the lighting phantasms vanished. Countless vines swept out from Ye Futian's body, winding around Zhuge Ling's throat and body at once, just like his battle with Yan Nan earlier. Furthermore, this battle seemed to be much easier for him.

Buzz! A violent gust of wind swept past. Ye Futian flew over like a Roc that had extended its wings, bringing Zhuge Ling's body high up in the sky. In just an instant, he reached where Zhuge Xing was at and the vines swept out, ejecting Zhuge Ling. Following a loud bang, Zhuge Ling was thrown outside the arena directly.

"Instant defeat." Many people were bewildered. Staring at the figure with extended wings in the sky, they could not remain calm. It turned out that Ye Futian did not actually show his real speed earlier, and this was actually his fastest speed. He had a series of movements which looked really like a Roc. Zhuge Ling's speed was also amazing, but he could not even display it before Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's golden wings trembled and he glided down from the sky, returning to his original position. He had an easy victory.

The arena fell into a deafening silence, and many people felt somewhat strange. Ye Futian was not even in the Noble Plane, but he had still managed to defeat a grade eight noble from the Zhuge Family almost instantly. Everyone wondered how the people from the Zhuge Family felt at the moment.

Ye Futian did not injure Zhuge Ling. When he got up from the ground, his face was very pale. This was such a humiliating fight for him. In fact, it was the most miserable battle for him in his life. Moreover, the battle was held in front of countless people. It was obvious how he felt at the moment.

Zhuge Ling looked in the Holy Zhi Palace's direction and realized that nobody was looking at him. After such an embarrassing battle, even the people of the Thousand Holy Islands would not accept him, not to mention to more powerful cultivators. Just like Zhuge Ping, he would not be able to enter the Holy Zhi Palace.

The leader of the Zhuge Family was hoping for them to enter the palace. How could he explain this situation to his seniors after going back?

"Next," the elder on the sky stairwell said emotionlessly. Nobody would care about how Zhuge Ling felt now. It was a winner-take-all fight, so no one would pay attention to the loser, especially when he lost so badly. He was unworthy of attention from the others.

Zhuge Ling's face dimmed. Clenching his fists tightly, he looked at Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian was not even looking at him and only stood quietly at his spot. After the battle, Ye Futian could rest for a long while. Zhuge Ling had challenged him in the second battle and this actually saved him much trouble.

Suddenly, two people flashed out at the same time and landed in the arena. They were both stunned and stared at each other. The expression of one of them changed slightly, while the other person seemed angry and scolded coldly, "Idiot!"

The person who spoke was Yan Jiu from Sword Saint Villa.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had actually been promoted to the next round. Therefore, Yan Jiu walked out first to avenge Yan Nan as he could still choose Ye Wuchen. However, just by coincidence, someone from the State Road also walked out. According to the rules, the two of them would have to battle.

"You're so lucky." Yan Jiu glanced coldly at Ye Wuchen. Then, he walked towards the center of the arena. Around him, Sword Qi whizzed and followed him along.

The person from the State Road who had walked out was a grade nine noble. Because his level was low, he wanted to take the opportunity to choose someone on the same level. Little did he expect to encounter Yan Jiu. This being the case, however, he could only fight on.

Yan Jiu continued walking. Before he even arrived, the other person could already feel a monstrous wave of Sword Will envelope him. The terrifying will seemed to be penetrating his mind and body.

"Scram," Yan Jiu said coldly. Sword Qi blotted out the sky and rained down towards his opponent. The cultivator entered a defensive stance in an attempt to block the sword rain. However, the Sword Qi in the rain converged and turned into an enormous sky-shattering sword which crushed everything around.

It was the great sword of the Nine Swords of the Celestials.

Accompanied by a clear crack, the cultivator's defense was crushed directly, and the great sword fell down along with a long stream of Sword Will. The cultivator quickly shouted, "I admit defeat!" He could feel that if Yan Jiu did not stop, his body would be penetrated by thousands of swords and he would certainly die.

"Unlucky guy," many people muttered to themselves. The cultivator had encountered Yan Jiu from Sword Saint Villa who was two grades above him. Moreover, Yan Jiu was a top genius, so the battle ended quickly.

After such a battle, the loser clearly did not manage to enter the Holy Zhi Palace. Since the start of this round, there had already been three battles, and none of the three losers was selected.

The elimination was indeed cruel. The people who were eliminated were destined not to be able to enter the Holy Zhi Palace. Actually, some of the people who had accepted the offers from the Thousand Holy Islands earlier were also excellent geniuses. However, they knew that the battle today would be cruel and it was very likely for them to encounter even stronger cultivators. Only those nobles who were grade eight or above would feel confident participating in the current round.

"Jieyu, Wuchen, try to participate in a battle early and don't drag it out to the last moment," Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu and Ye Wuchen secretly. In the current situation, the most powerful people were all calm. On the other hand, those people in the lower levels were more like to walk out early. Therefore, if Hua Jieyu and Ye Wuchen walked out actively, the worse situation would be to fight against someone who also walked out. It would, therefore, be less likely for them to encounter the more powerful cultivators.

Both of them understood what Ye Futian meant. After another battle, Ye Wuchen walked forward. A grade eight noble had the same intention and they encountered each other. The noble was quite powerful, so the two had a fantastic battle with one another. In the end, Ye Wuchen managed to defeat his opponent by merging the Heavenly Eyes Sword Technique into thousands of swords, successfully promoting to the next round. The person who was defeated was actually not weak. In fact, his combat powerful was pretty strong. However, he was still not selected by anyone from the Holy Zhi Palace since he was defeated by someone in a lower level.

When Hua Jieyu walked out, there was no one else. She chose one of the only few grade nine nobles left. At the moment, there were fewer and fewer grade nine nobles left in the arena. Given that they were on the same level, Hua Jieyu defeated her opponent easily. Divine Spiritual Sorcerer was honored as the Ultimate Sorcerer and this was indeed very true.

As the battles continued, there were finally unexpected fights between powerful cultivators. Also, some people who looked weak were challenged, but they exhibited unbelievable powers. More and more people were eliminated. In the first round, however, there was almost no one chosen by the powerful cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace.

In the assessments held in the past, the powerful cultivators would only choose from the last hundred people left. The current round started with 160 people, and even after the round finished, there would still be 80 people. Therefore, no one was shocked. Even if none of the 80 eliminated cultivators was selected, it would be nothing surprising.

Yuan Zhan and Yi Xiaoshi also defeated their respective opponents. To Ye Futian's surprise, Zui Qianchou also won his opponent marginally, just like every single battle he had had. In this round, none of them was eliminated.

After this round, there were only 80 people left in the arena, reduced from the original 160. Six people were selected by the powerful cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace. They were all those who lost to other powerful people.

"All of you have taken part in a battle. We'll give you half an hour to rest," the elder on the sky stairwell said. Many people sat down cross-legged, while others closed their eyes to rest their minds. This round had successfully eliminated those who were comparatively weaker. Among those that were left, not many were weak.

They knew there were nine Holy Roads and 80 people at the moment, so on average, there would only be nine people from each road. Each Holy Road represented a direction, so what did nine people mean? They were the brightest stars in the sky, the most outstanding geniuses from their respective Holy Roads.

Among the nine Holy Roads, there seemed to be too many people from the Dawn Road, which caused many to be surprised. The Dawn Road was not the road which people thought would do well, but there were actually over ten people left in the arena. Ye Futian and his friends already made up seven of them.

"After this round, all the weaker ones will be eliminated completely. Those left would really be at the top of the pyramid," someone said. After this round, there would only be 40 people left, chosen from the nine Holy Roads across the whole Barren State. It was obvious how strong they would be.

"Now, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and their team should be the weaker ones in the arena. In this round, it's very likely that all of them will be eliminated." The people outside the arena were discussing.

Many people nodded in agreement. Previously, Ye Futian and his friends had all displayed exceptional combat powers, but power was comparative. Among those who were left, there were not even many grade eight nobles, and most of them were grade seven nobles. The difference in their levels would be harder and harder to cross.

Just now, Ye Futian had fought against Zhuge Ling. However, he might have to face people like Zhuge Xing, Xie Ji, and Yan Jiu later.

It would be too difficult.

Suddenly, Virgin Bing Yi from Mortal World transferred her voice to Chu Shang secretly, "Chu Shang." Chu Shang looked at Bing Yi, who continued, "In the next round, many people in the arena will be more powerful than you. It'll indeed be difficult for you to continue. You should be proactive and choose an opponent from Ye Futian and his friends. In this way, it will be more likely for you to win."

At the moment, there were almost no weak cultivators left in the arena. Only Ye Futian and his friends had the lowest levels.

Chu Shang glanced at Ye Futian and his team. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were still in the Arcana Plane, while Hua Jieyu and Ye Wuchen were grade nine nobles. Indeed, they were the people in the arena that she would have the highest chance of beating.

It was only that she could still vividly remember Ye Futian's speed in the previous fight. Would he create another surprise?

Ye Futian was cultivating with his eyes closed. Having felt something, he opened his eyes and realized that many people were scanning him. He immediately knew why they would look at him.

With the current situation, everyone thought that he, Yu Sheng, and their friends were the weakest people left. Therefore, they were waiting to choose them as their opponents.

Then, let's wait and see!

"Time's up," the elder on the sky stairwell announced suddenly!
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    《The Legend of Futian》