The Legend of Futian
586 Saint Potential?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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586 Saint Potential?

The magnificent and enormous Zhongzhou City lay in the Barren State. Nobody knew how many powerful forces there were in this ancient city. In the central region of Zhongzhou City was the endless Holy River where the Thousand Holy Islands could be found.

Suddenly, a group of cultivators flew by in the sky and landed at the center of the Thousand Holy Islands. A towering city was standing at the heart of the Thousand Holy Islands which looked just like a castle in the sky.

The group of cultivators was precisely Ye Futian and the others who had just returned from the Eastern Barren Territory. At the moment, they were in front of the sky stairwell, standing in a ritual implement which was floating in the sky. Staring into the distance, Chen Yuan said, "We're here."

Ye Futian looked at Chen Yuan and smiled. "Chief Chen, thank you for helping us in the journey."

"Don't mention it. I didn't waste too much time either," Chen Yuan said, unconcerned. "After you enter the Holy Zhi Palace, focus on cultivation. The palace gathers the geniuses from various places of the Barren State, many of whom are successors of top forces. Be careful in what you do."

"Yes, I will." Ye Futian nodded. "I'll leave Qingqing to you."

"Don't worry about it. I'll send her to the place," Chen Yuan nodded. Ye Futian then looked at Hua Qingqing and said, "Take care."

"Okay." Hua Qingqing nodded, smiling brightly. Her journey was filled with uncertainty, but she was very calm and did not think too much about it. Everything would only depend on her destiny.

"Young ones, work hard!" Chen Yuan scanned everyone, after which he controlled the ritual implement and left with Hua Qingqing.

Ye Futian stared at Chen Yuan as he flew off into the distance. Hua Jieyu smiled gently and asked, "You feel sad that she's leaving?"

"..." Ye Futian blinked his eyes. Smiling, he looked at Hua Jieyu and asked back, "Are you jealous?"

"Hua Qingqing is such a pitiful girl. Moreover, she's pure and flawless. Even women would be attracted to her! It'd be such a pity for her to become a nun. If you like her, I can pretend that I can't see anything." Hua Jieyu smiled warmly.

"Really?" Ye Futian muttered to himself as he stared at Hua Jieyu doubtfully. This fox... When does she speak the truth?

Looking at her smile, Ye Futian was determined not to fall for her trap. He held her hand and said, "You're the only one in my heart. Let's go into the palace."

Hua Jieyu covered her mouth and giggled, while Yu Sheng and the rest all looked at Ye Futian in contempt. How could she believe him? Nevertheless, at the moment, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were also accompanied by beautiful ladies.

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Yuan Zhan, Yi Xiaoshi, Yi Qingxuan, Liu Chenyu, Loulan Xue, and the Black Wind Condor were all present. The group was in its prime.

Stepping onto the sky stairwell, they saw a grand gate before them. A group of cultivators was standing there like statues, guarding the palace. When Ye Futian and his friends reached the gate, the gatekeepers stared at them and one of them asked, "Who are you?"

Ye Futian and his friends took out their palace decrees, after which they said their names and identities.

"So you're going to Battle Sage Palace, Daozang Palace, and Sword Pavilion. They're all at different places. Those who are going to Battle Sage Palace, follow me."

"Those going to Daozang Palace, follow me."

"Those going to Sword Pavilion, come here."

Three statue-like cultivators walked out. Ye Futian and his friends walked behind the respective cultivators.

"Jieyu, Wuchen, Chenyu, I'll go look for you later!" Ye Futian said. Hua Jieyu was going to Daozang Palace, Ye Wuchen to Sword Pavilion, while Ye Futian and a few others were going to Battle Sage Palace.

Hua Jieyu and Ye Wuchen nodded. Then, they followed their respective gatekeepers and flew into the sky.

"Senior, which pavilion do you belong to?" Ye Futian asked the cultivator who was leading the way.

"The gatekeepers belong to Tianxing Pavilion," the cultivator replied. "Apart from the things within the six pavilions, all the rules and other stuff are controlled by Tianxing Pavilion."

"I got it." Ye Futian nodded. "Where are the six pavilions located?"

"From here, if you go straight forward, you'll see the tallest range of palaces. That's Holy Sage Pavilion. The pavilion closest to it is Wanxiang Pavilion, which is located on the left, while Battle Sage Palace is on the right. Daozang Palace is next to Wanxiang Pavilion, while Sword Pavilion is close to Battle Sage Palace. Tianxing Pavilion is at the center of the island. You'll find out soon enough," the gatekeeper replied.

Ye Futian listened to him attentively as they advanced forward. Below them, they could see many tall buildings and some other cultivators.

Ye Futian saw gigantic towers, mountains and cultivating caves, many lively streets, and numerous relic-like places. This island city, located on top of a mountain, was indeed extremely vast. The Holy Zhi Palace was different from any place he had visited in the past. After a while, Ye Futian saw a chain of magnificent golden palaces appear before him. It sat on the ground like a golden ancient city and seemed to reflect off a sharp aura.

The golden, ancient palaces were located on high grounds, as though they were right beside a cliff. Standing on its corner, one could see the scenery below and also in the distance.

"We've arrived. You should go there now," the gatekeeper said, after which he left alone. Ye Futian shouted, "Senior, thank you!"

Then, they stepped forward, walking along the golden, ancient path. Before them, a clean-looking young monk was cleaning the ground. Seeing Ye Futian and his friends, the monk stopped what he was doing. He put one hand vertically in front of his chest and bowed slightly. "Are you the newcomers Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and the others?"

"Yes." Ye Futian greeted back, "Senior, it's nice to meet you."

"My name is Qi Jie. Uncle has asked me to wait for you here. You've finally arrived!" the monk said, smiling. "Follow me. I'll show you your rooms."

"Sure." Ye Futian and his friends followed him. On their way, Ye Futian asked curiously, "Senior Qi Jie, you look so young. When did you enter the palace?"

"Last year," the monk replied.

"Wait... Doesn't the Holy Zhi Palace admit disciples once every three years? How did you enter last year?" Ye Futian asked.

"That's only for the entire Barren State. If someone recommends you, you can enter directly after passing the assessment set by the six pavilions." Qi Jie smiled. "The assessment that is held once every three years is a grand occasion in the Barren State. Most people want to try the Holy Roads and compete with various geniuses. However, there are also some people like me who're lazier."

"I see." Ye Futian nodded. He recalled Mu Zhiqiu had also told him that people like Bai Ze could actually enter the Holy Zhi Palace directly. It seemed like apart from the people who had shone during the assessment, the Holy Zhi Palace also had many other outstanding geniuses.

"Oh yeah. I don't think you know the rules here yet. There aren't too many restrictions in terms of cultivation. I believe you have seen for yourselves how the palace looks like in general on your way here," Qi Jie said.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"The Holy Zhi Palace is said to be the holy place for cultivation in the Barren State. Here, there are many places suitable for cultivation. You're free to go anywhere or attempt any of the mysterious places or relics. However, be careful about your own safety. Furthermore, during cultivation, conflicts will often break out between the disciples of the six pavilions. The palace does not restrict any fights, but there's one solid rule—you cannot kill or permanently disable anyone else within the palace. As for friendly fights, there are no rules, and you also don't need any reasons. Of course, when you step into any of the six pavilions themselves, you won't be allowed to fight."

Qi Jie gave Ye Futian and his friends a smile that seemed to contain many hidden meanings, causing Ye Futian to blink his eyes. The Holy Zhi Palace really encouraged its disciples to fight against and learn from each other. Only with competitions would they grow.

"Also, your relatives can cultivate in the palace, but you cannot give the methods taught by your seniors in the palace. Similarly, you cannot teach them to someone outside. This is prohibited and you must follow it. Otherwise, the consequences will be extremely severe!" Qi Jie warned. Ye Futian nodded. The Holy Zhi Palace had many disciples, including many descendants of the top forces in the Barren State. If they could bring the things they learned here outside, the arts and methods unique to the Holy Zhi Palace would be known to everyone in no time.

The group chatted as they walked. On their way, they also met many other people, and Ye Futian would always nod to greet them. Soon, they arrived at a place filled with many attics and courtyards. Battle Sage Palace was very huge, so everyone would get an individual attic.

"Alright. From today on, you'll be official disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace. Do you have any other questions?" Qi Jie asked, smiling.

"Senior, how many disciples does the Holy Zhi Palace have. Why do I feel there are not many people in Battle Sage Palace?" Ye Futian asked.

"If you include the Thousand Holy Islands, the Holy Zhi Palace will be way too big. If you only count the Core Island, then apart from the disciples recruited outside, the descendants of various seniors in the palace, and the geniuses who are promoted to the Core Island from the Thousand Holy Islands, there are about 3,000 disciples in the six pavilions. Many people have finished learning and left the palace, or are cultivating outside, so there are only over 2,000 disciples left. Even fewer people are direct disciples of the lords of the six pavilions themselves. Among the six pavilions, Daozang Palace and Tianxing Pavilion have the most number of disciples, followed by Sword Pavilion, and then Battle Sage Palace and Holy Sage Pavilion. Wanxiang Pavilion has the least number of people."

Qi Jie answered patiently, "As for why you didn't see many people around, most people are usually not inside the pavilion. Instead, they normally cultivate somewhere else in this island city."

"Why are there so few people in Wanxiang Pavilion?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"Do you know what class does the lord of Wanxiang Pavilion belongs to?" Qi Jie asked.

"Nope." Ye Futian shook his head.

"Sage Wanxiang is an astrologer." Qi Jie smiled.

"So he can calculate the potentials and talents of his disciples?" Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. Astrologer was not an unfamiliar name to Ye Futian; Minister Zuo was an astrologer as well. However, astrologers often had short lives as they would reveal secrets they were not supposed to. Ye Futian did not expect there to be such a powerful astrologer in the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Yes, but not everyone wants to get tested. Astrologers are not all-powerful, and their measures are also estimates, not definite. Moreover, the lord of Wanxiang Pavilion rarely calculates the destiny of anyone. I heard that after he does that last time, he has been secluding until now," Qi Jie said. Thinking about Minister Zuo, Ye Futian could also understand this. Astrologers would always carefully conceal their abilities.

"Junior, do you know whose destiny he calculated last time?" Qi Jie asked, smiling.

"No." Ye Futian shook his head.

"Make a guess?" Qi Jie gave a meaningful smile.

"Qi Jie, go back!" someone suddenly said in the distance. Qi Jie immediately put his hands together and his face turned extremely solemn. Turning around, he bowed at the incoming person and said, "Yes, uncle. I'm only explaining to them the rules of the palace. I'll leave now." Then, he left the group, leaving Ye Futian speechless. Qi Jie's change was really quick.

"Bai Luli." Qi Jie secretly transmitted his voice to Ye Futian as he walked into the distance.

Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. The lord of Wanxiang Pavilion had calculated the destiny of Bai Luli before, so what was the result?

"So you're here." King Kong Sage walked to Ye Futian.

"Senior," Ye Futian greeted.

"You and Yu Sheng are disciples of my brother. So just call me uncle," King Kong Sage said.


"Good. Although you have your own masters, anyone who teaches you can also be called your master. When you see the lord next time, you may call him master. Of course, if you're really unwilling, he will not force you." King Kong Sage looked at Yi Xiaoshi and Yuan Zhan. "As for you two, in the future, I'll be teaching you. Of course, in the Holy Zhi Palace, most of the time you'll be relying on yourselves. There are plenty of resources around here."

"I understand." Everyone nodded.

"Qi Jie has told you the necessary things right?" King Kong Sage asked.

"Yes, Senior Qi Jie has told us that," Ye Futian replied.

"Great. In this case, I'll not say anything extra. From now on, you'll be disciples of Battle Sage Palace. Usually, you can do whatever you want and nobody will place any restrictions on you. Now, you can go and familiarize yourselves with the place," King Kong Sage said. "If you need anything, come and find me. Of course, if you're bullied in the Holy Zhi Palace, don't come and look for me. That's the same for all the six pavilions. The people who can enter the Holy Zhi Palace are all top geniuses, and you can fight as much as you please. It'll be too embarrassing to have you if you complain about being bullied." Then, King Kong Sage also left the place.

"What a brief introduction." A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian's face. From Qi Jie and King Kong Sage's words, he could imagine how interesting his life in the palace would be in the future.

"Uncle, bye," Ye Futian said, smiling. He was already looking forward to his life here.

"Oh yeah. Just now Qi Jie was talking about destiny. The person who got tested was destined to go beyond the Sage Plane," King Kong Sage suddenly said, after which he disappeared into the distance. Nobody knew if he said so to give Ye Futian more stress.

Above the Sage Plane was the Saint Plane.

Bai Luli had the potential to become a saint!
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    《The Legend of Futian》