The Legend of Futian
589 The Name of a Shameless One
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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589 The Name of a Shameless One

Yun Shuisheng studied in the Daozang Palace and was a student of Sage Daozang. Her ice-elemental powers were intriguing. She had been to the World of Ice many times and was often seen training there. As her plane grew, she was able to step into the Lake of Coldness to experience the true will of ice in order to further her training. She immersed herself within the Lake of Coldness, having her skin touch the cold currents directly to become one with the true will of ice. It was as if she had always been a part of the ice.

As she was at the pinnacle of her Noble Plane, she needed to break into the Sage Plane. However, she did not expect when she awakened that not only was she unable to make a breakthrough and had not developed any further comprehension of anything, but she found herself in someone else's embrace, someone male.

Yun Shuisheng extended her hand, forcing streaks of cold currents into Ye Futian's body. He felt the flow of his blood and the flow of Spiritual Qi around him slow. That very state was the state of the place they were in. The woman's comprehension was deep and she had already developed the ability to conjure something that resembled what the space they were in was like, using her cold will alone.

Ye Futian lifted his head and saw very pointy icicles hanging right over his head in the air. If anyone of them was to fall, he would lose his head.

This woman is really serious, he thought.

"Don't you want to know what I've done to you?" Ye Futian asked loudly. Yun Shuisheng halted whatever she was doing and her eyes froze. Her eyes turned ice-cold as her chest heaved.

He actually did something to me?

Seeing her stop, Ye Futian explained quickly, "I saw you being sealed inside the Lake of Coldness and thought you might have accidentally fallen into it. I fished you out of mercy, and is this how you would return my kind act?"

"I was training." Yun Shuisheng was so cold that it sent shivers down Ye Futian's spine.

"You get naked when you train?" Ye Futian asked.

"Go to hell." The icicles hanging over Ye Futian's head fell, and his body felt as if it was paralyzed by the power of cold, making movement nearly impossible.

"The palace forbids the killing of one's own, and you are about to violate that rule," Ye Futian shouted. Indeed, one should really never judge a book by its cover. I wouldn't have thought that someone this beautiful could get this vicious. I wouldn't have saved her otherwise.

"No one else is here to see anything," Yun Shuisheng replied coldly.

Dazzling lights glimmered about Ye Futian's body. The encroaching cold was absorbed bit by bit as they talked. A shimmering light blasted, and the Polearm of Divine Destruction appeared. The implement blasted the icicles above him like a bolt of lightning, and a flying boat appeared beneath his legs at an incredible speed.

The icicles were all destroyed by the polearm, and rumbling noises reverberated. Ye Futian vanished from where he was. Yun Shuisheng was stunned and her expression turned even colder. That slimy *sshole. She burst forward and chased after Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took to the sky, attempting to leave the Ice Zone and make for the Law Battle Area. There will be more people outside, and that wretch wouldn't dare do anything then. Just what did I do to her to have her come for my neck? Women are vicious creatures indeed.

It was fortunate that Headmaster Chen Yuan had given the flying boat to him, a device of unparalleled speed. However, Yun Shuisheng's level was far higher than his. Against someone at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane, he was unable to shake her off, even running away using a ritual implement. If she were to get any closer, he would fall under the influence of her cold spells.

The chase took place at a neck-breaking speed as they gradually reached the edge of the icy cold world. Ye Futian continued running as they went outside the area, and he found the woman continuing the chase, but she was unable to close in on him.

"I was just trying to be nice. Do you have to go this far?" Ye Futian shouted at the silhouette behind him. Cold spears zipped at him. Ye Futian was startled enough that he turned around and continued steering the flying boat forward in an arc. He was irritated. He was able to understand the annoyance that the woman behind him was going through. While it was all just a misunderstanding, awakening to see herself in the embrace of a stranger, who was a man, was still something no woman would want to experience. He explained what happened, and she continued to come for his neck, and that was too much for him.

Both zipped past in the air and finally made it into the Law Battle Area. Ye Futian sighed in relief. That woman won't dare do anything now that we're here.

Two people below were puzzled. Is that Yun Shuisheng of Daozang Palace?

Yun Shuisheng was known for her diligence in training, and she was hardly seen anywhere. She had immense talent and was a stunning beauty. Her high rank in the Law Rank made her a famous figure in the Holy Zhi Palace, and many knew her.

"Who is she going after?" Someone looked in the direction of the chase.

"That's Ye Futian. The one who ranked first in the battle to enter the Holy Zhi Palace," someone else answered, and many flocked to see what was going on. Just how did that newbie manage to get on Yun Shuisheng's bad side?

Ye Futian continued forward. The golden Sky Reaching Tower was seen right before him and there were many disciples of the palace about. Many saw the two silhouettes in a chase in the air, and some came before Ye Futian, trying to block his way.

Ye Futian frowned and stopped at a certain distance between him and the woman chasing him. He had never seemed to have offended anyone, so he was puzzled as to why there were people blocking his way.

"Don't you think you've gone too far, girl?" Ye Futian stopped, turning around to address Yun Shuisheng coming at him. The air around them turned incredibly cold in an instant. The currents seemed to slow down and the cold encroached yet again, making Ye Futian feel as if he was still within the Ice Zone.

Yun Shuisheng scanned the ones around him without saying a word.

"What did he do to offend sister Yun?" one of the people who went to block Ye Futian off asked Yun Shuisheng. Ye Futian had only realized then that it was not that he had done anything to offend the other guy, but that the other guy wanted to somehow show off to the woman chasing him.

Yun Shuisheng did not answer, as she was simply unable to. She looked at Ye Futian with cold eyes and said, "Come with me."

"Go with you?" Ye Futian eyed Yun Shuisheng, not knowing what she was up to.

"Are you trying to make me take responsibility for you or something?" Ye Futian asked with a smirk.

Everyone within earshot froze at the question. Taking responsibility for Yun Shuisheng?

Yun Shuisheng was stunned herself. Her expression was incredibly cold and many murmured below them. It was only when Ye Futian's name was spoken that they knew that the young man was the number one newbie, and the one who ranked last on the Law Rank. It was also said that the young man was incredibly shameless. He went about ambushing Wang Yu despite being new to the place, having no consideration for status or face whatsoever.

Just what did this guy do Yun Shuisheng?

"Silence." Yun Shuisheng said coldly, "Come with you and I will not kill you."

Kill? Many got even more intrigued, specifically about what Ye Futian did.

"Sister Yun, what has he done to you?" a girl asked again. She looked incredibly stunning and carried herself with an air of elegance. She also studied in Daozang Palace and shared an amicable bond with Yun Shuisheng. Suspecting that Ye Futian had actually done something to her friend, she looked at Ye Futian with a tinge of hostility.

"Nothing," Yun Shuisheng answered lightly while keeping her eyes on Ye Futian.

"Just go. I'll just pretend it never happened, and you and I never meet each other," Ye Futian said looking at Yun Shuisheng.

Yun Shuisheng responded by taking a step forward, her cold aura increasingly intense, and her spells went on to encompass Ye Futian. Many saw that he was about to be thoroughly frozen in mere seconds. The freezing power was extremely intense, so much so that not even flames would have been able to do anything to withstand it. He felt his body being encroached and his blood about to freeze.

"If you won't stop what you're doing, I'll tell everyone what happened between us," Ye Futian said loudly, and everything seemed to freeze instantly.

Everyone lifted their heads to look at Ye Futian. What happened between the two of them? What did he do to Yun Shuisheng?

As expected, Yun Shuisheng stopped what she was doing. Despite her temperance, it was not hard to see that she was still infuriated, and her eyes were still fixed on Ye Futian.

"Nothing happened between us," Yun Shuisheng said coldly.

"If that is actually true, tell what happened and let everyone judge for themselves," Ye Futian added.

"Ye Futian," Yun Shuisheng uttered his name coldly. She came to know his name from the chatter taking place below her.

"I'll remember you." Yun Shuisheng glared at Ye Futian before turning around and leaving.

The cold aura dispersed and Ye Futian sighed. However, the relief did nothing to ease his frustration. His kindness was viciously returned; he had become a big, glowing target. Worse still, he had been threatened.

I sure as hell don't think anyone would be alright with something like that happening to them, he thought.

"Nice body you have there," Ye Futian quipped as he saw Yun Shuisheng walking away. Yun Shuisheng halted briefly and shuddered before leaving the scene. She did not get herself entangled further, as she knew he would actually make good on his words.

Many present were infuriated by Ye Futian's words. What do you mean 'nice body'?

Why had Sister Yun chased him all over the place like that yet did not end up daring to lift a finger against him? Their conversation piqued the interests of many.

Just what did that b*stard do to Yun Shuisheng?

Many disciples of Daozang Palace revered and idolized the cool beauty who ranked high on the Law Rank, and they were immensely irked at Ye Futian making a pass at her.

"Has this guy no shame?" someone asked coldly.

"What a vile creature." No one expected the one who ranked first in the Law Battles would be so despicable.

It was only natural that Ye Futian heard everything and felt everyone's hostility towards him. However, he was never one to bother himself much with the opinions of others. He saw no need to explain himself. He glanced at the Sky Reaching Tower and made his way there. He figured it would do him good to train for a bit since he was already there.

"You think you can just walk away like this?" A dashing youth crossed his arms and looked at Ye Futian, blocking his way.

Ye Futian frowned and asked, "Do I know you?"

The youth gave a sarcastic smirk. It was obvious that they did not know each other.

"Teach him how we do things here in the Holy Zhi Palace," someone quipped. It was the girl who seemed to be a friend of Yun Shuisheng. Her cold eyes continued to glare at Ye Futian.

"And who would you be?" Ye Futian could not help but ask the girl as several people walked in his direction.

"You don't need to know. How dare you behave so insolently when you have just arrived here? Insulting Sister Yun and all. She might have let you off the hook, but we are not done." The girl took to the air. Her hair billowed and her expression remained cold. She felt compelled to teach him a lesson, even if he was the champion of the Law Battle.
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    《The Legend of Futian》