The Legend of Futian
578 Trampled
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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578 Trampled

The crowd did not know that although Ye Futian had cultivated in inscribing, he had not actually practiced air inscribing. Previously, he had used his Freedom Meditation to observe Bai Ze's air inscribing and saw Bai Ze using his Spiritual Energy to create inscribing paper and guiding the spell into it. When he cast the spell, he could directly use his Spiritual Energy to control it and use it in battle.

Although air inscribing seemed easy, in reality, it required a delicate control over one's Spiritual Energy. Ye Futian could only inscribe spells that he could cast in a short period of time, he had done that in previous battles as well, so he was confident that he could emulate Bai Ze's methods.

Around Ye Futian, the Spiritual Qi in the air accumulated and entered the spell scroll, causing a brilliant glow to emit from it. A dangerous might wafted from the spell scrolls as they were being created.

The Fatal Entanglement continued to attack the golden protective veil and cracks appeared in the veil. Finally, the veil was shattered and the Fatal Entanglement rushed forward to attack Bai Ze.

Bai Ze's body floated in the air, his expression extremely ruthless. He exerted the strength of the Eye of Devastation to its limit and hindered the movement of the vines. At the same time, the spell scrolls in his hand danced around him rapidly, turning into flames that covered the entire area and ignited the countless vines.

Fire directly countered wood. The vines burned in the flames, but they were not destroyed and continued to move forward in the fire.

"Be destroyed." Bai Ze waved his hand once again and his spell scrolls turned into a humongous golden web, acting as a wall in front of him that moved forward, slicing everything in its path. The Fatal Entanglement spell was continually crushed, but the web's strength was also diminished as well.

At that moment, Ye Futian brandished his arm and countless spell scrolls flew towards the golden web. Purple thunderbolts appeared in the air and turned into serpents, flying towards the web.

It was the spell Punishment of the Thunder God. The brilliant thunderbolts cut through the air and slid through the openings in the web, snarling towards Bai Ze's body. Around Bai Ze, a radiant protective veil appeared and the Punishment of the Thunder God crushed it as it landed on the veil, continuing towards his body.

At that moment, Bai Ze's hair was dancing wildly and his eyes became exceptionally demonic. An illusion of a pair of giant demon eyes appeared behind him and the Punishment of the Thunder God either flashed by his side or was decimated, but none of the thunderbolts were able to reach his body.

In the air, a phantom descended with Roc wings, like a beam of light dashing towards him. A gleam appeared in Bai Ze's eyes, was he going to try close-range combat after the spell war?

The dazzling figure struck out at him with a rod, the Nine Heavenly Attacks's might crushing down. Many people were dumbstruck that Ye Futian had actually made it close to Bai Ze. If the attack hit Bai Ze, what would the outcome be?

An intense light burst forth and a spell scroll Life Spirit appeared behind Bai Ze. An innumerable amount of Spiritual Qi gathered around him and he pointed towards his Life Spirit with both hands. At that moment, his Life Spirit transformed into a giant spell scroll, its golden glow scattering down upon the land. A huge 'crush' word appeared and attempted to squash Ye Futian.

The rod and the falling 'crush' collided and a piercing golden light flooded the skies. The ancient word was eradicated, but Ye Futian was also knocked back by the impact, only the spell scroll Life Spirit remained in its luminance.

How strong, thought the audience as their hearts pounded. Was this what a fight between the elite contestants was like? They had all thought it would be the duel between Bai Ze and Huang Jiuge, but they had not expected the battle between Ye Futian and Bai Ze to be this intense as well.

The two of them wielded strong abilities. Bai Ze was the second young lord of the White Cloud City, so everyone knew that he was strong, but they did not think that Ye Futian would be equally overbearing. The Eye of Devastation was unable to counter him and he knew air inscribing as well. On the martial arts side, his rod skills were able to tear through the air and force Bai Ze into using his twin life spirits to make Ye Futian retreat.

At that moment, in the battlefield, Bai Ze stared coldly at Ye Futian. He had not expected that he would be forced to such a state by Ye Futian. He was the second young master of the White Cloud City and he only respected one person apart from his elders: his brother Bai Luli. Apart from him, he had never treated anyone in the Barren State as his equal. They all had to look up to him; he would become like his brother—a figure respected by everyone.

Now, in the battle to enter the Holy Zhi Palace, how could he be defeated? Especially to Ye Futian, whose cultivation level was even lower than him. Definitely not.

Ye Futian floated in the air, his now golden eyes observing Bai Ze. If you looked carefully, you could see killing intent in them. He knew that this second young lord of the White Cloud City had never treated him as an opponent. Otherwise, why else would he express his admiration for Jieyu in public and ignore him?

Moreover, in the battlefield, he transmitted a message and insulted Ye Futian. If it wasn't out of consideration for his image, he might have said it out directly. In the eyes of the presumptuous young city lord, Ye Futian was but a mere ant that he could humiliate, trample and even destroy.

Since that was so, today would be a day he would remember forever.

In his Life Palace, the rustling sounds continued as Spiritual Qi of all attributes appeared to be resonating with him. Ye Futian could feel that if he released his World Tree Life Spirit, the Spiritual Qi in the air would all rush towards him. However, his did not do so, he had already revealed too much with his other Life Spirits, it was better to keep his Natal Spirit hidden. Even so, in the starry dimension, a myriad of Spiritual Qi continued to pound downwards.

"Star Pillar," Ye Futian said emotionlessly. As his voice landed, starry stone plates fell from the heavens and with multiple crashes, the stone plates transformed into stone pillars, sealing off the entire area and Bai Ze's escape route.

The people who saw this were all stunned. What was Ye Futian trying to do? By sealing off Bai Ze's escape route, he was also trapping himself within. Was he this confident that he could defeat Bai Ze?

Bai Ze felt humiliated and the giant spell scroll Life Spirit in front of him looked like a brilliant slate. He made mudras with his hands and his fingers pointed towards the spell scroll. In an instant, the Spiritual Qi within his body flowed rapidly towards the spell scroll and countless purple thunderbolts turned into serpents and descended upon his Life Spirit.

In that instant, there appeared to be countless bolts of thunder coiling around the spell scroll, making it look like a holy talisman with a horrific destructive aura emanating from it.

Bai Ze's body was completely drowned in the thunder and appeared transparent. His surroundings had transformed into a thunderbolt dimension.

The thunderbolt struck the starry pillars, causing cracks to appear in the pillars. One could imagine the might of the spell.

Ye Futian naturally knew the power of the spell scroll. It could cast spells that were beyond one's ability, moreover, Bai Ze had the spell scroll Life Spirit and could use it to craft spells directly, so he could definitely create an immense destructive spell.

He could see that Bai Ze was preparing his final strike.

In his Life Palace, the World Tree devoured all the Spiritual Qi and turned into the shade of the stars. Ye Futian's Life Palace transformed into a real starry dimension and its power flowed into Ye Futian's body. Immediately, Ye Futian's skin started to emit a brilliant starry glow and Spiritual Qi of all elements started to move towards his body, turning into the light of the stars, circulating around his body. His body was like a star, if it was pushed to the limit, it would be inextinguishable.

On top of that, a starry polearm appeared in Ye Futian's hands and as his wings opened, he started to fly in the air. A horrifying might descended and in the starry dimension, Ye Futian's speed started to increase and it was almost impossible to catch a glimpse of his body, all that could be seen were after-images.

Purple thunder shot out from Bai Ze's demonic eyes and his Spiritual Energy locked onto Ye Futian's body. Trying to avoid his strongest spell by raising his speed to the limit? Not so fast.

It's too brilliant. As more cracks appeared on the starry pillars, the crowd could feel what was happening on the battlefield through the cracks and they saw the divine bird, the Roc pushing its speed to the limit and darting through the air with a terrifying might surrounding its body while destructive force appeared in front of Bai Ze, attempting to destroy everything.

Huang Jiuge stood below the battlefield, watching the battle unfold. He was astounded as well, he had not thought that the battle between Bai Ze and Ye Futian would reach such an overwhelming extent. Fire burned in his eyes as he acknowledged both of them as worthy opponents. What a pity that the two of them were battling, he was in no position to interfere.

"Almighty Thunder Guide, kill," Bai Ze said cruelly. As his voice landed, a bolt of thunder struck Ye Futian, who was darting through the air. That bolt of thunder acted as a guide and in the next moment, Ye Futian felt a truly destructive force as the countless thunderbolts on the spell scroll locked onto him and the flew towards him like the roar of the Thunder God.

At that moment, Ye Futian did not dodge and rushed towards Bai Ze with no hesitation. His speed appeared to break through the limit and was becoming even faster, even to the point where it surpassed the lock on by Bai Ze's Spiritual energy.

At that moment, Ye Futian darted within the thunderbolts, his extreme speed allowing his body to nullify the targeting. Many of the attacks missed his body and struck behind him, but there were still numerous thunderbolts that struck him directly. However, Ye Futian's defense was unyielding, but it continued to be torn apart as cracks appeared in the inextinguishable starry defense and the light of destruction appeared on his body.

However, Ye Futian did not stop and instead dived past the thunderbolts. The inextinguishable starry defense was finally shattered and imposing thunderbolts struck Ye Futian's body, but he still appeared in front of Bai Ze as Bai Ze watched him get closer in horror.

"This isn't possible," Bai Ze saw the descending figure and roared, casting defensive spells on his body. Faster than lightning, a polearm swung down from the air towards him.

Bang! With a dull sound, Bai Ze's defenses were crushed in just one strike and Bai Ze's body curled up, blood streaming from his mouth as he fell rapidly to the ground. At the same time, Ye Futian started to descend rapidly as well.

Bang. Another dull sound, as Ye Futian's foot stepped down on Bai Ze's body, crushing him beneath his feet. Another stream of blood appeared around Bai Ze's mouth and he stared menacingly at Ye Futian. He had been trampled by Ye Futian and humiliated.

Bam. The two of them landed and the sound of breaking bones could be heard as countless people held their breaths and watched the scene in amazement.

Ye Futian had trampled Bai Ze and smashed him into the ground.
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    《The Legend of Futian》