The Legend of Futian
614 Top Class Treasure
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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614 Top Class Treasure

Yan Jiu's expression turned serious as he accelerated the flow of Sword Will around him. His body became like a sword as his Sword Spirit appeared behind him in a blinding flash. His nine swords swirled around in the air as countless sword aura rushed and turned them into nine dazzling swords.

The swords hummed as Yan Jiu took to the air and pointed his finger forward. Nine extremely blinding flashes of swords zipped through the air in an instant, heading for Yu Sheng. The sword aura flowed like a great river, completely covering the space between them.

Yu Sheng stomped his feet on the ground. The light around his body shone in an even more dazzling manner as he reached out for one of the giant swords. The sword headed for him with the full intention of piercing through him. However, it ended up stopping in its tracks, caught between Yu Sheng's hands. The tremendously sharp sword aura tore through everything around him and hummed loudly as if it was trying to tear his hands apart.

Yu Sheng's hands seemed to have conjured another pair of giant palms. The dark golden colored palms pinned the sword in its place. Both hands seemed to have gone through the entire body of the sword as they did so.

"That is some sheer brute force like none other." The hearts of many were stunned.

"That is the body-refinement techniques of Sage Douzhan. The art opened up the Seven Star acupoints. The Ruinous Star, Flirting Star, Gloomy Star, and the other acupoints enable power to permeate seven major points of the body, including both of the user's arms and legs, allowing the use of sheer power like no other." Some powerful sages looked at the battle thinking to themselves that despite being sages, this was a battle to be noted in all seriousness.

Terrifying sword aura tore through everything in its path as it headed for Yu Sheng, and then attempted to pierce through him with incredible force. However, the sword aura still failed to cut through Yu Sheng's physical body. Back then, Xu Que had been able to make Yu Sheng submit by using sword techniques in conjunction with intricate body movements. Yan Jiu had wanted to imitate what Xu Que did but then discovered that Yu Sheng's body had developed to become much more sturdy and powerful than it had been back then.

Voom. A fearsome light was seen; it was the light conjured by Yan Jiu's sword, which Yu Sheng threw back at him with his bare hands. It was indeed a show of brute force like no other. The platform shook in response. Yu Sheng made his way to Yan Jiu by stepping onto the swords.

Sword flashes like none other flowed about Yan Jiu's body. A giant sword that seemed to be out to destroy the space between them and crush the earth appeared in a dazzling flash, cutting the sword that was thrown back in a single, clean stroke. Yan Jiu's body seemed to have become part of that cleaving sword itself as he swung at Yu Sheng, who was heading for him. It was the embodiment of sword and swordsman cutting everything in its way.

Boom. Yu Sheng's body seemed to be covered by the shadow of a devil devouring all Spiritual Qi around him. His body burst into dazzling brilliance as he lifted his arms and reached out for the giant sword coming his way. Many in the audience stood up at the scene, stunned by Yu Sheng's strength.

The very next moment, Yu Sheng's hands trapped the sword swung at him. The giant sword cut through the air with a force capable of splitting the earth, yet it was stopped dead in its tracks by Yu Sheng's hands. It was as if the devil was holding up a godly weapon. It was a stunning scene like none other.

"Cut him!" Yan Jiu yelled in fury. Sword aura gushed about as the giant sword attempted to finish its job, yet Yu Sheng seemed entirely unperturbed. His hands slid along the sword as he moved forward, and in one single step, he descended upon Yan Jiu like a bolt of lightning. Yan Jiu looked utterly dejected as he threw away his sword and turned into a sword flash, backing away. However, Yu Sheng's movements seemed to be faster than a lightning bolt. He descended upon Yan Jiu in mere moments before he lifted his fist up high and brought it down on the swordsman.

Bam… The dark golden fist tore through the space to reach its target, and the attack landed hard on Yan Jiu, sending him flying. Yan Jiu slammed down on the platform, spitting blood from his mouth as he yelped.

Yu Sheng landed on the ground with a spectacular boom, looking as if a devil had descended upon the platform. He lifted his head to look at the elder and asked, "Where is the sword?"

"Fetch the weapon," the elder said. A figure was seen holding the sword in both arms, walking onto the platform and handing it to Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng took the sword and walked down from the platform, returning to Ye Futian and handing the weapon to Ye Wuchen.

"Good work." Ye Wuchen took the weapon without any hesitation.

"You are indeed giving away ritual implements." Zhong Li, who was standing nearby, was rendered speechless. It was no wonder why Ye Futian had been so confident. What Yan Jiu did was no different from handing them their prize indeed. However, many eyes coldly looked in the party's direction, especially those from the Sword Saint Villa and those who had bet against Yu Sheng. How is it possible for that *sshole to be so powerful?

"He became even more terrifying," the mighty ones from Mortal World and Nantian House noted to themselves as they looked at Yu Sheng. The young man's mastery of the demonic arts had made him a formidable being three years ago. That, coupled with the newly learned body-refining techniques, allowed Yu Sheng to simply take Yan Jiu's sword head-on.

"Hahaha." A laugh came from the elder from the Alchemy Casino. He looked very pleased with himself at the moment, smiling from ear to ear. The one who benefited the most from that battle was not the victor, Yu Sheng, but the elder's casino. While the sword that was traded away was a high-class sage ritual implement, the price the Sword Saint Villa paid was just as valuable. The gamble that he set up with the spectators earlier also made him quite a lot of money.

"That was spectacular. A battle truly befitting of the status of the students of Sage Douzhan and Wuji Swordsman. While Mr. Yan lost the match, the strength that was demonstrated definitely held up well to the reputation of the Sword Saint Villa," the elder said in an attempt to make the outcome seem less embarrassing for the Sword Saint Villa.

"The Alchemy Conference is about to begin and many mighty ones will come, even cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace. Shouldn't the casino show a token of appreciation or something?" someone from the crowd quipped.

The elder smiled and replied, "There are still many top-class sage ritual implements in the casino. Would you all like to have a look?"

"Well, bring them out already." The eyes of many sparkled.

"Just wait for a moment. I will make the trip myself." The elder flashed and left the place, returning after a while. Several other elders followed him, all of whom had an incredibly fearsome aura. One walked onto the platform and waved, conjuring a ritual implement in the air above the gamble fight platform.

It was a scepter of coldness. When the ritual implement was unveiled, a terrifying will of coldness swept through the air, covering the entire platform in a cold, white frost. The currents of cold continued to emanate from the scepter, making their way into everyone's bodies. Ye Futian's body was seen covered with a layer of frost, and he was able to feel the coldness seeping into his mind.

"The Hail Scepter. A ritual implement capable of assaulting one's mind and obstructing the casting of spells. It is also an item with very potent control abilities," the elder introduced the weapon and the eyes of many burned with excitement. The ritual implement showcased on the platform was then put away, before another walked onto the platform and unveiled another ritual implement.

It was an article of clothing as thin as the wing of cicada. It was a clear, dazzling, and brilliant. A girl who was dressed skimpily went up and put the ritual implement on. It covered her white skin in an instant, as if having melded to her skin. A layer of brilliance shone about her. The elder who stood beside her used a palm attack on her. While the girl was sent flying, many were able to see that the ritual implement conjured layers of dazzling light screens, which looked as if the majority of the power of the attack was being absorbed.

"It is a defensive ritual implement crafted with extremely painstaking effort. It is capable of dispelling most of the force dealt onto it, be it spiritual attacks, spells, or physical attacks."

Many looked on with excitement, especially with the girl showcasing it. It was a defensive ritual implement with very high practical value.

The third ritual implement was unveiled later—a incredibly dazzling green bead. Threads emanated from the bead as it spun in the air. Its radiation permeated the space, encasing everyone within the vicinity and making them feel as if they were under a very powerful control spell. The only difference was that no one was in control of that spell.

"The Telekinesis Pearl. The most valuable treasure for Spirit Elementalists, especially those specializing in the use of telekinetic control. The item amplifies one's mental powers, granting a huge boost to abilities of both offensive or defensive nature." The elder finished his introduction. His people packed up all the introduced ritual implements. The excitement in the crowd as obvious, as all three treasures were indeed top-class sage ritual implements.

The elder spared a glance at Ye Futian before turning to look at Hua Jieyu who stood right beside him. His intentions were unreadable. The Telekinesis Pearl would have served as a huge boost to a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer, especially one at such a level.

Ye Futian took note of the elder's eyes. Is that old guy trying to lure me into fighting a battle myself?

The casino would begin another game. If Ye Futian, a Law Battle champion three years ago, were to fight, the house would then find an opponent who was of great popularity. It was anyone's guess how many would bet on that game.

Ye Futian had thought himself able to profit at another's expense when he heard of the Alchemy Casino. He came to believe himself to be naive, as no casino would have been able to become the largest in Alchemy City if it was run by fools.

"There are still other treasures that have yet to be unveiled. The three were but a preview; a taste for mighty ones who came from near and far, especially the students of the Holy Zhi Palace who have come to Alchemy City. I will make these treasures available tomorrow for gamble fights, and I welcome all to try their hand," the elder smiled and said.

"That old fox..." Many people cursed under their breath. No one had expected the gamble fights for those treasures to be held the next day. It was obvious by then that all that had happened before this was simply a marketing maneuver. It was not hard to imagine what the place would look like when more mighty ones flocked to the casino. The number of competitors would shoot through the roof.

"All are still welcomed to tour the casino today and see if there is anything to your liking. If you see anything you like, you may inquire," the elder elaborated gallantly. Ye Futian spared a glance at the elder, thinking him to be a sly one.

"In that case, we will come back tomorrow." Ye Futian rose and smiled, before turning around to leave.

As anticipated by many, what happened in Alchemy Casino that day spread through all of Alchemy City like wildfire. The interests of many were piqued hearing about the arrival of students from the Holy Zhi Palace.

Yu Sheng, who had become a student of the palace went on to crush Yan Jiu in the casino. Many thought the Holy Zhi Palace lived up to its reputation as the sacred ground of the Barren State, as Yu Sheng's improvement was evidently far greater than Yan Jiu's.

So then, just how powerful have Ye Futian and Xu Que gotten?

Furthermore, what the casino had just showcased made many people's hearts pump. However, it was also obvious that only those with immense talent and those of top-class forces, or powerful sage-level figures would have had the privilege of participating in such gamble fights. Common people would not be able to offer anything of equal value as bets.

The Alchemy Casino clearly targeted the geniuses or figures of the highest levels. Top-class sage figures would not participate easily in gamble fights. As such, only proud sons and daughters were deemed capable of drawing mass attention.

As anticipated, mighty ones from all walks of life arrived at the casino the next day. Even mighty ones from the Sovereign family in Zhongzhou City were there, and Huang Jiuge was among those people. He looked incredibly dashing and eye-catching as he walked into the casino. It was anyone's guess how powerful he had gotten in the past three years.
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    《The Legend of Futian》