The Legend of Futian
560 Invincible Migh
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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560 Invincible Migh

The battles raged on and every battle that took place after that looked intense. There were also times where the odds of winning or losing were even, instead of merely having one side slaughtering the other.

Even some top-notch figures chose to fight early instead of waiting till the very end, or scenarios that should have taken place later with some of the most powerful had taken place a little too early. While they were all confident of what they were capable of, they were far from underestimating others around them. All wanted to make it as far as possible in the most prominent area in all of the Barren State.

Yi Xiaoshi made it through the battlefield, as he was also one of the most noted figures around. However, it was not due to his prowess, but due to his girth. There was no doubt that the cute fatty had the worst figure of all who fought on the battlefield. Many were puzzled by his plumpness. When cultivators reached a certain level, due to their ability to absorb ambient Spiritual Qi, it was a given that they were able to achieve stunning skin quality and figure. As such, beauties were common among cultivators, yet it was an extremely rare sight for nobles to possess his kind of figure. However, the fatty turned out to be more than what met the eyes, and he was incredibly powerful.

The fatty walked into the battlefield with rather clumsy movements. His eyes turned to the direction where Nan Feng, the proud son of the Nantian House was.

Nan Feng's pupils contracted as he returned the gaze. Yi Xiaoshi then said in a rather lazy tone, "Someone from the lesser sects of the Eastern Barren Territory has come to challenge the proud son of the Nantian House."

The fatty is indeed one to hold grudges. Nan Feng and Nan Yu were among the most pompous ones to have visited the colleges. As Nan Yu did not make the cut, Nan Feng remained the only one Yi Xiaoshi was capable of blowing his steam on. It would be rather fun to beat the likes of him up on a stage like this.

Zhuge Mingyue grinned at the sight. The fatty has gotten naughty.

Nan Hao turned his gaze on Yi Xiaoshi. Both Nan Feng and Nan Yu have wanted to make a move against Ye Futian on the Holy Road, and Nan Hao stopped them. He wanted to see what Ye Futian was capable of at the stage they were at now.

It was as he had predicted: Ye Futian kicked up quite a fuss after making it out of the Holy Road. What surprised him, however, was that someone from Ye Futian's party had decided to make a move against the Nantian House now.

Nan Feng carved his way out with effort as well. He had not expected the likes of Yi Xiaoshi to turn out to be so powerful back when the Nantian House descended on the Eastern Barren Territory. With Ye Wuchen being offered a chance to study under the Sword Demon, it was only natural that Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu would have stood a chance to enter the Holy Zhi Palace as well. There was little else the Nantian House would have been able to boast about if everyone in Ye Futian's party who had made it this far was all accepted as part of the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Are you ready?" Yi Xiaoshi asked.

"Make your move." Nan Feng unleashed an incredibly sharp aura and became encased in silver light, signaling his will to crush everything standing in his path.

Boom! The fatty stomped hard on the ground and took to the air, moving like a bolt of lightning and lashing out with his hand at Nan Feng. Gushing, slithering sounds were heard. His arms seemed to continue extending, turning into shiny golden Emperor's Vines, making their way to Nan Feng.

A row of divine arms and ritual implements materialized behind Nan Feng as a bright silver light burst. A dazzling silver spear stood and many others burst forth, lashing out to counter the Emperor's Vines coming at him.

The vines were cut down by the spears gradually, but the Emperor's Vines grew in numbers in response. It was as if a massive torrent of vines threatened to engulf Nan Feng's body. Nan Feng shouted in rage and the sky became filled with spears. The Life Spirit behind him released an incredibly blinding ray of light, threatening to penetrate everything standing in its path. Nan Feng took the ray of light in his hand and took to the air. A single thrust with the spear seemed to bring forth a peculiar rhythm. The shadows of the countless spears tore apart everything in their path.

The master of Nantian House was known for being the number one spearman in all of Barren State. The Silver Spear of Nantian was renowned by all back in its day and fought evenly with the art wielded by Yan Wuji, the master of Sword Saint Villa. The master of the Nantian House was ranked on the Barren Sky Ranking because of it. As Nan Feng was a descendant of Nantian House, it was a given that he was no weakling himself, and his Fallen Gods Spear Techniques was a comprehensive art.

Yi Xiaoshi's golden Emperor's Vines were infused with metal-elemental Spiritual Qi, which meant that it was very difficult to break them. Yet, the spears tore at them like they were made out of paper. However, Yi Xiaoshi hardly seemed fazed. He seemed to have turned himself into an ancient tree, taking root where he stood. The tree was ten zhang[1] tall and was large enough to block out the sky. It was something made entirely out of vines and they absorbed the Spiritual Qi around in a crazed manner. The golden Emperor's Vines rained down on Nan Feng below like there was no end. Regardless of how powerful Nan Feng's attacks were, he was determined to bury his opponent in his vines.

Nan Feng will certainly lose this one, most who watched the battle thought in their minds. Nan Feng was not powerful enough and was not a match for Nan Hao. With Yi Xiaoshi, who had now achieved grade seven Noble Plane and a top-class figure, Nan Feng would only be able to counter his attacks at best, and it seemed that Nan Feng would not last much longer under Yi Xiaoshi's incessant barrages.

It was as they all thought. Nan Feng began to give after a while, becoming increasingly tied up in the golden vines. He was hoisted into the air shortly after, the unsightly scene of which was for all to behold.

"I surrender," Nan Feng said with a pale face.

"So even disciples of the greater sects give up then?" Yi Xiaoshi laughed sarcastically at Nan Feng, who was now bounded so tightly that his face flushed with redness and was in incredible pain. Yi Xiaoshi seemed to enjoy embarrassing him, hanging him in mid-air and watching him struggle instead of simply finishing him.

"That fatty is really a mean one." Ye Futian chuckled.

"That will do," an elder of the Holy Zhi Palace said. Only then did Yi Xioashi throw Nan Feng down, coming down from the air and returning to where he stood.

Nan Feng looked in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace and saw no response. It was obvious that he had been eliminated, and none of the greater figures took a liking to him.

"Continue," a voice said from the sky stairwell. A stout figure, who seemed to have immense strength coursing all over his body, walked forward, looking wild and unruly as he did.

Chi Kuang, a member of the Chi clan of the Demon Gods. They trained in the northernmost regions of the Barren State, which was harsh and unforgiving. The region was sprawled with mountains, and if one were to continue moving up north, they would have reached the vast, seemingly endless Demon World. There were two top-class forces dominating the area—the Demon Gods and Taixuan Mountain.

The cultivators of the region were all wild and unruly. The cultivation scene was dominated by martial arts cultivators, and their way of combat leaned towards brute force more than anything else.

The Demon Gods held their territory without rest, and they lived right next to the Demon World. As such, it was not difficult to imagine how harsh their training environment was. Rumors had it that the place was often invaded by demon beasts from the Demon World, and the Demon Gods often led groups of mighty ones to hunt for demon beasts in the Demon World.

Chi Meng was the most powerful of the Demon Gods who made it to the battlefield, and Chi Kuang, who was a grade eight Noble Plane, was a close second. They were the only two Demon Gods left in the battlefield.

"I will challenge him." Chi Kuang pointed at Yu Sheng as he walked onto the battlefield. Yu Sheng was the one with the lowest level among all who remained on the battlefield. While he was a tough one, he was seen as easy to take on compared to others around. Furthermore, due to Yu Sheng's style of combat being similar to his, Chi Kuang picked him as his opponent. By kicking out Yu Sheng, Chi Kuang would then be fighting in the top 40, then the top 20, and then top ten. It was a great leap in every battle. Furthermore, to Chi Kuang, that was probably his last battle that was deemed easier to handle. There were no other opponents like that left to fight in the top 40.

Yu Sheng stepped forward and kept his eyes on Chi Kuang. The Demon God was one filled with pure, unadulterated strength, and he would make for a good opponent.

Boom. An incredibly violent fire burned on Chi Kuang's body, which quickly engulfed him. The veins on his muscles look wilder as they burned. It was as if his body was calling forth the endless power of magma deep within the earth.

Boom, boom. Chi Kuang moved in Yu Sheng's direction. Every step he took was a huge one, and the battlefield shook with it.

Dark, golden current flowed and manifested into an armor covering Yu Sheng's body. He became encased in an aura of demonic might as he exuded equally wild and powerful aura. He took his first step with a loud boom and ran. Both loud, powerful bodies were to clash soon.

Both men lifted up the arm and lashed out at the same time. Chi Kuang's arm was filled with extremely wild Demonic Qi, like a fire demon ape out to overpower everyone. Yu Sheng's dark golden arm covered in demonic might instead. Due to being born with immense strength to begin, the air practically exploded when he lifted his arm to attack.

The attacks of the two men clashed hard in the air, resulting in a loud, deafening rumble. Both were thrown back by the resulting shock. Chi Kuang's arm felt rather numb. Having fought demonic beasts his whole life, he felt like a humanoid beast of war himself at the moment, clad in aura more overpowering than the demonic beasts'.

Boom. Yu Sheng stomped on the ground and took to the air. He sprouted devil-like wings behind his back and materialized a Heavenly Halberd in his hand. Rumbling, unruly currents permeated his body, as he brought down the might of a devil onto Chi Kuang below.

Chi Kuang felt for the first time in his life that someone two planes below him was capable of manifesting a pressure that was more powerful than his. None of the demons on the mountains were capable of doing so, yet Yu Sheng, who was of an inferior level, managed.

What was seen in Chi Kuang's eyes was an all-supreme devil bringing down the murderous might of hell onto Yu Sheng's head. Yu Sheng's Heavenly Halberd, imbued with the might of the heavens, crashed down on him. Chi Kuang felt as if a devilish god had appeared from the heavens, ready to overpower everything on the battlefield of the demons beneath before Yu Sheng got there.

The elders of the Holy Zhi Palace all had their eyes fixed on the scene before them, compelled to acknowledge that Yu Sheng was more suitable at the God Suppressing Strike of the God Slaying Halberd than Ning Huang; Yu Sheng was the man more suitable at using the God Slaying Halberd.

Chi Kuang roared instead of evading. Being a mighty one among the Demon Gods, he was no stranger to clashing head-on with powerful beings, let alone one who was of lower plane.

"Roar!" A fiery-red ape shadow appeared and howled at the heavens. Chi Kuang's right arm felt as if it was being covered by fiery rocks. The arm felt like it belonged to an ape instead of him as he lashed out at the Heavenly Halberd formed using Spiritual Qi. The Heavenly Halberd clashed hard onto the arm of the ape. The arm exploded, but the extremely powerful halberd was no more at the same time.

Chi Kuang snorted, cladding ape arms on both his arms and sending them out to grab Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng, like Chi Kuang, had no fear of fighting up close and personal. The dark golden spikes on his arms absorbed Spiritual Qi around him maniacally. A shadow of an ape materialized behind Chi Kuang, while the shadow of a devil materialized behind Yu Sheng.

Boom, boom, boom… Both men clashed head-on, with a force that seemed to be able to tear everything to shreds. Their first clash had many feel like their hearts were soon going to burst out of their chests. The two brutes out to overpower each other went on fighting for rounds and rounds over a very short span of time.

Being able to do so also suggested Yu Sheng's body was more solid and packed more punch than Chi Kuang of the Demon Gods. What was even more terrifying was that he became wilder and unrulier as the fight raged on, making him a war beast in human form who was born solely for war.

Chi Kuang roared and his body took a stouter and even more muscular form. As his body enlarged, his ape shadow became even more overwhelming. The hand that seemed capable of tearing everything in its path to shreds went for Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng's demonic current burst forth, making the demon shadow at his back look even more solid, as if a devil had truly descended upon them as it extended its arms. Yu Sheng's thick, overpowering arms extended to take on the arm coming for him and held it tight.

"Get off me!" Chi Kuang roared.

Boom. Yu Sheng took a step forward and raw strength surged in his arms, hoisting Chi Kuang's body off the ground. The Demon God was flung off the ground against his will by Yu Sheng. There was no methods nor techniques involved; all there was used right there was raw, primitive, brute strength.

Chi Kuang was shocked to the core, intending to lash out with his other hand to counter. A rumbling boom followed as Yu Sheng sidestepped and turned his arms, throwing the body of the Demon God high into the air, robbing the Demon God of his foundation on the ground with which to draw power.

"Get off!" Chi Kuang roared, feeling his body spinning in the air.

Voom. Yu Sheng's arms let go. A rumbled followed soon as he did, but the throw ended up flinging Chi Kuang hard onto the ground, and everyone heard the bone-cracking sounds.

The air returned to silence in an instant.

So mighty ones of such levels are capable of fighting like this?

One can still fight in such a way?

"Wha..." Many felt as if their perceptions and knowledge was being screwed over. Was that how powerful nobles were supposed to fight?

However, it remained a fact that the overwhelming power demonstrated shocked the audience to their core. It was all too overwhelming. All tactics and techniques were rendered utterly useless before raw, unadulterated, natural brute strength. The sheer overpowering force demonstrated alone was more than enough to suppress everything else.

Ye Futian was in cold sweat as his heart raced. Wow, Yu Sheng, you are something…

[1] zhang: an old Chinese measure of length equal to 3.58 meters, or 11 feet 9 inches.
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    《The Legend of Futian》