The Legend of Futian
616 Want it All
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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616 Want it All

Ye Futian looked around. Other than the top forces that he'd seen before, there were many that he didn't know. They were most likely from the western region.

In the southwest, Alchemy City was the largest city. Other than that, there was the powerful Inferno City. Fire Mountain was in the west and its influence reached outward, so many fire elemental forces arose in that area.

The armorers of Alchemy City, the people of the main houses, the Sacred Fire Sect, and the Fire Emperor Palace were all skilled in the fire element. On the other hand, the southern Ice Temple was obviously more skilled in water and ice.

It would be hard to take away these top ritual implements.

"Haha…" Bright laughter sounded right then. The elder from before brought people over again. Seeing all the strong cultivators gathered here, his eyes smiled. Just as he'd predicted, these people would definitely come here to compete if he prepared seven top Sage ritual implements.

The people of the top forces were all very confident. They also clashed with each other rarely. Thus, they wouldn't miss a chance like the Alchemy Conference that gathered them all in Alchemy City. He had to exchange his ritual implements for the treasures of the top forces. Plus, they'd also gathered a lot of information and had judged these people beforehand. Setting up the bet like this, they could earn a lot.

"You are all top prides. Gathered in my Alchemy Casino, I am so honored," the elder said with a smile. "Yesterday, I already introduced three ritual implements. There are four more today. This sword is the Ghost Shadow Sword. It's the sword that Ghost Sword used. It's thin as a cicada's wing and slices gold as if it's butter. It contains frightening sword intent." As he spoke, he looked towards Ye Futian's group. Ghost Sword's disciple had entered the Holy Zhi Palace and was still there. He didn't believe that they didn't want the sword.

Hua Jieyu would definitely try for the Telekinesis Pearl too. This way, the Holy Zhi Palace disciples would have to act.

The elder pointed at another ritual implement. "This is a Sun Crown. It contains fire essence from the Three-legged Gold Raven, the sun god's bird. Feel its power." The Sun Crown hovered in the air, releasing frightening sunlight. Many fire elemental cultivators would compete for this.

"The Wolf Fang Bat weighs thousands of pounds and is a martial arts ritual implement. The thorns on it are indestructible. It's used to rip through spells and martial arts defenses. It is extremely mighty.

"This is a golden tripod. It glows with golden light and can transform into countless golden tripods to destroy everything. It can even shatter someone's spiritual energy and contains double attacks." The elder pointed at a huge golden tripod. The seven ritual implements were all very powerful. They were top Sage ritual implements.

"Now, I will bring these seven to the battle platform. Those who want it can come fight for it," the elder said, smiling. "Welcome."

Everyone's eyes flashed. The seven ritual implements were brought out at once today. The crowd all walked towards the battle platform. The scene was very impressive.

"The Ghost Shadow Sword is your master's?" Ye Futian asked Zui Qianqiu.

"When I met my master, he was already disabled and didn't have his sword, so I've never seen it. But if the Alchemy Casino said that, I'm sure it's true." Something flashed past Zui Qianqiu's eyes. He had to get his master's sword back.

"The Alchemy Casino is the top gambling location of Alchemy City," Zhong Li said. "It's also the biggest ritual implement trading center. The most important rule here is honesty. They definitely won't lie; they all keep their words. It's the same for us. If we don't give up what we gamble, you won't be able to leave, no matter who you are."

Ye Futian nodded. "We must get the Ghost Shadow Sword. The golden tripod suits Zhong Li, as well as the Sun Crown. As for the Wolf Fang Bat, Yuan Zhan should be able to use it."

Everyone looked at Ye Futian with strange faces. These were all top Sage ritual implements and they were a big group. Each one would suit at least someone.

"Do you really want them all?" Xu Que stared strangely at Ye Futian.

"If we don't take it, others will. Let's not waste," Ye Futian said to Xu Que.

"That makes sense." Xu Que nodded.

"But Yu Sheng defeated Yan Jiu yesterday," Zhong Li said. "The Alchemy Casino probably has a different judgment of our abilities now. They won't let us win so easily anymore. Our opponents won't be weak."

"Since they lured us here, they clearly hope we'll place bets and fight," Ye Futian said. "They won't make things too hard for us. After all, if it's the same as yesterday, the Alchemy Casino will choose the talented opponents of top forces who are the same as us. This way, no matter who wins, they'll just trade a ritual implement for a treasure. As for the strengths of the two sides, they only worry about the bets."

Zhong Li and the others nodded. It was true. The seven ritual implements hovered above the battle platform. They were very attractive.

The elder looked to the crowd and said, "The Alchemy Conference is about to start. It's rare for the top forces of the Barren State to be gathered here. Today, the Alchemy Casino brought out seven ritual implements for everyone to bet and fight for. If you want something, please stand before the ritual implement and I will arrange for a fight. Of course, you must agree to it."

"As expected." Many people's eyes flashed. This battle was designed for the figures of the top forces. These people were the best at attracting the spotlight.

Many people walked onto the platform. Bing Yi walked to the Hail Scepter. She didn't know who she would fight with, but she had to try for it.

"Bing Yi, Virgin of the Mortal World," someone said.

"Yan Jiu of the Sword Saint Mansion lost yesterday. He doesn't seem satisfied." Yan Jiu walked out of the crowd at that time and walked to the Ghost Shadow Sword.

"Xie Ji of the Sacred Fire Sect." Another person walked out. It was Xie Ji going to the Sun Crown.

Li Futu of the Fire Emperor Palace and his wife walked out together. One went to the Sun Crown while the other went to the beautiful armor shirt. Clearly, the couple wanted two ritual implements.

Su Hongxiu of the Goddess Pavilion went to the Telekinesis Pearl. Yu Ming also went there, saying, "Hongxiu, I'll help you get it."

"Thank you, Mr. Yu." Su Hongxiu's voice was extremely gentle. One could drown in it.

"What about the Holy Zhi Palace?" the elder said, looking at Ye Futian's group.

Today's setup was to make the talents of the Holy Zhi Palace participate. They couldn't be missing even Li Futi had walked out.

"We want all seven of the ritual implements," Ye Futian said.

The elder froze and then smiled. This was the best.

"Such a big appetite." Di Zhou scanned Ye Futian. The Emperor Family had stocks in the Alchemy Casino, but this Ye Futian wanted all seven ritual implements. Could he really take it all?

"In that case, I'll have to arrange the battles with much consideration," the elder said, smiling.

"No need to make it so troublesome," Ye Futian. "Since we want all the ritual implements, we'll definitely give treasures of the same level. You only need to find seven people who can give treasures of the same level to participate in the battle and arrange one battle. Seven is too complicated."

Everyone's chests tightened and their eyes flashed. Ye Futian was very ambitious to want to take it all for himself.

"So you mean you want a group battle?" the elder asked.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. "We can send seven people with no problem."

"Interesting." Di Zhou chuckled. "In that case, count me as one. I'd like to experience the Holy Zhi Palace's abilities." With that, he stepped out to the battle platform. He wanted to participate. 

"Me too." Hearing Ye Futian's words, Nan Hao of the Nantian House also walked out. Ye Futian actually wanted a group fight. He couldn't miss this chance.

Everyone's eyes focused on the battle platform. The setup there now was frightening. 

Li Futu and his wife, Yu Ming, Xie Ji, Yan Jiu, Nan Hao, Di Zhou, Su Hongxiu, and Bing Yi were nine powerful cultivators.

The elder gazed at them and said, "There are only seven ritual implements. If you all wish to participate, please choose the ritual implement you want."

"Hongxiu, leave it to me," Yu Ming said.

Su Hongxiu nodded. "Then I'll have to trouble you, Mr. Yu." With that, she stepped off. Then Nan Hao went to the golden tripod. Di Zhou walked to the Wolf Fang Bat that no one else chose. There was still one extra person. Both Li Futu and Xie Ji wanted the Sun Crown.

"Xie Ji, don't compete with me. You can't win," Li Futu said emotionlessly.

Xie Ji's eyes hardened. He truly wasn't Li Futu's opponent. "Fine, I won't compete for the ritual implement, but I still want to be part of the fun. I'll participate in this battle for another ritual implement. Are there any?" Xie Ji asked the elder.

"Of course. Then you'll gamble for another top ritual implement. If you win, you can choose any one you wish. If you lose, you'll have to give up a top level Sage ritual implement," the elder said. "How is this oral vow?"

"Good." Xie Ji nodded.

"The conditions are the same for everyone else. Agreed?" The elder looked to Ye Futian again.

"Agreed." Ye Futian nodded.

"In that case, what will you all gamble for this battle?" the elder asked.

"The Soul Guqin of the Nine-fingered Guqin Devil, musical piece Mesmerize, my Polearm of Divine Destruction, the Sun Scripture and the Shadow Scripture," Ye Futian said.

"Anything else?" the elder asked, smiling.

"The Sword Ghost's techniques," Zui Qianchou said. He wanted the Ghost Shadow Sword this time, so he had to bet something as well.

"The phoenix pill that my master created," Phoenix said. The elder's eyes flashed. The Undying Old Man's phoenix pill was extremely valuable.

"Is that enough?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes, enough." The elder smiled. He was very satisfied with these wagers. Then he looked to the people on the battle podium. They all reported their wagers, making the elder's smile grow brighter.

The surrounding people were all shocked. They'd all invested fortunes.

"Finally, both sides of the battle must agree." The elder looked back to Ye Futian's group.
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    《The Legend of Futian》