The Legend of Futian
599 Rallying Power
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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599 Rallying Power

There were figures flying successively into the sparring session area. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had also arrived by then. Their group walked down from the air and landed on the ground. Apart from Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, there was also Yi Xiaoshi, Yuan Zhan, and Qi Jie.

Although the Battle Sage Palace had many disciples, most of them were out cultivating in other areas. Moreover, there were only four of Sage Douzhan's disciples who were in the Noble Plane. Apart from Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Qi Jie, there was one other disciple named Dou Kun.

"Will brother Dou Kun be participating in the sparring session?" Ye Futian asked Qi Jie.

"Brother Dou Kun has always cultivated in the Sky Reaching Tower. He's the person in the 18th level, you should have seen that before. He should be here for this time's sparring session. It might even be his last," Qi Jie replied.

"Is brother Dou Kun a descendant of a master?" Ye Futian was curious and asked. Dou Kun was rather similar to Sage Douzhan.

"No, he's from a Dou Clan in the Barren State. It's a strong clan," Qi Jie replied.

"Are their Life Spirits all a Dou word?" Ye Futian asked curiously again.

"How do you know?" Qi Jie looked at Ye Futian and asked. "Even I haven't seen it."

Ye Futian smiled and nodded, then looked towards Yu Sheng and asked, "Do you remember an opponent called 'Dou Kui' that you fought during the entrance examination?"

"I remember." Yu Sheng nodded and continued, "By borrowing his strength, I was able to break through my cultivation level."

"Brother Dou Kun and that Dou Kui should be from the same clan. However, when the people from the Holy Zhi Palace asked him whether he wanted to enter the Palace to cultivate, Dou Kui actually rejected it and claimed that he was only there to experience the strength of the Barren State's geniuses. Otherwise, with his strength, even if he wasn't taken in as master's disciple, he should have been able to enter the Battle Sage Palace," Ye Futian said.

"The Palace is indeed quite boring." Yi Xiaoshi muttered, "I wonder where fourth and fifth brother have gone adventuring." Yi Xiaoshi felt that his life was too pitiful. Back then, he had few opportunities to leave the mountain in the Cottage, and he was now sent by second sister to watch over little brother. The life in the Holy Zhi Palace was not one that he liked. However, the reason he did not like it was probably because he felt ashamed that he had been overtaken by his little brother. Now, Ye Futian was a direct disciple of Sage Douzhan while he was merely a disciple of the Battle Sage Palace. Sigh. He wondered if it would be a good idea to go out and train himself after this year.

"I'm also bored." Qi Jie nodded seriously.

"Seventh brother, the Palace is a haven for cultivation, how could you be bored?" Ye Futian smiled at Yi Xiaoshi and said. If he cultivated diligently, his time would naturally be well spent. The problem was that the fatty was too lazy.

At that moment, a figure flew across the air from a short distance away and descended from the sky like a goddess. It was Hua Jieyu, she landed next to Ye Futian and smiled sweetly. Ye Futian walked forward and held her hand. Behind him, Yi Xiaoshi smacked his head and thought, Of course you're not bored. What a bully.

"Jieyu, those people aren't harassing you anymore, right?" Ye Futian asked.

"It's gotten much better after that time, but I've been cultivating all this while and haven't had time to care about them." Hua Jieyu smiled and replied, "I've improved a lot, you know."

"Really?" Ye Futian blinked and said.

"I've broken through to a Grade Seven Noble just a few days ago," Hua Jieyu smiled and told Ye Futian, with a little bit of smugness. Ye Futian did a double take and said, "Will I lose my standing if I am surpassed by my wife?"

Hua Jieyu glared at him cutely and said, "You need to manage so many different aspects of your cultivation. I am a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer and specialize in cultivating my Spiritual Energy. As long as I can achieve breakthroughs in my Spiritual Energy, it's enough. My potential in other elements will improve alongside my Spiritual Energy. As long as my Spiritual Energy is strong, I will be strong."

"Yup, you're definitely the Jieyu I know," Ye Futian smiled and said. Although she said it casually, she probably worked very hard on her cultivation in the Holy Zhi Palace.

"That is but mere mortal beauty," Qi Jie recited a Buddhist scripture at the side. Ye Futian recalled the last time he spoke with him, that fellow did not care about external appearances or mortal beauty. Yeah, it seemed he really did not care…

"We're arriving soon," Qi Jie said. At that moment, there was a row of statues in front of them, sitting there. Each one of the statues had a mysterious will embedded in them, as though the statues were alive.

"What are those?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"Those are just decorations," Qi Jie replied, and they continued walking forward. Walking through a white gate made of stone, they reached a vast empty space where many others were already waiting.

"How grand." Ye Futian looked around and saw the nine palaces spreading out in the formation of the Eight Trigrams. There were many people standing at the positions of the palaces, and the palace in the center sunk into the ground, creating a battle arena that looked like a valley. Moreover, there was a colossal statue behind all of the eight palaces, standing tall at tens of meters, like a god. Many people were looking at the eight statues and could faintly feel a Will emitting from the eight statues, as though they had lives of their own. It was an extremely intriguing feeling.

Ye Futian's group continued forward onto the 'Li' position, on the left was the 'Kun' position and the right was the 'Xun' position. The 'Kan' position was directly in front of them. In the direction of the 'Kan' position, there was a group of people looking toward Ye Futian. Across the air, Ye Futian could feel their frosty gazes. He saw Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing, the duo who were cultivating tin the Sage Palace. Apart from them, there were many other people looking at him. The one in the middle had an exceptional aura. With just one gaze, others could already feel how strong he was.

"Who's the person standing in the middle of the Sage Palace's group?" Ye Futian asked Qi Jie softly.

"Hua Fan," Qi Jie looked forward and replied softly as well. The first on the Law Rank, Hua Fan. In another direction, many of the Daozang Palace disciples were in the 'Xun' position. Among them were Lian Yuqing and Yun Feng.

Yun Feng's gaze looked towards Ye Futian with malice. These few months, he had been in terrible condition and it had affected his cultivation, causing him to stagnate at his previous cultivation level. All this was thanks to Ye Futian. No trace of Yun Feng's previous arrogance could be seen on his face. His aura had changed after that battle. No longer was there any of his teenage arrogance; it had been replaced by a faint, grim feeling.

"Yun Feng," at that moment, Lian Yuqing addressed him. Yun Feng looked towards him and heard Lian Yuqing say, "You can choose your sparring partner at will during the sparring session. Since Ye Futian is here as well, challenge him again. Your attainment in art is extraordinary, perhaps you can cause the statues to create images and give you some enlightenment. No matter what, you need to have him as your target and defeat him by any means possible." He could naturally see that after the battle, Yun Feng's cultivation had been affected and needed to be remedied. If that was so, he could only escape the trauma by defeating Ye Futian. Otherwise, he would lose confidence in himself and his Will would waver, causing him to face huge difficulties in breaking through his cultivation level. Yun Feng was his little brother and as disciples of Sage Daozang, he did not wish to see Yun Feng collapse under his setback. If he was defeated again, then it could be considered fighting fire with fire. At this point, his situation could not get worse anyways.

"Mm." Yun Feng nodded, but there was no trace of the confidence he had back then. This confidence was essential to every cultivator, or their might would be weaker than their opponent before the battle even started. Beside them, Xiang Zhiqin was also there and she glared at Ye Futian ruthlessly.

At that moment, a few figures flew towards Ye Futian. Ye Futian smiled and asked, "Wuchen, how has your cultivation been this past half a year?"

"The Sword Palace suits me very well," Ye Wuchen replied.

"Is Chenyu doing well?" Ye Futian asked again.

"She's doing alright. I often accompany her in her cultivation," Ye Wuchen replied.

"That's good." Ye Futian looked at the people beside Ye Wuchen, they were Zui Qianchou and Xu Que. The few of them were all cultivating in the Sword Palace under the Sword Demon.

"I've heard that you're impressive in the Holy Zhi Palace." Zui Qianchou smiled and said, "As a newbie, you beat up the Palace's seniors?"

"I didn't want to," Ye Futian shrugged and replied.

"Arrogant." Xu Que's looked forward and continued in a quiet voice, "However, you have every right to do so. In the Palace, there seems to be a tradition of bullying the newbies. If I had the chance, I would have done so as well."

"You've been bullied in the Sword Palace?" Ye Futian smiled at the three of them.

"The three people beside you are the combination of the successors of the Barren State's Four Great Swordsmen, excluding the Wuji Sword. What do you think?" Xu Que said. He was the successor of the Tingxue Sword while Zui Qianchou was the successor of the Ghost Sword. They could all be considered successors of Sword Demons. Indeed, apart from the Sword Saint Villa's Yan Wuji, the three of them were the successors of the Four Great Swordsmen. 

Had Xu Que's words hinted that they had joined forces? This was interesting.

The Tingxue House's killer swordsmen always acted alone. To be forced into joining forces with others probably meant that newbies had it tough no matter which Palace they entered. These prideful fellows would evidently not succumb to the pressure.

There were a few other people who walked to the 'Li' position where Ye Futian was. Zhong Li and Yang Jian were all newbies from their batch, but they had all gathered together. The people from the other positions were all watching this scene with interested expressions.

Many people who saw Ye Futian gradually got to know his identity. Standing beside Hua Jieyu, the two of them did in fact look like a well-suited couple.

"It seems like the person who got first in this time's admission examination has strong rallying power," someone who was watching commented.

"Entering the Holy Zhi Palace in the same batch, the first among them beat up the Palace's seniors and made it to the 81st spot on the Law Rank. He will naturally become a benchmark for other new disciples. Moreover, the newbies who entered the Holy Zhi Palace must have suffered a lot," someone smiled and said. In reality, the treatment they received was also similar. Under the competitive environment in the Holy Zhi Palace, it was perfectly common for battles to happen.

"However, it seems like those from the Sage Palace have formed their own clique." There were people who looked in the direction of the 'Kan' Palace and saw Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing. They were also new disciples from the current batch, but they had followed Hua Fan here.

"The first of past batches have always entered the Sage Palace. This trend continued for many years and it has formed a tradition. They will always treat the previous generation's first as their benchmark, but it seems that this batch is different. However, Hua Fan must definitely hope that Bai Ze can take over his position and be superior to Ye Futian," someone in the crowd said. The first ranking on the Law Rank had been dominated by the Sage Palace for many years.
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    《The Legend of Futian》