The Legend of Futian
587 New Person in the Law Rank
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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587 New Person in the Law Rank

Ye Futian had heard from his second sister that because of Bai Luli's presence, many powerful people in the Holy Zhi Palace had come to a certain consensus. Now he knew that the lord of Wanxiang Pavilion had calculated Bai Luli's destiny, so he could roughly guess some things.

It was no wonder that Holy Sage Pavilion had chosen Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing instead of him, the top performer for the entrance assessment. It was clearly not because of Bai Ze. After all, everyone saw how Bai Ze had lost to Ye Futian, and the people in the Holy Zhi Palace were not blind. It was only because Bai Luli meant something extraordinary to the palace. Nevertheless, Ye Futian was somewhat puzzled. Apart from people like Bai Luli, who had displayed an unbelievable potential, everyone in the Barren Sky Ranking was only strong in terms of their combat powers. Ye Futian had never heard of the existence of an actual saint. However, the Top Three Schools all had divine teachings as their founder was a saint. As the best place to cultivate in the whole of the Barren State, the Holy Zhi Palace certainly had divine teachings as well. There must have been saints from the palace in the past.

Could it be that saints could not stay in the Barren State so they had to go to a superior region? Or perhaps was there another reason?

"Loulan, stay here with the condor and tidy the place up. We'll go and familiarize ourselves with the palace," Ye Futian said. Cultivators usually did not have a high demand for good accommodation. Qi Jie had also told them that most people of the six pavilions had gone to cultivate, and only a handful would stay in the pavilions.

Ye Futian clearly wanted to see what kind of place this holy land of the Barren State looked like.

"Alright." Loulan Xue nodded gently.

"I'll stay behind to help," Yi Qingxuan said, smiling.

"Sure." Ye Futian nodded. "Let's go." Then, the four people left. They went outside Battle Sage Palace and gazed at the island city they were on. It was endless and even they could not see the edge of the island. The entire island city was a place for cultivation.

"The palace is so big. I don't think we can know the place well anytime soon. Where do we start?" Yi Xiaoshi asked. Ye Futian also felt the same way.

"When we came just now, didn't we see an area filled with activities? We'll go there first. When we meet other people, we can also ask about the situation of the palace," Ye Futian said. Nobody had any objections. Therefore, the four people stepped into the air and walked towards a certain place.

After a while, Ye Futian and his friends arrived in a region filled with streets. Indeed, there were many people around. Somewhere in the place, there was a stone wall with some writings on it. Many people were standing there, looking at the wall.

"Hua Fan actually got a place in Sage Palace."

"Another top genius of the Holy Zhi Palace managed to enter Sage Palace. A new person will definitely appear on the Barren Sky Ranking in the future. I wonder who'll be kicked out of the ranking."

Many people were discussing among themselves. Hua Fan was a disciple of Holy Sage Pavilion. It was written on the stone wall that he had obtained the approval of Holy Sage Pavilion to enter Sage Palace, causing many to feel emotional. Although they already knew about Hua Fan's talents long ago, he had actually gotten himself a place in Sage Palace in merely six years. It was still somewhat astonishing.

The disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace all knew what that meant. All the cultivators who had entered Sage Palace in the past had also appeared on the Barren Sky Ranking. Many famous people could be used as examples, including the lord of White Cloud City, the leader of the Zhuge Family, Bai Luli, and, of course, many powerful people of the Holy Zhi Palace.

"When he goes to Sage Palace this time, Hua Fan will probably try to break through into the Sage Plane," someone said.

"Indeed. Six years ago, Hua Fan elegantly got first place in the entrance assessment. He was honored as the most talented person in the palace after Bai Luli. After that, he started his rapid climb in the Holy Zhi Palace. I didn't expect him to be able to enter Sage Palace in such a short time."

"I suppose Ximen Hanjiang should feel some pressure now," someone said. Ximen Hanjiang was the top performer in the assessment three years ago. He was honored as the rarest genius of Ximen Clan in Zhongzhou City and had taken Bai Luli as his goal. Now, Hua Fan who had entered before him had already obtained a chance to enter Sage Palace. Ximen Hanjiang would clearly have some thoughts on this.

"Ximen Hanjiang is talented, but it'll not be easy for him to enter Sage Palace. Within the cohort three years ago, there are people who are no weaker than him," someone commented, smiling. There were countless geniuses in the Holy Zhi Palace. However, only a handful could enter Sage Palace.

"I just received news that the top performer in this cohort had already entered the palace not long ago!" someone said.

The top performers of the entrance assessments would always receive much attention.

"The disciples in this cohort will come here one after another. It seems like the place will get more lively for quite a while. I heard that there was a major conflict between Ye Futian and Bai Ze. In the arena, he almost disabled Bai Ze and humiliated him badly. The Holy Zhi Palace will surely be busy in the future."

"I heard of that as well. It's said that when Bai Ze was chatting, he publicly invited Hua Jieyu to enter the palace with him, ignoring Ye Futian's presence. He did not expect himself to meet a tough opponent this time and caused Ye Futian's rage. However, it's indeed embarrassing for Bai Ze this time. His brother is so unparalleled and outstanding, but he was humiliated openly in the assessment. I'm sure he really wants to kill Ye Futian now."

"This time, a few people did not manage to enter the Holy Zhi Palace, but I heard that there are also quite a few good ones. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Xu Que, Divine Spiritual Sorcerer Hua Jieyu, and many others are all not bad. Although Bai Ze lost, his talents are not that weak either."

"Is it?" Suddenly, a young man with white-colored skin walked over. He looked delicate and his face was filled with a gentle smile. From his smile, one could tell that he was an extremely confident person. "I think that assessment this time is only so-so," the young man said, smiling.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at the young man, interested. Someone smiled and said, "Yun Feng, you entered Daozang Palace last year, becoming a disciple of Sage Daozang directly. So you did not participate in the assessment not long ago. I'm sure you look down on the newcomers?"

A gentle smile appeared on Yun Feng's face. Every three years, the top few people of the assessment in the Holy Zhi Palace would attract the attention of everyone and be in the spotlight. However, he did not take part because of his confidence in himself. Whether he attended the assessment or not, the outcome would be the same. His goal was Sage Palace of the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Two Grade Nine Nobles managed to enter the top ten. How powerful do you think the newcomers this time are?" Yun Feng said casually. Then, he stopped talking about this and looked on the stone wall before him instead.

Hua Fan had obtained the rights to enter Sage Palace.

Only this was his target.

Everyone looked at Yun Feng, smiling. They were not surprised by his words. Yun Feng was the descendant of Craftsman. He had started his cultivation from drawing and his skills were fascinating. Craftsman and Sage Daozang were good friends. Therefore, Yun Feng was sent to the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate under Sage Daozang. Craftsman had once said in the future Yun Feng's skills would surpass his. After entering the Holy Zhi Palace, Yun Feng had indeed also displayed his talents. Although he was young, he was already famous in Daozang Palace. It was, therefore, no surprise that he would say so.

"Indeed, I agree with you," someone suddenly said. Everyone turned around and saw a few people walking towards them. The person who just spoke was handsome and young.

"Is it?" Yun Feng glanced at the people around him and smiled.

"Two Grade Nine Nobles could enter the top ten. Indeed, the people in the assessment this time are too weak. The two people must have been lucky," the young man replied, smiling.

Yun Feng smiled gently and did not say anything else. Many people looked at the young man and one of them asked curiously, "You all look unfamiliar. Are you the newcomers this time?"

Someone also had a strange expression on his face as he looked at the few people who had just arrived. He had watched the assessment this time.

"Yes." the young man nodded.

"Who are you? Let's see if we've heard of you," someone asked, smiling.

"Ye Futian," the young man replied. Hearing his words, everyone was stunned, causing the place to fall into a deafening silence. Then, many people started laughing and looked at Ye Futian keenly.

It was really interesting.

Yun Feng was also startled and looked at Ye Futian just beside him. This time, he did not divert his stare immediately. Then, he said, "I'm Yun Feng."

Ye Futian looked at the stone wall before him. Clearly, he also saw that Hua Fan was allowed to enter Sage Palace, and this confirmed his guess.

The Holy Zhi Palace indeed had divine teachings. In another place on the stone wall, there was a list of names carved from the top down. The first name was Hua Fan who had obtained a place in Sage Palace.

In the last place, Ye Futian saw his own name.

"Seniors, what's this?" Ye Futian asked, smiling.

Many people looked at Ye Futian curiously. One of them replied, "The Law Rank. We also call it the Small Barren Sky Ranking. Junior Ye, your name was already on the ranking when you joined us. Although it's last place, you have still exceeded most people."

The Law Rank of the Holy Zhi Palace only contained 100 people, all of which must be Noble Plane disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace. Just like the actual Barren Sky Ranking, it ranked disciples according to their talents and potential. It was thus also known as the Small Barren Sky Ranking.

The targets of the sages in the Holy Zhi Palace would be the Barren Sky Ranking.

Ye Futian had just entered the palace and not displayed anything. However, he was already on the ranking. It was obviously because he was the top performer for the assessment this time, although he was only in the last place.

Ye Futian also saw Yun Feng's name. He was ranked 96th on the Law Rank.

It was no wonder that Yun Feng was unhappy.

"I was indeed lucky. Do ignore me," Ye Futian said, smiling as if he was very humble. This was everyone to be curious. Was he really the top performer, the person who was said to defeat Bai Ze and Huang Jiuge?

"Oh yeah. I'm completely unfamiliar with the palace. What place is this?" Ye Futian asked.

"This is the place where the Law Rank is. It's called the Law Battle Area. If disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace want to have a Law Battle, they can do it on the Law Battle Platform not far from here."

"Doesn't the Holy Zhi Palace prohibit fighting? Why is there a place meant for battles?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"It's good to have something formal," the person replied, smiling. "Moreover, if someone on the Law Rank initiates a Law Battle, it'll affect the ranking."

"I got it. Apart from this Law Battle Area, what other places are there?" Ye Futian asked further.

"The region around the Law Battle Area is known as the Law Power Zone. There are seven intriguing secret zones which are suitable for all kinds of sorcerers to cultivate. If you go further forward, you will find the Sky Reaching Tower. That acts as a dividing line. The Sky Reaching Tower is a treasure of Battle Sage Palace and can train the physical strength of martial arts cultivators. Beyond the Sky Reaching Tower are various places meant for cultivation. You will find blessed caves, mountains and relics, and secret zones left by seniors. That region is the most extensive one and occupies half of the island city. You'll need to see that for yourself. Apart from those, the six pavilions here all have their own places for cultivation. Lastly, there is the relic of Sage Palace, the restricted area of the Holy Zhi Palace.

The person very patiently introduced these places briefly to Ye Futian. Ye Futian nodded. "Thank you, senior."

"Don't mention it. You will get the same answer by asking anyone else." That person smiled warmly.

Ye Futian believed that the vast island city was sufficient for him to grow to the level he needed. If he had the chance, he would definitely want to enter the Sage Palace.

Suddenly, a loud sound erupted from the distance. Everyone raised their heads and looked at that direction, where a battle seemed to be in action. Many loud collisions could be heard.

"It's the Law Battle Platform."

"Junior Ye, let's go and take a look?" someone asked Ye Futian, looking at him.

"Sure." Ye Futian nodded. Then, the group left the place and walked towards the location of the battle. Soon, they arrived at the Law Battle Platform. Two cultivators were fighting against each other on the platform at the moment, and many people were standing around them, watching.

"Zhong Li?" Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. In the arena, one of the cultivators was releasing his Life Spirit, which was a tripod. It was precisely Zhong Li who had entered the Holy Zhi Palace with him. He was from the Separation Road and lost to Yuan Zhan's Nine Heavenly Attacks. Nevertheless, he was very strong. However, at the moment, Zhong Li was losing the fight. His opponent was a Grade Six Noble, which was higher than him. Zhong Li tenaciously defended himself for a while. In the end, he was still smashed onto the ground and spat up a lot of blood.

The person who had defeated Zhong Li stood arrogantly in the sky. Looking at Zhong Li from above, he said, "Only geniuses can enter the Holy Zhi Palace, and the same goes to you as well. However, when you're here, you need to understand that you should keep a low profile as a newcomer."

Zhong Li's face darkened. He did not expect himself to be humiliated like this in the first battle here.

A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian's face. Newcomer? Low Profile? In any case, he had always been keeping a low profile.

"Ye Futian." Suddenly, a person who had watched the assessment battles looked at Ye Futian. "And Yu Sheng, Yuan Zhan. They're all in the top ten in the assessment this year."

Many people turned around and stared at Ye Futian and his friends.

"Top performer of the assessment. A Grade Nine Noble in the Law Rank." Many people smiled. One person even asked, "Top performer, did you come to the Law Battle Platform to have a fight?"

"Passing by only," Ye Futian replied, smiling.

"Since you're here, why don't you try? I want to see how strong the top performer this time is," the person who had just defeated Zhong Li said. His name was Wang Yu. Three years ago, he was only selected by the Thousand Holy Island due to his low level. However, he managed to enter the Core Island with his talents.

"No. I was only lucky to be the top performer. Clearly, I'm no match for you," Ye Futian said, smiling. "Let's go." Then, the group started walking away from the place. Ye Futian had come to the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate and become strong quickly. It would be best to avoid any battle.

"Since you're in the Law Rank, you don't have to be so humble." Wang Yu released his aura which enveloped Ye Futian. He was still unwilling to give up.

"Now," Ye Futian said softly. Then, he suddenly turned around. Enveloped with the wind, the four people charged towards Wang Yu directly, causing everyone around to be stunned. In the next instant, vines grew out from Yi Xiaoshi's body wildly. Yuan Zhan slapped out, while Yu Sheng struck his God Slaying Halberd forward directly. On the other hand, the Polearm of Divine Destruction appeared in Ye Futian's hands and he attacked Wang Yu from midair with an astonishing force. This sudden change caused everyone to be flabbergasted, including Wang Yu. He used all his powers to defend, but many attacks landed onto his body at the same time.

Bang, bang, bang… Many loud bangs were heard. Then, everyone saw Wang Yu's body collapse on the ground directly as he spat out blood.

"Let's go." Before anyone could react, Ye Futian and his friends had already left and gone up into the sky.

"Err..." Many people were bewildered. Ye Futian was humble just a second ago, but he suddenly attacked Wang Yu with his strongest move.

"That's… despicable," someone said emotionlessly. Was this the top performance in this batch?

Zhong Li got up from the ground and said coldly, "A Grade Six Noble just challenged a Grade Nine Noble, and you're saying that he's despicable?" Indeed, he was still too simple-minded. He should've been quick and ruthless just like Ye Futian.

"It's still so boring in the end." Yun Feng smiled and shook his head. He thought that Ye Futian, a genius who had just entered the Law Rank, would agree to the fight. Little did he expect something like this to happen. Therefore, he was somewhat disappointed. Then, he also left the place.

On the other, Ye Futian who was flying in the air cursed in his mind, Idiot!
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    《The Legend of Futian》