The Legend of Futian
615 Talented Beauty
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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615 Talented Beauty

The Alchemy Casino was livelier than before today. Many people were gathered somewhere, looking towards the front. There were seven top ritual implements there, including the three from before.

The Alchemy Casino had a good background, so they obviously could bring out ritual implements of this level. But taking seven out at once was extremely generous. They were preparing to make the biggest trade-off since the Alchemy Conference. They wanted to use these seven top ritual implements to trade for treasures of the same level from the big figures of top forces. After all, the Alchemy Casino didn't lack ritual implements. They maximized their interest through betting on battles in the casino.

Yesterday, news had already started spreading and it caused a commotion. Today, many top forces of Alchemy City arrived gradually. Some very powerful Sages had arrived too. After all, even Sages would be tempted by treasures of that level, but they knew that the Alchemy Casino's target wasn't them; it was the descendants of the top forces.

"Senior Sister, Hail Scepter suits you." The strong cultivators of the Mortal World stood together in the crowd. Chu Shang told Bing Yi, "Go for it."

When the elder had taken out the Hail Scepter yesterday, she'd thought that it really suited her senior sister. Three years ago, Bing Yi had been embarrassed at the pavilion battle and lost to Ye Futian. Later, Ye Futian won first place. This proved that it wasn't because Bing Yi wasn't talented enough. Instead, Ye Futian was too powerful.

Bing Yi nodded. That Hail Scepter indeed suited her, but there were too many strong cultivators here today. They came from the east of the Zhongzhou lands while this was the west. This wasn't their main city. The top forces of the west were all here.

"Zhiqin, which treasure do you want? I'll give it to you," someone in the crowd said. His tone was very arrogant. He had long fiery-red hair and looked handsome and domineering. Seeing him, no one found his words strange. He was qualified to talk like that.

The woman beside him was indeed Xiang Zhiqin of the Holy Zhi Palace. Looking at the handsome man by her side, she said, "I don't need anything."

"Zhiqin, if your brother-in-law wants to give you a gift, just accept it. Choose any of the treasures here and he'll figure out how to get it," the beautiful lady beside Xiang Zhiqin said. She looked similar to Xiang Zhiqin. Dignified and beautiful, she was on Xiang Zhiqin's level. However, compared to Xiang Zhiqin's youthfulness, she looked more mature.

This was Xiang Zhiyan, the other princess of the Xiang Kingdom. She'd already married Li Futu of Fire Mountain's Fire Emperor Palace.

The handsome red-haired youth by her side was indeed Li Futu. He'd come from the vast Fire Mountain and was one of the West's top prides. He was in the top three of his generation in the west. One could imagine how powerful he was.

"Then that shirt." Xiang Zhiqin pointed at a beautiful women's ritual implement shirt instead of saying anything. She'd heard that Ye Futian's group had arrived as well. Ye Futian had unmatchable talent in the Holy Zhi Palace. She didn't know how her brother-in-law would compare.

"The Sovereign Family has arrived." At that time, many eyes looked over and saw the Sovereign Family walking in the crowd.

"Is Huang Jiuge the most talented of this generation from the Sovereign Family? He was second in the pavilion battle three years ago, but he didn't cultivate in the Holy Zhi Palace." Many eyes fell upon Huang Jiuge.

"The Sovereign Family." A young man's eyes fell upon Huang Jiuge at this time. He smiled. "The Sovereign Family calls themselves the descendants of the queen, but they couldn't even get first place in the battle. He lost to someone of a lower cultivation level. I think it's just empty talk."

Everyone turned to focus on him. Who was brash enough to mock someone from the Sovereign Family of Zhongzhou City? But when they saw the speaker, it made sense. It was Di Zhou of the Emperor Family. They were the Emperor Family while the Huangs were the Sovereign Family. Thus, many in the Barren State would compare the two. The Emperors were famous in the west, the Sovereigns in the central region.

Huang Jiuge gazed at the youth and asked indifferently, "Who are you?"

"Di Zhou," the youth replied.

"Never heard of you," Huang Jiuge replied arrogantly.

Di Zhou didn't mind. He just smiled and said, "You've at least heard of the Emperor Family's Di Gang, right?"

"The one who's known as the once-in-a-century genius of the Emperor Family?" Huang Jiuge said nonchalantly. Di Gang was known as number one of the Alchemy City. Even Li Futu of the Fire Emperor Palace shone dimmer compared to him.

"Seems like you know him." Di Zhou chuckled.

"Yes, but we haven't fought before. I don't know if his talents meet his reputation," Huang Jiuge replied coolly. He was a descendant of royalty and they were both proud. So what if Di Gang was famous?

"You're probably not enough," Di Zhou said nonchalantly. "If my brother participated in the pavilion battle, no one else can be first. I heard that Ximen Hanjiang of the Ximen Clan is first on the Law Rank. I wonder if he'll come to Alchemy City."

He used big words, but Di Gang was indeed an extraordinary figure. Everyone in Alchemy City knew him. This was also the Emperor Family's territory.

Right then, commotion sounded at the back of the crowd. Many people turned around and saw a group walking over. It was Ye Futian's group. Even with the Emperor and Sovereign Families, the Holy Zhi Palace was the true mecca of cultivation in the Barren State. It gathered the top prides to cultivate together. Ye Futian's group were the geniuses of the Holy Zhi Palace. They would obviously be the center of attention. Even Di Zhou and Li Futu couldn't steal their spotlight. Only Di Gang could, if he came.

"The winner of the battle three years ago has come too. Interesting." Many people looked at Huang Jiuge. With Ye Futian here, the first and second place of the battle were both here.

Ye Futian walked into the crowd and he also saw Huang Jiuge.

Smiling, Huang Jiuge said, "It's been three years. How's your cultivation?"

"Grade Four Noble," Ye Futian said. "What about you?"

"I entered Grade Two not long ago. You won't be able to win against me anymore," Huang Jiuge said, smiling. He seemed extremely confident.

"Really?" Ye Futian said nonchalantly. "That's not definite."

"Many people came from the Holy Zhi Palace." Di Zhou gazed at Ye Futian's group. "Other than Ye Futian, who are the others?"

Someone beside him said, "Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu, Ye Wuchen, Xu Que, Yuan Zhan, Yi Xiaoshi, Huang… That one might be Yun Shuisheng. They all entered three years ago."

Ye Futian glanced at the other. This man knew them quite well and could recognize them all.

"How are there abilities?" Xiang Zhiyan asked Xiang Zhiqin.

"All very strong," Xiang Zhiqin said. "Ye Futian hasn't fought in a long time, but two years ago, he'd defeated everyone at the Holy Sage Pavilion's battle podium. After that, he only cultivated. He's only a Grade Four Noble, but his true fighting abilities might be at the top of Grade Two. I heard that Yu Sheng defeated Yan Jiu yesterday. He hasn't fought in two years either and he can't be weaker than Ye Futian."

"The Holy Zhi Palace is the mecca of the Barren State," Xiang Zhiyan said. "They're all very powerful. This group entered three years ago and they seem to have all matured. But it's okay if they don't take the treasures we want."

Li Futu had his eyes on two. One was for himself. The other, he wanted to give to his sister Xiang Zhiqin. He didn't care about himself, but his sister was cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace. There were tons of talents and the pressure must be high.

At that time, Ye Futian scanned the treasures with a hot gaze. These were all Sage ritual implements. This trip wouldn't be a waste of time. Alchemy City was the top armory city in the Barren State.

"Which do you want?" Huang Jiuge asked from the side.

"All of them," Ye Futian said, smiling. These were all top Sage ritual implements. There wasn't one that he didn't like. He picked up a brilliant pearl and said, "Jieyu, this Telekinesis Pearl will suit you well. And this defense shirt too. The Hail Scepter too." Everyone stared at him in shock. Was he really spoiling his girlfriend like this? This was crazy!

These were top Sage ritual implements. Of course they all suited her. Which one wouldn't if he just chose randomly? But was he going to give it all to his girlfriend?

Even the ones from the Holy Zhi Palace stared at him, speechless. Was this possible?

Hua Jieyu fluttered her lashes. Seeing everyone looking at her, she couldn't help but get shy and kick Ye Futian. This guy…

Many people were dazed. This must be Divine Spiritual Sorcerer Hua Jieyu. She was just as shockingly beautiful as rumored. Beside her, Huang and Yun Shuisheng were all beauties of different styles. There were also the Xiang siblings and the group of girls in the other direction. Today, the Alchemy Casino was a battle of the prides and a competition of the beauties. And if Ye Futian wanted everything, what did he make of the other prides here?

Many top figures were present, such as Li Futu, Di Zhou, and Yu Ming, who was extremely talented in armory. There was also a group of strong cultivators from the west and figures from all over. It was difficult for someone to take even one ritual implement with the current setup of the Alchemy Casino, let alone take them all. It was basically a fantasy.

"The Telekinesis Pearl must be very helpful for those who cultivate spiritual energy. I like it too," a gentle voice said right then. Many people looked over to see a beautiful girl. She seemed as gentle as water and was movingly beautiful. People could be mesmerized by one smile.

This was Su Hongxiu, the Virgin of the Goddess Pavilion.

"I'll give it to you," a voice said. The speaker was Yu Ming, the top armorer. He would attend the Alchemy Conference and was known as one of the top three competitors. His abilities were evident. He was infatuated by Su Hongxiu, but so were many people. The girls of the Goddess Pavilion were all so beautiful and powerful. Many prides had fallen for them, not just Yu Ming!

Li Futu wants to give a ritual implement to Xiang Zhiqin, his wife's sister. Yu Ming wants to use the Telekinesis Pearl to win over the beauty. Ye Futian wants everything and there are top figures from other places as well. This will definitely be a good show.

Many people were impressed by the Alchemy Casino's tactics!
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    《The Legend of Futian》