The Legend of Futian
564 The Eye of Devastation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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564 The Eye of Devastation

In the battlefield, there were only 20 people remaining and they were all catching their breath. Battles at this level would definitely cause them to be worn out, so the Holy Zhi Palace gave them time to rest after each round of battles.

Now, among the top 20 in the battlefield, there were seven people from the Dawn Road: Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Yi Xiaoshi, Yuan Zhan, Xiao Junyi, Yan Jiu and Nan Hao. This caused the crowd to be amazed, even if the Dawn Road lacked elite geniuses, it was astounding for seven people to be able to make it into the top 20. Those that were still remaining all had elite battle abilities. For instance, Dou Kui, who had just been eliminated, was extremely strong.

Also eliminated were Yun Ce from the White Cloud City, Xia Hou from the Xia Clan, Xie Ji from the Sacred Fire Sect. Many elite figures had already been eliminated, so being able to step into the top 20 was by no means coincidence. They had all fought their way in with their strength.

Apart from the seven people from the Dawn Road, the Zhongzhou City's Barren Road had the most people. The Sovereign Family's Huang Jiuge, Xu Que from the Tingxue House, Ximen Yan from the Ximen Clan and Zi Yan from the Thunder Courtyard.

In the other seven Holy Roads, the Nether Road had two people, Chi Meng from the Demon God Clan and Zhuge Xing from the Zhuge Clan.

The Decay Road had two people, the disciple of the undying old man, the girl who called herself Phoenix and the successor of the Ancient Shaman Clan, Gui Chen.

The other Holy Roads all had one person each, namely Bai Ze from the White Cloud CIty, Li Xing from the Vermillion Bird Sect, Yang Jian from the Yang Clan and a mysterious expert from the Frost Road, Huang.

At a glance, there was not a weakling to be seen, and even the crowd could not predict who was going to be eliminated next. Previously, the two who had been shortlisted for elimination, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, had defeated Xie Ji and Dou Kui. Who would dare to say that they would be eliminated next? Unless they were to be matched up against the strongest people.

Everyone was debating about who would enter the top ten. Bai Ze, Huang Jiuge, Zhuge Xing, Xu Que,and Chi Meng should be able to continue. Apart from that, Zi Yan from the Thunder Courtyard and Li Xing from the Vermillion Bird Sect were grade six nobles and had a high chance of proceeding to the next round.

Besides that, they were unable to guess who it would be, but they knew that it was unrealistic to make their conjecture purely based on their cultivation level. The circumstances would change based on who was battling as their battling styles all differed.

In a nutshell, any battle that happened next was highly anticipated.

In the battlefield, the 20 people were exceptionally quiet, like they had all fallen asleep. Evidently, they were all under immense pressure. If they won another match, they would be in the top ten.

In another direction outside the battlefield, Chen Yuan and Mu Chuan were watching, the Starry School's disciples behind them.

"Mu Chuan, it's already the top 20. Moreover, he only broke through and became a Noble Plane cultivator not long ago. Do you know what that means?" Chen Yuan asked with a solemn expression. This time, Mu Chuan was exceptionally calm and did not rebuke Chen Yuan. The successor that Chen Yuan had picked had reached here merely as a grade nine noble. How far could he go if he was a grade seven noble?

Chen Yuan had claimed that as the Son, he would have to dominate his generation. Did that include the entire Barren State? Not just Ye Futian, but Yu Sheng and even Ye Wuchen, who had been eliminated, were all extremely strong. This was an awe-inspiring trio.

In time, when they all grew, how far could they go?

It was unimaginable.

Behind them, Gu Yunxi, Long Mu, Qin Yin, Li Qingyi and the rest were all shocked by Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. They felt as though they could never catch up to the two of them and their brilliance.

Many people in the Dawn Road felt proud of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It looked like Ning Huang's death in Jinxiao City hadn't been by chance. If he could live to see the sight now, he would probably not have forced Ye Futian's hand in the Holy Road.

Hua Jieyu watched the battlefield quietly. She had more confidence in Ye Futian than anyone else. From way back when they knew each other in the Qingzhou Academy to the Nandou Nation and the Eastern Barren Territory, there was no one who did not know Ye Futian's name. The Barren State would be no different.

The wind billowed and rustled across the battlefield desolately. On the sky stairwell, the elder opened his mouth and declared, "Let the battles continue."

As his voice landed, it became exceptionally quiet outside the battlefield and the silence permeated the air. Everyone was controlling themselves, their gazes all focused on the battlefield and anticipating the battles for the top ten.

In the battlefield, many people started to look at others, observing their every move. Now, each of them would have to consider who they wanted to pick as an opponent.

As the wind rushed past, two figures moved at the same time and descended on the battlefield like flashes of lightning.

So fast. The two combatants for the first battle have already appeared, the crowd thought as they focused their gaze on the battlefield.

It was the genius of the Ximen Clan, Ximen Yan.

The Ximen Clan had great expectations for him. Today, many of his elders had personally come to watch the battles. Ximen Yan was indeed strong and he had proven himself in his previous battles. However, his expression now was especially grim as he stared down the opponent who had stepped into the battlefield with him.

Anyone would be nervous when facing him.

It was a young and handsome man, distinguished and elegant. He resembled his brother a little and there were rumors that his potential was not inferior to his brother. He would likely be an influential figure on the Barren Sky Ranking in the future.

He was only a grade eight noble, the lowest apart from Ye Futian and Yu Sheng in the battlefield. That was because he was younger than most of them.

He was Bai Ze from the White Cloud City.

Nobody had expected him to be the first to step out. The contestant that had been reputed to have the ability to enter the top three was the first to appear in the battle platform.

Unlike Ximen Yan's serious expression, Bai Ze was very relaxed and did not show many emotions. It was like he was doing an insignificant thing. He did not care who his opponent was, because no matter who it was, there would only be one outcome.

Ximen Yan was no different.

The wind on the battlefield started to get more and more vigorous and it started to pick up around Ximen Yan's body. At the same time, brilliant silver rays appeared in the air and transformed into flying daggers. The flying daggers made shrill roaring sounds and a terrifying Broadsword Will was infused in them. What was even more horrifying was that the flying daggers had become part of the storm while the storm was rampaging and revolving, as if the silver storm could destroy the entire battlefield on Ximen Yan's whim.

Bladestorm. The crowd felt the destructive might and was stunned. However, within the terrifying storm, Bai Ze stood there calmly. The wind billowed at his shirt and made crackling sounds and his shirt was in shreds under the sharp Broadsword Will, but Bai Ze's expression did not change. It was like he did not feel anything.

At that moment, Bai Ze's eyes became exceptionally demonic and turned grey. In the next second, a formidable Spiritual Will surrounded the entire area and rushed into Ximen Yan's brain. Ximen Yan felt like his entire world had turned grey and an immense pressure was crushing down on him.

His cultivation level was higher than Bai Ze's, so his Spiritual Energy should have been stronger. However, he was being suppressed by his opponent's Spiritual Energy because Bai Ze's Spiritual Energy was different from others.

This was Ximen Yan's first time battling with an expert from the White Cloud City. In an instant, he understood how scary it was.

The White Cloud City's strongest legacy, the Eye of Devastation.

A Spirit Elementalist. Ye Futian watched the two of them battle and understood that an Eye Spell expert's foundation was a Spirit Elementalist. Spirit Elementalists specialized in different abilities and were the most mysterious and tricky sorcerers to deal with, especially those that specialized in special abilities. They were often ridiculously strong.

Ye Futian had long heard of the White Cloud City, especially his third brother's defeat at the hands of the young city lord Bai Luli. He was observing Bai Ze's battle and Bai Ze had not used such a dominant eye spell in his previous battles.

Using his Freedom Meditation, he saw a grey world. That was the Noble zone that was created by the Spiritual Energy of the eye spell that had suppressed Ximen Yan.

"Die," Ximen Yan roared, as he tried to control his Spiritual Energy and stabilize it. As he reached his limit, the storm fired countless blades at Bai Ze. However, Spirit Elementalists had always been able to counter sorcerers. Ximen Yan's offensive abilities appeared to have been weakened drastically as an invisible grey hand appeared from the horrifying grey world and crushed down upon the storm. Immediately, the storm became chaotic and the daggers flew around uncontrollably.

Corporeal Spiritual Energy. Ye Futian was astounded, as he exerted his Freedom Meditation. He could feel everything that was happening. The bladestorm was revolving rapidly, but none of the attacks were able to reach Bai Ze. Although they scraped past him, he stood in the eye of the storm calmly and did not move.

"You're still a long way away," Bai Ze casually said. The flying daggers that Ximen Yan had materialized flew backward and pierced Ximen Yan. In an instant, Ximen Yan's body flew backward and he fell on the ground, drenched in his blood.

The horrific Spiritual Will suppression disappeared and Ximen Yan looked like he was at a loss. He had fought his way into the top 20, but he was still unable to withstand a single blow!

"This…" Countless gazes froze. They had expected the outcome of the battle and knew that Bai Ze was the definite winner, but they had not expected him to obtain victory in such a dominating fashion.

Ximen Yan, who had fought his way into the top 20, was not even worthy of being his opponent.

This caused many people to think of the glorious figures of the White Cloud City. The White Cloud Lord, fourth on the Barren Sky Ranking and Bai Luli, tenth on the Barren Sky Ranking. This was a frightening clan that was making it way to the apex of the Barren State.

In the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, Bai Luli watched the battle calmly. He knew Bai Ze's strength, so it no surprise for him to defeat Ximen Yan. In the battlefield, there were only one or two people who had the right to be Bai Ze's opponent!
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    《The Legend of Futian》