The Legend of Futian
610 History“s Most Tragic Firs
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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610 History“s Most Tragic Firs

Ximen Gu stared at Ye Futian, though Ye Futian continued to turn his back on him.

Two people who had been first in the admission examinations of their respective admissions batch actually got into a conflict on their first encounter, and the reason was the newbie provoking the senior. The crowd all had befuddled expressions. It was common for the seniors in the Holy Zhi Palace to bully the newbies, but it was uncommon for the reverse to happen. However, Ximen Gu was the first in the admission examination, and his brother, Ximen Hanjiang, was also the first on the Law Rank. As such, he had nothing to worry about, and he arrogantly provoked the previous batch's first ranking in the admission examination—Ye Futian.

Of course, Ximen Gu might not understand Ye Futian, but the people from the Holy Zhi Palace understood him very well. This was an indomitable person who dared to face all the disciples in the sparring session in his first year as a Holy Zhi Palace's disciple. Moreover, he defeated Lian Yuqing as a Grade Eight Noble, causing the fifth on the Law Rank to keep a low profile while cultivating in the future. In the next two years, Ye Futian had not clashed with anyone, so his ranking on the Law Rank was still 10th.

Now, there was someone who was provoking him? Moreover, that person was Ximen Hanjiang's younger brother. This made many people thrilled. It seemed like something exciting was about to happen. The prideful fellow had not fought anyone in two years, how could he possibly allow Ximen Gu to belittle him?

"What if I don't apologize?" Ximen Gu looked at Ye Futian and said. He was not worried and was even a little exhilarated. Although Ye Futian's cultivation level might be higher than his and Futian was definitely stronger than him, he felt that it was a good idea to fight him and experience the strength of the previous batch's first. As for the other repercussions, he did not consider them. After all, although Ye Futian was 10th on the Law Rank, Ximen Gu's brother was at the top of the Law Rank.

Ye Futian turned and looked at Ximen Gu, smiling and saying, "If you're unwilling, I don't mind teaching you some respect."

Ximen Gu looked at Long Ling'er who was standing beside Ye Futian, then smiled and replied, "Is that so? But I don't see anything wrong with what I said?" As he finished, the entire area froze up and became exceptionally quiet. Many people's gazes landed on Ye Futian. He was not someone with a good temper.

"No problem," Ye Futian smiled and replied. He then raised his hand and stretched it out in Ximen Gu's direction. In an instant, an exceptionally violent aura descended upon him; it was the strength of combined Wills. The heavens rumbled and a Spiritual Qi storm started brewing, sand flying around Ximen Gu's body. Ximen Gu immediately released his Spiritual Will, but in the next moment, he felt a horrifying Will descending upon him. His body hardened and he was unable to move.

Ximen Gu's expression became panicky, and he attempted to break free from the Spiritual Will. However hard he tried, he was unable to do so. It was as though the area around him had completely frozen and his body was completely suppressed.

Ye Futian stepped towards Ximen Gu gradually. Although his speed was slow, the crowd behind him was all startled. After more than two years, Ye Futian had finally fought someone again. But what was this overwhelming Spiritual Will? It was like a horrifying force had been created by combining Spiritual Wills. Ximen Gu was in trouble.

"The Holy Zhi Palace doesn't have strict rules, so the seniors often bully the new disciples. When I entered the Palace, I kept a low-profile because I knew that I was unable to defeat them, so I hate it when the seniors bully the newbies. Today, I am going to do the thing that I hated." Ye Futian looked at Ximen Gu and said calmly, "That is because some people really deserve it." As his voice landed, he swung his palm outward and the wind started billowing and turned into a palm print. With a giant smack, it landed on Ximen Gu's face and sent his body flying, a distinct palm print on his face.

Silence. The first in the admission examination, Ximen Gu, had been slapped by Ye Futian on his first day in the Holy Zhi Palace. This was a feat that probably nobody would ever achieve again.

Ximen Gu stood up and wiped the blood around his mouth. He raised his head and stared cruelly at Ye Futian.

"You humiliated me intentionally?" Ximen Gu clenched his fists and growled.

"It looks like you understand how it feels to be humiliated." Ye Futian had no pity for him and did not feel that he had gone overboard. It did not matter how arrogant the first in the admission examination was since he was arrogant as well. However, he had dared to say such humiliating things to Long Ling'er and had no remorse. He could only let Ximen Gu feel the impact of his actions.

Ximen Gu laughed mockingly and said, "You're a senior. Since you said that the Holy Zhi Palace has no rules, it's fine if you humiliate me. However, have you thought of the consequences?" As he said that, he looked derisively at Long Ling'er, who was standing beside Ye Futian. He would remember this slap.

"It looks like you haven't learned your lesson," Ye Futian said calmly. Then, his arm stretched forward and a giant palm appeared in the air, grabbing Ximen Gu by the neck. Ximen Gu wanted to dodge, but his body could not resist. The giant palm lifted Ximen Gu's body across the air and slammed him into the ground. With an ear-splitting crash, Ximen Gu's body was violently smashed into the ground and his body shuddered vehemently.

"Ye Futian, you dare bully me like this? My brother will not let you off." Ximen Gu said ruthlessly. However, as he finished, the earth started to shake. A figure ran wildly from the distance and many people raised their heads to look at the person. They saw a burly figure land beside Ximen Gu and grab him by his shirt. Ximen Gu lowered his head and saw a pair of emotionless eyes with beastly rage in them. The expression in those eyes was as though they were looking at a dead person.

Ximen Gu felt his body go cold. What kind of eyes were those? However, this was the Holy Zhi Palace. Who would dare treat him like this?

When they saw the figure appear, many people grieved for Ximen Gu. He had just entered the Palace and had not understood Ye Futian before provoking him. What a tragedy.

In the next moment, Ximen Gu felt his body being flung, and with a giant crash, his organs felt as though they had shattered as he was crushed vigorously into the ground. Moreover, the other party did not stop and smashed him into the ground repeatedly.

Many people could not bear to continue watching. Ximen Gu was probably the most tragic first in the admission examination in the history of the Holy Zhi Palace. He had barely been in the Palace for a couple of hours and he had already been brutally defeated. Blood streamed from Ximen Gu's mouth and his brain stopped functioning. On his first day in the Holy Zhi Palace, his views had been flipped upside down. How could this be? He was the first in the admission examination, the most outstanding among this batch's disciples. His brother was the first on the Law Rank. How could the other party humiliate him with no reservations? He did not understand.

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian shouted. If that fellow continued, he might really disable Ximen Gu.

Yu Sheng heard his voice and stopped, then threw Ximen Gu on the ground and walked over to Ye Futian. He did not mention Ximen Gu but said, "Teacher wants us to go over."

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded and then said to Hua Jieyu, "Jieyu, you bring Ling'er to the Daozang Palace. I won't be sending her."

"Okay." Hua Jieyu smiled and nodded. Ye Futian walked over to Ximen Gu's side and said softly, "You can go and tell your brother about today's incident. If he wants to look for me, that's fine. I'm just going to remind you, if you dare to insult Ling'er again like you did today, I will make sure that you are unable to stay in the Palace." After saying that, he looked towards Long Ling'er and said, "Ling'er, your cultivation is the weakest in the Palace. If anyone bullies you, come look for me."

"Mm." Long Ling'er nodded her head solemnly. Big brother Futian was more handsome than before, big brother Yu Sheng as well. She had not noticed that he was this handsome in the past. She would have another idol from now on.

Ye Futian left with Yu Sheng, and Hua Jieyu also flew off with Long Ling'er. The surrounding crowd looked at the figure lying on the ground. After two years, they had finally seen Ye Futian and Yu Sheng in action again.

How overbearing! That tone, it was as if... Many people reeled in shock, did Ye Futian's words mean that he did not fear Ximen Hanjiang? Now, Ximen Gu was probably doubting his entire life. Tough luck, he had provoked Ye Futian.

In the crowd, Yan Qingwu watched the incident with an equally stunned expression. Was this how things were in the Palace? Was that the Ye Futian who defeated her brother back then? What a deep impression he left.

In the Battle Sage Palace, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng made their way to the Battle Sage Hall.

"Master," the two of them shouted as they saw Sage Douzhan.

"Three years, not bad." Sage Douzhan looked at the two of them and smiled. He then asked, "Yu Sheng has already made it to the 18th level of the Sky Reaching Tower, which level can you reach now, Ye Futian?"

"The 17th level," Ye Futian replied.

"How many acupoints can you open from the Incomplete Heavenly Manual's Seven Star acupoints?" Sage Douzhan continued asking.

"The same as Yu Sheng, four acupoints," Ye Futian replied.

"That's more than me." Sage Douzhan smiled and looked at his two disciples. He then said, "Teaching disciples is not my specialty. Although I've taken you two in as disciples, the truth is that all your cultivation is your own effort. Now, I will teach you two a body-enhancing technique for battle. It is extremely strong, so make sure to learn it properly. Ye Futian, I've heard that you specialize in all elements. However, Yu Sheng, you will have a chance to enter the Saint plane with body-refining. Don't waste your potential."

Yu Sheng nodded. He also knew that his physique was superior to others and was a natural warrior. Body-refining was indeed very suitable for him.

"Prepare yourselves." The eye in between Sage Douzhan's brow chakra opened again, and a gleaming light emitted from it, heading straight towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's brow chakras. Following that, images flooded into their brains. In their heads, they saw what looked like a god. Sage Douzhan stood in the air, naked. His frame appeared to be bigger, like an ancient god. What was even scarier was the gleaming light around his body. An unparalleled shadow appeared. It was an imposing golden figure.

"The Douzhan Body can create a martial arts body and provide astonishing power. It is an unstoppable offensive ability," a voice sounded in their heads. Next, the cultivation method and things to look out for were all imprinted into their brains.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng closed their eyes, taking it in silently.

"The Incomplete Heavenly Manual combined with the Douzhan Body created Sage Douzhan, who is seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking. Your potentials are both higher than mine, so your achievements will definitely surpass the seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking," Sage Douzhan looked at the two of them and said softly. He had high hopes for both of them!
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    《The Legend of Futian》