The Legend of Futian
632 Unbearable
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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632 Unbearable

In the Emperor Family residence, the crowd had arrived a long time ago and the banquet had already been prepared. During the banquet, there was good food and wine and even beauties performing dance and musical instruments. The geniuses who had come all took their seats and the person in the first seat was not an elder from the Emperor Family, but the first in the Emperor Family's younger generation, Di Gang.

Today's banquet was different from yesterday's. They had not invited Sage Plane figures from all around, but they had invited the experts on the Alchemy Ranking and the Barren State's southwest region's geniuses like Li Futu, the Xiang Zhiyan siblings, Su Hongxiu, Xie Ji and many others.

Since they were all from the younger generation, it was inappropriate for elders to be present and it would make them more formal, so it was natural that Di Gang took over as the host for the guests. Moreover, Di Gang's identity held sufficient weight. Everyone knew that he would be in charge of the Emperor Family in the future, for this teen was reputed to be the number one in the Barren State's southwest region. His position in the Emperor Family was the same as Bai Luli's position in the White Cloud City.

When Xue Ye and Luo Fan arrived, many other people were already there. Luo Fan scanned the crowd and saw Gongsun Ye. He was sitting right next to Di Gang, and the two of them seemed to be discussing some matters.

Seeing the two of them arrive, the crowd stopped their chatter and looked towards them.

"Have a seat." Di Gang smiled faintly, showing Xue Ye and Luo Fan to their seats. The two of them did not stand on ceremony, walked straight to a vacant seat.

"Today, the Emperor Family has invited all of you as guests, please do not act like strangers, and enjoy yourselves," Di Gang said. Melodious music played in the middle of the banquet and a group of voluptuous beauties started to dance, leaving them in admiration. 

"We have beauties and good wine, how can we not enjoy ourselves." Someone smiled and said, "The dancers in the Emperor Family residence are indeed outstanding."

"Today, we have many renowned beauties with us, how can these dancers be called outstanding compared to them? If the Goddess Pavilion's Su Hongxiu dances, they would all pale in comparison," Di Gang said nonchalantly, glancing at Su Hongxiu.

"I have also heard that the Goddess Pavilion can win over an entire city with just a dance, I wonder when I will be able to witness it," Gongsun Ye's gaze also landed on Su Hongxiu as he said.

"If everyone is so interested, Hongxiu will dance to hype up the atmosphere," Su Hongxiu smiled as she said. The crowd was immediately interested and someone said, "If we could have the honor of seeing Miss Hongxiu's dance, I will have no regrets coming here." Everyone knew Su Hongxiu's name, but it was rumored that she had never danced in public before. Could it be that they were about to experience a feast for their eyes?

"Step down," Di Gang looked at the dancers and said. Immediately, they stopped. Su Hongxiu smiled and said, "No need, they can just assist me."

"Please." Di Gang nodded his head and showed an inviting gesture to Su Hongxiu. It was rumored that back then when Chu Ji had danced, she had created a huge commotion in the Barren State's southwest region. He wanted to see exactly how much appeal the Goddess Pavilion's dance had.

Su Hongxiu removed her outerwear, revealing a sexy skirt. Her snow-white skin was barely visible and she put on a mask on her face, then walked into the center of the dancers. She smiled at the crowd through her beautiful eyes, then started her dance regime.

With just a smile, many people felt as though their souls were about to be sucked out of their bodies. When she started twisting her body, there was a mysterious power that descended upon them. Su Hongxiu's dance appeared directly in their brain, as though she was right in front of them.

As the wind blew in their faces, there was a fragrance in the air. As her sexy body wiggled around, every action attempted to seize their soul, every expression was charming to the bone, causing everyone to shudder like their bodies were being electrocuted. It was as though her dancing body was the last thing left in the entire world.

Luo Fan felt his breathing speed up and his body heated up. He closed his eyes, not daring to continue watching. With his Will, he could feel that he was sinking within her dance, unable to maintain his composure. However, even after he closed his eyes, her figure continued to appear in his brain and would not leave.

The banquet became exceptionally quiet. Di Gang's gaze could not move from her, he finally knew how terrifying the disciples from the Goddess Pavilion could be. Even he could feel himself losing control, as though her every movement, every smile had turned into a spiritual imprint and was embalmed into his brain.

"Miss Hong, that's enough," Di Gang said. His voice had a mystical power in it as it rumbled in the crowd's ears. It caused many people to regain their sanity.

Su Hongxiu did a slight twirl and stopped her dance. Smiling, she removed her mask, revealing her seductive face. At that moment, many people felt as though they could not control themselves and wanted to surrender themselves to her.

"I hope all of you have enjoyed yourselves." Su Hongxiu bowed lightly and went back to her seat.

"Hongxiu." Yu Ming sat beside Su Hongxiu with an expression of infatuation.

"Winning over a city with one dance, entertaining indeed," Di Gang marveled. Many people had not yet recovered from the dance and were still looking at Su Hongxiu. If they could bring her home, they would be able to admire her every night. How joyful would that be!

"I will probably never forget Miss Hongxiu's dance for as long as I live," at that moment, Gongsun Ye said. He raised his cup towards Su Hongxiu and said, "A toast to Miss Hongxiu."

"Mister Gongsun is too kind." Su Hongxiu raised her cup and blushed, making her even more alluring. Gongsun Ye stared at her face, at that moment, he was thinking, Su Hongxiu is on par with You Xi in looks, but she is more seductive and has natural charm. If I could get her in my bed, what a glorious thing that would be. As for You Xi, that b*tch.

"Gongsun, you're about to marry a beauty, it's not appropriate for you to say such things now. It's better not to make City Lord You angry," someone said jokingly.

"That's true." Gongsun Ye smiled and nodded, continuing, "I will watch my language."

"Are you really preparing to marry You Xi?" Di Zhou looked at Gongsun Ye and asked.

"Why not?" Gongsun Ye said.

"Of course, it's only natural. However, the person who came in second in this Alchemy Conference is also going to enter the City Lord Office to cultivate," Di Zhou said, looking towards Xue Ye and smiling. He then said, "Brother Xue Ye, if you enter the City Lord Office, it's better to let go of your obsession and give them your blessings."

Many people who heard Di Zhou's words had suspicious expressions. If Xue Ye continued to pursue You Xi after he entered the City Lord Office, it would be a disgrace to Gongsun Ye who had married You Xi.

After hearing Di Zhou's words, Gongsun Ye's expression became grim.

"I will not give up," Xue Ye said. He put down the wine glass in his hand and looked towards Gongsun Ye, saying, "Gongsun Ye, you and You Xi have never met each other and have no feelings for each other. Why force yourself? For you and You Xi, this is unfair. You are the first in the Alchemy Conference. Even if you give up the marriage, you can still enter the City Lord Office, become City Lord You's disciple, and be highly valued. In the future, you will become an influential figure in the world of armorers."

Gongsun Ye lightly sipped his glass of wine, his eyes looking downwards, avoiding Xue Ye. He had a grim expression.

"Gongsun Ye, what my brother said is not wrong. Why force it if you have no feelings for her? There is no lack of outstanding girls that you can meet in the future," Luo Fan also said.

"Gongsun Ye, I'm begging you," Xue Ye continued.

Gongsun Ye smirked and put his glass down. He said in a low voice, "Begging me?" Then why don't you kneel." As he said that, he had a merciless look in his eyes as he stared at Xue Ye. Bringing this up in public to humiliate him? After yesterday's matter had spread, countless people in the Alchemy City were discussing the matter. His reputation had been completely ruined. There was no honor in being the first in the Alchemy Conference, only shame. All this was given to him by You Xi and Xue Ye.

Xue Ye's grip on his wine glass tightened, causing cracks to appear on the wine glass. He stared at Gongsun Ye and said, "If I kneel, will you agree to give her up?"

"Brother!" Luo Fan shouted.

"That depends on how sincere you are," Gongsun Ye sneered as he said. Xue Ye glared at him. In his entire life, he had never knelt down to beg to anyone. However, You Xi already had his child. If Gongsun Ye were to marry You Xi, he could not imagine what the consequences would be.

Many people looked towards Xue Ye and saw his body shaking. Could it be that he was actually intending to kneel? However, that fellow had almost given up his life during the Alchemy Conference; it was probably possible for him to kneel as well.

It looked like Gongsun Ye bore a huge grudge.

Xue Ye stood up. Luo Fan stared at Gongsun Ye and said, "Brother, can't you see that he's humiliating you on purpose? Even if you kneel, nothing will come out of it."

Xue Ye clenched his fists. He knew as well, but he thought about You Xi and he had no other choice.

"Gongsun Ye, you're really pitiful," Luo Fan sneered and said. "Even if you marry You Xi, with my brother and You Xi's relationship, you think that you'll dare touch her even if you enter the City Lord Office?"

Crack. The wine glass in Gongsun Ye's hand shattered. Luo Fan's words had hit a sore spot.

"Gongsun Ye, you can enter the Emperor Family and bring You Xi out of the City Lord Office." Di Zhou transmitted a message to Gongsun Ye. It was a good chance to win him over.

Gongsun Ye suddenly smiled and stopped looking at Xue Ye, instead, indulging in his wine. At the same time, he transmitted a message to Xue Ye, saying, "I heard that she has your child." If he did not dare to speak about this matter, Xue Ye was unlikely to as well. Whoever said it would die.

Xue Ye glared daggers at Gongsun Ye.

"The two of you have humiliated me like this. Very well." Gongsun Ye continued to transmit his message, "In the past, I thought that the City Lord's precious daughter You Xi was untainted and pure, but now... Rest easy; although she has already been deflowered, her looks are still top-quality and her skin is fairer than snow. I will take good care of her for you and be gentle towards her. As long as she is my woman, she can't possibly resist me forever. And your child, I will take good care of him."

Xue Ye's expression became extremely cold in an instant. Gongsun Ye was unwilling to give up, not because of his feelings for You Xi, but because he felt that he had been humiliated and had a twisted mentality. He wanted to take revenge on him and You Xi. His thinking was not wrong. Gongsun Ye had exceptional potential and was a perfectionist; however, to him, this matter was a huge humiliation. So, he wanted revenge.

"One day, when she's lying under me, guess how I'll treat her?" Gongsun Ye continued to transmit his message with a cruel tone.

Bang. A wild aura erupted from Xue Ye, he could finally not bear it anymore as Gongsun Ye revealed a cruel smile. If Xue Ye continued to pester You Xi, he would lose face completely.

"Xue Ye, what are you trying to do?" As they felt his aura, many people looked towards Xue Ye with amused expressions. Would he actually dare to fight here?

"This is the Emperor Family residence," Di Zhou looked coldly at Xue Ye and said.

"Brother," Luo Fan called out to Xue Ye. What had Gongsun Ye said to his brother?

Bang. A spell erupted immediately, engulfing Gongsun Ye. Unbearable!

Not long after, Ye Futian, who was not far away from the Emperor Family residence, received news that Xue Ye and Luo Fan had injured others in the Emperor Family residence and had been sieged, leaving them heavily injured.

As Ye Futian heard Xu Que's words, he looked in the direction of the Emperor Family residence, saying in his heart, "Sorry, brother."

"Will everyone accompany me?" Ye Futian looked at the people around him and asked.

"Sure." They all nodded. The group then moved in a flash towards the Emperor Family residence!
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    《The Legend of Futian》