The Legend of Futian
633 Who Dares Move?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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633 Who Dares Move?

In the Emperor Family residence, the banquet was already a mess and had suffered catastrophic destruction. Most of the people at the banquet had already stood up, looking coldly at the two figures sitting on the floor. They were Xue Ye and Luo Fan. The two of them were sitting with their backs to each other. They were dyed in blood and had lost every semblance of strength. However, the strange thing was, Luo Fan still had a smile on his face as he asked, "Brother, do you feel better after venting?"

Xue Ye raised his head and looked at the sky with a smile of self-mocking. This was the Barren State after all, not the Eastern Barren Territory nor the Cottage. Here, they felt powerless.

"You can still smile?" Di Zhou walked forward and said ruthlessly. Luo Fan looked at Di Zhou and said, "Why can't I smile? You can't possibly kill us. We came in second in the Alchemy Conference and have already agreed to enter the City Lord Office."

"Assaulting and injuring others in our Emperor Family and ruining our banquet. Even if you've already entered the City Lord Office, you still need to give us an explanation," Di Zhou smirked as he said. Luo Fan looked at him derisively and turned around, ignoring him.

"Gongsun Ye, even if you make such a decision, you're just creating a lose-lose situation. Why go to such lengths," Luo Fan said indifferently. Gongsun Ye's expression became extremely grim.

"How impudent," many people commented as they looked coldly at Luo Fan, including those who had participated in the Alchemy Conference. They were extremely unhappy with Xue Ye and Luo Fan. Even though Xue Ye came in second by sacrificing his Life Spirit to forge a ritual implement, he was ultimately not from the armorer world. Moreover, he had illicit relations with You Xi before this, which made them very unhappy. After all, before the Alchemy Conference began, nobody knew who would come in first.

"Impudent?" Luo Fan's gaze swept across the crowd as he continued, "I'm not referring to anyone in particular, but you all are trash. My brother and I have just mastered the foundation of alchemy and we're already able to obtain second on the Alchemy Ranking. All you armorer family disciples still have the nerve to siege us. You're a group of idiots."

"Asking for trouble." Strong auras started to descend one after the other and a palm slammed towards them, sending the two of them flying. Xue Ye and Luo Fan no longer had any strength to resist and they both spurted out blood. They laughed and crawled up, continuing to sit there, looking coldly at the person who had struck out at them, Lu Wei from the Lu Family.

"Kid, I'll remember this," Luo Fan looked at Lu Wei and said.

At that moment, Gongsun Ye slowly stood up and looked at Xue Ye and Luo Fan, then said, "The Alchemy Conference has a tradition that the person who comes in first will win the hand of the City Lord's daughter in marriage. It is a tradition that has been honored by countless generations and was also personally set by the City Lord Office. However, the two of you have committed a grave mistake before the Alchemy Conference. Moreover, the two of you have not repented and have repeatedly threatened me to give in and even injured me. Today, everyone at the banquet has witnessed it for themselves."

"That's right, I can be a witness for brother Gongsun Ye," Zhou Sheng chipped in. Gongsun Ye was the first on the Alchemy Ranking and would be a representative figure for the armorer world in the future.

Li Futu and the rest looked at Gongsun Ye. What was he trying to achieve by saying these?

"I can bear it no longer." Gongsun Ye walked towards Xue Ye and looked arrogantly at him, saying coldly, "According to the past years, I will marry You Xi. That is why I will no longer allow anyone to tarnish my wife's reputation. As long as you swear that you will never harass my fiance for as long as you live, I will not pursue today's matter further and will let the two of you leave."

Many people had interested expressions. Was he going to deal with Xue Ye? Moreover, using You Xi's reputation as a reason was indeed a great excuse.

"What if I don't agree?" Xue Ye raised his head and asked Gongsun Ye.

"I have said it, I will not allow anyone to tarnish my fiance's reputation." As Gongsun Ye said that, a flame palm print raised Xue Ye from the ground and the terrifying flames rushed into Xue Ye's body, causing him to have an extremely pained expression.

"That is why you better agree," Gongsun Ye cruelly demanded. At that moment, everyone could feel the icy aura on Gongsun Ye. He was really going to deal with Xue Ye. With his arrogance, he was unable to accept Xue Ye continuing to woo You Xi in the future. It would be a humiliation to him.

"I did not expect you to be this despicable," Xue Ye told Gongsun Ye in a scornful tone. Gongsun Ye had probably enraged him to strike first to obtain the moral high ground to deal with him. However, how many people had participated in today's scheme? The Emperor Family who had organized today's banquet, were they also involved?

It had turned out as Luo Fan had expected: the banquet had been a trap.

More flames entered Xue Ye's body, causing his face to contort in agony. His entire body was turning crimson and he was in the utmost pain. However, Gongsun Ye's expression was exceptionally calm and he had no emotion in his eyes. He said emotionlessly, "If you still do not agree, I take it that you will continue to tarnish my fiance's reputation in the future. If so, I will have no choice but to permanently destroy your powers."

"You're serious?" At the side, Luo Fan sat up and glared at Gongsun Ye.

Gongsun Ye looked coldly at the other party and revealed a look of contempt. Nobody could fault him for taking action; he was the first in the Alchemy Conference. Even after he had destroyed Xue Ye's powers, nobody could touch him even if he chose to join the City Lord Office or Emperor Family. As for Xue Ye and Luo Fan, their support was the Zhuge Family's Zhuge Mingyue. Zhuge Mingyue aside, even the Zhuge Family could not interfere in the Alchemy City's matters.

When Luo Fan saw Gongsun Ye's expression, he already understood. As expected, he was still too naive. This banquet was a trap set just for them.

Di Gang sat quietly by the side watching everything unfold. He did not say anything nor stop anyone. At that moment, a person walked over quickly and said, "Ye Futian's group has barged in. Should we stop them?"

Di Gang raised his head and looked at the person, then said, "Let them in."

A similarly mocking expression appeared on Di Zhou's face. What a coincidence, he had just invited them over to the Emperor Family the other day at the Alchemy Casino. Surprisingly, they had come over today.

Li Futu, Xiang Zhiqin and the rest raised their heads and looked in the distance. They saw a group of figures moving towards them quickly and the group soon reached. It was Ye Futian and the Holy Zhi Palace's disciples.

Ye Futian stared at Gongsun Ye, cold killing intent flashing across his eyes.

"Sister Yun, Jiuge," Ye Futian called out. The two of them understood his intentions and Yun Shuisheng took out her Hail Scepter. In an instant, the frost intent filled the area and the temperature dropped to the point of freezing. An unending snow shrouded the world and the heavens. Gongsun Ye and Xue Ye's bodies were also the same. At that moment, Gongsun Ye felt as though his blood was about to freeze.

At the same moment, Huang Jiuge took out a bow and fired it immediately. The arrow flew through the air and turned into a golden ray of light that assaulted Gongsun Ye. Instantly, Gongsun Ye felt an extremely dangerous aura. He felt as though his soul was about to be frozen, followed by an arrow that flew through the air, attempting to take his life.

Under the terrifying frost intent, everyone's thinking appeared to slow down and their gazes were rooted on Ye Futian. He had dared to attempt to kill Gongsun Ye without saying anything. He had really wanted to kill Gongsun Ye right there.

Gongsun Ye did not dare to continue dealing with Xue Ye and his body suddenly ignited and turned into red-hot flames. His entire body was surrounded by a flame armor and he speedily retreated. While he was retreating, he raised his hand and fired a huge flame palm print.

Bang! The flame palm print exploded and the arrow continued flying through the flames and landed on the armor, sending Gongsun Ye flying backward and vomiting blood. All this happened in an instant. From Ye Futian arriving and giving the order, there was no trace of hesitation or questioning.

"What arrogance!" Di Zhou shouted in anger. Many people took out their ritual implements, but they saw Ye Futian walking forward, holding the Polearm of Divine Destruction in his hand and walking towards Xue Ye and Luo Fan like a gust of wind.

Zhou Sheng was very close to Xue Ye and he had a brilliant flame armor on his body that looked like a Divine Vermillion Bird, rushing towards Ye Futian. As he raised his palm and struck out, a giant Vermillion Bird claw descended from the sky. There was a terrifying Vermillion Bird shadow that appeared in the sky and its grip could tear a person to shreds.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked coldly at the other party, raising his Polearm of Divine Destruction and striking out. With a violent bang, the entire area was enveloped by a terrifying pressure. At that moment, Zhou Sheng felt that it was hard to even move. The Vermillion Bird shadow was crushed by the polearm and with a huge crash. The crowd saw Zhou Sheng's body being forcefully slammed to the ground. He lay on the ground, twitching and vomiting blood. With that one strike, he would be lucky to be alive after that. 

He's gone crazy, many people thought, stunned. They were taken aback by Ye Futian's rod strike and stared at him blankly.

Around them, figures started to appear one after another, and their horrifying auras descended upon them. In a second, the entire banquet area was surrounded, and everyone could feel the suffocating pressure emanating from Sage Plane experts.

"Take them down!" Di Zhou shouted in a frenzy. His body was shaking and burning up with a raging fire. Ye Futian dared to be so insolent and do such a thing in the Emperor Family residence. The moment he arrived, he did not ask to do anything and went on a killing rampage immediately.

This was a slap to the face.

The dreadful auras descended from the skies and surrounded Ye Futian's group. Ye Futian's expression became even colder and he stood beside Xue Ye, saying, "The Holy Zhi Palace's, Battle Sage Palace, Sage Douzhan's disciple, Ye Futian."

The crowd was shocked and looked at Ye Futian. What did he mean?

The other people understood his intentions. Huang Jiuge looked at the crowd around them and said, "The Sovereign Family, Huang Jiuge."

"Tingxue House, Xu Que," a lazy voice sounded.

Bang. With a huge sound, Yuan Zhan stepped forward and howled, "The Taihang Mountain, Yuan Zhan."

"The Undying Old Man's successor, Phoenix," Phoenix also said softly.

As the voices continued to sound, each voice made the crowd's hearts skip a beat. They finally understood what Ye Futian meant when he shouted that out.

"My brother was bullied in the Emperor Family and no one stepped in. Now, I want to see if the Emperor Family's Sage Plane experts dare to move," Ye Futian said coldly. Di Zhou frowned and his gaze swept across their group. He only now realized that the factions behind this group of people were enough to rattle the Alchemy City!
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    《The Legend of Futian》