The Legend of Futian
579 The Final Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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579 The Final Battle

Bai Ze had been defeated.

The second young master of the White Cloud City who had outstanding potential, exceedingly strong twin Life Spirits, and the Eye of Devastation that could counter all spells and attack others' Spiritual Will directly. He could inscribe spells scrolls in the air and excelled in spells of all elements. Even if he was slightly weaker in the martial arts, he was still confident that nobody could get near him. How strong would he be when he used spells of all elements to create spell scrolls? How scary was the Eye of Devastation?

Everyone had thought that his opponent would be Huang Jiuge, but seeing Ye Futian step on Bai Ze's body now, the vast area became abnormally quiet. Even the influential figures from the Holy Zhi Palace looked at the scene awestruck.

A furious roar sounded out as Bai Ze's eyes were red with anger and he stared menacingly at Ye Futian. He was the second young master of the White Cloud City. Since he had been born, he had been a genius. Just like Ye Futian had thought, he looked down upon Ye Futian, even if had some potential, even if he was very strong, Bai Ze had not treated him as a peer. That was why he expressed his affection for Hua Jieyu in public. There were not many people in the Barren State that mattered to him.

"In the top ten ranking battle, you have no victories. Now, do you understand why you could enter the top three?" Ye Futian looked at Bai Ze and said coldly, "That's because I bestowed it upon you. Otherwise, do you think you could have stayed until now?"

Bai Ze's veins were popping as blood rushed to his eyes and he looked frightening. His position in the top three had been bestowed upon him by Ye Futian?

What humiliation…

However, everyone understood that it was the truth, because Ye Futian had been the victor in this battle. If Ye Futian had challenged him previously, he would have been eliminated a long time ago.

"Presumptuous, arrogant, haughty. Now, do you enjoy it?" Ye Futian looked at Bai Ze and said cruelly. He wanted Bai Ze to engrave this battle into his memory and remember it forever. He wanted it to become his nightmare. He had intentionally let Bai Ze into the top three. Seeing his arrogance, he wanted to make him learn some respect.

Ye Futian transmitted a message to Bai Ze, saying, "From now on, when people see you, they will think about how you, the second young master of the White Cloud City, was trampled under my feet. You will never be able to erase today's humiliation."

Saying that he wanted Ye Futian's woman to his face? The cheek of him.

"Open your mouth and concede," Ye Futian's foot stomped down and he said mercilessly, his eyes full of disdain. When the arrogant Bai Ze conceded, it would be a memory that would last a lifetime.

"You've already won, that's enough," at that moment, in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, an elder said.

"Let's end it here," Bai Luli chipped in as well. It looked like Ye Futian was intentionally taking revenge on Bai Ze for his invitation to Hua Jieyu. This battle would be an unforgettable memory for Bai Ze. He knew that life had been too smooth for his younger brother for the past twenty years. He had never suffered any setback, causing him to become reckless and haughty. Today would be a harsh lesson for him.

"According to the rules, as long as he has not conceded, the battle cannot be considered over." Ye Futian did not let go of Bai Ze and continued stepping on his body. This caused many people to be bewildered. They did not understand why Ye Futian wanted to humiliate Bai Ze that much. If they had known what Bai Ze had transmitted to Ye Futian during the battle, they would not find it strange. If possible, Ye Futian even wanted to kill Bai Ze. However, with the White Cloud City Lord and Bai Luli's status, if he killed Bai Ze, he would definitely die as well. Even if the rules allowed it, those who set the rules could break them at any time.

"Die!" A livid voice sounded out, and he saw Bai Ze holding a spell scroll in his hand, which he threw at Ye Futian. In an instant, a tremendous force appeared and Ye Futian immediately flew into the air and retreated like a flash of lightning. However, a colossal thunder god shadow appeared in the skies, striking out with his hammer. The giant hammer shadowed the entire area and smashed towards Ye Futian.

Bang! Although Ye Futian was surrounded by a protective force, the hammer tore through his defenses. A huge starry polearm appeared in front of Ye Futian, it was the Polearm of Divine Destruction, shielding his body. Even so, the Polearm of Divine Destruction was knocked back and hit Ye Futian. The thunder's might ran through him, causing his body to fly into the air and spew out blood.

The crowd's gaze froze. Bai Ze actually relied on external assistance.

Many experts from the Holy Zhi Palace also frowned. The elder on the sky stairwell berated him, saying, "Bai Ze, you've already been defeated. Step down."

Bai Ze got up from the ground, his body stooping, and his aura weak. He was in agony and stared intently at the figure in the sky with killing intent.

Zoom. A figure rushed down from the sky. It was Ye Futian who had transformed into a flash of lightning. Bai Ze waved his arm and numerous spell scrolls appeared in his hands. He sent them flying towards Ye Futian, who was in the air. In an instant, a destructive force flooded the area, threatening to eradicate everything. At the same time, Bai Ze was shielded by a dazzling golden veil to protect himself from Ye Futian's onslaught.

While flying down, Ye Futian swung his Polearm of Divine Destruction as starlight emanated from it. Huge amounts of starry force were imbued in the Polearm of Divine Destruction as it cleaved downwards from the air.

The Polearm of Divine Destruction tore through the destructive force and landed on the veil surrounding Bai Ze's body. With a crack, the veil shattered and Bai Ze's body was sent flying again while he spewed blood.

Many people looked speechlessly at the two of them. Had the fight gotten personal?

Bai Ze appeared to have become frenzied and ignored the rules. Ye Futian was the same, he had used his ritual implement in the fight.

"Ye Futian, he's already severely injured. You can stop now," Bai Luli said. He looked at Bai Ze, evidently displeased. It looked like his younger brother was unable to withstand the humiliation and forgotten where he was.

"He hasn't conceded, it hasn't ended." Ye Futian continued to dash forward, raising the Polearm of Divine Destruction, attempting to attack him.

They've both gone insane, thought the crowd as they looked on dumbfounded. Had the two of them gone on a rampage?

They saw Ye Futian swing his polearm down yet again. Bai Luli stood up and many of the Holy Zhi Palace's influential figures frowned.

"That's enough," a loud roar sounded out and reverberated through the air. Ye Futian felt an imposing Spiritual Will rushing towards him, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. Following that, a terrifying flash of lightning descended from the skies, striking Ye Futian's surroundings. The vast battlefield turned into a thunderbolt dimension in an instant and Ye Futian was forced to stop moving and he raised his head in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace to look at Bai Luli.

"It ends now," Bai Luli said. Although Bai Ze was in the wrong, he was his younger brother after all. He would definitely have to cover for his actions.

"Get down now." Bai Luli's gaze moved towards Bai Ze, his voice full of indignation. Countless people raised their heads and looked at Bai Luli. His extremely handsome looks gave people an imposing feeling as he stood there, as though his words were a decree.

The top ten of the Barren Sky ranking was extremely imposing in his anger. Even Bai Ze, Bai Luli's younger brother hung his head and walked out of the battlefield.

Bai Ze was unable to stand still as he slouched, exiting the battlefield, evidently severely injured. Afterward, Bai Luli rescinded his aura and turned to the Holy Zhi Palace's elders and said, "Luli has overstepped my boundaries, I hope that elders can forgive me."

"It's no matter," the people from the Holy Zhi Palace nodded lightly and replied.

"It's nice to have a good elder brother, you can depend on your family to get you out of trouble," the voice sounded out with a soft smile. Many people turned around and their gazes landed in the same direction. The person who had spoken was Zhuge Mingyue.

"Mingyue, Bai Ze's actions in this battle were indeed dishonorable. I will punish him when we get back," Bai Luli said to Zhuge Mingyue.

"This is your family's matters, it has nothing to do with him. However, it's time for the second young master to learn how to be a decent human being after today's lesson," Zhuge Mingyue said nonchalantly. Bai Ze's expression turned extremely grim after hearing her words, she was evidently rubbing salt into his wounds.

When the crowd saw his expression, Bai Ze understood that after this battle, he would no longer be seen as the high and mighty White Cloud City second young master. The humiliation from today's battle would be engraved deep in his memory.

"Alright, let's move on to the final battle," the elder on the sky stairwell declared.

Ye Futian's gaze swept emotionlessly across Bai Ze and he did not say anything else. He did not question the Holy Zhi Palace; he was no longer the teen he was in Qingzhou City, he naturally would not put up a needless fight, there was no point. Keeping his Polearm of Divine Destruction, his gaze turned towards Huang Jiuge.

Now, before him, there was only Huang Jiuge left.

It's the final battle. This was the thought on the crowd's minds as they all focused their attention on the battlefield. Ye Futian and Huang Jiuge walked to the highest platform.

The final battle for the Holy Zhi Palace would start now.

Nobody had imagined this scene. Even Mu Zhiqiu, Li Qingyi, and even Chen Yuan had not expected that Ye Futian could make it to the final battle.

Ye Futian had shot to fame in his battle with Bai Ze. If he could still win this battle, his fame would be immortalized.

As the chilly winds blew across the battlefield, the entire area fell silent. As the two of them stood in the air, starlight gathered around Ye Futian, shining brilliantly. On the other hand, Huang Jiuge was coated in a dazzling Sovereign Path and looked peerless, like a descendant of the Renhuang.

"As the Son, you should dominate your generation." In the crowd, Chen Yuan was muttering to himself, a faint smile on his face. He never expected that he could witness the appearance of such a person. Beside him, the Zhaixing House chief Mu Chuan no longer had a mocking expression when he heard those words. Instead, his expression was solemn and hot-blooded.

The Starry School's disciples in the surroundings also shared in the glory. Ye Futian had fought his way into the final battle for the Holy Zhi Palace's admissions with his unrivaled potential.

Behind them, Li Qingyi had tears in her eyes. She came from the White Sovereign City and had never thought of entering the Holy Zhi Palace. She only wanted to see the geniuses from the Barren State, those who would be revered by the world.

After a huge accident, she had come to the foot of the Holy Zhi Palace and seen what she had wanted to. However, the person who had received the most attention was the teenager that had accompanied her all the way here.

He was standing up there!

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    《The Legend of Futian》