The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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558 Rejected

Bing Yi was stunned. Ugly? As one of the three Virgins from the Mortal World, she had never been described by anyone as being ugly. Ye Futian was unruly in both his words and actions. Perhaps this was the reason she disliked him.

Bing Yi did not speak anymore. In the vast arena, an extremely cold aura erupted and the coldness kept seeping into Ye Futian's bones. He shivered uncontrollably and even the flow of his blood seemed to be slowing. In his mind, a powerful Ice Will attacked. Ye Futian saw an endless amount of white frost trying to bury him forever. Bing Yi was arrogant, but as one of the three Virgins of Mortal World, her powers were undeniably strong.

Flames started burning on Ye Futian's body. A sun appeared, and the scorching flames expelled the coldness. However, under the chilliness, even the flames seemed to be extinguishing. Suddenly, a green radiance glittered. The flames burning on Ye Futian's body were actually somewhat green in color. He had merged wood-elemental willpower into the flames which were now undying.

Suddenly, Ye Futian appeared in an icy world. There was no more arena, or anyone else, and only a place filled with endless coldness. Showered in flames, he stood lonely at his spot.

"Illusion." Surprise flashed across Ye Futian's eyes. He immediately realized that Bing Yi was a Spirit Elemental Mandate Sorcerer. Illusions were classified as Spirit Elemental spells.

"Right, it's an illusion." Bing Yi appeared in the icy world. She was dressed in an icy robe and looked as pure and noble as a goddess. She looked coldly at Ye Futian, after which she waved her hand. Immediately, many terrifyingly sharp icicles appeared around Ye Futian, charging wildly towards him. Ye Futian's body was actually sealed in the icicle-filled prison.

Ye Futian glanced at the prison. Just as the countless icicles were about to hit him, an overpowering aura bloomed from his body. Noble Will erupted and a pair of golden wings appeared behind him, sending out a powerful golden storm. Ye Futian's wings vibrated, and the sealed space was cut open at once. The incoming icicles were all crushed into pieces and the prison broke apart.

Floating in the air, Bing Yi stared at Ye Futian and said coldly, "Noble level in martial arts."

Ye Futian's wings flapped and he also ascended into the air in the icy world, looking back at Bing Yi.

"So what if your martial arts is in the Noble Plane? Can you break my Spirit Elemental spells?" Bing Yi's face was still cold as always, and she was only surprised for an instant. Sorcerers would cultivate their Spiritual Energy, while martial arts cultivators would train their physical bodies. Even a noble-level sorcerer might not be able to break her illusion, not to mention a noble-level martial arts cultivator.

"I really don't understand why you're so confident," Ye Futian said coldly. In his mind, Saint's Will merged with his Spiritual Energy and a terrifying flaming radiance bloomed. Right away, his Spiritual Will turned into Flame Will which incinerated all the Ice Will around, melting away the icy world. Soon, the illusion before Ye Futian disappeared. He was still floating in the air with Bing Yi not far away before him.

"What happened?" Bing Yi stared at Ye Futian. She could not understand why the Flame Will just now was so powerful and broke her illusion at once.

"Noble Plane. So his martial arts has broken through." At the moment, countless people were staring at Ye Futian, feeling the noble-level aura from his body.

Suddenly, a powerful momentum appeared around Ye Futian, as if his body was enveloped in a sovereign aura, causing his power to grow continuously. Spiritual Qi of various elements in the air whizzed towards him and formed an astonishing field.

Wind whizzed in the sky, and it seemed as though all the Spiritual Qi in the huge arena was gathered around Ye Futian. The wings of the Roc behind Ye Futian flapped slowly. Finally, he stomped on the ground and an ear-piercing sound erupted as if the air had exploded. Lightning flashed and an illusory Roc emerged in the sky above the arena. It charged towards Bing Yi, along with the powers of the sky. Compared to the battle with Zhuge Ling just now, Ye Futian's attack this time was swifter and more powerful.

"His Martial Will seems to contain a terrifying power, a sovereign power. Its pressure is shocking and it can boost his power significantly. Moreover, he seems to have learned a body-enhancing technique. His body looks like a Roc and is just so fast!" Many people were thinking of the same thing. Even though Bing Yi was strong, her situation would still be very dangerous if such a powerful martial arts noble could get close to her.

Bing Yu reached out her white hand and a beautiful ice scepter appeared. An endless stream of ice-elemental Spiritual Qi danced in the air. Then, she shouted, "Ice Barrier!" Right away, the spell was cast. Many tree-like sharp, icy blades penetrated through the sky and the earth, appearing in front of Bing Yi in a criss-cross pattern. Immediately, they sealed off the entire space. The sharp icy blades even pierced towards Ye Futian like many enormous trees made from ice.

Ye Futian's rotating body, however, did not stop at all. His speed even increased further, turning into a bolt of lightning. An extremely sharp golden will appeared on his brilliant wings which extended, striking forward. Following many loud cracks, the huge icy blades were all crushed into small pieces.

Ye Futian had been cultivating his physical body, and moreover, his martial arts had broken through into the Noble Plane. Given that his body-enhancing technique was taught by Emperor Ye Qing, it was clear how strong his body was. In addition, he had the Imperial Tactics to make him even more powerful. At the moment, his body, together with metal-elemental willpower, was almost invincible.

Many people were surprised. Bing Yi's ice-elemental spell actually could not stop Ye Futian's advance.

Ye Futian's speed was too fast. Being a sorcerer, Bing Yi was skilled in crowd control, but not speed. However, this time, she could not restrict Ye Futian's movement and her illusions were also ineffective.

All of a sudden, many dazzling mirror images appeared, circling around the arena. All of them looked like Bing Yi as if she had been reflected in countless mirrors, creating a dizzying scene. However, Ye Futian, who had just broken the barrier open, charged towards one of the images without hesitation. Bing Yi's real body was standing there. Just like the two cultivators from the Zhuge Family previously, illusions were completely useless against Ye Futian.

"Mirror Strike!" Bing Yi shouted coldly. Immediately, snow filled the sky and the temperature around her dropped below the freezing point. The mirror images released many terrifying beams of light, shooting towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian, who was diving downwards, was hit by one of the beams of light at once. He felt a frightening Ice Will invading his body and even his blood was freezing. Then, many beams of light shone onto his body at the same time. The temperature in the arena fell rapidly and everything seemed to have stopped moving. Ye Futian's body slowed down continuously. He could feel his entire body being frozen, and half of his blood was turning into ice, stopping totally.

"It's Mirror Strike, one of the most famous spells from Mortal World. To cast the spell fully, a sorcerer would need to use all of her Spiritual Energy." Many people were astonished. At the moment, Bing Yi's long hair was dancing in the air like many icy blades. Around her, everything had frozen, while the mirror images were still emitting many beams of light.

Ye Futian's body was too powerful and his speed was too fast. She had to quickly finish the battle.

Cold! Ye Futian only felt waves of coldness seeping into his bones, stopping all the processes in his body. After all, Bing Yi was two levels higher than him, and in addition, she had cast such a strong spell. If the situation continued, he would really be frozen right here.

An even more terrifying aura erupted from his body. Ye Futian seemed to be moving his fists with a mysterious rhythm. Then, a more overpowering sovereign aura erupted from his body and the flames burning on him became wilder.

Boom! Ye Futian's speed increased again. Many cold beams of light continued hitting his body, but they could no longer stop him.

Then, Ye Futian stomped his foot in the air and appeared in front of Bing Yi, bringing along an astounding aura. Bing Yi's face turned pale. An icy world appeared in her pupils as she tried to influence Ye Futian again. However, Ye Futian punched out without hesitation. His fist penetrated across space.

Bang. Accompanied by a loud bang, Ye Futian's emperor-like fist landed on Bing Yi's chest, and the clear cracks of the bones could be heard. In just one strike, Bing Yi's body flew backward like the wind, after which she collapsed onto the ground. She spat out a mouthful of blood, coloring her shirt.

Many people were stunned. Ye Futian did not show any mercy towards the female opponent and punched her with full force. Nobody knew how many of Bing Yi's bones had been fractured. She put her hands on her chest and her face was as white as a sheet. Raising her head, she stared firmly at Ye Futian.

"Are you happy now?" Ye Futian said emotionlessly. Then, he turned around and left, as if he had never been bothered with this Virgin of Mortal World.

Many people stared at Ye Futian. They realized that they had all underestimated Ye Futian's combat ability. Perhaps, this battle had shown everyone his true powers. Bing Yi was certainly not weak, but she had still lost to Ye Futian. It was yet another unexpected outcome. Hence, Ye Futian was already powerful enough to compete with the core disciples of various top forces. He was able to stand on the stage of the best.

It was unlike what Bing Yi had said, that Ye Futian no longer belonged here.

Chu Shang was stunned, unable to remain calm. The young man from the Eastern Barren Territory at that time was already stronger than her. Apart from her, Nan Feng from Nantian House was also especially shocked. This time, Ye Futian did not use any ritual implement and defeated Bing Yi with his own strength. This meant that Ye Futian was also stronger than him already.

"He's already so strong." The disciples of Starry School were inconspicuous among the crowd. However, seeing Ye Futian's performance, they were also startled, especially Long Mu and Gu Yunxi. It turned out that Ye Futian was still able to shine on the strongest stage in the Barren State. He did not only belong to the Eastern Region. Only this was his arena.

After this battle, Ye Futian was promoted to the top 40.

The top 40 competitors were certainly the best of the best. They would most likely all be able to enter the Holy Zhi Palace.

Zhuge Xing glanced emotionlessly at Ye Futian. He was somewhat surprised, but not really shocked. Ye Futian seemed to possess special willpower which had allowed him to resist the various illusions. Furthermore, his martial arts skills were really strong and had actually suppressed Bing Yi's control spells, which nobody had expected. Even Bing Yi's strongest attack was ineffective.

It was no wonder that Ye Futian had been so arrogant. Nevertheless, it was good that he was so powerful as it would make things more interesting.

"Bing Yi, do you want to cultivate under me?" an elder from the Holy Zhi Palace invited. Although Bing Yi was defeated by someone with a lower level, they all knew how powerful she was.

Bing Yi raised her head to look at that person. Then, she looked at another person and said, "I would like to cultivate under Sage Daozang."

This was the mission given to her by her master. Sage Daozang knew many types of spells and was indeed very learned. With his help, she could return to Mortal World in the future much stronger.

Many people looked at Sage Daozang, who, however, only shook his head gently. Clearly, he was not very impressed by Bing Yi.

Intense disappointment flashed across Bing Yi's face. Then, she stood up from the ground with much difficulty and left. Apart from meeting other people, geniuses like her had all come here with clear targets. Unfortunately, she had failed hers. Maybe she could have better displayed her abilities if she had not choosen Ye Futian as her opponent.
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    《The Legend of Futian》