The Legend of Futian
596 Sage Douzhan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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596 Sage Douzhan

Lian Yuqing scanned Ye Futian coldly before walking to Yun Feng's side. He stooped down to check Yun Feng's injuries. He discovered that he'd broken many bones. He wasn't disabled but would need to rest for a long while before he could cultivate normally.

This was only the physical damage. Lian Yuqing could see from Yun Feng's dazed eyes that his psychological damages were much more painful. This junior brother of his was the Craftsman's descendant. He could draw everything and his talent was extraordinary. He'd entered the Law Rank not long after entering the pavilion, so he was naturally young and vibrant. His goal had always been entering the Holy Sage Pavilion. Lian Yuqing knew what kind of person Yun Feng usually was: proud, fearless, and filled with confidence.

But right now, Yun Feng's eyes were empty. The humiliation of this battle had pulverized his confidence and pride, tossing him into a deep abyss. This kind of hit was too cruel for a proud and young talent. It could possibly ruin Yun Feng and make him doubt himself. It would be hard to recover his mindset. This was what cultivators usually described as damage to his principle heart. It would create a huge obstacle to his future cultivation.

Raising his head, Lian Yuqing looked coldly at Ye Futian and said, "We are all cultivating in the pavilion. Aren't you a bit too toxic?" He knew that Ye Futian had done it purposely. Otherwise, there was no need to come to this battle platform.

"If you aren't blind, then you're an idiot," Ye Futian replied coolly.

Anyone could mock others from a moral standpoint. But had Lian Yuqing said anything when Yun Feng had insulted Ye Futian? Had he reprimanded Yun Feng when he drew Hua Jieyu? If Yun Feng had drawn Lian Yuqing's girlfriend instead, would he still be so calm? Now that Yun Feng was defeated with humiliation, Ye Futian became the bad guy.

Lian Yuqing stared at Ye Futian. Then he stood up and walked towards the battle platform.

What is Lian Yuqing going to do? Everyone looked at Lian Yuqing. He was at the peak of the Noble Plane and was fifth on the Law Rank. No matter what, he shouldn't be the one going up the platform.

"Senior Brother Lian," Yun Shuisheng called. This battle had scared her. Before, she'd always seen Ye Futian with a shameless grin, but today, everyone saw a different Ye Futian. The power he revealed in anger was honestly frightening. He had treated Yun Feng cruelly, but Yun Feng and Xiang Zhiqin had forced him into this. Plus, Hua Jieyu had already made it clear that she wouldn't allow Yun Feng to draw her, but he still did it. This was an insult, so Ye Futian's anger was with reason.

On the battle platform, Ye Futian had defeated Yun Feng as a Grade eight Noble. No matter what, Lian Yuqing had no reason to fight. It damaged his image.

"I won't do anything to him," Lian Yuqing said softly as he stopped. Then he continued towards the platform.

Ye Futian looked at Lian Yuqing. He hadn't expected for Lian Yuqing to be shameless enough to walk onto the platform.

"I shouldn't fight, but you're too violent. You should listen to this musical piece," Lian Yuqing said. Then he sat onto the platform and strummed his guqin. A graceful melody streamed out instantly, floating into everyone's ears.

"Then I'll listen to your song." Ye Futian stood there and watched Lian Yuqing quietly. The other was a top Noble. This kind of fight had no suspense at all; he wouldn't even try.

The higher the plane, the bigger the differences between each level. How much cultivation did a Grade eight Noble need to reach the peak of the Noble Plane? This distance couldn't be reached so easily.

Strands of sound waves passed over, invading Ye Futian's mind. In that instant, Ye Futian could barely control his spiritual power anymore. It went wild, though he continued to stand there quietly.

The music seeping in wildly brought him into a different space. An invisible hand clutched his body, making him feel as if he was pinned down in the illusory space. An image appeared in his mind. He seemed to have been taken and slammed towards the ground. His body shook and his mind seemed close to breaking apart. Standing on the battle podium, he grunted, face paling.

Lian Yuqing continued playing slowly. He was graceful and natural. Everyone looked at Ye Futian's expression. They could tell what he was experiencing, but no one knew exactly what Lian Yuqing's music was doing to him.

Soon, Lian Yuqing's music stopped. He looked up, gazing at the pale Ye Futian. "You experienced it," he said. "How do you feel?"

Ye Futian gazed at Lian Yuqing and smiled eerily. "I am not Yun Feng and you are not me. Yun Feng provoked me many times and doesn't know what respect is. He thought he was undefeatable. I had no concerns when attacking him, but what about you? What are you trying to prove with this? Don't forget what plane you're in. If you want to attack, then do it. What are you trying to prove? How fake you are?"

Seeing Ye Futian's smirk, Lian Yuqing strummed the instrument strings with his right hand. Instantly, horrible spiritual energy rushed into Ye Futian's mind like a tidal wave. He stumbled back as if struck by lightning. He grunted and blood trickled out of his lips. Many people shuddered, but Ye Futian's expression didn't change at all. Instead, he smiled with ease.

"That's right." Ye Futian's smile was bright. "This is the challenge you wanted. After crossing two planes and defeating Yun Feng, you—a top Noble—would come onto the battle platform personally. This is your so-called temperament. It's very powerful, but in the future, trying being less shameless." With that, Ye Futian turned and walked down the platform. He didn't care about this challenge, because it was meaningless.

Things would quiet down after this.

Seeing Ye Futian walk down off the podium, Lian Yuqing's expression looked ugly. He didn't stop. Ye Futian had been forcing him to attack.

He laughed at himself. His mindset still wasn't advanced enough, allowing Ye Futian to anger him. Did Ye Futian want to affect his mindset this way?

"Oh, right. I'll remember the piece you played today. If there's a chance in the future, I'll gift you piece too." After walking down, Ye Futian grabbed Hua Jieyu and left. He ignored everyone where.

Lian Yuqing didn't mind Ye Futian's words. Gift him a piece?

Was Ye Futian skilled in musical sorcery too? But even if he was, how many years would it take for him to surpass Lian Yuqing?

Xiang Zhiqin looked at Ye Futian's receding backside with an ugly expression.

News of this battle quickly spread throughout the Holy Zhi Palace. Yun Feng, 96th of the Law Rank, had been cruelly defeated by Ye Futian. Many people lamented that the newbie who'd placed first in the pavilion battle was stronger than they'd expected.

Yun Feng's talent had been recognized by entering the Law Rank. He'd also cultivated for a while in the Holy Zhi Palace. However, his ending was tragic. After returning to the Daozang Pavilion, he'd shut himself in. He must have suffered horrible psychological trauma.

He was removed on the Law Rank while Ye Futian shot up to 81. He was only a Grade-8 Noble, but he was already 81st. If he reached the mid- or top-level Noble Plane, what position would he have on the list?

Right then, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng followed Qi Jie through the dazzling pavilion in the Battle Sage Pavilion. According to Qi Jie, Sage Douzhan, chief of the Battle Sage Pavilion, wanted to see them.

Ye Futian saw Sage Douzhan before a golden pavilion. His upper body was bare, revealing bronze muscles. This tall body seemed to be filled with endless power. He didn't release his aura, but just standing there made Ye Futian and Yu Sheng feel extreme pressure. Ye Futian felt like he was an ant before Sage Douzhan. He could be squashed with a finger.

"Teacher, Ye Futian is here."

"Teacher," Ye Futian and Yu Sheng called at the same. They'd listened to the King Kong Sage. Since they'd entered the Battle Sage Pavilion, it wasn't wrong to call Sage Douzhan "teacher."

Sage Douzhan nodded lightly and gazed at them. "I saw at the entrance battle that you two are physically strong. You must have cultivated powerful body-enhancing techniques. However, this comes with the technique. You didn't truly find your potentials and cultivate to the limit. Judging from talent, Yu Sheng is the most suitable for cultivating the body. Unfortunately, you used the wrong method.

"Very few people can cultivate the body. People like sorcery more. Even in lower planes, they say that sorcerers are stronger than martial arts. Cultivating the body isn't the mainstream either. What do you two think?" Sage Douzhan asked.

"Every cultivator has their own skills. All careers are the same when cultivated to the extreme. It still depends on the person," Ye Futian said.

"No, they're right," Sage Douzhan said to him. "Of course, this is only limited to the lower planes. When you cultivate to a certain level, there are no absolute weaknesses or strengths. For people like you who are skilled in multiple abilities, you naturally have an advantage. Everyone has different views on cultivation, but I believe that cultivating the body is stronger than everything else. It's just that few people can go to the extreme."

Ye Futian didn't really agree, but from a certain aspect, Sage Douzhan was right too. If a cultivator couldn't believe in his own cultivation, there was no point.

"If you doubt me, then let me ask you. If I cultivate my physical body to the extreme and my body is now as strong as any spell of the same plane, how will you attack me?" Sage Douzhan asked.

Ye Futian started pondering, but Sage Douzhan continued, "It's simple. You only need to imagine Yu Sheng. If an attack from someone in the same plane landed on him, would he react?"

Ye Futian nodded. This was the truth. Someone in the same plane as Yu Sheng wouldn't be able to move him. But it wasn't entirely right, because most attacks were above the attacker's plane.

"I am seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking, but people before me are still unwilling to fight me. Do you know why?" Sage Douzhan asked. He seemed extremely confident in his abilities.

Ye Futian shook his head.

"It's because their attacks might not be effective. They must attack multiple times to defeat me. But they're different. If I hit them once, they'll die," Sage Douzhan said. Ye Futian blinked. He suddenly felt that this made sense. It really was a huge advantage!
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    《The Legend of Futian》