The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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568 Promoted to the Top Ten

Yan Jiu's eyes seemed to be filled with swords. In his eyes, there were only many blades of light.

The outcome will still be the same?

Of course, it would be the same. How was it possible for Ye Futian to defeat him?

The flow of Sword Will seemed to have slowed down, but the murderous aura only grew stronger. The nine swords behind Yan Jiu clanked and his body also turned into a sword. Unleashing a sword technique with his hands, he shouted coldly, "Attack!"

Right away, the Sword Qi that had filled the sky poured towards Ye Futian. Even more terrifyingly, there was a dazzling sword among the endless Sword Qi. The sword looked like a beam of light and vanished from its original spot within a flash. It was precisely the Sword of Light.

At the moment, Ye Futian was sensing his surrounding with his Spiritual Energy. Every single strand of Sword Qi was displayed clearly in his mind. Then, an extremely cold aura was released from his body. With his Spiritual Energy, he controlled the water-elemental Spiritual Qi in the entire arena. Many water droplets appeared, after which they turned into fog and ice.

It was awfully cold.

Around Ye Futian, a region of light appeared, within which there was a moon. That was one of his Life Spirits. Saint's Will had been fused into the Life Spirit, causing the surrounding to become even chillier. There were three beams of divine light contained in the Saint's Will from the martial arts battlefield. They contained the stars, the Sun, and the Moon, which corresponded respectively to the element of earth, the flares of the Sun, and the waters of the Moon.

From the chief of Bright Moon School, Ye Futian had obtained the Shadow Scripture.

At the moment, all the swords in the sky seemed to be covered with frost. Most of the Sword Qi was frozen in midair directly, but some of them continued forward, albeit at a much slower speed. Suppressed by the powers of the Moon, they were all covered with frost.

Suddenly, Ye Futian started walking in the air and actually stepped towards the incoming Sword of Light before him. He activated the Thundering Illusion Step and his golden wings vibrated out of a sudden. Just like an actual Roc, he made a brilliant arc in the sky and passed beside the Sword of Light. The extremely fast blade of light was however dodged by him easily. It could not even slow him down, not to mention killing him.

The golden Roc-like figure flew in the air and approached Yan Jiu at an astonishing speed. However, only coldness flashed across Yan Jiu's eyes as many Swords of Darkness struck out.

"Freeze." Ye Futian cast a spell directly with his Spiritual Energy. The ice-elemental spell immediately engulfed the hidden Sword Qi. Without even looking at Yan Jiu's attack, he flapped his wings and soared upwards into the sky, after which he continued his advance towards his opponent. Everyone only felt that his action was extremely elegant. Only when the Swords of Darkness exploded behind Ye Futian, they realized that Ye Futian had made the beautiful arc in the sky to dodge the attack.

Yan Jiu's face darkened. This was the first time someone in his generation managed to dodge his Swords of Light and Darkness without much effort. Just then, coldness enveloped his body. It was so freezing that even his blood was stopping and his brain could not think properly.

"Swords of Sealing!" Yan Jiu shouted in anger. The nine swords swept out one after another, charging towards Ye Futian. They seemed to have formed a simple sword matrix which sealed off Ye Futian's path.

"Idiot," someone said suddenly. In the next instant, the Swords of Sealing were all affected by the frost. A brilliant figure rotated in the air and traced out a perfect arc with extreme speed, passing through the gaps between the nine swords. Then, the Roc-like figure went over the nine swords and almost reached Yan Jiu's position.

The word "idiot" sounded so ironic. Yan Jiu's ranged attacks were actually totally useless against Ye Futian. They were all rendered ineffective by Ye Futian's ice-elemental spells and swift movements.

A sharp radiance shot out from Yan Jiu's eyes. Then, he charged into the sky. The thousands of swords around him converged, turning into a single great sword. The sword was heavy and filled with power as if it was going to crush the incoming Ye Futian.

Feeling the pressure from the huge sword, Ye Futian moved his hands. Immediately, two storms appeared in the sky, one filled with metals and the other with stars. The two terrifying storms merged together, forming a hundred meter-long starry rod before Ye Futian. The rod was covered with a frightening golden radiance which made it look even heavier.

"Edgeless Great Sword!" Yan Jiu roared. Holding the hilt of the great sword, he pushed it towards Ye Futian. Sword Qi whizzed in the air as the enormous sword fell down, attempting to eliminate Ye Futian who was below.

The huge wings of the Roc behind Ye Futian flashed. He held the starry rod up with one arm, his body filled with a violent power. In the sky, an astonishing starry radiance appeared, circling around the long rod.

"Go!" Ye Futian struck out the starry rod which soon collided with the falling great sword. The endless Sword Will flowing around the great sword and the starry radiance circling around the rod collided wildly into each other, producing an ear-piercing sound. To make things grander, the huge sword struck downwards and collided with the sky-shattering rod. At once, an appalling storm was generated at the point of contact. The starry rod was penetrated slowly, sending out wild waves of starry light and golden radiance. At the same time, the terrifying sword was also broken into two and torn apart gradually.

Both of them did not show any mercy. With a sharp look, Yan Jiu continued pushing the broken sword down, while Ye Futian struck the rod upwards.

The great sword and the starry rod created violent explosions and were crushed bit by bit. The entire region was filled with a catastrophic force. As the sword and the rod were destroyed, the gap between the two was also closed slowly.

"Err..." Countless people stared at the scene, shocked. Ye Futian was actually fighting head-on with Yan Jiu. He used aggression against Yan Jiu's aggression. It was too crazy. Moreover, the two forces in the arena were really horrifying.

The two were about to collide with each other.

The great sword was crushed and the starry rod was also broken. Then, the two appeared before each other in the destructive storm. Yan Jiu's look was still cold. Although Ye Futian was strong, he had never thought that he would lose to Ye Futian. He was from Sword Saint Villa and had come to the Holy Zhi Palace so that the name of his clan would spread to every corner of the Barren State. The swordsmen in Sword Saint Villa were the best.

This was only the battle to enter the top ten. How could he lose? How could Ye Futian stop his advance?

An infinite amount of Sword Will circled around Yan Jiu's hand. His entire arm turned into a sword which penetrated across the storm and struck towards Ye Futian. Opposite him, a brilliant golden radiance bloomed from Ye Futian's body. It looked as if a golden Roc was charging towards Yan Jiu, and also as though many stars were flying towards him. Ye Futian punched forward directly. Golden light glittered as his body was covered with the image of the Roc. In his fist, there seemed to be the howls of dragons, the roars of apes, and the radiance of stars.

Ye Futian had been cultivating his body-enhancing technique. He had also once rebuilt his meridians and bones with his Life Spirits. With such a powerful physical body, he would clearly not be afraid of fighting with Yan Jiu head-on.

Bang! Following a loud bang, all the Sword Qi was crushed. The defense on Ye Futian's first was broken, but Yan Jiu's body was blown backward.

Just when Yan Jiu was about to fly out of the arena, he roared and pressed his finger behind, stopping his momentum by force. He gave a muffled humph and some blood appeared at the corners of his mouth. In addition, his arm was also shaking gently and he even felt that his bones were about to break.

Countless people were frozen, wildly astonished. If it was only a coincidence that Ye Futian had managed to repel Yan Jiu for the first time, then how about now?

Ye Futian had injured Yan Jiu.

Ye Futian had multiple Life Spirits and was talented in various elements.

Was this dark horse going to continue and enter the top ten?

Yan Jiu closed his eyes. Sword Qi flew throughout his body. Then, the Sword Qi ascended into the air and all the swords gathered around him. The nine swords converged into one, and many beams of light flashed in the sky. At this instant, Yan Jiu's body seemed to have been replaced only by swords.

All the Sword Will in the arena flew towards Yan Jiu's body, causing an illusory sword to form outside his body. It was as if his entire body was enveloped in the sword.

Endless Celestial Swords—Convergence! This was the strongest strike in the Nine Swords of the Celestials. Although Yan Jiu was far from being able to unleash the full power of the attack, it was still terrifying enough. All the Sword Will around him seemed to be have been drained. The power of the strike would be unimaginable.

At the moment, the wings behind Ye Futian were flapping slowly. Suddenly, he ascended into the sky, sketching an elegant curve. Dancing in the air, he created many violent currents. An invisible force was formed in the sky which converged on Ye Futian's body. It included the powers of wind, the element of metal, and the might of stars. As time passed, the force grew in intensity. Gradually, an astounding storm appeared around Ye Futian. At the same time, another starry rod appeared in his hands.

Bang! Ye Futian struck the rod towards the sky and space itself vibrated violently. Everyone's heart beat with the strike. Then, the rod continued dancing in the air and Ye Futian's momentum seemed to be becoming stronger.

Bang… Ye Futian struck out the rod again with much force. Many people could feel the power contained in the technique Ye Futian was using. Furthermore, his technique seemed to be similar to the one that Yuan Zhan had been using. When Ye Futian used it, however, it seemed to be stronger and smoother. Clearly, Ye Futian had a better understanding of the technique.

Suddenly, below Ye Futian, Yan Jiu opened his eyes and roared, "Strike!" The countless swords around him had converged into one. Yan Jiu moved with the sword, as if he was a sword himself. He flew across the sky like a bolt of lightning, or perhaps a meteor, charging towards Ye Futian.

The Roc-like figure was still ascending and dancing in the air. He reached an extreme height and the powers of natural gathered wildly around him. Then, following a flash of golden radiance, he dived downwards. A meteor-like rod appeared and a low rumble was produced. Even the heaven and the earth seemed to be shaking.

Boom… A soft collision was produced as an eye-watering radiance erupted in the arena.

Boom! Accompanied by a loud bang, the arena started shaking violently. Everyone's heart also shook fiercely with the collision as they stared firmly at the scene before them.

In the arena, Yan Jiu was lying on the ground. He was spitting out blood continuously, severely injured. Raising his head, he could see a figure standing proudly in the sky. The figure's white shirt danced with the wind and he was covered in a charming, illusory Roc.

Ye Futian had managed to severely injure Yan Jiu and was promoted to the top ten!
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    《The Legend of Futian》