The Legend of Futian
601 Quick and Clean
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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601 Quick and Clean

Everyone in the sparring session was stunned. Err...

In the crowd, Yun Feng's face was also particularly gloomy. If he also challenged Ye Futian later and received the same reply, he would be stuck in an awkward situation and lose all his face.

At the moment, Bai Ze was precisely in an extremely embarrassing spot. He was left on the Zhonggong Battle Platform just like this. However, he actually could not refute Ye Futian's words. Everyone knew that he had lost to Ye Futian in the assessment battle.

"It's different today. We have both entered the Holy Zhi Palace. This is the sparring session," Bai Ze said coldly. Ye Futian was deliberately humiliating him.

Ye Futian glanced at Bai Ze with much contempt. Obviously, he knew that this would cause Bai Ze to feel awkward time, but he couldn't care less about his feelings. In the past, Bai Ze had been acting superior. He had ignored Ye Futian's presence and disgraced Ye Futian openly. Bai Ze was actually correct in some sense; today was indeed different. In the past, Bai Ze was the second young lord of White Cloud City, a famous genius. He was the most probable candidate for the top performer in the Holy Zhi Palace assessment, while Ye Futian was known to none. On the other hand, both of them were Holy Zhi Palace disciples at the moment. Bai Ze wanted to regain his glory, but Ye Futian was too busy to play with him.

"Precisely because it's the sparring session, I'm not playing such a game with you. Otherwise, you will not receive a second chance after losing again," Ye Futian said emotionlessly. "If one day, your ranking on the Law Rank is higher than or close to mine, maybe I will consider accepting your challenge. Today, you're far from being a worthy opponent for me." Ye Futian's cold and toneless voice slammed onto Bai Ze's face like a violent slap. In particular, his last line caused Bai Ze's aura to erupt uncontrollably. As the second young lord of White Cloud City, Bai Ze had never been humiliated like this. Above all, he was being shamed before all the other disciples.

Everyone present stared at Ye Futian, looking interested. The top performer of the assessment was indeed way too arrogant and everyone was looking forward to his performance. Yet, even when Bai Ze challenged Ye Futian himself, Ye Futian still rejected it straightaway.

"During the sparring session, when someone asks you to have a fight, even if your level is much higher, you should still accept the battle and guide your opponent. This is the whole point of the sparring session," someone from the Kan direction suddenly said. It was a cultivator who had a sharp expression on his face. He looked in Ye Futian's direction and continued coldly, "You have just entered the palace. You are too imperious."

The person who just spoke was called Du Yue. He was a descendant of an elder from Holy Sage Pavilion and his talents were indeed extraordinary. He had a senior who was in the same generation as the lord of White Cloud City and they had cultivated in Holy Sage Pavilion together in the past.

Ye Futian was the top performer this year and was ranked 81st on the Law Rank, but he was still just a Grade Eight Noble, a newcomer. He had rebutted Hua Fan's words just now and also humiliated Bai Ze publicly at the moment. Arrogant, he did not look like a newcomer at all.

"It depends on who I am talking to," Ye Futian replied, smiling.

"..." Many people looked at Bai Ze with some sympathy. Bai Ze was really unlucky to have such an opponent. Ye Futian had humiliated Bai Ze with every sentence.

Bai Ze's face had already turned completely dark. Staring at the people around Ye Futian, he said, "You're avoiding the fight, but nobody beside you has beaten me, right? Who wants to accept my challenge?"

Hearing Bai Ze's words, Ye Futian was somewhat surprised. Bai Ze was really digging his own grave. This being the case, he would allow the second young lord of White Cloud City to remember this day forever.

"Yu Sheng, be quick and clean," Ye Futian secretly transmitted his voice to Yu Sheng.

During the assessment that time, Yu Sheng lost only because Xu Que was able to target his weakness. After entering the Holy Zhi Palace, Ye Futian had been noting Yu Sheng's improvement. He would be able to easily deal with Bai Ze.

Yu Sheng nodded, after which he flashed and jumped into the air. Then, he landed on the Zhonggong Battle Platform below. Accompanied by a loud bang, the entire platform vibrated. From just his burly, violent body, everyone could feel how powerful he was. They knew that Yu Sheng had also managed to enter the top ten in the assessment. Just like Ye Futian, he had entered the Holy Zhi Palace when he was only a Grade Nine Noble. He should not be underestimated.

Looking at Yu Sheng's appearance, Bai Ze felt as if he was being targeted by a wild beast. Yu Sheng's huge eyes were extremely cold. He was present when Bai Ze invited Hua Jieyu personally. That time, he had left Bai Ze to Ye Futian. Since he was the one fighting this time, he would, of course, not show any mercy.

Bang. Dark golden radiance bloomed. A suit of demonic armor appeared on his body and a pair of demonic wings behind his back. A dark golden demonic halberd condensed in his hand and an extremely violent Martial Will erupted. The might from his will immediately swept across the entire Zhonggong Battle Platform. Bai Ze felt that a demon had just appeared before him, waiting for him to surrender himself.

Yu Sheng was actually pressuring Bai Ze with Martial Will.

Bai Ze released his Life Spirit. A terrifying pair of pupils and his Spell Scroll Spirit appeared at the same time. Then, a powerful wave of Spiritual Will bloomed and the entire place seemed to have turned into a gray world. Yu Sheng felt as though an invisible hand was grabbing him, wanting to drag him into the destructive gray world. In his mind, the pair of gray Eye of Devastation was causing him to lose himself. Spiritual attacks were most appropriate when fighting against martial arts cultivators.

However, at the moment, an illusory, dark gold demon appeared in Yu Sheng's mind, guarding him. His demonic method focused mainly on martial arts, but it also contained a way to train his Spiritual Energy, namely the Demonic Meditation. It could allow his Spiritual Energy to be very stable. Although it contained little damaging abilities, it was sufficient for him to defend against spiritual attacks so that this would at least not become his weakness.

Demonic might erupted wildly. Yu Sheng's body seemed to be have turned into a black whirlpool, rapidly engulfing all the powers around him. That included the Spiritual Qi that was controlled by the Eye of Devastation.

In the sky above the arena, many dark golden demonic halberds actually appeared. They then charged forcefully towards Bai Ze. Bai Ze raised his head to look at the halberds which had appeared in the sky and his face was only filled with coldness. Was Yu Sheng trying to hurt him with this kind of attack in his Eye Sorcery Zone?

Even the speed of the halberds seemed to be restricted. Bai Ze extended his hand. Right away, many frightening golden light runes appeared before him, turning into a defensive screen. When the halberds landed, many violent bangs were produced, but the screen remained intact.

As the demonic halberds were falling down, an alarming golden radiance was also flowing on Yu Sheng's body. Many beams of golden light penetrated across his body, all the way to his feet. Immediately, his power shot up again. In the sky, two of the stone statues lit up, one of which was extremely dazzling. Some of the radiance poured down onto Yu Sheng's body and actually became six Zhang high.

"What..." Some of the cultivators looked at the statues, astonished. The light from the statue glittered, as if it was heavily stimulated. Why would Yu Sheng, a mere Grade Eight Noble, cause such an intense response? Was his artistic conception of martial arts really this strong?

Dong! With a loud bang, Yu Sheng stomped his feet onto the ground and jumped into the air. His demonic wings flapped, and his speed was as quick as lightning. In an instant, his body penetrated across the space. Then he fell down from the sky and stepped towards Bai Ze as if he was a god from the heaven.

Yu Sheng raised his arm and threw out the demonic halberd in his hand in midair. The halberd turned into a striking bolt of lightning and punctured through the air. With a loud bang, the golden light screen below was crushed directly.

Bai Ze's face darkened. Yu Sheng's way of fighting was too domineering. Bai Ze could not move Yu Sheng at all with his Spiritual Energy. His Eye of Devastation was useful against spells, but highly ineffective against such a brutal martial arts cultivator.

Bai Ze used all his might to stimulate his Spell Scroll Spirit. At once, many spell scrolls flew out from his Life Spirit, giving birth to a destructive power. It was much stronger than when he fought with Ye Futian. Activating the Almighty Thunder Guide, countless Chains of Thunder God immediately appeared on Yu Sheng's body. At the same time, many spell scrolls circled around him, wildly devouring the Spiritual Qi in the sky. Many storms bloomed, and a golden lotus was being born.

Bai Ze extended his hand. The roaring, golden storms converged together, forming a destructive golden lotus which had 81 petals. The petals of the lotus rotated wildly, destroying everything around them like sharp blades.

Die! Bai Ze roared coldly in his mind. The deadly golden lotus charged towards Yu Sheng who was coming towards him from the air. After being defeated by Ye Futian last time in just one strike, he was motivated by the bitter experience. In the end, he finally managed to learn this combined spell whose power was simply calamitous.

Bang! Two brilliant beams of light erupted from Yu Sheng's feet as he continued coming down. His dark golden, demonic body seemed to have become even more intimidating and he stepped towards the destructive lotus.

"Is he mad?" Many people were bewildered.

Yu Sheng was trying to kill himself. Was he going to take such a horrifying spell with his body? Even if he had entered Battle Sage Palace and was learning body-enhancing techniques from Sage Douzhan, he should not be so crazy. After all, Bai Ze was powerful and this particular spell was even more hair-raising.

You're the one who's trying to kill yourself! Bai Ze thought as he stared at Yu Sheng who was in the air. Then, Yu Sheng stepped onto the destructive lotus directly. An ear-piercing noise erupted, followed by a loud bang. A god-like figure continued stamping down, and it was none other than Yu Sheng. Although the dark golden armor on his body had already shattered, he had survived the attack from the golden lotus.

Bai Ze retreated backward. However, following a loud noise, Yu Sheng landed on the ground and grabbed Bai Ze's foot with his hand directly. Bai Ze's body had just left the ground when he froze at his spot. Immediately, his face turned pale. Feeling the power from Yu Sheng's hand, he was actually somewhat fear-stricken. In the next instant, he felt his body fly into the air. He quickly enveloped his body in Spiritual Qi for protection.

Bang! After a loud bang, Bai Ze was nearly unconscious. Nobody knew how many of his bones were broken and his mind was totally blank. Countless people stared motionlessly at the burly figure, astounded. After smashing Bai Ze on the ground just once, Yu Sheng let go of him. However, Bai Ze continued lying on the ground, his body twitching uncontrollably.

Dong. With another loud bang, Yu Sheng jumped off the battle platform and ascended into the air, returning to the Li position. Ye Futian widened his eyes at Yu Sheng in dissatisfaction and said secretly, "I only asked you to be quick and clean, not to be so serious!"

Yu Sheng's external defence was broken and his shirt also had many holes, through which some blood stain could be seen. Clearly, even though he had activated his acupoints to release more power, his body was still damaged under the destructive power. He could have finished the battle in other ways. Of course, this was indeed the quickest and cleanest way. From the start to the end, he trampled Bai Ze.

"I'm fine. Already used to it these days," Yu Sheng replied. Ye Futian was speechless. As for Bai Ze, he would spend his remaining time in the Holy Zhi Palace in sheer embarrassment!
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    《The Legend of Futian》