The Legend of Futian
561 Fierce Battlefield
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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561 Fierce Battlefield

The Demon Gods specialized in overwhelming brute force, yet one such powerful Demon God, Chi Kuang, ended up being completely overwhelmed by Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng's solid build and explosive power startled many in the audience, especially when he hoisted Chi Kuang up with both his arms.

What was more surprising was that he was at the pinnacle of Arcana Plane. While he was simply one step away from developing comprehension of Noble Plane of martial arts, it remained a fact that his level was lower than Chi Kuang's. It was anyone's guess how far his strength would grow if he was to be a grade eight or seven noble.

The hearts of those who emerged from the Dawn Road raced. Many recalled that startling scene right outside Jinxiao City, and that was before he had achieved demonization. Once he was fully demonized, he would turn into a true demonic figure. It was no surprise then that he was able to kill Ning Huang. Many truly came to believe that Ning Huang had actually perished in Yu Sheng's hands.

As the battles raged on, the earth-shaking shock that Yu Sheng brought about did not last for long. Every battle that followed was earth-shattering in each of their own right. All who fought were genius level figures. The golden great ape, Yuan Zhan, whom Ye Futian's party came to be familiar with, was just as violent in his fight as Yu Sheng had been, overpowering his opponent with sheer brute strength and little else.

When the round of battles finished, there were only 40 silhouettes left on the vast battlefield. The elders of the Holy Zhi Palace permitted them to rest to prepare themselves for the next round of battles that were to come.

Many outside the battlefield scanned the place, and they were hard-pressed to find anyone that was remotely considered weak. All who were left were considered geniuses. Even Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, whom many did not expect to have gotten this far, managed to prove themselves. Ye Futian defeated Bing Yi and Yu Sheng beat down Chi Kuang with his godlike strength. They were simply considered comparatively weak to those top-class candidates.

Of all those who walked the nine Holy Roads, only 40 remained, with candidates emerging from Dawn Road and Barren Road being the most numerous. The most prominent of those emerging from the Barren Road were the mighty ones from Zhongzhou City. Due to the Barren Road being one of the top three most arduous roads of all nine, what was seen then was simply within everyone's expectations. However, what happened with the Dawn Road was something else altogether. Due to the emergence of dark horses such as Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Yi Xiaoshi, those who were left from the Dawn Road turned out to be more numerous than those from the Barren Road.

Other than Ye Futian's party, there were also Nan Hao from the Nantian House, Yan Jiu from the Sword Saint Villa, and Xiao Junyi, heir of the Dark Sage. Many had gotten into frenzied discussions as to who would be able to make it into the top 20 after the upcoming round of battles.

"The ones from Dawn Road were truly surprising. There are more of them than ones from any one of the top three toughest roads."

"Indeed, Ye Futian's party ended up taking three places in the top 40. There is also Yuan Zhan from Mount Taixing. But if we are talking about top-tier combatants, the ones from Dawn Road are still nowhere close. The ones in the top three will probably still be the ones who will dominate the scene."

"There are Huang Jiuge, Xu Que, and the others from Barren Road, and then Bai Ze, the top class genius from White Cloud City. As for Nether Road, there are Zhuge Xing, Chi Meng, and the others. These are truly top-class combatants indeed. But Xiao Junyi from Dawn Road is an unpredictable one. Yan Jiu, Nan Hao, and Yuan Zhan are also very powerful."

"This year's combatants are truly something. Yang Jian from State Road; descendants of Zhong clan and Xie Ji from the Sacred Fire Sect from Separation Road; and descendants of Vermillion Bird Street from Travel Road. The ones from Frost Road and Decay Road are definitely the most mysterious. The guy who called himself Huang from Frost Road, the heir of the Undying Old Man, and then the mysterious Ancient Shaman clan from the Decay Road, all feel dangerous.

Many shared the same sentiment. Everyone who managed to make it to the top 40 was terrifying in their own right. The next round of battles would definitely turn into a clash of titans.

With things being so intense at this stage, it was anyone's guess, as to what would become of the battles during the top 20 and the top 10 stages. Even the question of who would be able to make the cut to reach such stages remained a mystery.

Many had the opinion that one or more from Ye Futian's party, namely Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, and Yu Sheng would have been eliminated in that round of battles. It was not that they were not powerful, but that the ones they were about to face were all grade seven or even grade six nobles. No matter how much of a genius those people were, they was simply no chance for them to come out on top. Those who remained on the battlefield were, after all, incredibly powerful figures themselves.

For instance, Hua Jieyu had lost at the hands of Yan Jiu before, and it would have been anyone's guess as to how she would have been able to make it through that round.

Everyone was a top-notch genius at that point, and no one dared to pick fights without some measure of deliberation. Opponents were to be chosen wisely, as there was hardly anyone who dared underestimate anyone still standing.

Ye Futian closed his eyes to train in the battlefield, and Spiritual Qi was seen swirling around him. It was something startling to many in the audience. He is actually training at a time like this? Is there any use now? The fact that his plane is inferior to many will remained unchanged. It looks like Ye Futian knows the situation he is in well and is feeling the clinch.

Many on the battlefield shifted their gaze onto him. Other than him, Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu were the ones getting the most attention. It became apparent that they were indeed incredible combatants, and while they suffered disadvantages, they still stood a chance. The same could not be said for many who seemed to have a better chance.

The break ended quickly. The elder on the sky stairwell announced for the battles to continue. Two figures leaped into the battlefield almost at the same time, almost at the very second the round commenced.

"Yun Ce and Zhong Li." The eyes of many sparkled. The clash of the titans was about to begin.

White Cloud City was one of the few main cities in the Barren State, and one that was renowned throughout the entire state. There were two clans in control of the city in the early days of the city—The Bai clan and the Yun clan. As Bai Clan came to overpower the Yun Clan in the latter days, the city lord of White Cloud City was descended from the Bai Clan. However, the Yun Clan had never truly fallen on hard times, and the clan remained one of the top forces in the region. But then again, the city lord of White Cloud CIty himself was ranked fourth in the Barren Sky Ranking, and Bai Luli was ranked tenth. Regardless of how powerful the Yun Clan could be, they were unable to surpass their current stature as retainers helping the Bai Clan rule the city.

Yun Ce hailed from the Yun Clan from White Cloud City and trained alongside Bai Ze. His combat prowess as a grade seven noble was formidable.

Zhong Li emerged from Separation Road as a member of Zhong Clan, a great clan renowned on the Separation Road. The clan shared an amicable relationship with Alchemy City. The clan leader of the Zhong clan was a mighty one who was ranked in the Barren Sky Ranking. Zhong Li was also a genius. Many speculated that he was probably the most powerful out of all who emerged from Separation Road, and his prowess was thought to be superior to Xie Ji's from the Sacred Fire Sect. Cultivators who walked the Separation Road were no stranger to Zhong Li's prowess as a genius, and there was no one who dared challenge him.

The clashing of both men was bound to be an intense one. As expected, both men did not let their audience down. Their battle turned out to be an earth-shaking one indeed.

Ye Futian stopped training and turned his eyes to the battlefield. Golden, great cauldrons were seen in the air on top of the battlefield, and each looked to contain immense power, bringing intense pressure to bear on anything they could target. What was more terrifying was that the golden cauldron at the center was carved with matrix patterns, as if it was a great matrix out to crush anything beneath it. The golden cauldron at the center was Zhong Li's Dharma spirit. Inscribing matrix patterns on one's Life Spirit was akin to bolstering a god which was already powerful, making it something seemingly capable of killing other gods.

Yun Ce from White Cloud City was immensely powerful, yet he was utterly cornered and was only able to keep defending himself until the inevitable came.

Many turned their eyes at Bai Ze, who was also from White Cloud City. Nothing was able to be made out of his calm expressions. Despite Yun Ce's defeat, he was accepted into the Core Island of the Holy Zhi Palace to train.

"Zhong Li was probably the strongest one from Separation Road, then," Ye Futian said to himself. He was able to feel that Zhong Li was indeed more powerful than Xie Ji from the Sacred Fire Sect.

Two figures walked out at the same time again in the second battle. Both wanted to pick their opponents, yet both ended up clashing with each other. They were Chi Meng of the Demon Gods and the young man from the Immortal Village; the one who killed Du Ao.

The mysterious young man fought a very fierce battle with Chi Meng before being defeated. Many in the audience were impressed at how each and every remaining combatant turned out to be mighty figures, and the elimination of each of the defeated one felt regretful to many.

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. He had indeed felt the pressure on him, and he was wondering when will be the best time for Jieyu, Yu Sheng, and the others to fight their respective battles?

The battlefield at the moment was simply too dangerous, and everyone who they were about to fight seemed like insurmountable obstacles. Top-notch genius figure from Taixuan Mountain clashed with the mysterious Huang from Frost Road in the third battle. The outcome of the extremely violent battle was a surprising one, with Huang being the victor, and all of the mighty ones from Taixuan Mountain were eliminated by then.

Hua Jieyu made her move in the fourth battle, and she clashed with someone she had fought before—Yan Jiu.

Hua Jieyu did not give up easily in that battle and only lost after fighting fiercely. She ended her journey at the top 40 stage splendidly. The most beautiful girl right from the beginning on the battlefield had finally made her exit.

"Do you wish to train under my wing?"

"Hua Jieyu, will you become my student?"

Several great figures from the Holy Zhi Palace extended their invitations to her, and some were of a caliber equal to Sage Daozang. Yet, Hua Jieyu simply bowed lightly to everyone in the Holy Zhi Palace and looked at Ye Futian with a smile before continuing, "I will go where he goes. I ask for your forgiveness in making such a decision."

The great figures all wore funny looks on their face, before grinning while shaking their heads. She is one hell of a girl indeed…

And Ye Futian became the target of many eyes speaking of envy and jealousy. However, given that Hua Jieyu was not able to advance any further, many thought it was that Ye Futian would get eliminated as well.

Huang Jiuge made the first move in the fifth battle and ended up running over his opponent.

Xu Que fought the sixth battle and managed to overpower his opponent.

The seventh, eighth, and subsequent continued. Every single battle was one that shook the hearts of the audience, and every victor proved their worthiness for being in the top 20.

Half of the battles took place in the blink of an eye. Ten made it to the top 20 after ten battles were fought.

Xie Ji from the Sacred Fire Sect walked out to take the 11th battle, and there were no other genius figures who walked out at the same time. It was one of the rare chances to pick one's opponent. Despite his strength, he was by no means capable of simply beating any opponent who he fought. However, things might have proven different for him given that he had obtained the initiative.

Xie Ji's eyes turned to Ye Futian, and it proved to be a good chance for him to settle the scores.

"So Xie Ji managed to take the opportunity. Looks like Xie Ji stands a good chance of being in the top 20," many in the audience said to themselves. But given that Ye Futian had defeated Bing Yi before, it was no easy feat for Xie Ji to use Ye Futian as a stepping stone. It would require Xie Ji to give it his all.

Ye Futian took his steps, and dazzling golden wings appeared as he did. The wings flapped as he became encased in wind spells. Ye Futian's body took to the air and gained speed.

He is trying to go straight into battle like that?

An incredibly destructive Dark Lotus appeared behind Xie Ji's back, and the temperature of the battlefield rose all suddenly, turning the place into a scorching hell. Xie Ji extended both of his arms and raised them high in the air. The Dark Lotuses came to spread throughout the vast battlefield like an endless torrent. Flames of rage howled, seemingly going to burn everything to the ground.

Terrifying Dark Fire Will burst into Ye Futian's mind at the same time.

"That is the ultimate flame spell of the Sacred Fire Sect, the World-burning Lotus." The hearts of many raced. It was one of the most powerful flame spells of the Sacred Fire Sect, one which placed an enormous, terrifying toll on one's Spiritual Energy and Qi. It was a spell capable of igniting anything within its vicinity. It was said that the Holy Forerunner of the sect burned a city down with that spell alone.

Xie Ji went casting World-burning Lotus right off the bat; was he trying to kill Ye Futian from the very beginning?

Phantasmal flames burned throughout the entire battlefield. Even those who were near the edge of the battlefield were able to feel the intense heat, and it was anyone's guess what things were like for Ye Futian, who was surrounded by countless fiery lotuses like that.

Xie Ji went for the kill right from the start!

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    《The Legend of Futian》