The Legend of Futian
566 Someone with Three Life Spirits
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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566 Someone with Three Life Spirits

After Yuan Zhan defeated Zhong Li, Xiao Junyi stepped onto the battlefield. No one else stepped out, so he received the rare chance to pick his own opponent. He chose Gui Chen of the Ancient Shaman Clan. He'd come from the Withered Road.

Gui Chen was very thin and pretty handsome. However, he gave off a cold and eerie feeling. He seemed very interested in Phoenix, who'd also come from the Withered Road. His eyes were always on Phoenix.

When he stepped onto the battlefield, his eyes grew even colder as he stared at Xiao Junyi. The people who got to choose their opponents would naturally choose the weakest one. Did Xiao Junyi think he was the weakest on the battlefield?

Many people were confused as to why Xiao Junyi had chosen Gui Chen. This eerie guy with mysterious power felt dangerous. He couldn't be the weakest.

"You will die tragically." Gui Chen's lips curled into a cold smirk. Xiao Junyi was calm when he heard this. The moment he stepped onto the battlefield, his handsome features seemed to be as calm as still water. It was as if nothing could move him. He was calm to the extreme, making others feel that he was cold and emotionless.

Those from the Dawn Road obviously knew how dangerous Xiao Junyi was. He wasn't just cold—he was cold-blooded. However, one couldn't see that from his handsome features.

Ignoring Gui Chen's words, Xiao Junyi produced a bamboo flute. He put it to his lips and began playing. His clothing danced in the wind. With his handsome features and figure, he was like a gentleman.

Strands of formless spiritual power seeped into Gui Chen's mind along with the music. They transformed into strands of deathly black air currents that corroded Gui Chen's spiritual energy.

Gui Chen's face darkened, making his face seem even eerier. His opponent seemed skilled in dark energy, just like him. Green flames appeared in his spiritual energy. Like will-o'-wisps, they seeped into the dark air currents, making the dark air currents jump around. At the same time, there were rustles. Vines curled towards Xiao Junyi. They weren't green and had a strange color. There seemed to be thorns on the vines, making them look like poisonous snakes. They loomed over Xiao Junyi, about to bury him in them.

"What kind of wood elemental power is this?"

"The Ancient Shaman Clan specializes in evil elemental power. This isn't pure wood elemental power. If the opponent is tangled in it, he'll probably lose his combat ability instantly."

Everyone focused on the battlefield. The vines had transformed into cobras that covered the sky, blocking Xiao Junyi's exits. However, he seemed to not feel anything at all. He continued to play his flute. Shreds of black air currents flowed around him, covering his body like a black fog. When the cobra-like vines curled towards him, they instantly turned black. They wilted and turned to dust.

"Such powerful Spiritual Qi of Death. He must have a lot of blood on his hands to cultivate it to this level." The big figures from the Holy Zhi Palace looked at Xiao Junyi. Very few people cultivated the Spiritual Qi of Death. Those who did were known as necromancers. They weren't accepted by the mainstream cultivation world because one must deal with dead people to cultivate it. There was a very terrifying necromancer in the Barren State. Many people didn't dare to anger him—the Dark Sage.

Gui Chen furrowed his brows. His cultivation power was just as evil, but Xiao Junyi's Spiritual Power of Death had repressed it. Even though Gui Chen's power was evil, it still contained vitality. Xiao Junyi's could kill everything.

Boom. Fire burst forth. The vines that continued towards Xiao Junyi were set on fire. Wood and fire elemental power could never exist in harmony; wood must burn in the face of fire. However, Gui Chen put fire elemental power on his wood elemental spell, instantly creating will-o'-wisps in the sky. Colorful air currents flowed out towards Xiao Junyi.

Xiao Junyi continued playing his flute. The black air currents beside him grew stronger. It was like various black snakes dancing and wrapping around him. When the endless black currents flowed, all the Spiritual Qi in the world seemed to turn into Spiritual Qi of Death. The fire arrived and extinguished. No Spiritual Qi existed with the Death Qi, so the spells would obviously extinguish.

Xiao Junyi started walking. He stepped forward while playing his flute. The Spiritual Qi of Death continued flowing crazily around him. All spells in its path died away. He walked out of the territory of spells and towards Gui Chen. He walked lightly and slowly as if he was just strolling. However, the observers all felt chills go down their spines.

The dark air currents transformed into black cobras and then into black dragons. They galloped across the sky, covering the sun. The song was like an orchestra of death.

Gui Chen was completely restrained.

Behind him, a terrifying black shadow appeared, along with a huge image. Evil currents flowed through, transforming into a huge and frightening print. It was like a rune of the Ancient Shaman Sect.

"It's the curse of the Ancient Shaman Sect." Light flashed past the eyes of the strong cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace. The image grew bigger and bigger. Destructive power flowed into it. Gui Chen waved his hand and the curse flew towards Xiao Junyi.

The black dragon around Xiao Junyi roared. Endless dark currents passed through the curse, darkening it as well. The next moment, it dissipated to nothing. Gui Chen's face turned white instantly. Shreds of black appeared under his pallor. It felt as if his entire body was taken over by the Spiritual Qi of Death. His vitality was weakening.

"I surrender," Gui Chen uttered with difficulty. If he didn't surrender, he would die. Xiao Junyi would really kill him.

Such a terrifying guy. Many hearts trembled. Xiao Junyi's abilities displayed in this battle were truly frightening.

Ye Futian felt that Xiao Junyi had become stronger since the Holy Road. This must have had something to do with his killing on the Holy Road. Too many people had died in his hands and were turned into dead spirits.

"Are you the heir of the Dark Sage?" someone from the Holy Zhi Palace asked.

"Yes," Xiao Junyi replied, bowing. Without displaying his abilities, he was polite like a gentleman.

"I heard you killed many people on the Holy Road." The voice was cold. "Murderous abilities are devoid of humanity and yet you cultivate this. Do you know your sin?"

Xiao Junyi looked up at the strong cultivator of the Holy Zhi Palace. He still had no emotions. "If you believe that I have sinned, then does the Holy Zhi Palace know about its own sins?"

"How dare you!" the strong cultivation roared.

Xiao Junyi wasn't intimidated at all. He continued looking up at the other and said smoothly, "I traveled the Holy Road and did everything according to the rules of the Holy Zhi Palace. You opened the Holy Road, allowing strong cultivators from all over the Barren State to come and steal the hoy badges and relics. There was endless fighting. Who here on this battlefield can say that they have no blood on their hands? Do you think that killing 100 people is a sin, but killing ten people isn't? If I have sinned, then what about the Holy Zhi Palace who set this rule?"

The strong cultivator stared coldly at Xiao Junyi, unable to refute his words.

"Continue," another strong cultivator said.

The elder on the stairs nodded. "You two go back. The battle continues."

Xiao Junyi was right. Everything followed the rules. If Xiao Junyi was a sinner, then what about the Holy Zhi Palace who had set the rules? It was like slapping one's own face.

Clearly, Gui Chen hadn't been chosen. It wasn't because he wasn't strong enough. The Holy Zhi Palace just didn't want him as a disciple. Xiao Junyi turned and left the battlefield calmly. He knew that the Holy Zhi Palace couldn't do anything to him. They were a group of fake people.

The figures came out at almost the same time. Many people froze. Their eyes fell upon the youth in elegant clothing—Huang Jiuge of the Sovereign Family. Then they looked to the person standing before them, wondering who this unlucky fatty was. He actually ran into Huang Jiuge.

Yi Xiaoshi was also annoyed. His opponent was quite strong. Huang Jiuge was probably the strongest of this batch. Many saw him as one of the top three.

The Emperor Vine's life spirit bloomed. A huge emperor-like tree appeared. Endless golden vines spread out, covering the sky and growing crazily. Rustles sounded. The frightening golden vines dropped down, shooting towards Huang Jiuge like bolts of lightning.

Sovereign Spiritual Qi emerged from Huang Jiuge. It seemed as if he was covered in royal armor. Various Sovereign Swords appeared. Huang Jiuge pointed in the air and the swords burst forward. They easily cut apart the golden vines.

However, they re-grew as soon as they were cut apart. More and more vines appeared, locking Huang Jiuge's body. More vines shot forward like endless golden spears that wanted to bury Huang Jiuge here.

The Sovereign Swords cut frantically, but chopping the vines seemed to make them grow faster. They grew like weeds. Huang Jiuge roared and the swords shot forward. However, the golden vines formed a wall of trees. The Sovereign Swords buried into it but disappeared. Yi Xiaoshi couldn't even be seen.

The wildly-growing vines absorbed so much Spiritual Qi and filled the battlefield. Some vines wrapped around Huang Jiuge's legs. The thorns tried to pierce him but couldn't get through the royal armor, so they just wrapped around his body, burying him.

Boom! With a loud sound, the vines exploded. Huang Jiuge's body shone brilliantly like the descendant of a true god. A shadow appeared behind him. It was like a god descending from heaven. This figure emanated with such terrifying pressure. At the same time, a sword appeared. It seemed to be undefeatable.

Huang Jiuge wasn't only a swordsman. He had a sword as a life spirit, but instead of one, he had three life spirits.

The Sovereign Family who'd always called themselves the descendants of Renhuang had three life spirits: the Renhuang Body, Renhuang Sword, and Renhuang Bow!

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    《The Legend of Futian》