The Legend of Futian
567 Battling Yan Jiu
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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567 Battling Yan Jiu

Huang Jiuge was buried by the Emperor's Vine attack and he was infuriated, causing him to release his Life Spirit. A commanding Sovereign aura circulated around Huang Jiuge. He held the Renhuang Sword in his hand and swung it with both hands. The Renhuang Sword spewed out terrifying flames, shattering the oncoming vines.

"Go." Huang Jiuge's palm struck the Renhuang Sword and in an instant, the Renhuang Sword transformed into a ray of light that slashed forward, crushing the countless golden vines in its path. Wherever the Renhuang Sword passed by, it would reduce to nothingness, the destructive power even caused the vines to be unable to regenerate.

Yi Xiaoshi naturally felt the killing intent from the Renhuang Sword rushing straight towards him. His fat body bounced away and the Renhuang Sword glided past and struck the ancient tree, slicing it in half and destroying it. However, the ancient tree regenerated at a rapid speed. The wood element's ability was strong regenerative ability that could not be eradicated.

The Renhuang Sword transformed into a flash of lightning and continued to rush towards Yi Xiaoshi. The Life Spirit could connect with Huang Jiuege's thoughts, so even after it had left his body, it could continue attacking. Yi Xiaoshi raised his arm and fought back, in an instant the golden vines that had shot forth from his hand formed a sturdy barrier, entangling the Renhuang Sword. Although the vines were continually shredded, they diminished the forward force of the Renhuang Sword, causing it to come to a stop and howl on the spot.

However, Yi Xiaoshi felt another dangerous aura, like he had been locked on. As his thoughts gushed, he saw the Renhuang Bow appear among the vines below. Huang Jiuge pulled the bow open and nine arrows flew through the air at the same time, piercing through the countless vines. The nine killing arrows flew in a straight arc towards him.

"I…" Yi Xiaoshi wanted to shout profanities, but he had no time to think. His vines dragged his body back and his round body bounced The arrows flew towards him and Yi Xiaoshi's body rolled around in the air. Before he was out of danger, another threatening aura descended yet again and in the next moment, there was a dazzling light headed straight for him.

"I give up." Yi Xiaoshi's speed increased and he escaped rapidly. The arrows fired through where he had just been. If he had been just a second slower, he would have been shot down from the air.

The vines in the area disappeared and where Huang Jiuge stood, the three Life Spirits floated there, shining brilliantly.

What strong Life Spirits. The crowd observed Huang Jiuge's three Life Spirits and were stunned. The name 'Renhuang' was merely given by the Sovereign Family and their cultivation techniques were all named after the emperor. Many people felt that the clan was overly arrogant and dared to refer to themselves as the descendants of Renhuang, but they had to agree that the Sovereign Family's experts were indeed strong.

"That's being too much of a bully." Yi Xiaoshi was dejected as he landed on the ground. The b*stard actually had three Life Spirits. As he saw how arrogant Huang Jiuge was, he really wanted to beat him up.

"Yi Xiaoshi, are you willing to enter my department to cultivate?" At that moment, there were multiple people who opened their mouths to invite Yi Xiaoshi.

Yi Xiaoshi raised his head in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, then scratched his head, smiled humbly and asked, "Can I discuss it with my second sister first and come to a decision later?"

The Holy Zhi Palace's experts looked towards Zhuge Mingyue, then smiled and nodded. This little fellow was really sly.

"The two of you, step down," the expert on the sky stairwell said and Huang Jiuge and Yi Xiaoshi stepped out of the battlefield. Next, there were only ten people remaining and five slots for the top ten.

In the sixth battle, Zhuge Xing and Zi Yan from the Thunder Courtyard stepped out. The both of them cultivated in the thunder element, as the Zhuge Clan and the Zhongzhou City's Thunder Courtyard were clans that specialized in using thunder. It would naturally be a violent match. The match would end in Zhuge Xing's victory over the grade six noble Zi Yan, with his outburst of horrifying combat ability.

Although Zi Yan was the genius of the Thunder Courtyard, his potential was not the highest among his peers. He was only able to fight his way into the top 20 because of his strength, but that was only because of his cultivation level advantage. When he stepped into the Holy Road, he was already at the pinnacle of a grade seven noble, then broken through his cultivation level again in the Holy Road, so it was only normal for him to lose to Zhuge Xing.

In the seventh battle, the mysterious expert from the Frost Road, Huang, also defeated Yang Jian, causing many people to be surprised. Huang had also exhibited dominant strength in the battle.

In the eighth battle, the beautiful Phoenix from the Immortal Village defeated the grade six noble Li Xing, fighting into the top ten as a dark horse.

The undying old man's successor Phoenix was the most beautiful lady in the Immortal Village. She had outstanding potential and ravishing beauty, her Life Spirit was the divine bird, the Phoenix. It was an undying bird coated in flames, had strong regenerative ability and excelled in the wood element's life ability. In the battle, there were many influential figures in the Holy Zhi Palace who were attracted by her abilities and wanted to take her in under their department.

After the battle, there were only four people left in the battlefield: Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Chi Meng, and Yan Jiu.

This made many people curious, although Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had exhibited amazing potential and battle ability, why were they this composed? They had not taken the initiative to challenge someone and were still on the battlefield. Now, unless the two of them were to challenge each other, their opponents would be Yan Jiu from the Sword Saint Villa and the Demon God Clan's Chi Meng.

However they looked at it, it was hard for them to win.

At that moment, the four of them did not move. Now that it had come down to the four of them, they were in no hurry. Yan Jiu and Chi Meng were also not in a hurry, they knew that Ye Futian would not battle with Yu Sheng, so it was up to them to select an opponent each.

"Who do you want to pick?" Yan Jiu looked towards Chi Meng and asked. The rules did not prohibit them from conversing.

"I choose him." Chi Meng looked at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng had previously defeated Chi Kuang.

"I had the same thought too." Yan Jiu smiled and said, "Since that's the case, I'll go first." After saying that, he stepped out into the battle arena, but his gaze was on Ye Futian. He was waiting for Ye Futian to walk out himself.

He had finally found a chance to battle with Ye Futian.

"Get the f*ck out here," Yan Jiu said nonchalantly and officially challenged Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stepped forward and into the battle arena.

"Your strength surprised me, but this is as far as you go," Yan Jiu looked at Ye Futian and said. This person that had dared to snatch his relic in the Holy Road really gave him a huge surprise. Defeating Bing Yi, Xie Ji and getting stronger as his opponents did. However, this battle would spell the end of Ye Futian's journey. As his voice landed, Sword Wills manifested in the air and moved in tandem with his arm, the Sword Qi circulating around his arm.

Ye Futian could defeat Bing Yi and Xie Ji and could counter their spells, causing them to be unable to crush him while he attacked them at close range. However, he was different. He was a strong swordsman and did not have weaknesses like Bing Yi and Xie Ji did, so he would naturally not give Ye Futian any chance to get near him.

He would use Ye Futian as his stepping stone to enter the top ten and if he had the chance, he would not mind getting revenge for Yan Nan. After he had entered the top ten, he would challenge Xu Que to end off the fight between swordsmen.

"As far as I go?" Ye Futian smiled indifferently. Feeling the enveloping Sword Will, starry light started to circulate around his body. The Sage Will assimilated into the starry light, transforming into an imposing starry veil, covering his body and resisting the oncoming Sword Wills.

Following that, a brilliant golden light burst forth and a Roc shadow appeared behind Ye Futian radiantly. Ye Futian's entire body appeared to be submerged in the Roc's shadow. His body became like the Roc's body, and his eyes had an arrogant golden glow in them.

Boom. As the vicious winds blew, the Roc wings let out a brilliant light and Ye Futian's body floated in the air, surrounded by a wind spell. There were flashes of lightning that fired past, and in that instant, he had already used multiple elemental abilities.

Using his Freedom Meditation, he could see everything clearly at that moment and every Sword Will appeared to be in his perception. Yan Jiu specialized in the Swords of Light and Darkness, so Ye Futian would naturally be careful.

Countless gazes landed on Ye Futian. At that moment, the handsome teen was exceptionally dazzling.

Sensing the Sword Will flowing in the air, Ye Futian looked at Yan Jiu and questioned him casually, "Are you even worthy?" As his voice landed, lightning appeared at Ye Futian's feet as he burst forward with his Thundering Illusion Step, causing his body to disappear in an instant.

The wind was rampaging in the battlefield and the Lower Noble Plane cultivators could not even see Ye Futian's body with their eyes. He was too fast, had Ye Futian only shown the limit of his speed now?

Yan Jiu's expression paled slightly, like he had felt something. His finger pressed down upon the air in front of him without hesitation and the countless Sword Qi concentrated at the direction of his finger and slashed forward.

In the next moment, he saw a flash of light descending and a palm crush down. The golden palm gave off a dominant feeling and the Sword Qi were shattered in an instant without impeding the movement of the palm.

Bang. With a huge sound, the palm landed, yet it appeared to have landed on a sword veil, causing it to be crushed to pieces. The overbearing palm similarly sent Yan Jiu flying all the way to the edge of the battlefield, the protective sword veil around his body decimated by the palm print.

This… The sudden unexpected scene caused many of the crowd to freeze. Did Ye Futian just knock Yan Jiu back with just one strike? His speed and the strength in his overbearing strike was too horrifying. Ye Futian had probably not even reached his limit when he had defeated Xie Ji.

Yan Jiu's gaze also focused on him. He could feel a stinging sensation in his chest, only he knew how much strength was concentrated in that palm.

Raising his head, Yan Jiu stared at Ye Futian and Sword Qi filled the skies in an instant. Behind him, nine swords flew out at the same time and the Sword Qi ravaged the heavens. Yan Jiu was infuriated.

"Angry?" Ye Futian looked calmly at Yan Jiu and continued coolly, "The outcome will still be the same!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》